Friday, February 29, 2008


So Prince Harry is on the front lines in Iraq. Free Republic is suddenly a huge fan:

B-Chan (Catholic. Monarchist. Texan. Any questions?) makes the first of many, many, many references to "balls:"


It’s nice to see that there are at least two members of the Windsor family who still have balls.

The other one being HRH Harry’s grandma, of course...

This leads other Freepers to question Harry's lineage:

I see NOTHING of Prince Charles in Prince Harry.....

Mommy Diana was clearly a slut.

That was the charming river rat (Semper Fi - You may turn the other cheek, but I prefer to look into my enemy's vacant dead eyes.)

But nevertheless, Freepers care a LOT about the prince. It's almost as if they wish they had a prince. One with balls (i.e. in the military) of course.

Sounds like he knows the history of his namesake, Henry V. English royalty used to be first in battle. God bless this Prince. "Once more into the breech".

'Cause war is glorious in Henry V. Wait, I read the play and it really isn't.

And here is a Freeper female explaining balls. Take it away, SMARTY ('At some point you get tired of swatting flies, and you have to go for the manure heap' Gen. LeMay)

That’s a guy thing. They love to rough it and be slobs. Why do you think they go hunting and fishing....???? They love to be together and be grungy, in a war zone or wherever they can get away with it!
For me, roughing it is when the power goes out during a storm and comes back on in 5 minutes... that is as rough as I ever want it to get.

Yup, women will never feel esprit d'corp. Cause they don't have balls. The balls to be slobs. I'm offended by that as a liberal and as a Boy Scout!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

America the Prude Edition:

The Republican party cannot preach virtue while they indulge in a lap dance and allow Sitting Senators to have same sex relationships in the airport bathrooms. I am no prude, but I ain't running for office.
--America-The-Great-1967 (Don't fix the blame, fix the problem.)

Barak Hussein Obama: Secret Muslim?

Hildabeast Thursdays called on account of it being a boring retread of last week's Hillary deathwatch.

I have posted in the past about Freeper's suspicion that Barak Obama is a secret Muslim. But as time has progressed, so has the story. Freepers remain split on the issue. Hence this article: "Enough With All Of This "Obama Is A Mooslim" Crap" For the purposes of amusement, I'm going to focus on the arguments of those who think he must be a secret Muslim, not those who argue for sanity.

And away we go!

He’s probably a crack-smoking BI-sexual. Whether he’s really a crypto-Muslim or not (and he might be) isn’t important. What is important is that it’s ammunition that can be used against a Far Left Liberal Democrat (probably Communist) candidate.

Let’s not pull our punches against the Dims. They never do with us. Remember what they did to Nixon.

the ends justify the means, eh FFranco?

LdSentinal has a logical, reasoned argument on this issue:
His middle name is HUSSEIN,

Obama is as Muslim as Saddam, Uday, and Qusay.

Of course, Obama denies these associations, but, as billmor (God Bless Out Troops and Gold Star moms and dads) notes, that's just what you would expect a secret Muslim to do.

All of his actions remind me of a classic infiltrator: blend in, work with the system, learn how it works and learn it’s weaknesses..Be ready to strike when the situation is right..He has the brains, the looks, and the financial backers to try to achieve his goals..
the best part..about the above the two dot ellipses..

Well there you have it. As evidence piles up that he's not a Muslim, only the craziest of the Freepers hang on. We can only hope they manage to make their voice heard.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What to do about Obama?

Recent thread: are we underestimating Obama? revealed an interesting problem: conservatives weren't expecting to be agains anyone other than Hillary.

And so the scrambling begins.

Doc91678 (Doc91678) runs home to mama. And by mama, I mean hitler analogies.
I look at Obama as the next Hitler. Exactly like Hitler he is telling the people what they want to hear. He is promising them everything and anything to gain the power of CIC.
Why is that.
Is it for Party?
For Party ideology, or his hidden agenda and ideology, just like Hitler.
Already there has been riots and stabbings in the name of ideology. The same pitted against the same. All in the name of Hillary or Obama.
The next thing we’ll more than likely have is brown shirts in Berkley and Toledo rioting and sacking not only Recruiting stations but then Synagogues and churches.
The Farrakahn endorsement put me over the edge on this one.
mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts) agrees, but raises some other fascists.
He is a Charismatic. A Jim Jones, A Fidel, a Che
A Reagan, a Rush, a Schwarzenegger?

