Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Freepers take on a yahoo article on the "5 biggest unsolved mysteries of science." My background is in physics, so I rather enjoyed this:

JimRed is pretty sure the scientific method is all a scam:
The Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle...

Translation: they made it up, so they can conficate some of our money to study it. Kind'a like human-caused global warming.
FatherofFive bask in God's scalar field:
The Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle whose accompanying field is believed to be accountable for giving all other fundamental particles their mass.

Sort of sounds like God... except the hypothetical part.
johnthebaptistmoore wonders why scientists' politics are wrong:

“Why are a majority of academically smart people, worldwide, so profoundly dumb, whenever it comes to their own political ideology choices (left to far left)?”

This should be one of the questions, IMHO.

Dead Corpse cuts the Gordian knot created by an expanding universe, by denying it exists.
There was no big bang, there will be no big crunch. This removes the need for magical pixie dust like “dark matter”.
NoGrayZone is not a fan of science - religion should be enough!
"The mysteries of the universe are as vast and wide as existence itself. Throughout history, mankind has searched and struggled to find the answers tucked away inside the universe and everything we see around us. .."

Why don't they just open their Bibles.
Now that's some nice dark-ages mentality. I think 600 AD may be the most backwards I've seen any Freepers' philosophy.


  1. Reading the Freepers weeping about the Florida election results, Jeez, would you Freepers just get in line? Step up. Obama is the Anti-Christ! He is an illegitimate President. He was born in Kenya! Get in line. Vote Romney.

  2. I don't know where else to recommend a thread on FR to you so I'll just do it here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2840699/posts

    It's about how Obamacare will 'force' Catholics to buy healthcare that funds abortions. The horror. Of course, that's not what's really happening but it doesn't stop Freepers from shouting "Antichrist!" over and over. My favorite response:

    "Carney simply doesn't see the conflict. That's because he's a typically mentally ill Leftwingtard.
    We'll need to get everybody together to get a mandate to provide frontal lobotomies on these people. At least they won't be figuring out how to oppress people anymore ~ as I recall it was really effective with that Kennedy woman. Couldn't even tie her shoes anymore. "