Friday, March 2, 2012

It's like a car-wreck of hate. I cannot look away.

Oy. This slut thing ain't getting better.
Stand back, Freepers' misogynistic id has been unleashed!

leenie312 has a different version of her testimony than I do:
You are not married and you shamelessly tell the world that you have sex more frequently than a rabbit...a slut by any other are what you your parents are proud.
A hopeful lad, I carried a condom during most of High School. I must have been getting laid all the time!

Iron head mike knows what all liberals are:
S.L.U.T. = Silly liberal uterus transporter.
patton uses German to make it worse:

Sperm-burpin’ gutter sluts.

Sometimes, German is so ... descriptive.
tophat9000...fuck this, I have nothing witty to add to these:
No she not a Whore ..
Whores pay for their own dam birth control....

So a whore deserves more respect then Ms Fluke...

Whores at least take some level of responsibility

To call Ms Fluke a Whores is an insults to Whores
N. Theknow
Sandra Fluke. Probably hear that name in the not too distant future as being arrested for having sex with a minor many minors.
IF refusal of free contraception is a denial of rights, then these very women are denying the sexual rights of stinky, homeless men everywhere.

Many street urchins desire to have sex with pretty coeds every day. YET, they have no free access to exercise their basic human rights to be sexually active.

These women are denying these men their basic human rights.

She needs her own sign.

Shouldn’t this person have a Federal Health Warning tattooed on her forehead and pelvis, explaining “use of this sperm disposal device will be hazardous to you health”?
Not /sarc!
Sandra Fluke is a nasty, disease-ridden plodding uterus, an utter skank crack-ho filthy whore, a prostitute slutbag juice-receptacle. She is used up, no one would want to be in the same tunnel 300,000,000 soldiers have marched in before.


  1. Damn, I'm left in suspense over whether or not Laz would "hit it", as he so often declares.

  2. Typical of the wingnuts to try to shut women up by labeling them as "sluts".

    1. Maybe because most women are sluts. Dirty whores who use their vaginas to further their femininazi agenda

    2. You just sounds like someone who can never get a girl to sleep with you.

  3. I know this would probably boggle the mind of many FREEPERS, but my lovely was on BC for many, many years and GASP! never had any sex. You see, she was put on BC when she was in high school to regulate her cycle.

    1. Ha ha ha! Thats what she told YOU. Ha ha ha

    2. No, it's true. Some women do have really long cycles. I'm one of them. If I don't use contraceptives, I end up anemic.

  4. Did I miss some part where she talked at all about her own personal sexual activity or contraceptive use?

    As far as I know, her whole testimony concerned the use of birth control by her friend for hormonal regulation.

    Even for Freepers, this level of willful dishonesty is low... same for Rush.

    Also, its indicative of how little any of them get laid or even interact with women that they repeatedly think that more sex requires more pills.

    Sad and horrifying.

  5. What in the world do the Republicans/conservatives hope to gain? The whole country has been talking about birth control for weeks now and folks will remember in November.

    The people on the right are making a profound mistake. Nobody likes men who pick on girls.

  6. Elsewhere in today's news,

    Obama awards eight Purple Hearts

    I see some Freepers are angry about the call the President made to Ms. Fluke. Some of them are talking about fallen soldiers etc. The President just today went down to Walter Reed to visit some of our boys who paid a dear price. That's my President.

    1. Who cares. If you go into the military of your own free accord, you should just do your damn job and get over it. Stop whining about stupid shit and stupid medals. This stupid excuse for a president is what is bringing down this country and I can't wait til he is out of the house.

    2. Seriously, who came up with the idea of military medals anyhow? Probably some Spartan gaylord.

      That being said, if you think Obama is stupid and wrecking America, then feel free to vote about it. Though if you hate people whining about stupid shit, posting about it on the internet may not be the best strategy.

    3. I was in the military. If you're overseas with the possibility of dying, sometimes it's nice to get a bit of acknowledgement (especially if you die in the line of duty). That's why we have medals. But you wouldn't know any of that...considering you've never put your lives on the line and instead complain about everything. Go ahead, join the military, and then decline receiving awards. More power to you. But don't comment on something you know nothing about.

    4. Anonymous who said..."Who cares. If you go into the military of your own free accord, you should just do your damn job and get over it. Stop whining about stupid shit and stupid medals." etc...

      I agree with you about the part where you said til you can't wait for the President to leave office. The part about members of our military "whining" for medals was absolutely ignorant.

      I hope your kids get drafted.

  7. Hear that shrill screaming sound? That was the last of my faith in humanity dying a slow, painful death...

    I need to read something cheerful to bring it back to life before I get completely depressed.

  8. The only reason these 'Freepers' are spewing so much hate and vitriol is because they wouldn't be able to have sex with any woman, and do you know why? Because most self-respecting girls don't want to have sex with trolls that live in their parent's basement/attic/room above the garage...

