Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Freepers take on a yahoo article on the "5 biggest unsolved mysteries of science." My background is in physics, so I rather enjoyed this:

JimRed is pretty sure the scientific method is all a scam:
The Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle...

Translation: they made it up, so they can conficate some of our money to study it. Kind'a like human-caused global warming.
FatherofFive bask in God's scalar field:
The Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle whose accompanying field is believed to be accountable for giving all other fundamental particles their mass.

Sort of sounds like God... except the hypothetical part.
johnthebaptistmoore wonders why scientists' politics are wrong:

“Why are a majority of academically smart people, worldwide, so profoundly dumb, whenever it comes to their own political ideology choices (left to far left)?”

This should be one of the questions, IMHO.

Dead Corpse cuts the Gordian knot created by an expanding universe, by denying it exists.
There was no big bang, there will be no big crunch. This removes the need for magical pixie dust like “dark matter”.
NoGrayZone is not a fan of science - religion should be enough!
"The mysteries of the universe are as vast and wide as existence itself. Throughout history, mankind has searched and struggled to find the answers tucked away inside the universe and everything we see around us. .."

Why don't they just open their Bibles.
Now that's some nice dark-ages mentality. I think 600 AD may be the most backwards I've seen any Freepers' philosophy.

What's the matter with Florida?

Man, it's like 2008 all over again. Freepers throw up their hands and declare the (Republican) public an ass, after it looks like Romney is going to cruise to a victory in Florida:

apillar knows electability is for suckers.
They're buying the MSM/Republican Establishment lie that Romney is the only candidate that can beat Obama and Newt is unelectable. Funny thing is its the same lie the Republicans establishment used in 2008 to sell McCain. He was supposedly the only candidate that could appeal to moderates and beat the democrat challenger. You would think the base would learn after being burnt once, but I guess not. Maybe they will learn this time around after McCain v2.0 goes down in flames like McCain v1.0 did in 2008.
Cricket24 loathes the impure

No person who is real tea partier would vote for Romney! These are imposters...bandwagoners...not REAL Tea PARTY PEOPLE!!

Donnafrflorida has given up and is now fortifying her bunker for Obama 2012:

I came to the same position after they destroyed Cain and Sarah. America will get what it votes for. I am no longer running around Florida or trekking off to DC to try to wake up the sleeping or ignorant.
I will vote today but I am now totally focused on preparing for Obama 2012. If it doesn’t happen I will have learned how to can, raise chickens, garden, grind wheat etc. If it does I will somewhat prepared. Oh.. I am now armed.

harpu will never say die.

Believe the media’s polls at your own peril.

Williams knows voters aren't as smart as Freepers:

I hope you realized how stupid the voters can be at least dating back the Clinton elections.

TSgt blames damn kids these days with their Poke and their Mon:
qualifications don’t really matter to this generation, it’s all about presentation.

Santorum, while spot-on conservative, simply isn’t “cool.”

Newt is some old Washington curmudgeon.

Romney is a rich white guy and we all know how the rich are loved. /SAR

Paul may be old but waxes “cool” with young voters because of his free spirited live and let live mantra. Don’t confuse this with leadership.

Sadly, this is American Idol on steroids.

W. W. SMITH knows the Democrats are behind this!

Those fraudulent vote machines set up by the dems are, I suspect, being put to work for Romney. The Democrats want to ensure Obama’s opponent is Romney.

EternalVigilance is concerned about gayness.

How about a pic of some of thousands of innocent Massachusetts children Governor Romney turned over to the sodomites?

Freepers are confused that some people are still voting Democrat.

A Rasmussen poll finds that the generic congressional ballot goes 41% Democrat, 40% Republican.

Freepers, try to come to grips with the fact that not everyone sees Democrats as the obviously evil child-molesting Muslim Nazis they are:

bolobaby wonders why people can't see!

What a nightmare. How can the people NOT see that the democrats haven’t even passed a budget in the Senate in over 1000 days?

Cause the budget crises have nothing to do with Republicans!

GoCards can't live in a country where people vote for Democrats:

Is there anywhere else to go? The US is not the US I knew.

whitedog57 blames the hard core Marxists who are EVERYWHERE!

Because our media is hard core Marxist, the schools are hard core Marxists and 50% of Americans are on the dole. Blueprint for FULL Marxism.

Road Glide knows if you get money for the government, you are an irredeemable Democrat.

There is a “core” of Americans now receiving entitlements that probably bottoms out around the 40% level. And many (not all) are what might be called “permanent democrats”. No amount of logic, reason, truth or persuasion is ever going to dislodge their political loyalties. So the “41%” number should be regarded as a baseline, a starting point.

It’s the “persuadable” 19% in that poll, not proclaiming an affiliation either way, that we have to work on.

I wonder how many Freepers are on Social Security/Medicare/Unemployment, and must therefore be secretly be voting Democrat.

KansasGirl blames Romney:

I think it is a result of Mitt Romney dragging the Republican primary into the sewer. Mitt Romney will kill down tickett Republicans in November. He is every stereotype Democrats try to put on the Republican party. Making Romney the face of the GOP is a HUGE mistake. I cannot believe voters are buying the GOP-E meme that Romney is the most electable. Romney is not electable.

Williams thinks the problem is Republicans are too nice:
if the GOP were not numbnuts, I could reduce the poll to 20% democrat and keep it there. They have members of Congress who are out and out radical marxists but oh no we wouldn’t want to say anything about that. Next how about Pelosi/Reid personal family corruption? Too impolite.
God luvs America agrees:

simple- because the GOP fights like little girls, bends over to the rats and does not force people to see the truth...they just assume everyone is going to understand whats going on....

If only the GOP would start calling Obama a Nazi, then everyone would vote Republican!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Shunning liberals

I see my hands on how to end leftward drift
Want it to end? Then quit providing social and familial support to liberals. Bye bye, life long friend, bye bye, sis.
You may love them but they hate you and want you dead. Walk away or count yourself as complicit.
Trod Upon tried this and found it was awesome:

I have already done this. It is much less painful than people might think. A day without leftists in your life is another day of sunshine, no matter the weather.

I see my hands is not to be one-upped though:

People who provide succor to the enemy are the enemy. I'm about to move a degree away and shun those who won't shun libs. I almost have to laugh at myself but it is
an effective path we foot soldiers can follow.

