Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Pix

Now that Hillary seems well and truly out of the picture, Pelosi takes over as the some kind of vampire beast.

WTF? Abraham Lincoln, or some kind of angry-Amish guy?

Cause she's Christian, she'll eat Obama, I guess.

It's like a crossword puzzle, only for complete tools!

Freepers have it on good authority that This is how Obama spends his free time.

Another incomprehensible Putin pic.

I have nothing to say to this.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin madness!

So Obama gave a speech, and Freepers didn't have much to say accept for that it was all lies LIES! Tiresome.

Lets check out something exciting, like that Palin character so many Freepers have been clamoring for.

Witness the celebration:

Grunthor is thrilled to the point of incomprehensible profanity:
But really now, John McCain just knocked Obamas’ d**k in the dirt.

Brian_Baldwin is also thrilled, though more in his pants than elsewyere:

Whoa! She’s a BABE! First we have Cindy McCain. Very Nice Now we have the
BABE! I am HAPPY! Hot DOGGIE! There are going to be more than one web site
crashing with very happy boys!

It's the Fox Newsification of America, folks!

FlingWingFlyer aims his sights higher:
FINALLY! We’re going to see some REAL CHANGE in Washington! A “game-changer!” An


Sig Sauer P220 has a diagnosis for any man who disagrees with her:

My husband the environmentalist nut is furious over the possiblity of
Sarah Palin as VP. “She is worse than Cheney on the enviorment”, he spat out.
“She’s a hunter and a killer of animals.” He isn’t going to vote for McCain
blah, blah, blah.

Sounds like your husband is gay.

But really, netmilsmom sums it all up:
I used to be voting against Obama the Marxist
I am now voting for Sarah, McCain is just the opening act

Freepers have been yearning to have some reason to fall in love with McCain. He just gave them one.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricain Gustav, conventions and projection

Nothing of note about the Clinton, Biden or Kerry, who all did fine last night. I guess Michelle Obama is the only one who really gets their dander to the point of grasping at straws.

Luckily, we have a tropical storm threatening Florida. This makes Freepers freak out about Katrina II:

My Favorite Headache:

FEMA is meeting with the RNC AS WELL as the White House over his speech.

It would not look good at all if there is a catastrophe taking place and
Republicans are seen partying in the twin cities at the same time.

First, FEMA is meeting with the RNC? Anyone think they'd be meeting with the DNC in a similar situation?

Second, are the freepers really counseling the RNC run away scared from a hurricane, despite the massive expense and losing a week of momentum?

penelopesire provides the answer:



I hope they delay it.

It's the last sentence that really drives the message home.

PSYCHO-FREEP explains why the delay is so sorely needed:
the Convention will be about as well covered as the Westminster Dog Show. It will be Hurricane Central, 24/7 and all the poor poor peeples who couldn’t even afford bottled water who had been kicked into the gutter by those evil Republicans. (Again)

??? Does this guy really think this would fly? "Politicizing a disaster" anyone?

Bobalu solves the problem!
Just do the speeches and whatever else right from the storm area....would make for great TV, dramatic viewing...and a very huge audience. McCain and his veep in shirtsleeves passing out relief supplies and making speeches for a few days! McCain, the veep, and Jindal of course :-)

Not even hurricanes can stop McCain! So manly, so totally how Republicans are!

Finally, I return to PSYCHO-FREEP who says without irony:

New Orleans has become our own Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no wonder it
has a bulls eye on it’s forehead.

God hates New Orleans so much He doesn't care about the RNC convention? The irony!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not much to say about Hillary

So Hillary spoke yesterday. I thought it was pretty boilerplate, but Freepers didn't have much to say. Not sure if this means she was successful, or if Freepers just had some high expectations.

Of course, there were lots of long, boring lists of jokes about how Chelsea and Hillary are ugly. EQAndyBuzz provides an example:

Though not overweight, she has a very strange shape.

She’s a freaking weeble.

She looks just like a middle-aged woman to me. How hideous!

But then there's the subtext people, like Carley.
First. The orange is the color adopted by the PUMAs.
Second. Note she ended her speech with how much she loved America.
Take that michelle.

Suit color is very significant! Orange is also the color of my high school, which I'm sure is glad for Hillary's support.

Twinkie offers this bit of pablum, which fellow Freepers link to with great approval.

The adoring faces of “her” supporters by the millions do not satisfy her.

Because the Love of God is what we all need, including the Clintons, and nothing else in this world will suffice. The sad fact is that God is ready and willing to love us, and to comfort us, if only we will simply ASK Him and take it from there with Him. - Lord, help all of us to do that.