  9. Just please watch this. ALL OF IT.

  10. Everyone in the above post (Friday, Mar 2, 2012) is a nasty, screable, bottom feeding bigot and, if there really is a hell, I hope you're all delivered first class. Fucking nasty pigs... Your birth certificates were all apology letters from Trojan. If this is what it means to be a Christian, then FUCK THAT! And FUCK FREEPER scum of the earth!

  11. Oh my God! Looking at some of these comments is just making me angry! How can someone attack this woman just because she is trying to be responsible. You know, not all birth control is used for sexual reasons. Some women use it to help with serious mesntural pain.

    I'm amazed that most of this speech is coming from Republican/Conservative people. Aren't most of them Christians? What kind of Christian person talks this way about aother human being?

    1. Youre a stupid whore dare you speak to a man that way. Shut your whore mouth and fill it with a cock. Then make me a sandwhich and do some dishes

  12. The authors of these hateful comments are giving Christians a terrible name.

    This is coming from a Christian.

    1. Because clearly, everything has to reflect upon Christians. Obviously.

  13. I really like the one about the apology letters from Trojan. It's amazing how many rocks turn over every time Limbaugh or the kind makes a comment. Some of these one-liners are just priceless.

    Fluke should compile a book "Names People Call Me". I'll buy one or two copies if it puts money in her pocket or towards the charity of her choice.


  14. Wow...

    I have this mental image of a bunch of rednecks and neckbeards sitting at their computers and laughing at how clever they think those comments are.

    Likely wearing wifebeaters and drinking budweiser.

    Maybe I'm being to hard on them, maybe they look no different from normal folks. I don't know. One thing's for certain though: They're certainly more stupid then normal folks.

  15. I cant believe how hateful most of these comments are. I'm guessing that most of the men who are leaving these hateful and ignorant comments are members of the kkk, white power rednecks. Men like you deserve absolutely no respect at all because you don't show respect for anyone else. You have no room to judge anyone. Stop worrying about what other people do and start worrying about what you're doing! You are the scum of the earth and I bet your soul is black as coal if you even have one. I bet a lot of them probably think rape and violence are funny too. The men leaving these comments are the evilest filth in the world along with Bush and Cheney. I don't believe in Hell but if there is one, I'm sure these Bastards would fall right in the pits of Hell. Also, it's not a mans "sexual right" to have sex with a girl if she doesn't want to. Women are not animals and that's obviously how these men think of women. These men are disgusting and deserve to die a slow, agonizing, most excruciating death. I bet these men would rape a woman if they had a chance and I'm sure some of them have. Go FUCK yourselves you dirty pigs and choke on your own dicks!!!

  16. To the man or should I say piece of shit who's not a man at all that commented "Youre a stupid whore dare you speak to a man that way. Shut your whore mouth and fill it with a cock. Then make me a sandwhich and do some dishes" Women were not put on this earth to serve men! Learn how to make your own sandwich and do your own fucking dishes. Maybe you're too dumb to know how. You have that servant mentality and no woman would ever want to sleep with the likes of someone with your mindset. Women are not slaves put her to do everything for men. You can wipe your own ass, tie your own shoes, dress yourself, clean up your own messes unless you like being treated like a 5 yr old. That is how you act anyway but you're not a child. Grown men can do things for themselves. You're disgusting! If anyone deserves to be tortured in a cruel way, it's these men leaving these low life comments! Grow the fuck up!

    1. He clearly was just a dumb troll

  17. There is a special place in hell for these men. I hope they reunite with their evil friends (hitler and his followers) very soon. The world would be a better place without them here. I hope they commit suicide tonight.

  18. It's just so sad whenever stories like this come out because you can really see how much sexism and prejudice we still have to deal with. We still don't have it as bad as women in India and war zones in Africa, but the attitude of these men are much the same. It makes me sad and angry reading these comments because it is obvious they think of women as less than human and as vehicles to be used. If men talk about sex in public or asked for condoms to use for safe sex, they would be commended. Yet because a woman dared to bring it up, she is a slut. Such a double standard.

  19. Reading all of these comments was a waste of my time.
    It's like being in an elementary schoolyard again, where little boys tease, tear down, and alienate girls... where in the end most boys just do it for attention because they like said girls. These men are just the grown up versions of self entitled, greedy, fit throwing crybaby brats.
    They're most likely speaking from irrational sexual frustration, because of bad experiences with women. (And because no smart, self respecting woman wants to fuck/date a sniveling sexist man child)
    Upon giving up on women, these men are left with seething anger and frustration geared towards an entire gender.
    I partially blame the media for modern sexism. Men are exposed from young ages to shows and movies that always promise men with a beautiful women as a prize at the end. And then I blame the parents for not paying closer attention to what their sons are being taught. Hate and ignorance is everywhere in this thread.
    Why the fuck can't everyone shut the hell up and get along, like the grow ups we're supposed to be?
    My faith in humanity is slowly disintegrating more and more.
    I have so much more I could say, but I've already wasted enough time on this depressing page.