Wednesday, February 29, 2012

McCain is one of THEM.

A dubious "political intelligence company" e-mail released by Wiki-Leaks says John McCain's staff was pleading with him to contest some of the votes in the 2008 election, but he didn't. The votes wouldn't have swung the election, and he didn't want a repeat of 2000.

Freepers completely, COMPLETELY, lose their shit all over McCain. They seem to have hilariously decided he's a secret Democrat who threw the election. Man, should have predicted it would end here.

It's kind of like an eerie preview of the weird conspiracy-drenched despair we'll see should Romney should he be defeated in 2012.

broken_arrow1 is done with the war hero thing:
John McCain? What a joke. He has burned through all the distinguished honors and good will for serving in Vietnam in his POW days with the traitorous legislation he votes for consistently with his “friends across the aisle”. He has become a traitor to conservative principles.
BuckeyeTexan knows what McCain is:
McCain is a traitor.
combat_boots chalks it up to Freepers' favorite supervillain:
Soros ran all the candidates but Sarah in 2008.
Bizhvywt is sure McCain threw the election:
This just confirms to me that McCain was a willing accomplice in throwing the election. McCain had $23 Million in campaign funds left over after his presidential campaign. Left over to use in his 2010 Senatorial primary campaign against JD Hayworth, plus some. You can’t tell me that McCain did his best against Obama when he sandbagged that much money!
caww agrees - McCain wanted Obama (Or BOBO) to win:
This should surprise nobody....McBain would have used any excuse to hand the election to BoBo even if he had it in hand he would have found some reason to give it up. We saw that throughout the debates...he had so many opportunities to nail BoBo and didn't lift a finger to even try! He never planned on winning nor did he desire the Presidency.
I will never forget McBain handing it to BOBO with a smile on his face and basically giving the country his index finger while he did!!!!.....and any amount of military service he gave went out the window for me along time ago....that card doesn't play anymore.
C210N is sure McCain's real party is Evil Democrat!
McCain voted earlier in the day, but probably saw this as an opportunity to vote TWICE for his candidate of choice. After all, the mantra of his real party is vote early and vote often.
But......if voter fraud were proved, it would have opened up the entire election to scrutiny. We already know Texas was thrown. Things could have been very different. I no longer wish to hear one word about McCain’s heroism. He canceled that with his bonehead concession.
Obama won Texas?

txhurl knows there was voter fraud in his gut:
I’ve known in my gut that the vote was 53-47% OUR WAY since election night ‘08, omitting fraud.

My only consolation has been the Commies believed their own bullshit and went full-bore implementing it to the education of Americans who’d either forgotten or never learned what Socialism does to a country.

November 2010 is proof that America DID ‘learn’ its lesson.
Freepers sure do think 2010 is proof of another permanent Republican majority is just around the corner!

Uncle Slayton is clearly trolling, but he is awesome nonetheless:
Obama agents including Colin Powell, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Communist Workers Party and the NAACP must have gotten to McCain and Palin on Election Night and directed them not to pursue legal action against Obama.
Gatún(CraigIsaMangoTreeLawyer) is one of many birthers who show up and threadjack the crazy to their own brand of madness:
Panama Juan has the same problem as the cheeky Kenyan bastard. Panama Juan was born in Colon, Republic of Panama, and wasn’t eligible to run for president either. Hence, he couldn’t point the finger.
Cicero knows why McCain was chosen by SOROS:
It seems extremely likely that McCain was chosen deliberately, to set a precedent. Then congress passed a resolution saying, “OK, McCain qualifies.” Only problem is, he didn’t, and Congress has no license to violate the constitution. Why did they do that, with numerous Democrats jumping eagerly on board? Could it be that they had someone named Obama in the backs of their minds? Could it be that Soros was giving the orders?

They didn’t want to put Hussein up for a vote, because evidently he is unable to produce a real birth certificate. So they put McCain up, instead.
W. W. SMITH lays it all out:
Take out the fraud votes and McCain won and with McCain not eligible Palin would be president right now.

Clinton tells Muslims to disregard campaign talk

The Republican candidates are throwing some anti-Islam meat to the base. Hillary Clinton says not to pay attention to such demagoguery. Freepers really hate the idea that America may not be full of Islam-haters. Add in Hillary, and you have hate-squared.

unkus is all hate, no content:
Marxist bitch.

We will never recover from these evil people.
Doogle thinks not being bigoted assholes may be a strategy! to build up a new DEMOCRATIC base...muslim voters.
Happy Rain mixes up terrorists and Muslims somehow!
In other words she is saying “Don't listen to the guys who want to kick your terrorist butts and listen instead to we who want to bow and kiss them.”
muawiyah is so busy flexing at the Evil Muzzies he mixes up his Clintons:
Hey, world Moslem community, comments made by Bill Clinton certainly don't reflect the United States, don't reflect our foreign policy, don't reflect who we are as a people.
You continue to be at very high risk of turning your countries into glass parking lots with your anti-Americanism, foolishness in trying to develop nuclear weapons and attacks on our interests.

You must change your ways now or else.
ronnie raygun has decided insufficient hatred of Muslims is treason:
Traitors all of them. we are playing by our rules and they are playing by thier own and the GOP is silent
angelcindy is too angry for single exclamation points!!!!!!
Pay no attention to Hitlery!!!! She has no morals....She does not reflect how the American people feel!!!!...She is a has been...wanna be..good for nothing!!!!BIT#$#!!!!
Publius6961 thinks it's the Muslims with the comic book universe:
"I think that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are," Clinton said.
Spoken like a person thoroughly ignorant of the Umma for over 1400 years now.