This makes me sigh. How tiresome it is to assume everyone is unhappy unless they take your way, and then to let everyone know they're unhappy!

Lijahsbubbe plays us out with some more parsing:

Noticed she didn’t say “as a proud mother and wife”, but perhaps she just isn’t a proud wife.

I thought that was a glaring omission as well! In fact, I don't think she mentioned Bill once, did she? Considering he's her husband AND a past president, you would think he has some kind of relevance.

Say "Proud of America" and it means she hates Michelle Obama. Don't say "proud mother and wife" and it means she hates Bill Clinton. I guess Hillary just can't escape her hateful nature.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gentlemen, start your straw-grasping

The pageantry of the Dem convention's first day went off great. And by great, I mean exactly as expected.

This means Freepers had to try extra hard to find stuff wrong. Michelle Obama's ordinary speech meant there had to be some pretty awesome reaching. This is a long one, but it is hilarious:

patriotspride noticed something:

Anyone else notice that Michelle didn't Thank her Mom in her speech?

Didn't hear any of the pundits comment on this last night.

All it would have taken was six words, Thank You Mom, I Love You.

Opportunity of a lifetime to honor the person who raised and cared for you, gave you a great video intro, and you missed it.

Shame on you Michelle.

Not much to say to that. The nit picking stridency speaks for itself.

Speaking of mountains and molehills...ichabod1 is sure he unearthed the Michelle Obama's secret racist beast through his careful study of body language:

She looked low-key, nice smile (though her teeth are too big for her mouth), reticent, first-ladyish, avoided the ebonics... her appearance was just what they’ve been wanting it to be. But she continually shook her head while she talked, which has the effect of negating everything she was saying.

I think it must have been really difficult for her to get up there and do a dog and pony for whitey like that. Very difficult.

Wow. ichabod1 clearly knows the real Obama. And I'm sure the worry about ebonics means nothing about your general views about black people.

Then there was the dress, as pointed out by redstates4ever

Michelle having a nice figure is one thing. But am I the only one who thinks the clingy cocktail dress is inappropriate and hoochie-mama-ish for the occasion?

"hoochie-mama?" Yeah...race has nothing to do with it.

driftdiver totally echoes this awesome point:

This event is to officially choose the dem candidate for President. She could be the next first lady. Its not a cocktail party.

For me it shows a continued lack of respect for this country and its traditions.

The dress in question?

How unamerican!

But my favorite tactic of all is DooDahhhh:

You are admirable for listening to this tripe. I turn the tv off when her or his mugs appear. I have had enough already.

The reality! It buuurns!

minipost: Obama assasination attempt

To a Freeper, every attempt to blow something up is automatically terrorism, no matter how inept. However, some guys with guns that wanted to kill Obama? Nonsense!

LibLieSlayer is paranoid:

Hired by satan’s son for sympathy... lies and lies and lies. I think that these guys have been out of work since Hee Haw went off the air.

Nice use of evidence to prove they were hired. I can only assume Satan's son is Obama. Though many postulated Hillary.

TChris makes a more serious study:

This has the stench of a very convenient and stereotyped setup. It's almost as if it were a scene from a movie.
What better way to boost B. Hussein Obama's liberal, victimized status and slam stereotypical "conservatives" with the race 2x4 at the same time?

I'm very skeptical.

Sorry, did I say more careful? I meant paranoid again. Sorry.

Hardastarboard gets to the bottom line:
Either the reporter or the "perpetrator" or both are stupid. Even Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't make that shot.

So a bunch of idiots try to buy explosives from an FBI agent - we need constant spying!
Some guys with guns want to shoot Obama - no threat, stand down.

A more paranoid person might suggest Freepers wouldn't care if someone did shoot the guy...

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hillary is slipping through Freeper's fingers. And it has made them extra unhinged. What's that? Hillary is going to release her delegates and not fight with Obama till the bitter end?

kallisti comes up with something that would get him laughed off the Internet anywhere else:
Neville had expectations for Adolph also.

Awesome analysis!

seenenuf still has hope Free Republic will take down Obama singlehandedly:
Scarier and scarier. I want her to go away,, not hold her academy award speech re party unity - Hah. In a pig's eye - no pun intended.
Wait — if the lawsuit re The One's birth certificate sees more day light before Wednesday - she may be THE nominee.

Obama's birth certificate-gate LIVES! In Freepers dreams at least!