Soon he will shun those who do not shun those who do not shun libs! He'll become a hermit, but at least he'll be pure.

Of course you know, Romney means War

Now that they've bought the Newt Suit, Freepers have been getting increasingly apocalyptic with their anti-Romney rhetoric. Thus: WAR: If They Succeed in Forcing a Romney Nomination On Us, The GOP Establishment Must Be Destroyed

JSDude1 knows what must be done:
THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST BE KILLED; if they force Romney on us.
Dr. Thorne is going third party:
Can you say, "TEA Party"? I knew you could.

It's time to write off the GOP. They are the Liberal Party while the Democrats are the Communist party.

We need a REAL Conservative Party and if the GOP nominates Willard, go TEA PARTY as a national party.

To all those who whine, "But this will guarantee four more years of Oblahblah!" I say, what's the difference? A white Mormon leftist will be no different from a black Muslim leftist.
old and tired feels like he's the Black of the GOP:
I also have never gone third party in the presidential race but I will this year if Mittens gets the nomination. It's so clear to me - conservatives are to the Republican party what the Blacks are to the Democrats. They're stringing us along and counting on our votes. I'm done being strung along.

The bottom line is Mittens is unelectable.
Obama's totally stringing along black people!

Hardraade thinks war is coming, cause Norway is bad.

War is inevitable. Global war.

Slightly offtopic:

Norway’s establishment is heavily pro-Romney (and pro-Obama).

Today, large police forces were random *searching* people using Oslo’s main street - looking for knives and whatever else might not be approved.

SoConPubbie looks with a jaundiced eye on anyone planning to vote for Romney in the election:
1. Supported Gay Marriage
2. Supported Abortion
3. Anti-2nd Amendment
4. Implemented the first Socialized Medicine in the history of the United States.

Now, if you are ignorant of these facts I, and I'm sure other Freepers can provide the evidence for the umpteenth time.

However, I doubt that you are ignorant of these facts, but just another closet support of Mitt maybe?
Beyond the ever growing Freeper Inquisition, by the GOP Convention in August we'll have one of three delicious flavors:

1) Candidate Gingritch, 2) Freepers bolting the GOP, or 3) Freepers falling in line, with loads of crazy rationalization and grumbling.

Jeb and H.W. Bush get Obama's evil all over them

Per an anonymous commenter - I had totally missed this awesome trove of crazy, so thanks!

Jeb and H.W. Bush are photographed at the White House talking to Obama! Freepers have been on war footing for far too long to see bipartisanship of any sort as anything other than treason:

really does think H.W. is a traitor:

I’ve always considered George HW Bush a traitor, along the same lines as Benedict Arnold. His vile attack against conservatives after Ruby Ridge, defending the FBI murderers of Vicki Weaver, stamped his name into Mudd for me.


FlingWingFlyer is sure they are plotting against Newt:

Barack the Kenyan is going to tell them to get off their butts and get out there and get the nomination for Mitt. Barry doesn’t want to go up against Newt in the debates.

Tex-Con-Man understands the Freudian dynamic:
Is Daddy Bush becoming the surrogate father for all Dem presidents with daddy issues? First BJ and now BO?
hwkbeer knows all three are part of the dark cabal that controls all:
none of them give a sh#t about this country.
3 puppets of the Council on Foreign Relations,set up by David Rockefeller decades ago.This country is going down the toilet at light speed.
dragnet2 attacks George W. Bush, even:

More Muslims were legally imported into the U.S. after 911 during Bush's reign, than in the previous two decades.

This is not to mention many millions entering this country illegally, from God knows where, during Bush's 8 years...During war time no less.

The last Bush, among other things, made American citizenship all but pointless.
MestaMachine connects the dots:
Our space technology has been given to Dubai which has a MAJOR space program you have never heard of. GWB tried to turn our major shipping ports over to Dubai. clinton represents the emirates.

The bushes have controlled the major entry points for drugs into the US...Texas and Florida for years, as bush sr and clinton did in Arkansas. bush sr was head of the cia, also ambassador to China from whom clinton received major funding to pass our space technology to the prcc.

Connect the dots. There are a lot more than these few.

Obama has adopted so many of W’s policies that now he is thinking about having an operation to actually become W. He just wants to clear it with the family first.

Yes, especially all of the really bad policies of W.

Nice! that way you can hate everything Obama does, but still call him a copycat:

80skid sees the pic, and pushes the meme:

Picture says a thousand words...

The one word that came to me is, Narcissism.

dennisw also has some intense visual analysis.

Check out how big Obama’s feet are...and his shoes seem to have raised up heels.

Bassfire wishes 80-something George H.W. Bush would beat up Obama:

GHB: Yeah, I'm getting on up in age and I've made me a bucket list....#5 on the list is to beat the living daylight out of anyone that slanders my family. Jeb hand me my cane.

We can wish.
Kakaze thinks the Bushes meeting with Obama is a threat:
There is only one reason this photo is out...they all agreed to release it.

What the hell else they agreed on lord only knows.

I guess I'm a bit paranoid but I take it as a quiet threat, an attempt to tell us all who is really in control.
Free Republic. Where Republicans talking to Democrats is a secret threat.

Monday potpourri.

So much crazy this week! This is a big one!!

sodpoodle outlines Romney's sinister plan:

Becoming increasingly clear that for the past decade, Romney has been working a ‘grand strategy’ for this 2012 nomination.

He has had plenty of time and money to build a covert operation in every State with the help of Governors, legislators and also the GOP US Congress.

Romney bought Nikki Haley, Pam Bondi, Marco Rubio, John McCain and others. No wonder the GOP establishment has been pro-Romney and critical or silent on Newt, Santorum, Perry, Paul, Bachmann and Huntsman.

More diabolical than the Hillary vs. Obama contest and don’t underestimate the Axelrod oppo research to produce all the records of donations and promises.

TomasUSMC sees Israel crushing all of Islam.

The moslums are very afraid that [Ron] Paul might win or that his idea of cutting all foreign aid might carry through. Once America cuts aid to Israel, it also cuts the leash that America has had on Israel’s military, one which it has used to rein in Israel again and again when they were on the brink of permanently destroying their enemies. With no more leash, Israel would be UNLEASHED and they could no longer afford to wait. Israel would crush Islam and free the Arab people from the 7th century prison they have been held in.

tsowellfan wants Republicans to stop talking to Obama all the time.