The only historic periods when the koranimals have been quiescent, are following decisive and total military defeats.

The koranimals couldn't care less what our values are, either here in the U.S.A. or anywhere else in the world, or any time in history, in the present or in the total future.

Their comic book demands defeat or submission of us.

Freepers liked college before it sold out.

Rick Santorum, with his usual message discipline, basically said that Obama wanted to allow anyone to go to college to that they could become liberally indoctrinated snobs.

Freepers are always up for a conspiracy, and hate public schooling, so I thought that they would agree. And they did. But I hadn't calculated how much they apparently enjoyed college.
So most of them talked more of how College was awesome when they did it, but now it sucks:

AmericanInTokyo knows all about college these days:
It was good. In the old days.
Nowadays, mostly a scam. And a high cost one at that.
stars & stripes forever comes out for the college conspiracy:
College is sort of an alternate universe

It's the final step in indoctrinating the future Socialists of America.
OldArmy52 regrets his major, so college sucks:
College is over-rated mainly in that the first two years of a 4 year degree is “general education” and only the last two years are for the “major”. And that it is very hard to guess what major will be in job demand upon graduation.

My first B.S. major was a waste as the field that was crying out for that subject area when I started, was glutted by the time I graduated. My sister’s English B.A. of course was a waste as it did not generate job offers, other than the Peace Corps.

I should have become a plumber or a politician as they get the big bucks for dealing in sleaze.
matginzac lays out the news system:
Big College could be looked at as another “Ponzi” scheme...
somewhere along the line, the rules changed from:
go to college, get a useful degree, make the world and your personal situation better, pass on to your kids if you can.
Now it’s: go to college, get indoctrinated or party or endure the radical line, graduate and find a job in ANYTHING in or out of your major and end up funding an institution where radicals like Ayers and Dornen can become gormands and wine experts...
like everything else these days, the value and purpose has been skewed and diminished...thanks to libs and anarchists.
massgopguy has what may be the least believable anecdote ever on Free Republic:
Ex-Wife’s brother was engaged to the daughter of an Ivy League family. While traveling in their Jaguar in Boston the car broke down. He was able to solve the problem in minutes. The family had her break off the engagement because a mechanics knowledge was beneath them. He’s actually an Architect but I guess “real” gentlemen wait for the Tow Truck.
I'll bet stocksthatgoup totally has at least a masters.
High school is over-rated
Grade School is over-rated
Pre-School is over-rated
The whole damn education system is over-rated
bearkat crows how he picked the right school.
It all depends on WHERE you go to college. I went to a state school here in Texas that I didn’t go deep into debt for. On my first day my history professor told us to return our history books because he wasn’t going to use it. He taught us REAL history. My geology professor had styrofoam rocks he’d throw at the sleeping morons in the back of the class. I had a wonderful,unforgettable experience that I would do all over again. No regrets.
Dilbert San Diego knows liberal arts is useless:
There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that people with college degrees in women’s studies, liberal arts, history, English, etc. end up working at Barnes and Noble or Target.

Nothing wrong with such jobs, but, they don’t require college degrees.

The media completely distorts what was said and what the subject here is, as usual. But we should have a national debate about college, and who should go to college, and what financial aid should be available. Too many degrees don’t translate into jobs or a career path.
Kind of a good point, till you realize that folks with a college degree have like 4% unemployment even these days.

St_Thomas_Aquinas has a list for us!
College has descended from “over-rated” to a complete joke.


1) Little of value is taught.

2) Colleges dropped classical logic, yet claim to teach “critical thinking skills.”

3) Teaching is more like indoctrination.

4) Because they receive a graduation certificate, students think themselves wise, when they are fools.

5) Students learn lifetime vices, like cheating, fornication, drug use, laziness, etc.

6) Students lose 4 years of earnings.

7) And people pay for this abuse.

As a genX author recently said, college is a bar with a 20-grand cover charge.

Clearly, this guy knows all about college.

And there you have it, what Freepers know about college made it cool, so they distance themselves from reality and presto! they can say whatever they want.

Mitt wins Michigan

Free Republic is up just in time to mourn the hated Romney winning Michigan in their own inimitable way:

SandRat doesn't understand exit polling:
HEY! CNN! It ain’t over until 100% of the votes are counted.
DoughtyOne blames all the Newt voters:
Well, the anti-Santorum rhetoric worked it’s magic.

Congrats to those who slammed Santorum non-stop for the last few weeks.

Romney thanks you all very much.

I’m so sick and tired of being in the party that shoots itself in the foot over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... to infinity.
JediJones blames all the Santorum voters:
It was stupid to think Rick was going to score every point and make no stumbles in his first major test, which is the only way he could have won these contests. Conservatives moving to Rick decided to split the vote and lose these contests. The ONLY way to turn this around now is to GO BACK TO NEWT for Super Tuesday.

If conservatives refuse to see that Rick is TOTALLY unprepared for this task, not to mention completely unpresidential, and move back to Newt, then they will hand the election to Romney.
Hehe. As hope dims, the inter-Freeper fighting is gonna be pretty awesome.

angelcindy wants to let Obama win out of spite:
Let Obama win again and then “The Establishment” can be blamed for all that he does wrong to this country!!! Sick of this!!!
For all the proud pronouncements, I don't think this'll stick. I'm already tired of the slow journey of rationalizing of voting for Romney in the general.

