Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Liberals never get brain tumors

A California Assembly Woman was arrested for shoplifting, and blamed it on a benign brain tumor now under control with drugs.

I must admit were I a voter in her district, I would look at alternatives to the brain-tumor assembly woman myself, but Freepers...they go a bit farther.

SmithL is sure that she hasn't resigned because she's a Dem:
She's a liar and a thief with brain damage, and because she's a Democrat, she's still in office.
That could be true. I mean in California, the Democrats are kind of the only game in town, so her seat is pretty secure...Dilbert San Diego sets me straight:

Any Republican who had done the same crime would have been crucified for same.

But since she’s a good Democrat, all is forgiven, because she has an excuse.

So it has nothing to do with California politics, only that Democrats never get in trouble anywhere and Republicans always do.

Psycho_Bunny is skeptical:
Completely beyond the pale Unless she releases her medical records proving her claims, she’s a damn, filthy liar.
Yeah, what was that Dilbert was saying about double standards?

Opinionated Blowhard also doubts the brain tumor excuse:
a benign brain tumor affected her judgment and contributed to a shoplifting arrest.

LOL. Does the lawyer expect anyone to believe this BS?

I guess it explains her votes on spending bills though. Every Dem in the CA legislature must have a brain tumor to continue to vote to spend money they don't have and shoplift from the taxpayers.
Haw haw, Democrats are like having a brain tumor!

Da Coyote would just like to drop in and let you know Democrats are evil.

The fact that she’s a democrat speaks volumes about her judgement, her mental abilities...and...of course, her morals.

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