Why are we not talking to Castro yet we talk to Obama? Obama has done more harm to this nation than North Korea, Cuba and the former USSR had ever done.

Gator113 sounds like a dirty hippie:

Imagine: A president that actually loves America. One that loves ALL of the People of our country. One that knows and is proud of our rich history. One that works to bring us together, not divide us. One that inspires the dreams of our generation and generations to come.

Imagine a president that will help us be proud of America once again.

Imagine, just imagine President Newt Gingrich..... it’s going to happen.

MamaB on Obama:
His eyes look like criminals with no soul. Scary.
If you eyes look like tiny criminals, you may want to get that looked at.

caww on the studliness of Newt and how women should stay home:
I’m all about there’s a place for men and a place for women where each does better than the other for natural reasons.

Course Newt’s showing the nations women that the Alpha-male is still alive and well..thank God!

jmax indulges in a bit pg misogyny when talking about Nancy Pelosi:
W-H-O-R-E : noun: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.

I wonder what Pelosi's children, grand-children, great-grand-children and great-great-grand children think of her being a (political) WHORE? She SCREWS the American people and TAKES MONEY from the democrat party, lobbyist's and other criminal elements FOR THE FAVOR.
Fledermaus on this history of the South:

We conservatives took back the South from the racist, black hating Democrats. They still can’t get over it.

It's like racism doesn't mean anything anymore.

Texas Fossil on all the stealth Tea-Partyers coming to the GOP Convention:

Brokered convention or not, the Tea Party is NOT a political party, but it IS the essence of the United States of America.

Delegates to both the State and National Republican Conventions will include large numbers of admitted and stealth Tea Party supporters.


VR-21 - American white males are close to getting a Holocaust:
It's fortunate that white males are not a demographic minority presently because I'm certain that if we were, there would have been an American equivalent of the Wansee Conference to address the "white male problem" by now.
GraceG knows John Kerry injuries came from is wife beating him up:

No way that frail little fag John Kerry was playing ice hockey. Give me a break.

I think he “fell down the stairs” after he hogged the katsup from his wife.

MrB knows science is evil:

“Science”... it’s their “god” and their excuse for their communist agenda.
Marx himself was big on the concept of “scientific”. If someone disagreed with his ideology, they were dismissed as “unscientific” and not worthy of discussing the issue with.

teenyelliott knows only Nazi commies keep the audience from clapping:
No more commie rules, Newt!!!! Looked like a bunch of Nazi corpses sitting behing that "moderator" last night.
mojitojoe indulges in the worst of liberal stereotypes:

Seriously, how many women have you ever seen with an Adam’s apple like Coulters? Look at her so called “boyfriends”. I suspect she is far more likely to have girlfriends in the closet and “boyfriends” to make it look like she’s not a flaming lesbian.

I sometimes wonder if some Freepers have no political ideology, and worship only hyperbole. They also got to DU and post crazy stuff.

Biblebelter wants pandering!

I am politically very hungry, in fact I am starving, because the fare offered up by slick Barry or slick Mitt is all vegan served in the smallest of portions.

To Newt, I say pass me some of more of the red meat, please.
Mr. K blames blacks for Obama's clear idiocy.

I wonder if anyone will have the balls to ask “the black community” if they are embarrased that the first black president turned out to be such and idiot

Maybe competance should have been on their list of necessary qulaifications and not just ‘black’

mrreaganaut has a plan:
Illegals should count for no more than 3/5 of a person, if they are counted at all.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Pix

From what, is not clear.

Wow, this argument is so stupid it's like amazing to see it in print.

Let slip the dogs of anti-Mormonism!

Have you heard, Mitt's Mormon?


Yeah, sucks how Obama rounded up all the Freepers.

Gahhh! Newt's smile is terrifying!

This seems about right.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Florida Primary

So Mitt looks like he's going to win in Florida, after a full court press from old Republicans, some large Romney add-buys, and some less than stellar Newt debate showings.

Freepers react:

GVnana chooses not to listen:
Gingrich still ahead. Right where he's been all along.

2012. The First Tea Party Presidential Election.

untwist provides a cushion of bullshit proving that Romney cannot win:
Romney is overkilling, I think. This flooding of everybody’s mailbox day after day only perpetuates Romney’s image of a rich, arrogant guy who is trying to but the election.

I really am astonished that for a guy who has spent so much money, he really is quite a distance from closing the deal, and he knows it.
toddausauras just hates Romney:

Romney is dirty and everyone knows it. Dirty dirty dirty.

paintriot is attacking Rush!

I thought I heard Rush say Newt was trailing romney by 9 or so in the polls. Did I hear wrong or is he just reporting the worst for Newt he can find?

Gator113 is sure the Florida numbers are a hoax:

I can only guess that it is easier to control the outcome of a poll in only one state, than it is for the entire country.

onyx is looking past Florida:

The South has been saving the union from the demonic-rats for decades.

Give us a chance and we’ll save the GOP from Romney!


The harder they hold on, the more they will implode if Romney takes it.

Barney Frank's getting married

And I think you know where this is going:

ronnie raygun just spews hate:

American hater and a despicable freak. Nothin like an old gay hag

Cicero cannot comprehend homosexual monogamy:

Open Mawwiage, I pwesume.

crosshairs drags out the corpse of Ted Kennedy, for some reason.

Maybe the Sodomites can take a trip across the Ted Kennedy Memorial Chappaquidick bridge.

dandiegirl sees Frank as evidence of sekret homosexuals throughout Congress!

How do these disgusting people keep getting elected. I think there are a good many congressmen that are gay that we don’t know about. Disgusting.

Conservatives aren't stupid, Liberals are stupid

There's some study out of Canada that racists and social conservatives tend to have a lower IQ. I find IQ-based correlations in general pretty silly for a multitude of reasons.

Freepers agree that this is silly. Though they take exception in their own unique ways:

TwoSwords attacks the folks who published this particular article about the study:

Yahoo is a cosmic joke. A sign of the end.