LeopoldvonRanke has decided this is a victory:
We just raided Romney’s home base and took away all his delegate advantage in MI. That’s a swing of 30 delegates. And people want to quit now?

Good thing Santorum didn’t give up when everyone told him to quit - damn near won the thing outright.
FlyingEagle blames liberals:


communist vote trampling machine

sent communists out to vote for mintromneymormon
Actually, they did the opposite, but never mind the reality!

Kit cat will never forget Sarah PALIN!!!!!
I don’t care if they put the pope on the ticket NO ROMNEY, NO WAY,
I was fooled with Sarah, I LOVED Sarah they destroyed her and McCain
did NOTHING!!!!! GOP can eat dirt!!!!!
GeronL laments America, just like Freeper-types have been since about 1790.
This country is over.

It hits the floor before 2016 though

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jim Robinson on Free Republic's downtime

Seems the servers are down, but replaced. And Jim Robinson is a kickass living martyr!

We do the best we can with what we have. Others have tried and failed with more.

We're under capitalized, under funded, under staffed and under water. Just too

damn stupid and too damn stubborn to know you can't do what we're doing on a

shoestring and live to tell the tale. No doubt someday all of our detractors

will be pleased to see us go down for the last time. But until then, damn the

torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

We are the resistance!! If not us, who?

And Freepers lap it up:
In want to thank Jim for being so aware and on the ball that you knew
ahead of time that a problem existed and humbly asked the faithful Freepers for
the extra funds that would be needed to fix a problem he was aware could happen.

Great timing, and strong evidence that Jim knows how to keep FR going strong,
with minimal problems.

Thanks again Jim,

God bless,


The proof Free Republic is strong is that it went down right after a big fund raising drive!

Free Republic is down!

Alas, Free Republic has been down since about 7:30pm last night!

Whenever it returns, I will regale you with Freepers supporting Santorum's anti-college screed.

I can't wate!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Santorum hates JFK

Last week was amazing on Free Republic, and my commenters stepped up. I have about ten commenter-located threads heavy with the crazy to get through. This is one:

Rick Santorum, never one to focus on a talking point, went off this weekend about how JFK's famous speech saying he would not be beholden to the Pope made him sick, due to it's intimation of an absolute separation between church and state.

Seeing how many Freepers go "Theocracy now!" I was surprised how few in the thread calledl for Church rule. Mostly it was a vast and repetitive field of liberal strawmen, but there was some choice theocracy, as well as quality JFK hatred:

Lets start out with cripplecreek, the token theocrat:
In my opinion, even the best of churches have forgotten their part in making America. They actually believe that there’s some kind of constitutional restriction on political speech from the pulpit and can’t even consider the possibility that they themselves planted the seeds of the American revolution.
Dilbert San Diego understands the liberal mindset:
We hardly moved towards becoming a theocracy during the Bush years.

Liberals tend to hyperventilate and magnify their fears. Thus, a Christian in elected office to them means we are becoming a theocracy. Of course it’s absurd, but that’s how some liberals think.

I have never understood how liberals have these free-wheeling discussions about “separation of church and state”, and then take it to mean that public officials should not have a strong faith, or any faith.
What about Muslims?

RobbyS points out that priests would make good congressmen:
The Church is a voluntary organization. Why should it not have an hand in the operation of the state? The idea that the leaders of the Church , clerical or lay, are disqualified from participation in public affairs is a radical liberal or a socialist idea.
How you can get this from the language of Article VI or from the First Amendment is a mystery to me. Religious people and non-relgious have the same standing: they are citizens of the United States.
heye2monn rejects the premise that JFK was religious:
This whole string is based on a misunderstanding. JFK had no “church” to separate from the state. He was a Catholic in name only. He was not a papist lackey but instead a typical amoral liberal secularist who worshiped power more than God.

JFK spent more time cheating on his wife than observing his faith. He jeopardized the security of his nation by consorting with a gangster moll and East German spy. Most recently, we learned that he took advantage of a 19-year old intern and forced her to perform oral sex on an aide.
jwalsh07 has a rather uncommon view of JFK's short tenure:
What I’m saying is that JFK threw his religion, in fact all religion, under the bus hewing to the then liberal line that religion had no place in the public square. Hell he threw America under the bus when he removed missiles from germany after Kruschev threatened him with missiles in Cuba. He threw his wife and kids under the bus by shtupping the interns. He even threw the intern under the bus by pimping her out to his buddies at State. Black folk and civil rights? Under the bus.

I mean the guy was famous for this crap.

Cvengr feels oppressed cause there aren't enough crazy people in office:
I’m tired of fundamental secular humanists ramming their theology down the throats of the State.
"fundamental secular humanists." How does that work?

Cvengr also knows liberals want to get rid of every law that agrees with anything any church has ever said.
Murder’s criminality is strictly an Old Testament law. Since anything in the Bible such as the 10 commandments is not allowed to influence any US law, when will murder be legalized so we are not influenced by any religion? Incest? Extortion? Fraud? Adultery? Homosexuality? Illegal drugs? Treason? They all are outlawed in Scripture.

If our criterion for removing any criminal behavior from legislation is based upon it being forbidden in Scripture, there is a long list of illegal activity which will now be decriminalized.

Gingrich Suggests There’s a ‘Right Way’ to Legalize Gay Marriage

The era of good feelings between Santorum and Newt supporters on Free Republic is over. Turns out all you needed for Freepers to stop ignoring Newt was to have him disagree with Santorum about how crazed to be in your anti-homosexuality.