ncalburt thinks the proper old trope is paranoia, not Hitler.
OBama and the Dems will shut down the new media and talk radio within months in office .
You can kiss this web site good bye if Obama has a veto proof majority .
jwalsh07 (Obama, the King of Hope-a-Dope) just hopes for another 9-11:
And any incident involving America's security between now and November relegates Barack Hussein Obama to a seat in the Senate.
DarthVader (Liberal Democrats are the party of EVIL whose time of judgement has come.) will have the last word, with a call for revolution:
We may very well have to have a conflict of epic proportions to purge this nation clean of this scourge of Marxism from top to bottom with extreme prejudice. If Obama is elected it could be the fuse that finally sets this powder keg off.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You might be an extremist if

...when a blogger (and convicted Bill Clinton Stalker) kills himself to protest our not kicking Islam out of America and you think he might have a point.

If only something could be done that would force liberals to follow suit.

While I pray daily for those who have committed suicide there is a part of me that agrees with your statement.
Yes, proudofthesouth (Liberalism IS a mental illness.) if only the opposition would all die, the world would be better. Cause they're the fascists, see?

cricket (Damn Political Correctness; before it irretrievably, damns us all. . .) thinks that this story somehow doesn't paint the right wing as loons.

Sadly, the Left by way of MSM is ignoring this. It surely does not fit THEIR message. Perhaps, more can be done to get this story out; if it is true and it certainly appears to be.

Need Hannity on this one or Rush. . .

Whatever his depression; he was lucid.
yes, if only the MSM caried the story, people would be convinced that the right wing was right, thanks to this blogger killing himself in protest. That makes sense.

cricket again, explaining the Clinton stalking bit:
Obviously troubled; but troubled by what is right. . and is not. Perhaps he wanted to see the narcissist Clinton; the traitor Clinton; the pervert Clinton; up close.
cricket would never kill Clinton the traitor, no sir.

jstgsn echoes the "kill liberals" sentiment:
I believe he would have best served his purpose by throwing two liberals off the building.
I'm against gun control generally, but when I read threads like this, I'm not too sure these people should be armed...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Free Republic gets behing McCain

Well, sort of. 62.9 is really not so much.

Member Opinion
McCain 62.9% 2,222
Write-in 12.3% 433
Third party 10.6% 373
Stay home 3.9% 138
Pass 3.7% 130
Obama 3.3% 118
Blank 3.3% 116


Sunday, February 24, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Muslims Everywhere edition:
Muslim zogby has muslim odumbo winning, what a shock
Thanks for the crazy, italianquaker (Odumbo the great speechmaker oops i mean copycat lol)!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Apocolypse Obama Edition:

Liberal lawyer Obama has designs on retiring the supreme court. The Consititution is nothing but a fairy tale.
This guy is dangerous.

(Thanks! o_zarkman44 (No Bull in 08!))

Friday, February 22, 2008


Freepers' interactions with Jewis people is quite similar to thaeir reaction to blacks. They proclaim love for the race, and don't understand how they could vote for Democrats. They love the minority which votes for Republicans.

Then they generalize about their loyalty to America.

To heap irony on irony, here is a thread about how 1 in 3 Americans believe jews are more loyal to Israel. Complete bigoted BS, of course (if true). And Free Republic certainly doesn't believe that. But then they make the same mistake themselves:

case in point, ARE SOLE (Agents Ramos and Campean are in prison at this very moment.. (A "Concerned Citizen".)

I don’t know about this but I am more loyal to Israel than a lot of American Jews it seems. And I’m a non church going Christian.


Also on the bandwagon is YOUGOTIT (The Greatest Threat to our Security is the US Senate)
I think that those who vote and support left-wing Democrats are more loyal to the enemies of both the United States and Israel just like Jimmy Carter and other anti-Americans.
This just in! No one is voting Dem to help the country, only to destroy it!

And the hits just keep on coming. Witness Godwin1 (merican restaurant.)

Only one in three?

Most American Jews are liberal democrats. As such, they are in fact not very loyal to the USA. Are people like Levin, Schumer, Feingold, Boxer, and Feinstein loyal Americans?
And then they yell about the Dems being the racist ones:
1 in 3...about the same population proportion as there are of Democrats.
that was oblomov with the last word.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Unclear on the current state of the nation Edition:

Four years of Obama or Ms Rodham, out treasurey will be empty,our military extinct and no industry to provide income.
We will be just like Russia except the Chinese will own us.

