Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Walker Recall Petition

In Wisconsin, the petition to recall Governor Walker has gotten a million signatures. This does not bode well for Walker.

Except for in Freeperland, where everything they do not like is a fraud, and also done by Commies so it doesn't count!

does the math, and it comes up short:

400,000 duplicates, 300,000 dead people, 200,000 out-of-staters, and 100,000 union members and Commie students.

MNlurker assumes only the signatories are going to vote against Walker in the recall:

So if its consistent with other recent signature campaigns run by the leftists in OH around 27% of the signatures will be fraudulent...although my bet is it will be a lot more than that here because of the allowance of signing as many times as you want.

So lets say they have 850,000 recall signatures that are legit(once again I think its lower due to fraud). Walker garnered close to 300,000 more actual votes during the election.

Now this election will also have a voter ID requirement which could cut down fraudulent votes even more.

How much voter passion will be there for some second rate nominee picked by the thug left?

The math doesn’t add up IMO. Good for them that they got to have their temper tantrum in public...can’t wait for the one after they get crushed.

outofsalt mixes up registration fraud (which us bit a crime) and voter fraud:

Once the inevitably large number of invalid signatures is established be sure to use that to push for voter id.

Pox has a solution:

Make intentional voting fraud of any type a capital offense.

I’m sick and tired of my vote being disenfranchised.

Once this country experiences its next revolution, it would be a good idea to have this coded into our next version of the U.S. Constitution, IMO.

Iron Munro thinks a million voters in Wisconsin are unionized

Throw out all those submitted by greedy union members and you can count the remainder on one hand.

Rome2000 is not a happy dude:

The degenerate communist union bosses are pissed that their membership has been freed from compulsory witholding of union dues , thats what this is about and nonthing else.

That son of a bitch Warren in US Vs. Brown threw out the provision in Taft Hartley that required union leadership to sign affidavits that they were not communists.

As a result, union leadership is comprised of nothing but.

We are getting ready to hit the CPUSA and the American communist movement so hard that they wont have time to crawl back under the rocks they came out from.


  1. I wonder if Freepers know that labor unions are illegal in communist countries? No, of course they don't, what the heck am I saying.

  2. Whenever Freepers are confronted with Commies being against something they call Communist, they just note that Commies always fight other Commies, so this just proves them right!