Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oy, O'Keefe

So that O'Keefe guy's video-entrapment-to-confirm-Freeper-narratives continues. Lately, he attempted to actually vote with the name of a dead guy in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. This is something most experts say never happens. He got it on tape, but the dude he hired got caught.

Freepers, though, prefer to stop at the whole "confirming what we think" but, and claim preemptive cheating for the November election:

Minutemen didn't bother to read the article:

Democrat Marxists at work,doing what they do best!

annieokie loves how O'Keefe proves what she knows:
Thanks for the post, proving what we know.

F.R. needs to have a very special AWARD to give to people like O'Keefe. That would be a very COVETED award.
marty60 laments how celebrity gossip has ruined voting:

The Constitution is ignored in our elections.

If Americans took voting as seriously as they take whether Bradgelina are going to get married, maybe we would eventually get an honest election.

IOWA and NH process should be abolished. This type of stuff makes honest peoples votes null and void.

manc has a second-hand anecdote that proves this happens all the time:

I have a palm in new Boston NH and he said come election time he and others have seen coaches and vans from MA bringing in lots of voters in.

This crap needs sorting out but of course the GOP will do nothing as usual and now dead people, Dems, kooks, Libs etc all get to choose our candidate

a palm in Boston?

savagesusie always brings the primo crazy:

Yep....exactly what Jimmy Carter planned for.... Destruction of our voting rights.


  1. Best case scenario, all O'Keefe did was to confirm it can happen. He never proved that it has happened, let alone in large enough numbers to swing an election. Too bad Freepers can't see that.

  2. The guy attempting it also go caught, from what I heard, so even the idea that he proved it can happen is shaky.