Hildabeast Thursdays

Now that Hillary's chances seem to be on the wane, some Freepers are not ready to give up the hate they've been building all this time.

What will Hillary do if she loses?

Not be VP. according to bannie (clintons CHEAT! ALLLLLWAYS!)
Anyone who would accept Herself, the Deadly and Adept, as their VP is not only stupid...he’s dead.
Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.) remains in denial.

She’s not going to lose. She has plotted too many years to lose. She will win the nomination even if she has to bribe, extort, coerce, or sleep (or have Bill sleep with) with every single one of the super delegates.

Theresawithanh (Get yours now. By election time, clothespins will be in short supply.) is also not ready to let go:

She’ll go back to her nice, safe Senate seat and wreak havoc from there.

She’ll divorce Bill and publicly humiliate him for being such an albatross in her campaign for the prize - the WH.

She’ll groom Chels to run for president in about 8-12 years, so she can spend her last years running up and down the halls of the WH terrorizing people in her old age.

NCC-1701 (PUT AN END TO ORGANIZED CRIME. ABOLISH THE I.R.S.) goes in something of a more morbid direction.
She’ll put a gun to her head and pull the trigger. The sting of defeat would be too much for her to bear.
K-oneTexas (I'm not a judge and there ain't enough of me to be a jury. (Zell Miller, A National Party No More)) decides to mix all the above scenarios into one:
After she she gets done swearing at everyone and anyone she can find. Then kicking them too, probably. Getting an Army of Lawyers to sue for recounts in all 50 States. She will go back to the Senate chamber and challenge Harry Reid for the Leadership position and kick him out like a scalded dog to rule in her own inimitable fashion. She will have power ... just not what she and Bill wanted.

Of course Bill's hoping for a brokered convention so he can be the savior. Read several articles where he, with brilliant legal mind and his army of lawyers, think they could be the Constitutional prohibition at the USSC level.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Sounds-like-a-line-from-a-bad-movie edition:
I fear Obama because I like him.
Thanks, Scarchin (Anyone but Hillary or Huckabee)


One interesting thing about Free Republic is their strong feelings about the former Yugoslavia. There are some militant emigrants, and then when Bill Clinton threw in his hand with Kosovo, well, Free Republic knew which side to get with (hint: not Clintons)

So now that Bush has recognized Kosovo's independance, and it's a muslim state, natch! Freepers are not happy:

jpsb starts us off
War in Europe coming soon.
Cause all muslims know is war, you see.

LowTaxesEqualProsperity made a paralell to Mexico that a lot of Freepers echoed:

Since borders can be redrawn after Jihadists use violence, how long before our southern border with Mexico is redrawn and we end the “occupation” of conquered Texas, Arizona and New Mexcio.

This further reinforces that Bush is a dimwit.

Not sure I follow the Mexican Jihadist bit there...

longtermmemmory (VOTE! and blames the diplomats for the distinct lack of bombing. Also, Jimmy Carter. And Bill Clinton.

The saudis want a moslem country.

The state department has coupe’d condi rice.

The state department is more a function of jimmy carter than united states.

the president is only briefed on a pro-islam worldview.

why even bother with an election? just coronate hillary so bill clinton can start his third term.


Now we get to the defence of genocide in the name of fighting Muslims. Good stuff, houstonman58 ("When the Son of Man returns, will there be any faith left on earth, think ye"?)

If you were living in the midst of murderous, butchering muslims you probably wouldn't have your head on 'straight' for long either. 500 years ago these muslim scum drove into that region and killed every Christian they could, and took their lands. If the Serbs have committed "atrocities" against these animals it's because they know something that you are obviously oblivious to, namely, the muslims will never stop killing Christians and taking their lands unless they are dealt back exactly what they are dealing out.

well, if it happened 500 years ago, then I guess turnabout is fairplay in modern times. That's why France is gonna kill all the English soon. You know, cause of the Norman conquest, some 500 years ago.

And we end with some rfevistionist history of the Kosovo war, courtesy of Sioux-san
When Tito died, and the Yugoslav republic broke up into smaller countries, war and mayhem resulted. I believe that the Serbian govt. had to do whatever it could to keep the radical Muslims under control(they came from Albania- another backwards Muslim communist country). Genocide is a ridiculous charge that has been successfully challenged by anyone who understands the true meaning. America clearly has taken the wrong side in this battle. Bring our boys home now from that hell hole. EU- it’s all yours!
Yes, the killing of every Kosovar you see isn't genocide, cause Muslims don't count as people.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hillary accuses Obama of plagarism!