EQAndyBuzz has the best conspiracy theory I've heard:

Releasing delegates doesn’t mean anything. IMHO Obama will not accept the nomination. He is going to hear the word from God that it isn’t his time yet and tell his delegates to vote for Hillary.
After showing her good will in releasing her delegates, the vote will commence and she will receive the nomination. Courtesy of Obama. She will then select Obama as her VP.

And the world will rejoice. And the media will go nuts. And Obama will be revered. And history will be made. And Clinton will play every McCain commercial that praised her. And her debt will be paid off.

Hahahah, we'll see of Obama gives up the Presidency for no reason. And then people will just take it with no suspicions! It's too crazy NOT to be true!

DogBarkTree hates Obama so much, his Freeperness is slipping:

Shrill has never been one of my favorite people but I grew to respect her over the course of the primaries. I could be wrong but I just don't see her rolling over for Obama so easy.

I recomend 3 hours a day in the Limbaugh reeducation camps.

Mediocrates sees Hillary whenever he closes his eyes.
I do think she and Bill - along with their tabloid owner friend, Roger Altman - took down John Edwards. I almost admire them for that. :D
Wow. Hillary or Soros...who has more unrealistic political power in Freeper's mind?

Try to catch him Biden dirty!


No real coherent attack from the right against Biden yet. So, at least until Rush Limbaugh comes on, we have the naked Freeper id! My favorite!

ClearCase_guy sees the hidden weakness:

In a time of war, the Democrats have picked a ticket with no military experience. Almost unheard of.
In a time of economic concern, the Democrats have picked a ticket which is further Left than Bernie Sanders -- the only self-declared Socialist in the US Senate.
It's a recipe for a massive GOP win.

Yes! Make sure McCain talks about his POW status more! Recipe for success! I also like the whole "As for the Economy - Bernie Sanders is a socialist!"

Bender2 (lotsa Benders on the Free Republic boards for some reason - all one guy?) - gives Obama some expert advice, too late:

Thanks God they never learn!

A Obama-Hillary ticket would have been hard to beat.

except that Freepers have been training to beat Hillary for the past 8 years. Though I guess one's foes must be mighty if you're gonna be an Internet hero...

GBA keeps it classy:

Biden's chief qualification: he won't Arkancide his boss!"

As soon as Vice President Biden realized he would get more face time with the cameras as President than as VP, Obama would have a Ft. Marcy Park vacation. Don't get between Joe Biden and a camera.

Hilarious! Not getting old at all!

EyeGuy sees a different reality than the rest of us:
A weak economy - By most historical economic measures-Disagree vehemently.

A surge in Democratic voter registration - More voter fraud.

An unpopular Republican president - Yeah, sure. Per the LeftPropagandaPolls

A sour public mood - Who says? Watch the media spin on the “public mood” change if the messiah is elected.

A desire for political change - More leftist mythology.
WSJ = Just another leftist rag.
Bush is secretly popular? Can't top that. I'm out till later today, folks!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Has anybody EVER heard of Rachel....Maddow?

So I'm listening to Rachel Maddow, and see Free Republic is talking about her. Too meta to resist!

meandog tries for the funny.
You might say "he" has a "split" personality...

See, cause she's a lesbian, so calling her a "he" is hilarious! Plus "split" could mean vagina! The quotes just add to the awesomeness of this "joke."

RadioCirca1970 has some issues
What’s amazing is that the gay community wants to be fully accepted by America, YET, they continue to self segregate themselves as Gay-Host, Gay Teacher, Gay Presidential Candidate, etc. Why can’t Rachel Maddow be a TV host. Oh yeah, it would undercut her identity politics that she has used to get the gig.

Just like Conservatives - why do Conservatives gotta be so proud about it? Couldn't they just be people?

Kimmers has a prediction...of the FUTURE!
When her show gets axed because of poor ratings she will blame it on the
homophobia of Americans. It will have nothing to do with liberal dribble.

'Cause Rachel Maddow totally can't stop talking about being gay and using it as a crutch. I love how the Freepers know her without, you know, knowing her!

Blood of Tyrants objects to the characterization of Maddow's radio show as "popular."
Err America is POPULAR? How many listeners do they have? 500? Err America is s[o] "popular" that they can't even get liberals to buy advertising time so they rely
on the likes of George Soros to PAY to keep the show on the air!

Soros! That guys is EVERYWHERE!

BigSkyFreeper goes on a bit of a tangent...a gay tangent:

LOL! I also thought it was hilarious to see the reaction on my mom's face when I told her Anderson Cooper was gay. She said "But... But... He's got a girlfriend!", and I said "Yeah, so did Rock Hudson. He had a bunch of them."