Apollo5600 actually attacks Santorm's extremism!
Keep in mind the Santorum people are running on a Moral Majority platform. If we aren’t automatically foaming at the mouth when we hear the words “gay marriage,” we must not be true believers.
Retired Greyhound uses bigoted language, so he can advocate for sanity:
I’ve always contended that the proper channel to advance homo marriage is thru the state legislature, NOT the courts.

I have no problem with what Newt is saying here. He is not advocating homo marriage.
JudgemAll Doesn't care about Newt, point is, he's being genocided and oppressed by the gays.
Is there a legal way to impose on me a gay married couple? Paying taxes for their recognition? A budget for it? Say what?

My buddy in NYC could not get his marriage license for a week because gays had overflowed the process. This is utter horse crap.

Gay marriage is a not a civil right. Heck, the gays have declared heterosexual marriage and birth not a civil right.

I should not have to hire a gay married person, enough said.

Gingrich is talking about imposition or legalization?

What part of the word war have they not understood that is coming from these groups? This is genocide, folkes, GENOCIDE, under the guise of protecting them from harassment.
Steelfish knows there can be no right way to do things he doesn't like:
Shows just how intellectually bankrupt you are when you can’t face the truth of a news report; resort to polemic, and name-calling.

All the spin about how Gingrich is against gay marriage is besides the point. In no uncertain terms he thinks there is a “right way” to legalize anything homosexuals do and by train of logic (if you could follow me), we can be against incest, polygamy, abortion, but there is always a “right way” to legalize the very rot that is infecting our society to the core.
Hollywood today is giving Gingrich a standing ovation. And instead of having the integrity to say either he misspoke or he was dead wrong, you attack the bearer of news. This is the stuff that gives your guy a bad name- sometimes a candidate is judged by the company he keeps. No?
muawiyah is too crazy to stay on topic:
As California becomes more and more Latinized you will learn more and more about the tradition of the Caudillo or "Commander or Warlord" who makes all the decisions whether you like it or not.
At the moment the judges are taking that role. When the Caudillo comes on the scene they will be quickly replaced by men who do not wear gowns.
EternalVigilance doesn't understand what being a country of "laws not men" means.
“Gay” “marriage” is a gross violation of the natural law. Legitimate state power does NOT extend there.

The idea that the natural law can be overruled by a democratic vote is silly in the first place, and a direct attack on our republican form of government in the second place. The founders of this free republic intended that we be a nation of laws, not of men.

The Cruise Ship Jihad

Some cruise ship is adrift with engine failure. No injuries.

Paperdoll jokes:
First a ship runs aground in Italy, then passengers are robbed in Puerto Valletta, now this? Have the Muzzies also permeated the cruise business?
An "everything bad is because of Muslims" joke. Hilarious! Though Muzzies as an attempted racial slur just isn't catching on.

Needless to say, some Freepers fail to see the joke.

In Maryland:
They always have ... until they recently opened a center in Manila, Holland America's main training facility for hosptality staff was in Indonesia:

"Holland America Line operates a ... residential program in Indonesia at the ms Nieuw Jakarta facility where dining room waiters, housekeeping stewards, clerks and other staff receive training."

86% of Indonesians are Muslim.

oneolcop just goes straight for the paranoia:
On the last cruise ship I was on, the wait staff and cabin cleaning crews had many muzzies. How hard would it be for them to screw up the works? I better not say any more. It might give people ideas.

Obama: I've got 'five years' left to solve immigration

Yet another commenter-sourced thread! I've got like five more coming as well!

Obama seems confident of reelection. This is such an anodyne statement, Freepers find it as evidence of a wide variety of different craziness:

hoagy62 starts by assuming Obama cannot get reelected, and then applies logic:
One of two things are evident here:

1) He’s either absolutely deluded into thinking he’s going to get re-elected.


2) He knows for whatever reason that it’s in the bag and he’s got no worries (as in he KNOWS there’s gonna be fraud/fixing and there’s nothing We The People can do about it).

Which one’s more likely?
al_c finds confidence when running for reelection an afront:
The Audacity of Arrogance
apillar is horrified when the media acts like Freepers in his own imagination:
Can you imagine what the MSM would be saying had George W. Bush said this? They would be screaming about the sheer arrogance of assuming victory before a vote was cast and saying how this was going to turn off independents and swing voters.
Let's Roll piles on the nicknames!
Oh, right, Mr. Problem Solver, that’s why one of your nicknames is O’Bungler.
Jeff Head is still stuck looking for the long form:
When he is defeated in November, perhaps they will deport his silly backside with his borther, or uncle, or aunt, or whatever...and then he can solve it from the other side.
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs thinks this is tricky propaganda:
This Psy-Ops ‘power of suggestion’ thing is wearing thin on me. Nancy Pelosi is the queen of such tactics. Unfortunately, half of America thinks they now must vote for 0bama simply because he predicts he’ll get re-elected.
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs also sees Obama's seemingly harmless quote as evidence for his pet "secret White House" conspiracy theory:
0bama has no intention of leaving the White House. EVER. He will start a war with Iran soon, declare a national emergency, cancel the election and hide in the new ‘underground White House’ currently under construction. The government also yesterday announced upcoming security procedures where the Capitol, it’s staff and all Congressional members can be quickly isolated from public exposure at a moment’s notice.
More bunkers, gates, impenetrable steel walls to protect our insurgent government as they steal America away from WE THE PEOPLE who are now powerless to do anything about it.
mojitojoe disagrees - his disdain for Obama has defeated his paranoia!
You [FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs] give skinny boy way too much credit, seriously! He can’t command jack sh$t. He would run, Jarrett might try to do the commandeering along with fat MO. Obongo would shrivel up and die in an underground bunker. He would starve to death from lack of food for his narcissism.