That's like crack for Freepers.

Wow, when that Hitlery machine gets moving it's really good!

I'm loosing count here, lemme see, Osama did crack and blow jobs in a limo with some ugly Sinclair guy, and he's really a Muslim, but he's not really black because his father was a Kenyan and he hid his white mother; and now - the dirty SOB is a plagiarist like Joe Biden!!!

In some way, I really would like to see Hitlery win the DNC nomination, because just imagine how that witch will let loose on McCain.
Hmmm, seems to me like most of those accusations began here at Free Republic, not at Hillary HQ.

KarlInOhio (Rattenschadenfreude: joy at a Democrat's pain, especially Hillary's pain caused by Obama.) really wants to attack Democrats, and he won't let the definition of plagarism stand in his way!
I'm more worried about Hillary and Obama plagiarizing their economic policies from Marx.
But I found the most interesting part of the thread the attacks on Martin Luthor King.

farmer18th (Conservatives who vote McCain are like abused dogs who keep licking their master's hand...):
MLK himself was a pretty blatant plagiarist, so the very claim may backfire on the Clintons. Democrats think your property is their property, physical or intellectual, so she may be stomping on a shrine unawares. Oopsie.
yes, Democrats don't believe in property law. Totally. Also, MLK was a plagarist.

Lancey Howard:
Obama isn’t the first scumbag Democrat to plagiarize, not by a long shot, although I find it truly ironic that one of the phrases he used was first said by somebody else who was a plagiarist, Martin Luther King.
Dems plagarise a lot. Also, MLK was a plagarist.

Oddly, on Martin Luthor King day, you didn't see much of this on Free Republic. But suddenly they're falling all over themselves to attack them. Hmmm what has changed...what has changed....the possibilities of a black President perhaps?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nice to see Obama getting the unfortunate-photograph-posted-everywhere treatmen.

Wow, that's kinda shameless.

Yes, taking a long time making a decision between two popular candidates is worse than getting behind someone all the Freepers hate!


Friday, February 15, 2008

House walkout = balls.

Free Republic is pleased by the Republican's recent walkout. No matter it was about holding Bolton and Meiers in contempt. As far as they are concerned, this has to do with not passing FISA.

The cunning plan of walking out of Congress to get Congress to act never really occured to them.

Left2Right ("Democracy isn't perfect, but other governments are so much worse (especially Iran's)") doesn't see a lack of Republican leaders at all.
Right F#*%ing on!

It's about time someone in the Repubs grew a pair.

Boehner 2012!
Yes, this one act makes Boehner at the head of the pack.

A2J (Love Jesus...hate "church.") likes the testicles metaphore.
About time some of the GOP found that they had a swinging set.
buffyt ( This is our primary, we should be able to vote conservative if we want to.) thinks this has something to do with balls:

Pity the Repoblicans can only sprout a pair when they are in the Minority. And even then, it’s not often.

Maybe their cajones are already in Hillary’s testicle lock box....
Freepers may not know what is going on, but it has something to do with big Republican Balls.

Late Hildabeast Thursdays

To vote against Hillary in Texas, or not to vote against Hillary in Texas?

That is the question:

Hacklehead (Crush the liberals, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the hippies.) puts for the thesis:

Do it.

Reminder: The defeat of Hellary is the Prime Directive.

kinghorse (Surname first in the Eastern Male Cultures. Obama Barrack Hussein it is. OBH for short) takes the media reference and runs with it!
The Clintons ARE NOT EASIER TO BEAT. They are currently being out-Clintoned. When it’s their brand of leftist hate one on one with moderates and disaffected conservatives IT IS OVER. OBH will fracture the left because of his semi-furner status and the fact he’s almost like “The Man Who Fell to Earth” or if you prefer a more flip analogy, the Martian hottie who duped dumass Martin Short in Mars Attacks. That makes some of us very very uneasy.
Whoa! Citing a movie with that metrosexual David Bowie? Thinking a "furner" will fracture the left? I think you may have your parties mixed up.

doug from upland (Stopping Hillary should be a FreeRepublic Manhattan Project) takes the odd pop culture refs and raises some crazy mixed metaphores:
Tell your friends. When people get to finally know the empty and dangerous suit, Barack Obama, I think the rockstar personna will take a big, big hit.
Is a dangerous, empty suit like the Pants with no one Inside Them?