Tom Cruise is gay. John Travolta too.

Yes! Gay people EVERYWHERE! Wait, I mean No! Curses!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eugenics ho!

Where racism and anti-abortion sentiment meet.

Ghost of Philip Marlowe is worried that America may become somewhat duskier in hew!

We need babies from those who appreciate our Western ideals. If white
Westerners (those who established and preserved Western culture) are going to
survive, we especially need white babies.

I agree re: Western ideals. But why white Westerners? Cause that was the color who established Western Culture? Who cares?

CondorFlight makes the connection between abortion, illegal immigration and social security:

The US has lost 50 million to abortion in the last 30 years.

We’ve gained about 15 million illegals.

We’re still short 35 million from our possible population.

All other considerations aside (not that they are not important, but to lay them aside for a moment), think what35 million less consumers, taxpayers, students, etc. has meant.

And what 35 million less people to pay into social security will mean for the baby boom generation when they retire.

That’s called, “demographics”.

"All other considerations aside" eh? Growth for growth's sake is an awesome philosophy! Save social security, have lotsa children!

Ghost of Philip Marlowe is the man with a plan.

We need to clamp down on all immigration, legal and illegal, get back to assimilation and defending our culture, and increasing the population rate of native Americans who are American by cultural identification, not merely birthright citizenship.

American culture has never been about immigration!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kathleen Sebelius: Republican straw man

So some website is speculating that Kathleen Sebelius is Obama's pick due to an analysis of domain registration blah blah blah. What's interesting is Freeper's reactions to her. Strawmen everywhere!

mallardx just goes for stone sexism:
I personally think this 90-lb weakling bringing in a woman is going to make this icket a disaster. Do we really need a mob boss/union thug President teamed up with a woman while Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and others wish to destroy us with force?

I wonder if mallardx is married? Somehow I doubt it...

LetsRok keeps is classy:

Obama is going after the white woman just like his daddy.

Nice. And Freepers always wonder why blacks vote Dem

okie01 explicates her subtle position on abortion:
She's a rabid pro-abort. To her, a day without an abortion is like a day without

What exactly is abortion? This strawman is supplied by wilco200
even most “pro-choice” people would be disgusted by the idea of chasing a live baby around the delivery room to kill it.
Chasing around the delivery room? WTF? Some kind of super baby, perhaps?

Monday, August 18, 2008


The constant fear and rage of Freepers generally doesn't leave a lot of room for smugness. There are, however, some few exceptions. One is how Freepers never swear. Another, and the case at point here, is homeschooling.

DYngbld starts us off:

I can spot a home schooled kid a mile away. Of course I have four, but
still it is not hard to spot them.

It's their giant throbbing brains, isn't it?

Antoninus describes the horrors of non home school:

Inappropriate material found its way into my private high school as well. Keep your eyes open, especially in English Lit classes. Catcher in the Rye, books by Toni Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut are standard fare even in the private schools. Having read all this stuff myself as an adult, I can't imagine why anyone would think inflicting it on a teenager is a good idea.

Also, I pray they don't have a sex ed/encouragement program...

Sweet Jebus! Catcher in the Rye! I hear that's the reason we lost in Vietnam! Children should only read books by Ann Coulter. Over and Over.

savedbygrace has an interesting and economical concept of parenting.

We did buy her a safe used car so she could drive to & from school and work, but other than that, she’s paid her own way the whole time. (Not that I’m beaming with pride or anything.)

I believe her education will mean much more to her if she pays for it herself. So far, she’s proving me correct.

Also food means more when you have to farm for it. I mean, not making your kids into the idle rich is good, but not paying for college? A bit isolating.

MrB has a point about the isolation:
Anyone who intentionally isolates himself and his family from the influences of
society is despised by that society. Noah was a good example of this.

Yes, isolation is awesome, cause the Apocalypse is gonna come! Not crazy at all!

wintertime defines homeschooling for us:

We spend six hours an evening with the children, after school.

**You** are already homeschooling. The school is merely sending home the curriculum....

Honestly,...My kids rarely spent more than 2 to 3 ( rarely) hours a day on formal homeschooling. Homeschooling is very efficient.

Well, if you can cut out Spanish class as unpatriotic, teach only the approved point of view in History and fold health class into Sunday School, you have so much more time!

Also, anyone who spends the day with their kids after school is totally homeschooling! No wonder it's so popular! I just hope you can still be smug when like half the population is homeschooling under your definition.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Pix

We need to conserve = Communist now? Wow, I guess the new definition of Comunism is whatever annoys Freepers!