You seriously think 1 man, could control, capture, kill or whatever you are implying here, 311 MILLION people, many of them armed, while he holed up in some underground bunker?
Glad he still had some paranoia left over for Michelle and Valarie Jarett

liberalh8ter is reminded Obama hates white people.
Five years in Federal prison is what he deserves. I'm so sick of this man and his complete and utter disdain for the Constitution, Caucasians, the rule of law and his constituents.
His constituents? You mean Black People too?

Monday Potpouri

Kenny Bunk lays out the case for Obama's homosexuality:
The President of my country is not gay. OK? It's just that perhaps he lets his feminine side show more than a super-straight guy might think appropriate.
Just FYI, a man who minces and prances, throws like a girl, rides a girl's bike, wears "Mom" jeans, and has never had a girlfriend may not be "gay." He is sensitive to foreign cultures and there is nothing illegal with taking money from a Pakistani youth with whom he roomed and was photographed nuzzling and holding hands.

He belongs to a gay club in Chicago, but that is just outreach to an important voting population. His relationship with Larry and the Dead Guy from the Church Choir are easily explained. He loves socializing with the fellows and is fond of church organ music. He does spend all day in his den with Reggie Love, but that's because they both adore sports and athletes.

Certainly his relationship with Michelle should tell you all you need to know. Frankly Reeses, I believe you to have a suspicious mind and an overly active imagination.

Repeat. My President is not gay, I'm pretty sure.
So pettiness, plus conspiracy theories equals gay!

NonValueAdded on the coming Russian hegemony:
[Putin's] boy Obama is doing just fine with the unilateral disarmament thing. Pooty Poot is simply starting up phase 2, which is to gather overwhelming force to seal the deal.
cpdiii ups the melodrama on Fast and Furious yet again:
On this side of the border it's violations of the RICO Act. In Mexico and Honduras it's state-sponsored terrorism
Wrong. It is an act of war.
Da Coyote on how few legal latinos there are:
If the maps only considered LEGAL latinos, the combined area would be around 1 square meter.....
Good luck with that Hispanic vote!

2ndDivisionVet knows Freeper hate is nothing compared to the hate of the liberal strawmen Freepers create:
No matter how much you hate them, they loathe you even more. The “tea-baggers” in “flyover country” are their mortal enemies.
liberalh8ter discusses how clear Mitt setts out his evilness:
Mitt's campaign reminds me of Obama 08. He tells you up front how much of a danger he is to American freedom yet people are still oblivious to it. The only thing I can say about 08 and 12 is that they completely obliterated any notion of a 2 party system.
RetiredArmy knows America is being punished by it no longer being the 1960s:
Ever since the dimocrats started pushing their anti-God platform back in the 1960s and started getting anything Christian tossed out, this country has gone straight into the bucket. Just look at what our society was like back before the late 1960s and what it has been since. This nation is being judged RIGHT NOW by God. Our punishment is Obama.
Our punishment is the debt. Our punishment is the rest of the mess dimocrats and politicians on both sides have done to this Republic. God is judging us now. We are failing. America used to stand for what is good in the world. Now we stand for 54 MILLION murdered unborn children and our largest export is now PORN!!! Yup, we are being judged. And we are FAILING!!!
I miss the old days, with the bored alcoholic wife, the philandering husband, gay sons getting kicked out of the house and daughters getting secret unsafe abortions.

jacquej thinks Shep Smith has AIDS:
I noticed Shep’s loss of weight, and wondered if her was “ill” with the “slims”, as it is called in Africa.
PaleoBob knows Obama is the culmination of a 1920s Communist plot:
Obama is the guy Castro told Bernadine Dohrn to find back in the 1970s. An acceptable black candidate who could shame “guilty whites” into voting for him. He is the cutout for legacy Marxist interests that began targeting America for incremental takeover as part of the comintern effort originally launched in the 1920s and only perfected under Andropov’s KGB in the 1960s.

This international movement never gave up even after their patron empire collapsed — and in Comrade Baryosha they finally found their guy. He isn’t just a communist. He IS communism.
grey_whiskers kicks it 1980's style:
We need to start holding record company executives personally liable (financially and by imprisonment) for any crimes instigated by this stuff.

Freedom of speech does not include the right to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theater; nor "KILL" in a crowded group of unstable fatherless teenagers with access to weapons and no base of morality.

And if someone retorts in reply "you can't PROVE ANYTHING and start autofellating over 'censorship' " -- look how the left reacts to anything promulgating traditional morality, or rejecting gay marriage, etc. etc. Censorship exponentiated, with a helping of supercilious self-righteousness on the side.
9422WMR hears things that aren't there:
I have noticed radio and TV personalities have started pronouncing it corpse-men on TV and radio.
So to protect their dear leader, the media types are intentionally misspeaking. That way when he speaks incorrectly, no one notices.../S
gortklattu hates half the country:
I don’t mind Obama - - he’s been put in a job that’s way over his head.