DannyTN has his finger on the pulse of the Democratic party:
I have the feeling that if McCain is going to win, he is going to have to have a lot of crossovers from the democrats who are disgruntled with their choice.
Cause the Democratic party hates all their candidates! Not the Repulicans! No, not them.

But some people have some physical problems, like Resolute Conservative

Me neither I’d rather my daughter be a crackwhore than pull the lever for Dim.
Okaay. Nuff said.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Freepers are trying to come up with ways to hurt Berkely, after their (admitedly excorageable) condemnation of the marines in their town.

Mad_Tom_Rackham (Elections have consequences.) starts us off:
Regardlss of the past, Berkeley is the home of fascism now.
My first clue was the jackboots and all the marching in the streets.

kellynla (Freedom of speech makes it easier to spot the idiots! Semper Fi!) has an idea!

What we are boycotting is spending our vacation and/or business dollars in Berkeley.

It looks like the only way to drive home our point is to hit these morons in the wallet!!!

Semper Fi,

Cause Berkely's economy depends on conservative, Freeper dollars! Oh, they will feel the pain when that one guy moves out!

Next up, dsrtsage
Perhaps we should lay seige to human shields on all roads to block trucks going in or out of the city...see how long they last without organic vegatables.
Out-protest Berkely! Yes, this will totally work, since conservatives have always proven able to dedicate loads of time to...wait.

polymuser (Those who believe in something eventually prevail over those who believe in nothing.) wants to know why the cops weren't beating down more protestors, like in the good old days.
Berkeley police were of no help, or were even hostile to the MAF people? Whose side are they on?? You would think police officers would be more patriotic and would not try to help out the America bashers.

Maybe they only support gay groups.
Speaking of beating hippies Hacklehead (Crush the liberals, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the hippies.) has something to say, as you might imagine:

“Gold Star Dad Mark Crowley knocked him to the ground, where he found a faceful of dirt to keep him company.”

Is there video of this? It would be highly entertaining and instructive.

Hippie beating violence porn! If someone were to sell this to freepers, they would sure make a mint.

And speaking (again) of beating hippies, sport has a sugestion:
What is you do is when the bastards get close you knee them in the balls, groin if female, or kick them in the shind or step on their feet. No hands arms, or fiste are visible moving but you get your point across.
Most Freepers might frown on hitting a woman, but everyone knows hippies aren't human.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fred Thompson Endorses McCain

When loyalty meets hatred.

And I heard a thousand Freepers voices calling out in anger and confusion...

Denial (by jbarkley):
I swear, it’s like I went to sleep and woke up in Bizarro World.
Anger (by Laptop_Ron (McCain/Kennedy--Shouldn't we have at least gotten dinner and a movie first?):
Fred is obviously not the man I thought he was. I’m sorry that I ever even thought of voting for him. I’m glad he left the race.
Barganing (byfieldmarshaldj (~~~Jihad Fever -- Catch It !~~~ (Backup tag: "Live Fred or Die"))):
Now it’s time for McCain to do the right thing and put Fred on the ticket. (And after the election, Dick Cheney can take McCain hunting).
Depression( by sushiman):

” Reagan “

Imperfect , but the real deal ...The last great Republican President we will ever see ...

Mixed Metaphores (Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.):
I agree. Picking Fred as a VP would go a long way towards mending fences. But McCain has still burned too many bridges.
Reagan ( Laptop_Ron (McCain/Kennedy--Shouldn't we have at least gotten dinner and a movie first?)):
I was going to write-in Fred too, but not anymore. Guess I’m stuck actually voting for a corpse (Reagan). Geez! lol
Tin Foil (sushiman):
As if we needed any more proof that they are ALL in bed together . Wake up America ...
Still waiting on the acceptance.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Pix

The thing about Hillary, is all you need is a picture of a woman looking evil and Republicans recognize it. Cause that above, doesn't look like Hillary at all.

Glad they labled the empty suit on that one. I also like the "$oros" thing. He's just a guy with money who gives to liberals, yet he's a super-villian in their eyes. I mean, at least Karl Rove was a strategist, even if Dems did overinflate his worth.

The thing I find interesting is the part where you're a sucker if Hillay "make sense." Not "if you believe her" or "if you agree with her." If you are even able to understand her, you lose. Wow.

Another random ugly woman standing in for Hillary.