Whoever made this was so excited by the prospect of Clinton' return that he or she forgot all elements of style AND substance!

World War II propaganda is so cool!

This sure makes the drill now people seem smart, as they are represented by a country bumpkin!!

What is the point of making Putin a Cyborg? Am I supposed to be more scared?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cold War Nostalgia

Nostalgia comes from the Greek words for "homesick." And a Freeper is nowhere more at home than the cold war. Evil enemy, constant fear, unfettered spying, riding the moral high ground of World War 2...

And then Russia tries to pull a US and do some "peacekeeping."

Hell yes! It is on like Red Dawn!


Oh, this is so much more familiar and dramatic than warring with those numbskull ragheads. Some have said—distracting. If China acts up, the US will begin to discuss its weakness.

Hard to figure out what the actual meaning is, but he clearly misses the drama of the cold war.

Hawthorn wants to believe:

A propos of this story, I was listening last night on shortwave (9860 kHz @ 0215 UTC) to the English-language service of the Voice of Russia. The anti-American tirade sounded almost exactly like Radio Moscow in the 1950's, even down to the pitch of the announcer's voice!

Well if the radio sounds the same, that's all it takes! I expect Russia to invade Ukrain and unveil it's 5 year plan any day!

smedley64's favorite part of the 1950s was the home front:

“Cheney lied and Russians died!” No doubt the Russians and the American left really aren’t all that different in their ultimate hopes and dreams. Even their rhetoric displays the same insane paranoia, as if lifted right out of DU or Huffpost.

Yay! We get to purge the liberals! Everybody's a winner!

Can we invade Vietnam too?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain plays the Freepers like a fiddle.

McCain head fakes he's picking a pro-choice running mate, so Freepers will be thrilled when he picks someone pro-life.

And Freepers fall for it. Like a ton of bricks.

Arthur McGowan yells he's the biggest ideologically purist on the blog:

[I]n my book, very few politicians are really pro-life. I can’t think of any “pro-life” politician—other than maybe Henry Hyde or Rick Santorum—who has never
uttered the words, “There are good people on both sides of this issue.”

Can you imagine any American ever saying, about Auschwitz or Dachau, “There are good people on both sides of this issue.”

Yeah, Americans totally hated Von Braun and Heisenberg!

Hildy provides a counterpoint:
Well, Bully for you..if you can sleep at night knowing that our men and women in uniform have to salute a President Barak Hussein Obama partly because of your PROTEST vote, then by all means go for it.

Oh noes! The troops saluting Obama, a card-carrying DEMOCRAT! Get the fainting couch! This paternalistic shit offends me a lot more than I would think.

coconutt2000 knows this is just a plot:
[the MSM] tried and failed to paint him as a dangerous, deluded, maniacal
war monger, so they’re going to pull out the 2006 playbook and promote division
and infighting among conservatives.

This is just what the em-ess-em wants you to think! So don't think, that'll teach 'em!

Sunnyflorida has a dream not many Freepers share...

“He should just get it over with and pick Hillary.”

Too funny. She announces at the Dem Convention she is McCain’s running mate. What a slap down to BO and the dems that dissed her.

His irrational hatred of Obama has blinded him to his irrational hatred of Hillary. Whoa.

And this is a bit off topic, but EternalVigilance found abortion in the Constitution:

The Constitution tells us what its purposes are. The culminating clause is
"to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves AND OUR POSTERITY."

...[The President] has sworn to protect the unborn, just as have the members of the
other two co-equal branches of government.

Posterity totally counts aborted babies. That's not circular logic at all!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

High Horse FAIL

Here is a thread about someone on Daily Kos who wants all Right Wingers to get brain cancer. Tasteless, I know.

Here is Free Republic trying to prove it's better than that:

RandallFlagg in post 2:
Personally, I’d much rather suffer a brain tumor than be one of those kinds of

eh, that's pretty tasteless but not at the level of the quote. Luckily, here comes A_perfect_lady with a not so startling confession:

I must confess, I have similar wishes for them. I wish they'd drop dead.

I don't claim to possess any higher moral ground, I simply consider this a war and
them the enemy.

I don't want to "agree to disagree" with the enemy. They are the destroyers of the only culture that ever lived the concepts of rugged individualism and self-government.

And then again, later:

Look at the rest of the world. It's mostly Marxist, and what's not Marxist is Muslim. I am not willing to split the last free country with them. I'd happily deport them all to I-don't-care-where, but if they all just fell down dead, know what I'd do? Grab a shovel. I'd be whistling-n-digging. Whistling-n-digging.

