Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Oath Keepers' Plan to Arm Black People

Back in August, the Oathkeepers Civil War 2 playgroup did a 2nd Amendment protest where they armed black folks in Missouri.

It's a pretty slick move to show they're principled in their support of gun rights, and distance them from racist hypocrites. Like Freepers:

taildragger suddenly has lots of questions that sound a lot like gun control:
Will the recipients be vetted for the following:
* Will they have a background check i.e. they are not felons.
* Will they be trained.
* Will they be of the right mind and body to carry said firearm.

I am sure their are many other questions FR'ers....
DesertRhino remembers how every black person in Ferguson rioted:
Handing out rifles to the Michael Brown protesters is sick.
kennyboy509 knows this is just a plot by those pro-diversity liberals:
Oath Keepers is gonna screw the pooch on this.

They are being suckered by leftist and will soon cease to exist.
Logical me is straight-up rooting for a shootout with police:
Police should show up with AR-15 and plenty of body bags to the ready. First attempt out of order and hope they have at least 50 body bags.
rdcbn is pretty sure black are preemptively gang members:
Exercising the Second Amendment is a ‘stunt’ to you? You sure you didn’t mean to post that crap on DU?

No, supplying AR15 to New Black Panthers and gang bangers who have already been creating more than enough mayhem in Ferguson by shooting up the place with much lower powered, lower range small caliber pistols is not a stunt.

It's more like aiding and abetting violent crime and possibly inciting a riot if things go sideways.
rdcbn then explains at length why he thinks black people don't deserve the 2nd Amendment:
So what’s your problem with law abiding black Americans being legally armed? Do you think black people should have fewer rights than you do, Mr. Crow?

Where to start?

That's a hard question, but lets start at the location, which is the city of Ferguson in which the protesters are admittedly made up, in large part, by people who self identify as Gang Bangers and New Black Panthers - many of whom are paid, out of town community organizers agitating and successfully inciting violence and riots.

Many of these protesters have made threats of violence against the general population and they have an obvious history rioting and killing in the area during “protests”. This is, in fact, official policy of the New Black Panthers

Many of the above also self identify as being under the influence of drugs and alcohol to the extent that they are stoned out of their minds and I am fundamentally against people provocatively brandishing weapons in public to make statement while under the influence
He then repeats himself - especially the Gang Bangers and New Black Panthers part - like four more times. I guess repetition is key when you're denying the 2nd Amendment on


  1. Amazing how Freepers can bend over backwards to find any excuse necessary for not granting 2nd Amendment rights to anyone with a skin tone darker than sour cream.

    They are acting exactly like the gun grabbers they imagine the Democrats to be.

  2. euphgeek, it's actually a traditional republican/conservative position to enact gun control laws when black people start exploiting gun control laws. In 1967 Reagan signed the Mulford Act which banned public open carrying of loaded firearms in California. This was in direct response to the black panthers open carrying and the bill was supported by the NRA. If you wanted to get all machivellian about it, the best way to ensure gun control legislation is to fund events like this Oathkeeper gun hand out to black people. (Not saying that's what is going on, I think this is just gun control nuts trying to spread their cause, but it would work)