It’s his voters that I’m disgusted with. May they burn in hell.
Aevery_Freeman has weird sexual politics:
[Palin] has the "girl-nads" to do it, unlike the boys.
Obama is a "kitty" by comparison.
princess leah is angrily optimistic:
Remember the 2010 Elections - they were just a SMALL SAMPLE of how much THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST ANGRY, but FURIOUS and its going to be an FU day to Obama in November 2012! Just like in 2008 when they said no republican would have won, this election will be like a tidal wave of all the 4 years of pent-up emotion we have had to supress!


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Saturday Pix

Trippy, man!

Hey, it's strawman magazine!

Nazis everywhere!


I am perverse, but I would watch the hell out of this version of West Wing.

The smoking is what makes it.

Obama - so corrupt he can head-punch anyone he wants to!

I have no idea.

Oh, Freepers. Your overconfident gloating is what makes your losses twice as fun.

This seems healthy.

Quite an endorsement!


Who thought this photoshop was a good idea?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nuke Islam - it's the Adult thing to do!

Obama apologizes for accidental Afghanistan Koran burning. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingritch take him to task, saying the apology is undeserved.
Never mind that Obama is trying to calm the place down and make it safer for our troops.

Anyhow, Freepers have some well thought out foreign policy ideas:

Ozymandias Ghost knows real maturity means tit-for-tat.
Thank God there are still a couple of adults left in the body politic; unfortunately none exist in the current administration, nor have I heard anything resembling Newt's demand from anyone in Congress.
I did hear that Sarah Palin, like Newt, had demanded an apology from the Afghan president.
marron explains how Sarah Palin's tweet on the subject is another masterstroke:
Palin may have been the first to actually come out publicly and criticize Bambi... she's always in the center of the fray taking flak.
Thats whay I have noticed about her too from the beginning. She draws the flak and makes it safe for the more timid Repubs to take a stand. She was the first to take on Obama after the election when the Repubs were in complete disarray, and she continues to be the first to step into the line of fire on issue after issue.
House Atreides has decided sounding grown-up is enough:
I’ve done considerable study of the Islamic religion and the various cultures under Islam.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the way to properly dispose of Korans and other Islamic holy documents is to vaporize them in numerous and properly placed thermonuclear explosions. The Obamamites must realize that also and that is likely the reason Obama wants to drastically cut the number of nuclear warheads in our arsenal.
henkster wants us to leave, but spitefully:
we are wasting the lives of our best young men and women there. We should destroy every vestige of infrastructure in that hellhole and leave them. It would be worth it just to see what kind of unpleasant death the Taliban have in mind for that corrupt hypocrite Karzai.
Carolina_Thor thinks isolationism is the key:
I say just let India have at em. Tired of propping up these guys. Refuse entry into this country any of them, focus on securing our borders to keep them from illegally entering and let them decay into whatever they are destined to be. I'd personally like to send him a piss stained page from the koran as a Christmas card.
Rome2000 has a large off-topic opus that ends thusly:
The skinny muslim communist faggot in the Oval Office had better break out the prayer rug, face the ragheads in Saudi Arabia, and beseech that pervert al lah that he doesn't have to run against Gingrich.

Eye of Unk knows you don't need to make sense to sound cool:
We have a burning Koran behind every blade of grass in America.
mkjessup wants us to assassinate Karzai, cause...Adult!
I think that asshat Karzai needs to have afternoon tea with Ngô Đình Diệm, and I'm sure we have enough people over there to make the arrangements.


Freeper Veritas2002 asks for hard proof Obama is a Communist.

Here is what happens:

j_tull is not too helpful on the evidence front:
Yes - Settled Science.
I guess he believes in global warming and evolution as well, then!

G Larry has a list of things he the Obama who lives in his head has done:
1-Doesn’t like the Constitution,
2-Doesn’t like the other two branches of gov’t getting in his way,
3-Doesn’t like Capitalism,
4-Doesn’t like Industry,
5-Promotes centralized gov’t run healthcare,
6-Disinterested in a strong nat’l defense,
7-Disinterested in protecting our borders,
8-Promotes gun control,
9-Undermines the free exercise of religion and free speech,
If there’s a better example of “communist” behavior, I’d like to see it.
My favorite is #6.

Red Badger has a list of Obama's history, as seen by Freepers:
Yes he is.
He was conceived by communists.
He was raised by communists.
He was tutored by communists.
He sought out and had relationships with communists all throughout his formative years.
His autobiography was co-written by a communist.
His administration has hired many noted communists.
His tactics and political actions are definitely communist.
Need more?..........
navymom1 provides hard proof - Obama's Judges aren't Freepers
As democrats saddle every life experience negatively to Republicans, this is fair play for Obama and his party.

Veritas2002 wants hard proof however. ObamaCare. It will destroy private insurance and as it’s doing presently, it will whittle away our freedom of religion and speech. But because of Obama’s Communist associations, he knows that the key to controling people is health care. More proof is Obama’s recess appointments that have ignored the Constitution; his packing the Supreme Court with two women who hold his Communist views. I’m not going to dig up quotes by the Wise Latina woman or Keagan who actively worked and rooted for ObamaCare. But it’s out there.

Obama hides behind his facade and the media will always allow this never digging deeper because to do so would harm their guy.
red-dawg knows all Democrats are Commies. I'm sorry, COMMIES!
The entire democRAT party is COMMUNIST. They showed their true colors when they voted against the will of the people on Commiecare by shoving down our throats. Obama is the head of that party, therefore he is a f@#$ing COMMUNIST.
Wildbill22 media? Also Commies:
For all the above stated reasons, of course he is a communist.

