Friday, January 6, 2012

The Freeper Primary

Who do Freepers like these days? It's chaos:

kara37 is pro-Newt
You just need to wait for the debate. Newt will win it again.
edge10 is anto-Newt

It seems like the untrustworthy Newt is the one that should drop out and stop splitting the vote.

Sun is pro-Santorum:

Rick Santorum just may be the next Ronald Reagan!

TexasFreeper2009 is anti-Santorum:

good grief, we are never going to get rid of Santorum now, I am afraid Romney may have this now because of Santorum :(

tennmountainman is anti-Perry
Perry needs to drop out. He’s going NOWHERE.
elpadre is what passes for pro-Perry these days:
I find Perry's lack of support in SC surprising:

1. He has been very successfully governing one of the largest economies in the US and the world (Texas)

2. He is the only candidate with military experience and SC is full of military - active and veterans.

3. He is very conservative as are most in SC.

4. He is the only evangelical Christian in the group and SC is full of evangelical Christians.

Agreed his debating skills are lacking but good debaters do not make good presidents.

What's his problem?? - just asking!!
ZULU is agnostic:

Santorum, Newt and Perry are all to the right of Romney.

If just one of them got all the votes, Romney would be history - and THAT is what we want.

veritas2002 is anti-making things add up:

Here’s my analysis: 35% Leftist voters; 35% Conservative Voters and 30% Middle of the Road Swing Voters.

Obama gets the Leftists and half of the Middle = 52%.

Romney gets 25% of the Conservatives and 18% of the Middle = 43%

Santorum gets 18% of the Middle and 35% of Conservatives = 53%

They did it to us with McCain and they want to do it to us again with Romney.

You can fool me once but if we let this happen again and Obama gets re-elected, IT’S ALL OUR FAULT! EXPLAIN THAT TO YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN.

Too many FOX News pie-charts, I say

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  1. Since when does the "think of the children" non-argument get applied to presidential elections?