Whoa - yahoo is bigger than I thought!

vaudine takes exception to the definition of social conservatives as people who “stress hierarchy and resistance to change.”
This definition fits libs. They stress their hierarchy and are totally resistant to changing their views. To them compromise is when everything goes their way.

Guess this proves what I have always known. Libs are intellectually challenged to the point that they have no moral rudders and cannot live in the real world. Instead, they daydream of their ideal Utopia where all is fair according to their preconceived ideas of fairness.

A pox on all of them.

FlingWingFlyer prefers the "No, U!" style of argumentation:

All of the low-intelligence adults I’ve seen lately seem to have Obama bumper stickers on their cars and tend to gravitate towards the local food stamp office.

Eldon Tyrell knows blacks are super dumb and liberal.

The average Black inner city IQ is 76.

Average Black IQ is 85.

Blacks vote Democrat 95%. And the 5% who don’t - sure aren’t average city folks.

Sorry. Facts are facts.

it is kind of ubsurd what the Left will pay iteself to conclude, to pretend to feel good about themselves and their anti-human insanity.

maxwellsmart_agent has some strong anecdotal evidence that disagrees with the study:

It has been my experience that very intelligent people tend to be conservative. The slow ones are easily bamboozled.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

And now, this word from Outer Space:

Storytime with manc edition:

My oldest son at school has this liberal girl and she told him that this country is in a mess because of republicans.

My son asked how is that possible as the left had power for two out of three years and full control so why do you not look at the party you support.

My oldest son is 14, she told him that it is because republicans are stupid so again my son asked why can you not give me facts.

At this point another two girls came into the debate and she likes these girls and one of the girls has a horse.

LOL She told the girl who has a horse who is also a republican that republicans want to kill horses.

I kid you not , these people are unhinged, anyway it backfired on this liberal and everyone just laughed to which one kid said who is looking stupid now.

Political extrapolation from the behavior of middle school girls brought to you by manc (Marriage is between one man and one woman.Trolls get a life, I HATE OUR BIASED LIBERAL MEDIA.)

Low-stakes Showdown in Arizona

Obama was meeting with Gov. Brewer in Arizona. She met him on the tarmac, and shook her finger at him.

Freepers cheer her, and blame Obama:

svcw blames Obama for getting yelled at:

The man is a disgrace to the Office of the President.

Islander7 has fallen in love with the governor:
I really like her. She strikes me as totally down to earth.
infool7 hates how Obama touched Gov Brewer's arm in the pic:

What an arrogant SOB. If he had gotten his arm that close to my lovely wife he would have been withdrawing a bloody stump.

ponygirl knows only girls get yelled at:

He is a Princess, not a President.

LibertyRocks thinks there is a 'literal war'

My prayers for Gov. Brewer, Sheriff Joe, and all of the other citizens in Arizona who are in a literal war it would seem with the US Federales and the Mexican Cartel on the same side.

What a scumbag to walk away in the middle of a discussion - even if it was heated. Governor Brewer has every right to be livid with that man, and if a State could arrest a President on suspicion of criminal conspiracy that resulted in the murder of State Law Enforcement Agents Arizona would have the evidence to probably do so
goat granny chalks up Brewer's behavior to conservative women' mothering instincts.
I wonder if republican women have cohones/sp because they come with ingrown child raising abilities...They can lay down the law in a family when dealing with children (unless they are the ones that say wait until your father gets home)...It seems most male politician's are juveniles in bigger bodies...
sbark makes a Muslim crack:

a woman dressing down a muslim in public......people have died for less

spankalib is sure Obama's gay. And a murderer:

He was probably turned on by her finger. Imagining up his you know what.
Crazy, I know...but N’s ARE (that way). Especially homosexual, coke-snorting, murdering N’s.

From context, I think N means narcissist.

This gay Obama thing is really growing on Free Republic. Awesome.

Only gays like Romney

Partisans always hate the mainstream of their associated party. But as the primary winnows down to Romney versus Newt, Freepers have more and more excommunicated their own partisans for insufficient Newt love. And by excommunicated, I mean decided must be gay.

Cringing Negativism Network comes right down to it:

Who do you support?

Declare your allegiance.

Vaquero knows why Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter like Mitt Money:

Matt is a fag and Ann has turned into a party hack Faghag...

MARKUSPRIME agrees as to Drudge's motivation:

Drudge smokes pole, that explains why he loves mittens. The Repubs that go along with this are disgusting and should just go ahead and vote for Obama.

OKSooner as well:

Drudge be a poofta.

Earthdweller knows the powerful Republican Gays are behind Mitt's campaign:

That is not what it's based on..we are now fighting GOProud..a very real component of the GOP that is supporting Romney..because he said he would be for gay marriage.
Drudge is allegedly gay..Ann C came out in support of the gay block and they all want Romney...you do the calculations. They are social progressives.

Norm Lenhart is gonna vote for Newt out of spite:

This isn’t rocket surgery. The group of people once called the “GOP base” can’t decide which it loathes more...the MSM and talking heads, Obama and the Libs, or the party that opposes it’s own platform.

As such, the ‘establishment” encompassing the above icons of scorn, realized in 10 that they were all in deep crap since their traditional methods of controlling us failed utterly. Now as we go into the 12 election, they spent the last year trying the same crap to rope us back onto the Ponderosa without success. So they just fall bck on blaming us for our lack of intelligence and ‘vision’.

At this point, If Newt was found with a dead girl, a live boy and the family Schnauzer, I’d still crawl naked over cut glass to vote for him if for no other reason than to watch their Utopia burn.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Navy SEALs tragically rescue hostages while Obama is Commander in Chief

Obama's not too shy about using special forces to deal with delicate incidents. And Freepers, whose world view is based largely on a weak, girly academic Democrats contrast with manly, awesome killer Republicas, do not react well:

AmericanInTokyo is pissed, cause the timing helps Obama with the State of the Union.

Looks like the timing of the news was off by about four hours. Would have expected Obongo to announce this one personally in SOTU. /sarcasm

Telepathic Intruder agrees that this is all about Obama:

The Dear Leader will soon take full credit.

LifePath is rather gross:

The 32 year-old woman, immersed in her relief organizations and her UN and her NGO’s has never seen a man like a US Navy SEAL. Then several descend from the sky to save her life. She might be excused for being a little wet.