Oh yeah, Freepers totally have more class than Kos posters! And more paranoia!

Noumenon does find one difference:
Personally, I’d rather give them a 200 grain hollow point brain tumor.

See, crazy liberals are all passive-aggressive about it, and just want bad things to happen. Freepers are more rugged do-it-yourself-with-guns types.

Except then there's RJS1950
They are the enemies of the constitution and if they all dropped dead today this country would be the better for it and the constitution would be safer and stronger.

Hmm. No guns. Sounds like a liberal to me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Free Republic seems to me to be especially bad when it comes to judging people by how they look. And by people, I mean women.

But Freepers also hate China. So when China cares about appearances over authenticity, Freepers speak out!

Maigrey is morally superior to us all:

I am watching the Oilimpics.... but with the sound off so I can’t hear the pro-communism spin from the comentators. It’s nauseating. I’m waiting for one to commit ritualistic suicide for the noble chinese people

Watching, but with the sound down. Note, this isn't to protest China somehow, but to protest the "em-ess-em." I can only assume Maigrey never uses sound. Except for with FOX.

WilliamReading makes a pointed commentary about the superficiality of modern America:
Something like that would never happen in the United States . . . /sarc

but kimmie7 can't resist:

I think the little girl who actually sang is much cuter! So THERE! ;-)

Okay, so far really nothing too bad. But then here comes Yo-Yo.
I guess Rosanne was booked that evening?

Boy, it sucks how America is all worried about appearances. Have I mentioned how ugly this liberal woman is?

MaineConservative sums up this whole dissonance:
The Chinese are LIARS!! Yang Peiyi is cute, yes not as cute as Lin Mako, but
typical BS from the Chinese! (Isn’t Dental Care part of their FREE health Care??
Yang Peiyi should have had DENTAL WORK - paid by the citizens!)

Or, in other words, WHARRGARBL.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Could we pleeeease bomb Russua too?

Free Republic's reaction to the Russian-Georgian conflict over South Ossetia is rather predictable, though even I was a bit surprised by the blind vehemence.

Tailgunner Joe sees a problem and knows how to solve it:
The genocidal fascist Russian regime must be destroyed!
Death to Putin!

Way to grasp for nuance, Joe!

rbmillerjr agrees, but has an addition:

I’m going to send email and snail mail letters of support to the Georgian embassy here in the US and also to any newspapers I can find in Georgia.

Death to Putin.

Death to Serbia.


piytar has a prediction:
Czar Putin. The new czar, same as the old czars...

Dude, you're supposed to compare him to Stalin. In the US we even make our own czars these days!

MinorityRepublican is the man with the plan!

Like I said on another thread, if I were the President of the United STATES, I would look for ways to get other former Soviet Republics involved in the conflict, even airlifting their troops into Georgia, all on the courtesy of the US Air Force.

This well thought out plan brings together all the awesome of a massive land war in Asia with random writing of words in ALL CAPS!

See, I've got a plan too!

eleni121 knows the real culprit:
Bush really blew it when he put Muzzie Khalilzad in the UN-—HELP-—John Bolton!

I think it was cause we put a Muslim in the UN that two mostly Christian nations started fighting! Watch out for terrorists, cause they can do anything!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Saturday Pix

No computer access this weekend, so I'ma postin' early!

That's some good chicken countin! Even before they've hatched?

This isn't photoshopped, but is the subject of a thread saying this picture would DOOM Obama if Governer Palin is selected as Veep.
She's HOT! And she likes MOTORCYCLES! Americans will make their decision based on that alone!

Keep hammering the tire gage thing guys! It's totally working!

Every once in a while a random photoshop of Murtha just shows up. They sure do hate this guy!

Anthrax conspiracies

So the Anthrax guy seems to have been caught. But he's like some lone nut, and he's totally the wrong color! How will Freepers stay afraid enough to keep from thinking?

Verginius Rufus sees that white color as suspicious:

The FBI needed a white male who wasn't a Muslim to be the culprit. Ivins fit the bill. Now that he's dead, he can't prove his innocence.

Maybe he was guilty, but after Richard Jewell and Steve Hatfill, I'm skeptical.

Check this out: So the FBI is covering stuff up, and your proof is that they totally suck at investigating. Why don't you just come out and say it must have been a Muslim cause they're the evil ones?

Maybe because Sacajaweau took care of that for you:

Politics at its' worst. This is just a "plan" to Bash Bush...just another in along list. No way they will EVER admit that Saddam was the provider and Osama's boys were the delivery boys.