HAHAHAHAH! The schadenfreud, it is delicious! Cause Mitt already called it off, suckers!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Not coming around on McCain yet

Now that McCain is the putative nominee on the Republican side, I am interested in what will happen with the Freepers who were so dead set against him before. Will they change sides? Maybe after he picks a running mate, but not yet.

elizabetty (Mike Huckabee for President of the Confederate States of America -- Bad for the UNION)

The party is not about the politicians, it is about us.

The new leader of this party has treated us with contempt and hatred.

Nope, it is time for the Republican party to get a reminder of the source of its strength and the reason for its existence.
Yes, McCain be hatin.' We need to destroy the party in order to save it.

Iron Munro (Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.) has an idea bout the source of the problem:

The real problem in American politics is the two party system.

It is too bad that the Founding Fathers didn’t ban political parties in the Constitution.

Yes, because the founding fathers never talked about factions in the Federalist Papers, and because there would be no cunintended consequences in banning parties.

hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole....) takes a tact that I doubt will be popular with other Freepers - he blames Bush.

George Bush has totally fractured the republican party on several levels and issues.. John Mclaim is merely sweeping up the broken glass.. Bush will try to hide from this fact.. as will the (other) weasle John Mclaim..

There is a Political Coup in process.. literally..
Brilliant really.. malfeasant but brilliant..
The ghost of Antonio Crams is alive in Washington DC..
His student(Hillary) is working inexorably..
Nice slipping in the Hillary conspiracy snausage as well. The Bush-McCain-Hillary cabal. Hey, he forgot Soros!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

How did Hillary win the democratic vote in California? Let me count the ways:


Clinton benefited from HISPANIC RACISM, pure and simple...

Hispanics went OVERWHELMINGLY for Clinton, and the Major Media won’t touch that with a 10 foot pole...

Between that, and the massive early voting, before Obama’s momentum took off, she won the state...

When a race votes in blocks, it's called racism. Unless it's whites and they're voting Republican.
Thanks, tcrlaf (VOTE DEMOCRAT-You'll look great in a Burka!)



Be prepared for the most corrupt election in history when the Clnton machine really spools up to overcome the Bwitch's unelectability.

Good lord, the Clintons can't do anything right, if they cheat and Obama's still even with them! Thanks, Henchster (Free Republic - the BEST site on the web!).

Hillary is also doing well with Jewish voters because there’s a lot of tensions between blacks and Jews.
Is it possible just a few Dems are voting for people, rather than against them? Naaa. Thanks, Revenge of Sith

They will stop at nothing to win.

Then God must stop them.
Yes! Don't vote, pray. And good luck with that, pray4liberty (Watch and pray.)

And now for some paranoid craziness by Ghost of Philip Marlowe (If Hillary is elected, her legacy will be telling the American people: Better put some ice on that.):

[T]he Clinton, Inc. wing of the party have made a conscious decision to replace the African-American base of their party with the Hispanic, whose numbers are just beginning to dwarf the other minorities.

If they win, they’ll cut the other branches of the party off at the knees and push through amnesty, thus ensuring that Clinton, Inc., their strategy of Stalinist, slime-dirty politics, and far-left political agenda is the new core of the party.
They will become like God-Kings, answerable to no one. Until a conservative Champion like Fred Thompson rises up to slay them with a sword of Truth!

In Jesus' name I pray.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cry Fraud!

Even as Freepers scoff at liberal accusations of voter fraud, they indulge in a little of their own re: California going to McCain.

Seems people who were registered Non Partisan were not allowed to vote, as per Republican Party rules. Or at least that's the em-es-em's version

Without exception, those calling in or e-mailing the radio shows say they have always been Registered as Republicans and showed up to the polls expecting to vote as such. Somewhere, somehow, their party affiliation was changed without their knowledge.
PsyOp (Truth in itself is rarely sufficient to make men act. - Clauswitz, On War, 1832.) seems to think that there is some kind of massive, easy to trace conspiracy going on here. Because no one ever lies on talk radio!
You know campaign donations are all listed on the internet. How hard would it be to hire someone to look up Romney’s donors and weed them out and change their party registration? Not hard at all.
floriduh voter (TERRI'S DAY MARCH 31, 2008 ...JUAN MCCAIN IS A THREAT TO SOVEREIGNTY) conveniently forgets about all the Thompson donors on Free Republic.

not to mention the illegal alien voters.

