Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day round-up

An anonymous commenter posted a great thread about MLK, but I found a two other threads I found around that I'm adding as well, so I'm kicking it Monday Potpourri-style.

Point is, Free Republic is changing. Back in 2008, MLK was mostly a Republican, and threads that yelled about Communism were sparse with the crazy.

These days, after four years of Obama, our cup runneth over:

native texan hasn't really updated his point of view since the 1960s:

I grew up in the 50’s. By the 60’s I was married and had 2 sons. I remember “Martin Luther” King, Jr, as being a trouble maker and a friend of the communist.

SWAMPSNIPER hates King's methods. Because nonviolent civil disobedience is just awful.
King WAS a Marxist, or close enough that you'd never tell the difference.

To me, the fact that his concerns were valid doesn't justify his methods of correction, but trying to tell that to the average TV watching couch potato is a waste of breath.

American freedom is probably on the rocks, but I won't have it said that I died without a fight.
Condor51 knows MLK was really secretly violent:
MLK wasn't all that 'non-violent' when he marched/protested. When he was in Chicago and marching into the Marquette Park neighborhood, behind MLK and the other 'Rev's' were black gang-bangers. And they always started 'something' with the white locals who lived there. Every march turned into a Riot. 'Non-Violent' he wasn't.
CrazyIvan knows the true "I have a Dream" Speech, and it sucks.
His famous “Dream” speech is usually truncated in the same manner.

Except for the famous segment who we all know the rest of it is both poorly written and is a thinly disguised attempt to woo his minions by telling them that a “check” needs to be written to them by Whitey. “Follow me and I'll get you reparations” is what it is whispering in the masses ears.
traditional1 preaches the victimhood of white racists:
I have a dream today, too:

White Christian Males will not be branded racist, robbed of their earnings, and muzzled from speaking the facts about blacks and their drive to take the earnings of whites who work for a living, to fund their 4th generation welfare fatherless-families....

"I have a Dream Today....."
wardaddy is not a fan:

His worship epitomizes the denial swamp in which we dwell

Loyal Sedition is basically a dick:

The one day a year I fly a confederate flag, just to annoy the holier than thou liberals and historically ignorant.

lbryce rages at google's doodle:

In all the years I've been aware of the way Google facilitates the politicization of its logo, I have yet to see one as unrestrained, and over the top as demonsrated by Google's logo in homage to the Black Communist fornicator's Birthday Holiday.

Today America celebrates the birthday of a Communist, rabble-rousing fornicator, not merely 'fornicator' by the means in which he repeatedly unconsionably violated the trust, of his sacred marital vows, but much more so as political fornicator as facilitating destructive force against America.

The horrific irony is that King's dream live on, his legacy remains active and in full swing, not in the guise of the social equality he had sought to reenginer to benefit his people but in the disturbingly same guise of America-hating, Communist fornicator we see taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
spokeshave thinks Reverend Martin Luther King may have been Muslim.
In all the photos I have seen of MLK addressing the masses....seems to me a lot of the men are wearing those little white caps that islamics favor....

....just saying
bert has an even more vile rumor:
Some say that Marilyn Monroe suicided after JFK handed her off to MLK

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