As far as I can see...This is libel because it will never and can never get to court. I hope the family sues the hell out of them.

So the FBI hates Bush. And Saddam somehow got his hands on this very specific strain of Anthrax only found in this one US lab. And then Saddam worked with his mortal enemy Osama to deliver it. To Democrats. Brilliant!

And finally, the cherry on the conspiracy Sunday, we have Brilliant:
I’m beginning to think that maybe Hillary off’d him.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Stupid most Americans.

Freeper's reactions to hearing 49% Say Bring Home the Troops, 42% Say Win the War First is not what I expected. Rather than touting that less than 50% want the troops home, they rage that the number isn't higher.

GovernmentShrinker loves America, but hates how it's not a military dictatorship.
I’d care what a poll of the troops said, but a poll of random Americans, half of
whom were clueless enough to vote for John Kerry/John Edwards, is irrelevant.

Stupid civilians, trying to control the military like the Constitution sets forth.

ICE-FLYER has proof this poll is wrong:

In the words of the Great Patton “Americans love a fight” and they HATE defeat. And the loser scum of the Vietnam war want us to walk away so badly so they can point to George and say “see I told you so!” to feel better about the guilt they still carry for idiotic policy that had us lose over 57000 men to a war we should have won.
Nothing doing. I don't trust or believe this poll

Somehow, I'm not sure if this guy leaves his extensive collection of World War 2 documentaries and ventures out into the real world very often. Patton as an analyst of modern America? Really?!

And finally we got LZ_Bayonet who has a different reality he'd like to introduce us to:
The poll question itself is invalid. What about those, like myself (with no political considerations to hold me back), who believe the war in Iraq has already been won. It’s all over but the shooting.

Yep, the war is all over but the shooting. Traditionally, shooting is thought of as central to war, but LZ is clearly looking at other metrics. Dollars stolen, perhaps?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Irony meter asplodes!

So when Freepers get ahold of the fact that an online survey found that conservative blogs curse less than liberal blogs, they get pretty existential in their attempt to give this fact real Important Meaning.

The first 2 posts are deleted by the moderator might give a clue as to the reasons for this disparity. But that bothers the Freepers not at all!

rhombus has seen profanity before:

Not only is profanity a talking point for many on the left it’s also a fairly
common technique to try and stifle argument.

Yes, I often find cursing makes my arguments for me. So does Obama, I'm sure. But not those classy folks Bush and Cheney. Oh, Wait...

MikeWUSAF offers one explanation:

It’s simple.

They are not as educated and thus do not have a deep vocabulary to leverage when expressing their thoughts.

Or it’s just easier to curse when you are high on drugs.

Liberals aren't as well educated? Cause I thought all professors and teachers were liberal, hence the need for homeschooling.

isrul says without irony:
Liberals have less grasp on the language.

I'd like to think this was intentional, but Freepers use /s for that lest they rage at a poster accidentally.

Dilbert San Diego:
Too many liberals are too emotional about whatever the issue being discussed is.
Too many liberals demonize those who disagree with them, which generates ill
will and profanity. Too many liberals don’t have the ability to think critically
about issues.

Posted without comment.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Cheney, no Peace!

Cheney isn't attending the Republican National Convention. Freepers, they loves the Cheney. But they hates the Obama. Thus, you are left with impotent rage.

isrul sums up Freeper's feelings on the situation.
McCain isn't worthy to lick the soles of Cheney’s shoes.

Um, that's kinky. Alright, then SuziQ to clear out palate:

Why should Cheney bother? I’m sure he’d rather be fishing in Wyoming.

Cause Cheney is such a man of the people. He only left his rocking chair and got into politics cause the people demanded. And by the people, I mean Haliburton.

Redbob discusses why Cheney is so cool:

Cheney’s a true conservative, AND he’d make the Libs’ heads explode just by
showing up!

THERE is a candidate we could get excited about!

(Can’t blame him for not wanting to set foot in the same building McLame is in...)

This makes Freeper sense. I love him cause the luburals hate him! That's healthy.

Witness americanophile and his brilliant satire:
Cheney will be too busy destroying planets with his Halliburton Death Star to attend.

I wouldn't have included that tired old joke, but there were like 3 or 4 Freepers telling other people "Check out post 14! It's sooo funny!" I guess this is what happens to your sense of humor when you spend to much time watching "The Half-Hour News Hour"

Tax-chick will finish us off:
Sounds like the convention will be a raging bore.
Cause without funkmaster Cheney, it's not a party.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blood in Denver

Freepers hear Denver wants spare blood, in the case of a disaster. They want to take the high road, but cannot resist such a luscious temptation to bash Dems.