The only question is if our media is also communist since they clearly have avoided any sort of investigation into this as well as any other legitimate issue with Obama.

But no matter how much they may fit every definition of the term communism, you can bet that Obama and the media will avoid association with the term.

Heck, they don’t even want to switch back to the color ‘red’ for political party election recognition which traditionally switched every couple elections. That association (red/communist/democrat) would be just a little too close and obvious.
PetroniusMaximus has fun with words:
(Commun)ity Activ(ist) = Communist
stonehouse01 finds proof in Obama going on vacation:
He’s trying to redistribute wealth with the purposeful end result that everyone is equally impoverished. He also wants to oversee a ruling party of elites (himself) who are free to vacation and spend on the taxpayers backs. (Michelle’s ski vacation right now - her 16th vacation in less than 4 years is an example of this.)
Mozilla loves him some fancy jargon!
He’s a Neo-Marxist Statist. He support Democratic socialism, but if he had his away America would be communist.
Wurlitzer has 100% irrefutable proof:
100% irrefutable proof positive he is a Marxist Communist with Maoist leanings.

My proof? He told the entire country to judge him by the people he surrounded himself with. He surrounded himself with Marxists, Communists, Maoists so CASE CLOSED he is a Marxist Communist.
The proof Obama is a Commie? Well, first assume all his friends are Commies, and then guilt by association!

Irenic works too hard:
**Debunked list of Communist Party Goals that is oddly the same as Democr4atic Party Platform.**
JimRed knows all non-Freepers are Commies.
Democrat, social democrat, socialist, progressive, Marxist, communist...all the same in differing degrees. Like a little or a lot of sewage added to your drinking water; either way, it is polluted.
Dead Corpse has it right:
Yes. I hadn’t realized this was still a debatable issue...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama Confuses Veterans Day and Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you like you like petty, out-of-touch, over-the-top fake outrage!

Our men and women in uniform have made us safer and more secure, and we were eternally grateful to them, but war and suffering and hardship still remain in too many corners of the globe. And a lot of those men and women who we celebrate on Veterans Day and Memorial Day come back and find that, when it comes to finding a job or getting the kind of care that they need, we’re not always there the way we need to be
combat_boots has all the proof he needs:

0bama is not from here

Repeat as necessary

gunnyg is also convinced:
c’m0n, give the clown a break!
how would any of us do in a foreign countree?????
F15Eagle agrees as well; Obama is "other."
Obomba is not from the USA; at least not in spirit, anyways.

He doesn’t care for America and that’s why he doesn’t know even the basic things.

And has a good number of idiot leftist liberal supporters.
combat_boots digs into how this proves Obama couldn't have been born in Hawaii:
This is actually an ISSUE. Supposedly, as in ridiculously so, 0bama came to HAWAII at or about age 10, where he stayed and went through the rest of his K-12. On Oahu, we have several memorials that all Americans should see, especially the Arizona. Every year, there are remembrances of December 7, 1941, in addition to Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day. It has become increasingly important as those veterans still alive are dying off.
skeeter indulges in some conuterfactual victimhood:
If Barack Obama’s name was Dan Quayle the sound of guffaws from the MSM would be ear-splitting.
WayneS sees this as proof Obama is stupid:
It appears he’d have better odds of being correct by flipping a coin than by relying on the contents of his own brain...
FourPeas sees this as proof Obama is a sociopath:
This isn’t even about confusing the two. It’s either that he’s not too bright or it’s just not that important to him.

A memorial is used to remember the dead, so it should be obvious it doesn’t honor those who are living. If he doesn’t “get” this he’s not too bright.

I tend to believe Barry’s problem is that he simply doesn’t care about those “other people.” You know, the ones who can’t directly help him get something he wants, like re-election or adulation. To Barry it doesn’t matter what you call the day or which one is which. And, in his mind, if he doesn’t care it really isn’t all that important.
skeeter digs up ANOTHER gaffe, about President's day!
Those vets can't be depended upon to vote the right way, so why should they have their own day?
BTW this is especially hilarious after Michelle wished her husband a happy President's Day, saying he was her favorite one.

Problem is there is no such holiday. So presumably she was saying the Obama was her favorite George Washington.
Let that be a lesson to Michelle, joke at your own peril, for super-sharp Freepers are on the case!!

StonyBurk - Obama only keeps track of Evil Holidays:
it’s not funny anymore. Wasn’t the first time-but it was more forgivable then. I guess the only day that zipperhead can get straight would be a day related to some Islamic victory—or perhaps the historic Birthday of Vlad Lenin.
Don Corleone blames Obama's family:
He was raised by America hating, Marxist leaning, Muslim believing, get even with 'Whitey' internationalists. What can you expect?
Ole Okie thinks Obama is too young to be a real American:
0bama is not from here
No he isn't.

He didn't get to observe "Decoration Day" when the whole town turned out to clean and brighten the city cemetery.

Or stand in school assembly at 11:00 am each November 11th and observe a moment of silence for Armistice Day.

Some things just make an impression.

"If you don't remember Decoration Day, you should go back where you came from!"

Freepers on giving to the homeless

Yet another commenter find!