And our guys, sworn to uphold the Constitution, should adopt a new salute: spit on the ground whenever they are required to speak Obama-bastard’s name. Then salute the office, not the boy.

Come for the discussion of a stranger's nether reasons, stay for asking our military to hate their Commander in Chief! With bonus calling Obama 'boy' dog whistling!

left that other site KNOWS GOD HEARS ALL CAPS BETTER:






liberalh8ter isn't sure this happened:

I’m gonna reserve my remarks until more proof is offered.

TADSLOS has an opinion, based mostly on needing to hate Obama:

IMHO, this mission was “in the can” for at least days if not weeks. Obama’s State of the Union team probably asked around via military liasons if there were any cool ops coming up soon. “Well, we do have a few we’re working on...”

After that, when told of some hostage in Somalia and a SEAL Team ready to snatch them, the timing was probably up to the White House. No way do I believe that the rescue just “happened” to occur in perfect timing to be announced by Obama at the SOTU address.

Mean Girls

You think Obama's skin color was petty?

Just you wait - The First Lady was on hand at the State of the Union, and the Freeper mean girls squad is on the case.

Zakeet likes sarcasm!

Looking as chic as ever elegantly dressed as an ink drop in the latest style that tastefully accents small breasts and large tummies.

freemama pretends objectivity, but really repeats the above comment:
Yet another poor choice. The fabric was more suited to a cocktail party. The neckline does nothing. The shape of the dress is unflattering. It shows she has a flat chest. And the tailoring does her belly no favors.
novascotianative just notices things and says she hates them:
I hate the wave, the dress is ill fitting, it looks like she’s got sour balls in her mouth, and she’s got a bag of potato chips hidden under the dress.
sissyjane noticed the First Lady's hair grew:

OMG. The long wig is BACK! YEAH!! Now I know she is WINNING!

acapesket knows what is going on:

She looks preggers!

I am much older and just recently developed middle aged spread...

But Moooch.....come on!

Where are those body shaping girdle body thingees?

FGS... don’t turn around!

Mortrey gives us the obligatory Obama is gay post:

IF she’s attempting to “look like” she’s with child, you can bet it isn’t “Bath-House” Barry’s doing.

I wouldn’t put past the “residents” of the White House to impregnate Manchelle with anonymous sperm just to get votes from their idiot supporters.
FrankR remembers Michelle is supposed to be racist

She doesn’t seem to mind having to sit with white folks...oh, never mind, they’re RICH white folks.

joyce11111 also sees fatness no one else does:

And look at that pot belly.

The dress is ugly and so is she!

Hot Tabasco thinks she's dressing like a slut, basically:
I'm not a fashion expert but that dress doesn't seem to be appropriate for the occasion.

She's better suited to standing on the corner of a used car lot that's advertising a zero down payment, sign and drive car sale.......
Mad_as_heck doesn't thinks expensive things are appropriate:

The arrogance of these people. Look miserable jobless people! Marie Antoinette is back from her taxpayer funded vacation wearing a designer dress that costs as much as a new Kia!

I think that outfit looks incomplete without a crown and scepter.

StarFan knows this dress was a political move:
I guess all the rich white crackas seated near Mo got the memo to wear black-no color allowed ! (unless the obligatory commie red)

Had the same thought when seeing the contrast of those around her. Everything they do and say is so political but wearing a neon dress at the SOTU address just fell flat.

State of the Union

I swear, Freepers aren't even trying anymore. I mean, their comment threads on previous State of the Union speeches have always been a bit light on substance, but this time there were about half a dozen substantive comments in the 1700-post long comment thread.

I hope you like schoolyard taunts!

netmilsmom noticed Hillary:

Lordy, someone needs to tell Hillary that headbands are darling. On teenagers. Isn’t that harpie nearly 70?

Dengar01 has many other Dem women to call ugly:
Jackie is fugly, I hope she got the hair dye for free. OMG Puke Debbie Yenta Schultz from butterfly county Florida!!!

Everytime I see that Yenta I think of the old farts who steal the sugars, the rolls, anything they can from the Early Bird Special at some restaurant in Boca Raton!!!
dandiegirl concentrates on Obama's skin tone:

BO’s skin color looks really strange. Has a yellow tint to it.

But no blue lips this time!

Rome2000 reminds us Obama is totally gay!

Wonder if the faggot in chief will kiss any guys on the lips!

truthkeeper is not a fan of Obama honoring Gabby Giffords:

The Boy King is all over Gabby Giffords like white on rice.

mc5cents brings back the old fallacious standby:

Count the number of personal pronouns. Over/under is 150.

KJC1 also hits Obama's skin tone:

We’ve got diversity on board:

Biden: white
Boehner: tan
Obama: jaundiced-looking

re_nortex finds Obama's pronunciation lacking:

O'Bambi is a scarcely literate Muzzie Marxist. He reveals himself with his mispronunciation of words such as:


Fortunately, a Tea Party Revolution is at hand and in just a few months, the idiot and member of his regime will be gone. Go Newt Go!
Biggirl thinks it's almost Civil War 2 time!

I am getting concerned that if the upcoming 2012 Presidential elections do not go off well, we could very well be in for a second American revolution.

Recovering Ex-hippie is of two crazy, crazy minds:


Why is he yelling?

what a POS!!! LYING POS!!

"This is Hilarious!" to "I RAGE" in 2 sentences.

grey_whiskers is pissed Obama said something Freepers might like:

Note btw he just talked about reforming the unemployment system: training instead of just a check, stealing Newt's idea.

Seattle Conservative also hits Obama's skin color, again.

Obummer does have a jaundice look on FNS - I had CSpam on and it looks like he has too much rouge on.

I noticed he didn’t use Grecian Formula tonight - the salt & pepper look makes him look more ‘distinguished’ (that’s probably what the focus group said - I can’t stand to look at him whether its dyed or not).

And now, this word from Outer Space:

Hate without reason edition:

Great rebuttal speech by Gov Mitch Daniels! Just to add my comments.... I hate 0dumb0shit more & more every day! May he & his bastard family roast forever in Hell & the Lake of Fire. It is eagerly awaiting he & his family!

Preview of the upcoming SOTU post provided by rcrngroup

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fidelity Shmidelity

Freepers rationalize not caring about Newt's cheating on two separate wives:

C210N knows in a crisis, principles don't matter:
All things being equal, it should DEFINITELY matter!!

