Friday, January 20, 2012

‘Unemployed graduates’ in Morocco set themselves on fire to protest lack of jobs

Freepers do not have much sympathy for people protesting for economic reform in Muslim countries. And by not much sympathy, I mean, they are particularly sociopathic:

jakerobins wants Americans he doesn't like to set themselves alight:

Are the Occupy people taking notes?? I will donate all the oily rags and gasoline they want....

Like four other Freepers make the same joke.

Blood of Tyrants knows what is to blame:
What? The 7th century principles of sharia law not working out?
JrsyJack has no sympathy for these stupid liberal Moroccans.
Moroccans elected a new Islamist government in November which ran on a platform of social justice and tackling unemployment.

They have an Obama too? Wonder how their Hopey Changey thing is working out?
ConservativeInPA just loves dead Muslims.

Excellent. This is a practice that needs to be widely adopted in Muslim Societies.

Christian1: just can't get enough of this pun. He posts it twice!

“Pi:ss be upon them”.

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