Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Third Stringers

Nancy Pelosi is often a bit intemperate in her speech. But her most recent quote seems rather perspicacious - she notes that the candidates in the Republican primary are 'third stringers.'

It's true, no one is anyone people are excited about. Not even Freepers. The current Newt excitement is really just Romney hate redirected.

But Freepers have some trouble agreeing with one of their hated foes. So the comment thread is an odd mix of contentless insults and agreement:

Iron Munro
is a bit misogynistic:

You can always tell a burned out old political whore.

But this one never listens.

MayflowerMadam goes for the agreeing AND insulting:

OMG - the bitch actually told the truth for once! These guys aren’t our first string.

SmileRight takes solace in his blind loyalty:

I’ll take our third string over their first string anyday!

newnhdad notes that Obama sucks, and should be more servile:

look who’s leading their party. A guy that should be getting Bill Clinton some coffee.

upsdriver knows who is first string:

In this case, Pelosi is right. Sarah Palin is the first string.

blueunicorn6 just makes a "Nancy Pelosi is an alcoholic" joke.

I saw Nancy at the Oxnard Community Theater’s production of Mary Poppins. She had the lead.

“Just a spoonful of vermouth helps the gin all go down,
The gin all go down, the gin all go down.”

Oh, she could fly that night all right.

Needless to say, Pelosi actually drinking is optional.

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  1. Bahaha...Sarah Palin is the first string? If that's the case, Republicans won't win the presidency any time in the near future.