Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rick Perry still works for Freepers

Bachmann is out (she gets a short, boring thread filled with weak 'attagirls,') but Rick Perry is sticking it out to South Carolina. And some Freepers are still pretty excited about the guy:

varina davis didn't see any of the debates:

Thank you Lord! I just emailed a “please stay in” message to the Perry campaign. I still believe he is our best hope — best for the nation and best to take most all of the red states. Thank you for your loyalty CW.

simplesimon thinks Perry's flaws are quite beside the point, and also likes being passive aggressive:

Why do the Perry haters come and pi$$ on EVERY single Perry thread and his Supporters ?

Such a shame they cant promote their own cadidate but instead,have to Pi$$ on the others and waste precious FR bandwidth
Such. a. shame.

RitaOK Likes how Perry is ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT:

Anyone who is as ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT as Perry is an answer to a prayer. And if Newt ever lets them have it like Perry has, it’s a ball game!

Santorum has cooperated and ingratiated himself to the Establishment in my opinion. All the votes for debt and all the support to Specter is a fact.

Perry is NOT that cooperative and hardly ingratiating to the powers. Geez.

RitaOK follows up with MORE RANDOM CAPS:

PERRY, GINGRICH and SANTORUM will triple team ROMNEY, for the good of the conservative cause.

I believe they will be a force against all the CASH Romney’s Super PAC is using to pick them off one by one.

That is, Romeny can PICK THEM OFF ONE AT A TIME. Together, they can compete against the ESTABLISHMENT and send a message, if not incinerate them. Let us pray.

Yes, 3 Freeper candidates will team up somehow, like Voltron! I'm not sure RitaOK knows how voting works.

altura thinks Santorum is a fad, while Perry is totally a real thing:

I was trying on my walk this morning (during which I pray and think about stuff) to talk myself into Rick Santorum.

I can do it if it comes to that, but Perry is so much better.

I’m glad he decided to forge on. I thought he would. I didn’t think he would give up after a bizarre caucus in Iowa where Santorum was the latest fad candidate.

gov_bean_ counter has decided Romney is unelectable, since he only has support of the non-Freeper Republicans.

I believe attacking Romney is a waste of time and money. I don’ think Romney’s numbers can be moved. Romney represents a percentage of the party that HATES the rest of us. They are the Rocky/New England/Elitist wing of the party who would rather see for more years of Obie than a conservative Republican president. In the short term they all may be better served by going after the little nut job.

Freepers: even victims from within own party. So brave!

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