Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Potpouri

Romulus thinks sex being fun means we'll soon be killing old people:
I have never been able to understand why all contraception, including barrier kinds like condoms and the cervical cap are being opposed by conservatives.

Could it be because contraception corrupts relations between men and women, most grievously in the context of family life, and that, since the family is the original (and therefore privileged) social unit, contraception is socially destabilizing?

Could it be because contraception is an assault on human dignity by conditioning men and women to view each other only as sex toys?

Could it be because contraception conditions society to be hostile to new life, leading to abortion, sexual exploitation, illegitimacy, infidelity, divorce, child desertion, parentless children (and the crimes they commit)?

Could it be because big government and big business see the promise of consequence-free "sex" (mutual masturbation, actually) as useful tools for social control and revolution?

Could it be because contraception is now proving to be an economy destroyer, with aging populations not being succeeded by sufficient numbers of younger workers, consumers, investors, and taxpayers -- ensuring the eventual mandating of euthanasia for the elderly?
MestaMachine lays down The Law:

Any Jew who would support obama ....isn’t.

rcrngroup hates how single-minded liberals are:
If the women are liberals, they will vote for 0dumb0shit, even if he raped, pillaged & roasted a young girl on stage.

Liberalist is a mental disorder, and libturds will vote for a demoRAT, moderate or radical, anytime over a Republican, because liberalism-socialism is their religion as well as political ideology.

That being said, I think that most white women independents are not all that enamored with radical socialist 0dumb0shit, and WILL vote for Newt!
Hmmm. Voting against one party, regardless of facts, due to irrational ideological zealotry...sounds familiar.

crosshairs doesn't think it was Anonymous who took down the DoJ website:

Holder is prolly behind it himself, so it gives this administration an excuse to take over control of the internet.

combat_boots knows why Clinton really shoulda been impeached:

It should have been about selling and giving our nuclear secrets to Communist China, and selling the tool and die equipment to make the machinery for them.

It was and is treason.

But we were not in a declared war.

The man should have been drawn and quartered.

And similarly, twenty years from now crazy folks will still be yelling about Obama's Kenyan past.

sam_paine is done with Wisconsin:

Screw it. Go Galt on Wisconsin. Let them have their filthy mess.

Stop trying to save it and evacuate all the productive souls.

We need a Greece to show the way for the rest of the recoverable states.

himno hero thinks Obama should be impeached for turning America into Mad-Max:

... and add in the anti Keystone policies and you have a no energy, no economy, no heat, no transportation America. No energy to fuel warships,nor jets.

... add in increased debt servitude for generations to come

give our technologies to the backwards barbarian muslims....

all impeachable

yldstrk laments how cool the gays are:

I was driving my daughter and her friend the other day. The friend started talking about these two new gay guys at her church that are “so cool.” she ‘just loved” them.

This is the way it is now. The people that break all the rules are so “cool,” Intact family living within their means and struggling together with their issues are “bitter clingers”

KansasGirl knows Nikki Haley's heart is still Free:

I think S.C. governor Nikki Haley will cast her ballot for Newt too, or possibly Perry. And yes, I know the bigwigs in the GOP strong-armed her into endorsing the Mittster. However, in the booth, she’ll vote for a real conservative.

junta has weird numbers:

My income tax rate all total is < 10%, but if you add in the rest of the taxes easily >45%.

I figgure he probably lives in Somalia.

IronJack whines about the hard life rich people have to live:

Hmmmmmm. “Rich” people buy homes in expensive areas of town, pay high property taxes to build schools, hire teachers. Poor people live in cheaper parts of city, pay lower property taxes. Yet people paying lower taxes get to send their kids to “rich” schools, while suckers paying exorbitant taxes are forced to send their kids to Penal Prep.

I’m not seeing the fairness here. At what point do the “rich people” reap benefits commensurate with their contributions?

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