That said, all things are NOT equal. The society and the republic are at stake.
I guess Clinton's tenure wasn't a crisis then.

dforest blames the media for forcing him to stop caring about marital fidelity:

It should matter, but only if the same standard and scrutiny is applied by the media to both sides.

What the media does is cover and hide those things with Dem candidates, and make it a big deal in GOP candidates.

Just mythoughts blames Clinton:
After the Clintons maintained their popularity at 66% in spite of lying, cheating, adultery, and only God knows what else I have been desensitized to how hypocrites calculate sin based upon who it is that sins.
nicmarlo points out Obama is gay, and the Old Testament likes polygamy:

Obama has been married once. I’ve heard of rumors of his own homosexuality.

King David of the Jews committed adultery, murder, covetousness, and rape. He arranged to have the husband of the woman he desired killed. But, still, God called him the Apple of His eye. Why? David repented for his sins and, in his own so human and fallible heart, LOVED and wanted to please GOD.

cuban leaf only cares that Newt is better than the other guys.
We are not comparing Gingrich to Ronald Reagan. We’re comparing him to Mitt and Obama.

He still comes out on top, not least because there are multiple areas in which a man can fail in moral authority besides the bedroom.

Which basically means he doesn't care.

elkfersupper relates to Newt:

Newt is a serial monogamist, as many of us are or were.

I finally figured out after 6 years of marriage to my first wife and 25.5 years to my second, that it is simply not worth it.

I have simple reasons for that; the simplest is that now when I put something someplace, it is where I put it when I go to retrieve it.

No denigration meant for the lady FReepers, just sayin'.
Freeper head Jim Robinson weighs in:

I’m going to try to make my reasoning clear here.

Sarah Palin was my first choice for president, but the left, the GOP-E and many right here on FR wouldn’t have it. They trashed her and her family relentlessly with some of the unholiest filth and lies imaginable. Even so, I did little about it. I felt it was best to let the debate run its course and the best hard ass conservative would rise to the top. Well, they drove her completely out and she didn’t run. Didn’t want to subject her family to such suffering.

Then one by one, they did the same thing to Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Cain and Santorum driving their support numbers down and Perry, Cain and Bachmann out of the race. As each one took their turns as our leading non-Romney conservative they were relentlessly attacked, trashed and driven out.

Looked like we were repeating 2008 and were going to be stuck with a loser RINO again. We’re running out of conservative candidates and I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow Free Republic to be used to drive out our last remaining best conservative shot of defeating both Romney and Obama!!

Then a funny thing happened. Newt Gingrich, whom they’d left for dead, arose from the grave and began smiting the heathen. He’s back as a hard as nails, no nonsense, bad ass, battle scarred, conservative veteran of two conservative revolutions, the Reagan Revolution of the 80s and then his own Republican Revolution of the 90s. And they were both hugely successful for us.

I’ve looked at Newt’s plan. It’s Reagan’s plan on steroids. Radically reduce government, regulations taxes and spending, restore constitutionally limited government, restore states rights, restore individual rights, restore economic freedom, restore American excellence, whack and dethrone the liberal activist judiciary and get the government the hell off our backs, out of our lives and out of our religion.

Securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity!!

Now what is there not to like?

We are rebels trying to take back our freedom or aren’t we?

Rebellion is ON!!

Join or die!!

Don’t tread on me!!

Soooo....didn't mention fidelity at all in that rambling opus. I think I get the idea.

Saving America's manufacturing

The story of the slavish conditions in which iPads are manufactured in China is all the rage these days. Freepers discuss how to reform America to compete with a country of a billion people and almost no labor regulation:

cripplecreek thinks if we only do all the things Republicans talk about, we can compete with slave labor:

I could create economic boomtimes for the midwest with 5 things.

1 slash taxes across the board.

2 roll back EPA regulations to rational levels.

3 Lift the great lakes directional drilling ban so we can have access to readily available natural gas.

4 Right to work laws.

5 Localize the taxes. Keeping more of our taxes in the states gives the people greater control of how they’re spent.

when the time is right thinks it's damn lawyers, and American attitudes:
It is not just the employee's attitude about work it is the constant worry that some day the government or a lawyer or some agency will come knocking at your door and accuse you of violating some law that you never even knew existed. It just isn't worth it anymore.
ari-freedom blames not enough funding for math. Fair enough, but look who he blames:

Our approach to science/math education is terrible because some people think a more rigorous math curriculum will hurt children’s self esteem and place a huge burden on the teacher’s unions.

And other people think that little league games and soccer practice are more important priorities.

Yeah, the leftists are the ones that want to cut math education!

muawiyah blames robots:
The real reason is that China is a semi-automated way station to full robotics ~ and that can be done anywhere ~ even Africa.

TSA - the New gestapo

I'm not a fan of the security theater in airports these days. But at least we all have to deal with the crappiness equally.

Freepers, though, despite all their bloviating about liberty, have more the mentality of subjects, albiet of royalty they choose. Thus, after Rand Paul had to submit to a search before the TSA would let him fly, Freepers rushed to defend him like he was special.

mongo141 knows who else did patdowns:

Butches SS troops!

Texas Fossil is sure Obama orchestrated this in a well thought out scheme:

What about immunity for normal arrest when on Senate business.

This is being vindictive toward outspoken Senators. Obozo would do that.....

And he has demonstrated his contempt for the Chains of the Constitution.

He thinks he was elected King, and he is not even a Burger King.

Texas Fossil follows up with this nugget:

On the day of his coronation I stated:

“Welcome to New Kenya (Africa U.S.A.)”

“Where the law of the jungle has replaced the Law of the Land.”

mkjessup is pretty sure not letting Rand fly is like raping little boys:
TSA = The Sanduskying of America.
Recovering Ex-hippie also fails 'Perspective 101: things that are not like the Nazis'


Gestapo tactics already.

All it takes is a nun's habit and you can fool manc:
Hopefully they'll be disbanded soon under Newt or who ever gets it and private companies come in with ex marines etc who know the score about security.