Marvel as Freepers try to rationalize their uncharitable impulses:

albionin prefers paranoia about all he sees to charity:
I don’t let panhandlers approach me. I know of a guy from a nearby town who was in Pueblo, CO walking down the sidewalk when a man approached asking for spare change. While he was distracted the beggar’s partner came up behind and hit him in the back of the head with a 2x4 and they robbed him. He is now paralyzed from the neck down. Never let strangers approach you.
Years ago I was almost robbed in the lobby of the hospital in Richmond, Virginia by two guys who wanted to know the time.
SaraJohnson gives, but only to white people, cause she's super racist:
Since the welfare system is geared towards minorities and permanently poor people, I focus on white working class who are outside the welfare system but struggling to survive.
White Americans don’t like asking for state assistance when they need a boost. There are no help from whitey tribalist organizations and activists (which is a good thing, OWS).
Whites are expected to be super human and help everyone else. They will struggle and just need a life preserver to get their footing or get a break. Call it racist. That is what I do from experience.
IronJack eschews empathy in favor of formal liability:
Not everyone who is needy is so because of irresponsibility, but he is darned sure not there because of anything I did. Therefore, I have no moral, legal, or social liability for his well-being.
dfwgator knows the homeless are all losers anyway:
When I see a panhandler, I see somebody who managed to piss off every relative or friend that ever cared about them. Why wouldn’t they go to them for help? Because they were too prideful, and wound up burning all of their bridges.
wardaddy judges the charity of megarich liberals:
jackasses like Bill Gates and Buffett instead of funding abortions and leftist crap should establish large scale homes in places like that...basically huge orphanages under the auspices of Samaritans Purse or someone like that
Vigilanteman has a totally true sounding story:
When we lived in Japan, one of their reporters went to New York and marveled at how there could be so many "Help Wanted" signs around Manhattan and so many panhandlers.

The intrepid reporter approached the panhandlers and asked them this very question. The results ranged from downright disgusting to humorous. One 30 something black guy was particularly funny. He looked at the reporter like he was daft and said "You know what you get for putting in an eight hour day at one of these places and working your a** off? Maybe 60 or 70 dollars a day by the time they take all the taxes out. Do you want somebody to own you body and soul for 60 or 70 dollars a day? Hell, I can make that kind of money in two or three hours of panhandling!"
Yes, Panhandlers make at least 20 bucks an hour, I read it on the internet!

Yaelle also has a dubious anecdote:
I have recently seen some of these people being “dropped off” at their exit in a nice car. Nicer than mine at the time. This angered me. I am wondering if there is a big pimp style organization that uses these people and collects The money.
Strange, I've never seen that, though I hear about it all the time! Hmmmm.

allmendream knows the American Dream mans all homeless deserve it:
As long as America is still America - people like you will NEVER be homeless longterm.
This is where people around the world come for opportunity.

But some would rather stand around begging for change for their next alcohol (or other drug) fix.
Responsibility2nd knows charity only encourages them:
A few years back, the do-goodniks in San Antonio decided to build a hundred million dollar homeless shleter.

That’s right. You read it correctly. $100,000,000.00

The homeless people don’t appreciate it. But it did accomplish one predictable goal:

It INCREASED the number of bums begging on the streets in San Antonio.
I can't figure out if this is a simple NIMBY argument, or it he thinks homeless shelters somehow spontaneously generate homeless people

kaehurowing blames Obama:
NEVER give money to an Obamazombie, it only encourages them.

The Romney-Paul alliance

Ron Paul seems to only be Romney's opponents. Santorum thinks there is a deal between them. Stranger things have happened.

A lot of Freepers are weirdly skeptical of this conspiracy theory, but many of them jump right on:

reasonisfaith proves through sarcasm:
Maybe it was just coincidence that Paul didn’t go after Romney.

Maybe Paul is unaware of the fact that Romney has a long established record of opposing the conservative and Constitutional principles that Paul claims to support consistently.

Maybe Paul forgot to go after Romney.

Maybe Paul just likes Romney, all politics aside.

Maybe Paul hasn’t gone after Romney in the past, and he just wants to be consistent.
MulberryDraw knows Paul has lost the Freeper vote!
I like a lot of Paul’s ideas but if he’s not opposing Romney, then forget Paul.
xzins has decided libertarians must be liberal:
Paul is a libertarian and Romney is a liberal.

The only difference between the two is one wants to control spending and the other doesn’t care.
AmericanInTokyo knows there's a conspiracy somewhere, but is waiting for a good crazy blog post to glom on to.
The fix is in. Somebody in the beltway over enough Vodkas will spill the beans. I really do smell a rat.
Mountain Mary is all over the place:
Paul and Rom. were like two bullies on the playground last night.
It was beyond obvious that they were in cahoots. Steve Hayes said Paul team admits that they have been talking regularly, ie conniving with, Mittens and CO.

If I was Rick, I don’t know if I would want to continue to put up with this vitriolic assault. I’d have to ask myself if it’s worth it to give up my peace of mind and my life for an uncertain future. He is a courageous fighter but at some point, you have to ask yourself at what price victory?
It’s clear that the fix is in for Mittens nomination with many, many forces working for this end besides him and his evil band of brothers.
And those think he will be a good choice to run against Hussein will come to rue the day.
Dr. Sivana brings up Sarah Palin for some reason:
This is the kind of thing that someone like Sarah Palin can insinuate without actually saying. Sometimes when she uses that purposefully ambiguous language it drives one nuts. I can see why it is necessary these days with the way the MSM picks up a sound bite and won’t let go like a puppy with an old slipper.
Crimson Elephant has an interesting scenario:
I wouldn’t be shocked if Romney figures out a way to throw Newt, Santorum and Paul all a bone with VP (I agree any deal though with Ron Paul might be for Rand), cabinet posts whatever, and go on tour as a “team” against Obama.