Friday, February 10, 2012

JFK: Monster

A new book by a woman alleging she had an affair with JFK while a White House intern has come out. Freepers suddenly decide that forgiveness for sexual sins isn't divine after all:

ransacked is a bit forgetful:

Well, what did you expect from a Democrat?

Never mind Ensign, Vitter, Newt, Cain, etc. etc.

Arm_Bears has decided JFK has done nothing good ever.

Reference the article, can anyone tell me what good things Kennedy did in his public life?

The guy was a loser with a capital L.

He was in Dallas trying to save his bacon when he got plugged.

Popman gets into the liberal mind:
As normal the worldview of liberals are upside down and assbackwards

Kennedy was Camelot and Reagan was the EVIL EMPIRE

Imagine the scorn and ridicule that would be heaped upon his legacy
Whose legacy is not clear, but imagine, and get angry!

RoosterRedux would like to redefine the age of consent where JFK is concerned:
Mimi Alford wasn't a woman when this occurred. She was a naive girl.

Considering her age and naivete and Kennedy's position and power, this was nothing less than child molestation and psychological rape.
'psychological rape.' Sounds feminazi to me!

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  1. Man, imagine the fake outrage if the book had alleged an affair by Eisenhower. No Freepers would be calling him a child molester (I think).