LibLieSlayer is all about the violence:
I hope they need plenty of [blood]... and police dogs and water cannons and mace and
tear gas and rubber bullets!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!!!!! Death is AWESOME when it happens to Democrats!

rogue yam agrees, but hopes true, blue-collor Americans get their whacks in:
I just hope Denver-area construction worker types don’t run out of steel
hardhats, baseball bats, and sleeveless undershirts.

Then, the joy spills over into crazytown. Tennessee Nana starts with the not making sense:
Is that blood going to be screened for AIDS etc ????
Oh, hush my mouth...
Now I’ve done it ...

See, the donors won't be Dems. Still, it does play nicely off the hilarity of Dems all being disease ridden gaylords.

McKayopectate tries for some humor, but makes no sense.
Hmmm...a quandry. Give my blood to some stinking lib and he continues on his
merry-but-confused way, or hope that some of my red cells infect him and bring
some sense to his noggin...hmmm...

Lol wut?

But then SeeRushToldU_So goes too far by explicitly saying
Let ‘em die.

Core_Conservative gently chastises him:

I am sure your sentiments are not quite so severe, because if this was
posted on DU, we would jump all over it.
Not 'cause it's wrong or unchristian, but because it makes them unable to look down on their much smaller arch-nemesis, DU.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Liberal Jews

Free Republic loves them some Israel. But yet those ungrateful Jews keep voting Dem!

MEGoody knows the score:

'US Jews dislike Lieberman, Hagee'

These are the same Jews that hate Israel. This liberal Jewish guilt is cut from the same cloth of the liberal white man's guilt.

This doesn't make a lot of sense. Jews are guilty cause they enslaved the Muslims?

montag813 has an interesting definition hating Israel:

This is not surprising. Read mainstream Jewish publications and you soon find out they hate Israel too.

Everyone who doesn't want us to nuke Iran hates Israel.

dervish finds a ray of hope:
[Jews] love Clinton. Not the Orthodox of course. They have their priorities
and it is not gays or multiculturalism

Ahh, the Orthodox can be counted on to be Republican. Unlike the other Jews who are all about the blacks and minorities.

Saturday Pix

Pelosi Hatred edition

When cartoonists exaggerate someone's facial features, it seems okay, but when it's done in photoshop it just seems low class.

Correlation equals Causation! News at 11.

They are flogging this issue like champions! It's the ONLY one they're up in the polls about. I guess I would too.

I doubt we'll see lots of Communist Chinese, or Giant Hillary Medusa-monsters in Denver, but Hope springs eternal, I guess.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So even as the Republicans protest no one has played the race card on Obama, they can't resist red meat like some article speculating about reparations.

xcamel makes an observation echoed by many:

LBJ already paid it - to the tune of 10’s of billions.

It’s called welfare.

Welfare is only paying Blacks back for slavery! Cause only blacks are on welfare, and because welfare is so generous.

CaspersGh0sts has a more pointed view on the subject:

Dude, we've been paying reparations through welfare, insurance fraud,
through socialized medicine (rarely do I see a black patient with insurance
outside of what is given by the state), through our schools, who are overrun
with thugs who simply place zero emphasis on education.

Through the massively disproportionate rape of our daugthers. Through massively disproportate murder, theft, and assault. Through group intimidation in our schools.

Of course you're not allowed to say anything about that. Speaking the truth makes you a racist.

Wow! the "rape of our daughters" angle! That's some old, Jim-Crow style hate, there! Hmmm. Your namesake Casper the Ghost also liked to dress up in white sheets and scare people...

Then, it gets really ugly:

from occupied ga :

Is a race war on the horizon ?

There's been a race war on for decades; it has been called "affirmative action"

Dude, if your definition of war is that weak, I'd hate to see your definition of "proportionate response."

Speaking of which, we have Dead Corpse:

I will pay reparations on every slave I have personally owned.

One red cent of my tax money going to any slaves, or their descendants, that I have had no part in the ownership of I will consider theft. Any tax collector or government
agency trying to take said funds from me will be treated like any other armed

That's some good Internet tough guy action you got going there.

RobRoy will complete the bad craziness:

It feels like Warsaw, late 1938.

But I do have an SKS and 1000 rounds. It should get me through the first week.

Now, think what you will about reparations. The violent reactions and attitude engendered by the idea of reperations certainly shows racism is live and well in Free Republic.