Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama's secret Party

Freepers are like a mine field. It's predictable what will happen, but not precisely when.

So I guess Obama had a fancy Halloween party at the White House for his kids. Freepers got extra pissed about it, for whatever reason:

blueunicorn6 knows this is bad, but doesn't quite explain why:
There’s no sense of shame in the Democrat party. And that includes their bought-and-paid-for press. Steal, lie, threaten, party.
SueRae notices the Mad Hatter was in attendance:

And the denigrate the Tea Party??????

But it’s okay to have a ‘tea party’ of their own, right?

How dare they? Pompous arrogance on parade. And now we know. I see a few really good protest signs and banners coming.

I’m surprised - Moochelle should have dressed as the Queen of Hearts..

marygam feels like this heralds the end of an empire:
History repeats itself over and over... some are too self-absorbed to get it.
Roman Empire = United States

Ring any bells?
Because lord knows Reagan had no parties.

hosepipe recalls the unhinged craziness of the past:

Reminds me of when the Clintoons had full dress active marines working as “waiters” at some of their parties so they could laugh at them..

Some highly placed Americans are indeed “scum”..
A bloody Civil War might have a few benefits...


Red Queen: Michelle
Mad Hatter: Tim Geithner
Cheshire Cat: Hillary
Tweedledum and Tweedledee: MSM

Tricky to get the entire media into those suits, though.

A_perfect_lady has never heard of Sarah Palin or Donald Trump.

Democrats usually are famewhores. I don’t know why, but the link between liberals and entertainment/fame is very strong.

Recovering_Democrat is pretty excited about this zinger:
Hussein is the political Leona Helmsley
Palladin senses pedophiles!

This is so evil on so many levels.

The largest internet child porn ring, recentle busted, was called “Wonderland”.

The implications for the Obama Administration are vast.

It goes far beyond weird costumes and drinking “blood” from vials.

Keep in mind, they were holding hostage dozens of kids of military men, while their dads were far away fighting foreign wars. An ideal pervfest.

Palladin follows up with some paranoia

The author, Jodi Kantor, better get some serious bodyguards.

And one of those mirrors-on-a-stick to look under her car for bombs.

You'd think after no one the Freepers worry about gets killed, they might get less concerned.


  1. It seems crazy takes no holidays off. Freepers are enraged about everything Obama does or doesn't do, no matter how silly or petty it is. Especially if they can imagine that Obama is laughing at them.

  2. If these peoples' persecution complex were any stronger, they'd be suing trees for slander and conspiracy.

  3. Had to look up this "Wonderland" pornography ring. It was "recently" 1998. It was run out of the UK and I've seen no mention of children of military men being involved. Quite the stretch to cry outrage over this particular tidbit of information.