I saw a photo on here once which had an elderly nun , a nun of all people being searched by a muslim lady. Now correct me if i am wrong but elderly nuns are not much of a threat but I am betting this muslim woman stopped the nun for spite
LibertyLA thinks only commies do this searching stuff:

Glimmers of the police state ahead, as the TSA wants to be able to grope people on trains and at stadiums etc. This is a real police state, commie tactic.

What truly amazes me are people who support communist/soviet tactics.

RetiredArmy wants Obama patted down:

Maybe the AF1 pilots should pat down the muzzie before he gets on.

Pregaming the Iran-Israel war

Israeli told the Joint of Chief that it would give President Obama no more than 12 hours notice if and when it attacks Iran.

Always ready to throw over foreign alliances in favor of domestic politics, Freepers rather like this idea:

EGPWS knows Netanyahu is a Freeper.
If Netanyahu was prudent and I think he is, he would give 0bama 0 seconds notice.
LibWhacker thinks America's allies should abandon it while evil Obama is the President:
You give notice to your trusted allies so they can get their assets out of harm’s way. Obama is neither trusted nor an ally. How could he be? He’s a committed muslim sympathizer, if not an actual muslim himself.
Diogenesis thinks Obama would leak the info to his Muslim buddies:
When the information is transferred to Obama,
the Moslem Brotherhood and his 57 States will
receive it BEFORE the US Pentagon,
.... so a 12 nanosecond notice
would be more appropriate.
Love how 57 states is still there. Say what you will about their paranoia, Freepers never forget!

dennisw agrees about the Muslim part, but thinks Obama will call Russia:
Izzies tell Bammy that bombing commences soon then wait and see if Iranians start scurrying to their air defenses. For sure Bammy would leak this to the Russians and hope the Russians would hit Israel preemptively.
BammyBoy the crypto-Muslim could play his role in the Gog and Magog scenario
RetiredArmy agrees, but his personal understandings of biblical prophecy differ:
This is not Gog and Magog. This is the Psalms 83 war. Check that out. It comes before Gog and Magog. How much no one knows, but Psalms 83 is believed to be the prelude to Gog.
volunbeer knows it's not the Russians or the Brotherhood, it's SOROS!

Zero’s first call to Valerie Jarrett.

Jarrett’s first call to George Soros.

Soros first call to his hedge fund manager.

10 bucks says this is how it goes.

verum ago disagrees - Obama is much more lazy than he is evil.

If they’re smart they’ll catch him golfing and give him 12-hole warning. He won’t be able to pry himself off the course to call the Mullahs.

Always Independent hopes Israel dicks around with us:

I would summon Hillary to a meeting and make her wait!

Bobalu hopes Israel interferes with our elections:

Israel could easily spring an October surprise on Zero that would sink him.

If Israel comes to the conclusion that their security is threatened by having an enemy in the white house for another 4 years they just might do it too.

Just off-hand I can think of several tricks they could pull out of the hat at the last minute that would be devastating.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Parties to intermingle during the State of the Union

Republicans to sit near Democrats during the State of the Union! This is most umparlamentary! Freepers will not stand for this kind of symbolic civility!

PAR35 makes this a litmus test:

Makes things easy. Vote against any Republican who sits with the Democrats. At this point, I think I’d vote for an honest bolshevik over a dishonest republican.

Rashputin points out that sitting with fascists is stupid:
Whatever, Republicans sitting with democrat fascists is stupid, so maybe I'm trying to avert my eyes from yet another example of how stupid Republicans can be sometimes.
Jmouse007 uncovers the Democratic plan to HIDE behind the Republicans so no one notices their evil ways:

The democRATS are trying to HIDE among the Republicans so as to appear “moderate” and less conspicuous and the Republicans foolishly agreed. How dumb and politically naive can you get? The democRATS want to DESTROY them along with America and the Republicans are playing “nice”, how sickening!

Psalm 144 totally typed this while squinting like Clint Eastwood:

It is not Republicans versus Democrats. It is the Washington government versus the American people.

funfan won't grow up:

I was hoping that “Mix It Up” meant we would see some fist-fighting like they do in other countries that would actually make me want to watch Zero and his constant blathering

MagUSNRET thinks Congress is a LITERAL Orgy!

This is not only an epic display of theater of the absurd, it demonstrates CLEARLY that they are ALL screwing eachother figuratively AND LITERALLY, and don’t give a tinkers damn about their constituents.....

It is a den of whores and thieves..and spinless pussies.

DO they TRULY think “Hey, lets sit together and pretend we all get along, OK?” is fooling anyone? We ALL know they are ALL in bed together! DAMN the lot of them!

To be fair, I prefer my pussies spineless. Unless he really did mean spinless and this is some quantum thing...

Ayep, Durn Muzzies!

There's some article about immigration from Saudi Arabia. And Freepers have never sounded more like a caricature of a racist:

fabian is pretty sure letting Muslims emmigrate is treason:

we are at war with people of the same cultish religion. We have a bunch of stupid traitors running our government.

Clintonfatigued indulges in some light stereotyping:

Very interesting. I wonder how many are involved in terrorism.

Bulgaricus1 is a proud bigot:

Frankly, if I were running things, there would be zero visas granted to Muslims.

itssme blames Obama:
The muzzie bastards are invading this country on the installment plan...genius! And this muzzie oboma is paving the way by design.

Another reason to get in the trenches and fight like hell to remove this muzzie bastard in OUR White House in November, or suffer the consequences tooooo numerous to mention.
Because Bush didn't let in any Muslims!

hal ogen bags on Saudi Arabia as well:

Does anyone know how many Americans apply for a Saudi visa to visit their sand pile each year?

Tulsa Ramjet thinks he knows their secret plan:

Maybe they men also coming to marry American Saudi women thus creating a citizenship foothold., have children. Can’t they have mOre than one wife?

bayouranger looks forward to the coming anti-Muslim pogroms:
Look at the bright side, it'll be fun finding every last one of them after their next attack. Filthy koranimals.
Gaffer just straight up says every Saudi immigrant is going to commit terrorism:

Divide the number granted by 19....that way, we’ll know how many planes we’re gonna lose.....

Gabrielle Giffords to step down

The Congresswoman shot in Tuscon is stepping down to concentrate on her recovery. Freepers are mostly gracious, but there is some dickery:

Oldexpat Keeps it simple and partisan:
We wish her well and a full recovery, but it is time to get another GOP seat in Congress. That could be the next district we live in when we leave CA.
NoGrayZone has sympathy, BUT can't help but notice how shooting her was a net gain for America.

