Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iranian scientist killed in bomb attack

Someone probably assassinated an Iranian nuclear scientist. Probably necessary if you want to avoid Iran getting nuclear weapons. I don't think it's worth it.

Freepers, of course, could not be happier unless this happened with a Commander-in-Chief they wouldn't mind giving credit to:

LibLieSlayer is pretty happy, and preemptively condemns the dead guy as a murderer.
I love it when an enemy dies. Happy news today... what a way to start a day... a dead iranian muslim scientist/murderer!
toolman1401 also loves killing Iranian scientists:
Terribly unfortunate. I am deeply saddened. NOT!!!! How many scientists need to be smoked until they get the message? Answer; maybe all of them.
Kill ALL the scientists!

Old Teufel Hunden thinks Munich was a happy movie:
Can’t wait for the movie to come out in a few years. After all Iranian nuke scientists are room temperature. Like that movie “Munich” a couple years ago. Should be a good one.
Venturer knows who doesn't get the credit!
I can’t see the US doing this with Bamalamadingdong in the cat bird seat.
COBOL2Java goes further:
Will Obama fly flags at half mast today?
Walkingfeather can't bother with the truth, he has assumptions to make:

The Mossad, “Doing work americans (presidents) are not willing to do”

Average Al celebrates:
"I love the smell of burning islamic trash in the morning."

Fresh pulled pork barbecue.
WTF? Are all Muslims secretly made of pork?

F15Eagle would like to add that this guy is in Hell, like all Muslims.

Guess he found out that 72 virgins thing was a lie from the Devil ...

gr8eman has some conspiracy all his own

Either his work is done or he cannot continue. The mullahs are destroying evidence, plain and simple!


  1. *facepalm* Freepers do realize, do they not, that if all scientists are killed, that means the world devolves into a third world hellhole pretty quickly? Well, as long as they can kill anyone who disagrees with them, I'm sure that's all that matters to Freepers.

  2. Simultaneously anticipating and dreading the upcoming post about the marines urinating on the dead Taliban dudes.