Thursday, February 12, 2015

Let ISIS kill UnFreepers

Freepers have had a hard time figuring out what to think about the dead ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller. Their telling first impulse when ISIS said she was killed in a Jordanian air strike was to blame her. Then it came out she was Christian, and they made her into a martyr. Now it seems she protested on behalf of Palestine.

That's when it gets pretty loathsome. Nothing will trigger Freepers' sociopathy like their self-appointed positions as defenders of Israel against all speech that isn't laudatory.

baltimorepoet just says it:
I’m glad she’s dead. Can we send her sister over, too?

If moonbats became extinct, then I would have real hope for this country.
Sarah Barracuda seems to be gloating that she was probably raped:
You sleep with dogs, your gonna get associate with cockroach Muslim scum, your gonna end up dead. She was probably raped every night..kind of ironic isn’t it..that at the end of the day the people she hated were not the enemy, it was the ones that she walked “Arm and arm with” who were the real enemy
In less intense, but more broad awfulness, I want the USA back hates all aid workers in Muslim countries:
I’m always sickened when a well-meaning “normal” person goes to a ROP hell hole to try to help the savages.
Politicalkiddo loves it when strawmen die:
Probably tried justifying them to the very end, blaming the West and Israel for what she no doubt suffered at the hands of these monsters.
driftless2 seems sympathetic, but then...
I’m not glad she’s dead. She is a product of our leftist-run universities who instill these stupid ideas in their skulls full of mush students. The leftist profs. at the universities and colleges are the ones who deserve to beaten within an inch of their lives.
This thread makes elcid1970's genocidal rage seem sane:
Only way to convert savages from their evil is with napalm.

Crispy critters are peaceful & don’t kill.
PapaBear3625 keeps things in sexist, sexist perspective:
I join you in disliking the joy over her death, just because she was pro-Palestinian.

She was a moderately chubby, not all that attractive woman who got all excited at the idea of being around hyper-masculine, exciting jihadi guys. She was likely passed around as an appetizer before being killed.
Ugh. I'll save the even more over-the-top Freeper joy and then reversal to those 3 Muslims getting killed for next week.


  1. I want all top conservative contenders to be presented with these type of posts and then I want to see them disavow Freerepublic! I'd love to see the Freepers reactions if Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin said that Freerepublic is a threat to country and that it does not represent what they stand for! Hahah...

    1. Especially Sarah Palin's namesake on FR "Sarah Barracuda".
      Sarah Barracuda's posting history reveals her to be one sick individual.

    2. I have this feeling they'll find a way to simultaneously condemn them and praise them because politicians. Although, the FReeperfreude would be tasty.

  2. I'd rather just make sure the voters know that this is the type of Nazi scum that Cruz, Walker and Palin are playing to. This is their Base.

  3. In the unlikely event that the leading Republican candidates were asked about the support they get from Free Republic, the candidates would disavow however this would be perfectly acceptable to Free Republic. Why? Because they live in crazy town, that's why. They'd wink at each other and say, "He HAD to say that, he doesn't REALLY mean it."

  4. To: Slings and Arrows

    Grapefruit-sized tumor. And the kid is only 11 years old. How big is the kid? Are we talking about minority obesity here? With all the white honky taxpayers going to foot the bill for the exotic surgery? Yep. Yep. And Yep again. Now how did I know the poor sweetie was gonna be a person of color?

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    These people are sick and no Freeper will call them out when they say stupid things like this. We're talking about a 11 year old girl and pancreatic cancer.

    1. Multiple freepers call that scumbag out. What is interesting is the comment was not removed. Years ago shit like that would have resulted in a removed comment and ban or suspension.

    2. They dry the fact that black kids getting shot by cops is covered as much as it is. Then they take any story about a minority, and turn it into a vendetta against said minority. Fucking sociopaths