Friday, January 27, 2012

Florida Primary

So Mitt looks like he's going to win in Florida, after a full court press from old Republicans, some large Romney add-buys, and some less than stellar Newt debate showings.

Freepers react:

GVnana chooses not to listen:
Gingrich still ahead. Right where he's been all along.

2012. The First Tea Party Presidential Election.

untwist provides a cushion of bullshit proving that Romney cannot win:
Romney is overkilling, I think. This flooding of everybody’s mailbox day after day only perpetuates Romney’s image of a rich, arrogant guy who is trying to but the election.

I really am astonished that for a guy who has spent so much money, he really is quite a distance from closing the deal, and he knows it.
toddausauras just hates Romney:

Romney is dirty and everyone knows it. Dirty dirty dirty.

paintriot is attacking Rush!

I thought I heard Rush say Newt was trailing romney by 9 or so in the polls. Did I hear wrong or is he just reporting the worst for Newt he can find?

Gator113 is sure the Florida numbers are a hoax:

I can only guess that it is easier to control the outcome of a poll in only one state, than it is for the entire country.

onyx is looking past Florida:

The South has been saving the union from the demonic-rats for decades.

Give us a chance and we’ll save the GOP from Romney!


The harder they hold on, the more they will implode if Romney takes it.


  1. They generally don't like Rush now, since he's not a blind Newt supporter. Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck as well.

    The fact that they are to the right of Glenn freaking Beck is completely lost on them.


      GHW and Jeb Bush at the WH with Obama. The Freepers are freaked out. Pretty funny stuff!

    2. Oh man, that's hilarious. Great stuff.

  2. The GOP is panicking because they know Newt is unelectable. Freepers are going through the stages of grief because they know deep down that Newt will never be the nominee.