I feel horrible for ANYONE who has taken a shot to the head and survived to tell about it.

However; a demonRAT, who steps down is a plus for America.

Coldhearted? Yes. But I care more for our country then some lame a$$ demonRAT......who, by the way, was shot by one OF HER OWN.

Note how they're still on the whole "Crazy guy was secretly a Democrat" think.

pgyanke begrudges her pension:

She began "serving" in Congress in January, 2007. She just retired. Why the long wait when it was clear she couldn't fulfill her duties long ago?

Members who participated in the congressional pension system are vested after five (5) years of service.

I won't be so nice about her departure... good riddance, you self-serving grifter. Sadly, you clearly belonged in Congress... your kind of people.
Delta 21 would like to use this time to get a cheap shot at Obama:

Good grief. Its about time.

Just wondering how long the presidency would be left to the hands of a brain injured person before decicive action was taken?

Tzimisce really hates how some people won't hate her:

If I’m reading this right: she voted for Porkulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and lots of other bad legislation.

So like most of her ilk, she’ll now leave since she’s destroyed enough - and she’ll be called a hero for it.



Yes, Ms. Giffords wants to return to aid POTUS “Muslim Brotherhood” Obama and ultra liberal,Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schulz in the destruction of the American economy and nation. And....yes include Ms. Giffords “dirt bag” hubby, former astronaut Michael Kelly in that mix as he silently stood by while Obama destroyed the NASA, mannned space program, along with causing the layoff of thousands of highly skilled technical workers!!!

Vigilanteman loves how classy conservatives are:
I share little in common with her politically, but I wish nothing but the best for her family and her.

That's what conservatives do.

In fact, many of us believe the nicest way we can help our libtard friends is to elect as many conservatives as possible to office.

That way, we have a polite society as well as a society which generates enough resources to help libtrards move out of their fantasyland, if they have the ambition, or generate sufficient tax dollars to enable them to remain within it, if they don't.

Normalizing abnormal behavior only generates more of it and spreads the resources to deal with it thinner.

The Obamaning of Mitt

So now that Free Republic has jumped in behind Newt, Mitt Romney has become The Enemy. And, because Freepers have trouble with anything approaching perspective, this means he immediately jumps to "as evil as anything ever."

Thus, they react to Mitt in the same knee-jerk, no-need-to-think way they react to Obama:

Maelstorm reviews current Freeper thinking - that Romney is stupid and arrogant and will never get elected:

The Romney campaign is the stupid campaign. He should be reorganizing and firing people right now after his dismal showing in SC. He didn’t just lose he was CRUSHED. I doubt they will because the Romney crowd is an arrogant bunch. They still don’t see their mistakes as mustakes instead they are upset at the voters who dare expect them to win their vote on principle and substance not with peer pressure and talk of inevitability as if we are nominating a class president or country club president.

I think Romney is a ‘dead candidate walking’. No Republican in recent history has won the GOP nomination without SC and I doubt it is going to happen this year and certainly not with a smug bunch of elitists trying to tell conservatives how they have no choice but to vote for them if they want to win.

SENTINEL goes straight to communism:
That filthy lying commie cult member and his GOP "elite" handlers are about to feel the real power of Freerepublic and the Tea Party in Florida !

Hopefully then he will climb back under his the seer stone he came from under like the the slimy white salamander that he is.
A little anti-Mormon stuff thrown in...

Scooter100 loves how no one will stop him no matter how crazy and bigoted he gets:
It's really quiet in here now. Since most of the Romney-bots have been Zotted, we can now, with impunity, make all the cult-religion innuendos we want about a particular candidate. In fact, we can do it until all the cult-chickens go home to roost. You know, like.......

Ahh-cult! Ahh-cult!

(oh...sorry there...I got the sneezies, must be getting a cold)
ptsal knows Mormons can lie to gentiles:

Mitt is nothing more than a little Morman god. Fundamental right out the Joe Smith play book. The rest of us are gentiles and have no standing in the eyes of the Mittster.

Mormonism::Islam as Romney::Obama.

RoosterRedux knows Mitt is weak.
Mitt is ugly but he hates confrontation. He is too cowardly for that.

Mitt is a weak person, which is why Newt is gonna win. Luckily, Newt has got Mitt's number. He knows better than to turn his back on Mitt.

Newt tried to take the high road in Iowa. He learned well how Mitt deals from the bottom of the deck.

Mitt is sneaky...not strong.
Diogenesis thinks Mitt is gonna turn Dem:

PREDICTION (you saw it HERE, first)
Romney and his vicious Team will
attack the GOP ticket AFTER he is rejected.

Romney and his surrogates will work for the
DNC as they did in 2010 and 2008, etc.

Rome2000 brings the semi-coherent crazy as usual:
MYTH ROMNEY is a degenerate con man and coward from a family of degenerate con men,cowards, and snake oil salesmen who have en masse refused to serve in this nations military for over 150 years

They fled to Mexico to practice Polygamy and his father has THREE GRANDMOTHERS

He and his 5 sons who won't be serving in the US military any time soon are best off continuing to rape weak corporations and working on becoming Gods

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Even a stopped clock like Honest Ape is right twice a day.
Like the random anti-Lincoln jab at the end there.

greyfoxx39 knows from Mormons:

You have to remember, Mitt is positive that he is foreordained to win and "save the Constitution". That arrogance you see comes from two sources..one being his wealth, and the other his upbringing as a mormon male who has risen up through the mormon ranks to a pretty high leadership position in the church.

This attitude of superiority is quite common in mormon males. They have been taught from birth that they are special and will, if they obey all the rules, become a god of their own planet.

Can't you tell by looking at Mitt's attitude that he really believes he is above all the peasants who, if they're lucky will crown him king? Just consider his refusal to account for his actions and his attempt to point at "the other guy" when he is confronted over them.

Frankly, I think he and Obama are two peas in a pod!
Nice to see the Mormon boil finally pop.

And yeah, it's not quite Obama - Mitt isn't quite sabotaging America for his racist Commie-Mormon overlords yet, but the trajectory is there.