Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama wants to shrink government, just like Hitler

Wow, Freepers are really into the crazy this week. When Obama proposes getting authority to consolidate some government departments with only an up-or-down vote from Congress, Freepers don't even bother to give reasons why this is an evil power grab:

NRG1973 is not the only Freeper to make the Star Wars comparison:

Didn’t Jar Jar Binks and the Imperial Senate give emergency powers to the Chancellor in the Star Wars series? Didn’t that lead to the Clone Wars?

Never, ever give unconstitutional, emergency powers to a US President!!!

So this is how liberty dies... with a consolidation of commercial agencies.

Publitus assumes it's unconstitutional:

Socialist translation: The usurper demands Congress further violate the U.S. Constitution or else he will write an Executive order.

Doogle has sussed out Obama's secret plan:

...not eliminate, but grow. All BS

PapaNew knows what this will lead to:
Obama asks for power to streamline overthrow government
Apple Pan Dowdy outlines Obama's deadly real agenda:

He’ll merge FEMA, with its broad powers of abuse of our freedoms, with the Military.... and voila, he’ll have unspeakable control.

ronnie raygun goes for the 'I'm too outraged to make sense!"

Smoke and mirrors moving the shells around, look at me Im working for the MIDDLECLASS FAMILIES! ...............%$#^&^%%$@@#$%&&^&^&&^^%%%^^^&^&^&%^%$%$^$#


Herr Hitler was a reformer who streamlined government.

Jesus fuck.

Venturer straight up says he'll knee-jerk object to anything Obama does:

I am suspiscious of anything the boy king does.

We not only could merge these Department we could do away with some of them, but still I suspect Obama has an ulterior motive.

Le Chien Rouge thinks this is happening because Obama is black:

Chris Rock likes this ‘streamlining’!

Obama is going gangsta!!

Le Chien Rouge follows up with this unique objection:

Government agencies that WILL not be streamlined:

1) EPA
2) Dept of Education
3) IRS
4) ATF
5) Housing and Urban Development
6) National Endowment for the Arts
7) National Labor Relations Board
8) Minority Business Development Agency
9) DEA
10) Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

All government agencies are equal, some more equal then others.

"It's Communist unless Obama merges all departments equally!"

Leep thinks this is relevant:

Oh and Obama is a manipulator in the sleezy sense of the word.

Which anti-Obama nonsense sums everything up nicely.

UPDATE: Now with moar Hitler!


  1. There's no hate like Freeper hate.

  2. "All government agencies are equal, some more equal then others"

    ohhhhhhhhh yea, thats gooooood nonsense...