Even IF this is 100% true and 20% of the vote was surpressed, the lesson is established.

Voter fraud benefits the cheater. A sacraficial lamb is sent to jail and the candidate who won by cheating keeps office.

There is no downside for the candidate who wins by cheating against republicans.

Oh, illegals are registering Republican now, are they? Well, longtermmemmory (VOTE! and whatever shall we do? Perhaps a uniform paper ballot system?

And finally, bmwcyle (the Beltway crowd is like a bunch of women who have started menstruating together) with a finishing bit of crazy

John McCain’s master George Soros has many tricks.

The parties have plausible denial. Soros has direct deposit to his minions.
Soros, controlling the Republicans now too! He can, of course, because he's SATAN.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Iraqi Progress

Who says the occupation of Iraq can't be won militarily? 3 Al-Qaeda leaders killed? That means the war must be won!

If number 1 & 2 remain isolated because all of their would be intermediaries are dead, then number 1 & 2 are left to die in their cave.

G Larry (HILLARY CARE = DYING IN LINE!) thinks that this Al-Quaeda number three will be the last one.

Just Lori (There is nothing democrat-"ic" about democrats.) just wants to enjoy the killing of the enemy, since we've always been at war with Eastasia I mean Iraq
Playing in my head is that song: “Another one bites the dust”.
The catchy tune is just gravy.

Travis McGee is an expert at milirary affairs, and he knows what this means.

The best thing about this is it means we have spies in high AQ positions.

See who “had a cold” and couldn’t make the meeting.

You can bet AQ is wondering who dropped the dime.

Yes, everyone in the Biz calls it "AQ." That's how you know whose in the loop.

ExSoldier (Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.) will finish off this little vacation from reality by returning us to hateville.
The Democratic leadership is profoundly sad that violence seemed the only recourse.
I can't count the number of times the Democratic leadership has come out against the killing of Al Quaeda officers. Cause I can't count when the number is "zero."

Monday, February 4, 2008


Many speak about the inherent contradiction between being pro-life and being pro death penalty. I understand the distinction, though - murderers, unlike fetuses, are not innocent.

But that doesn't explain the joy Freepers take in condemning people to death. This can range from actual murderers, to those who may be innocennt, to politicians, to muslims, and even to 13 year olds.

CORedneck provides a good jumping off point:
Too bad he couldn’t be tried as an adult when he was 13 years old !
Sure, this particular 13 year old aparently kiled 2 people. But, unlike Freepers, I believe in rehabilitation, and I remember being 13. Now, I may not have been shootin' people dumb, but I was a lot dumber back then.

But I digress. The invisib1e hand (what would the founders do?) clearly disagrees with the concept of rehabilitation.

"The system" got lucky -- in spite of itself.

"Nobody"....that we know of, at least. Doesn't mean he hasn't messed up other people's lives in other ways.

And so, with a ten year sentence, he'll be back out on the street in what, 3-5 years? In his demented prime?
Yeah! He must be guilty of something! He shoulda been killed back in the day, so he couldn't have caused any more problems. Yes, that logic won't lead to killing everybody at all...

Let's continue to look at all the Freepers wanting to kill children. Like SunkenCiv ( updated Wednesday, January 16, 2008)
Maybe this time he’ll be hanged. That would have been appropriate after his first crime spree.
Uh-oh, did someone ask to hang someone for a gun crime?

Never mind, says pepperhead (Kennedy's float, Mary Jo's don't!), nothing to see here.
I am extreme in my views for the second amendment. The problem here isn't that he was about to obtain a gun when he got out. But rather that he was out in the first place. This piece of trash should have been on death row instead of being coddled by our justice system. We don't need anymore stinking gun laws. We just need to be harder on murderers of all ages.
See, killing criminals means fewer criminals will have guns! It's all so clear now.

But wait! ericc4 might have something to say about that!
The NRA would love to help take guns away. They like being gun-grabbers; just look at the Veterans Disarmament Act.
Wow. The NRA is too liberal for Free Republic now. I think the crazy might be growing!

Friday, February 1, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Condi Worships Satan Edition:
[Condoleezza Rice] is a Pagan giving YHvH's city and land to the Evil One.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

If He's Black He Must be a Criminal and Talk Funny Edition:

Obamasama still reminds me of several friends of mine who are incredibly likeable yet have felony convictions.

Jus' a matter of time.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Horrible Misogyny for no good reason edition:

Where has [John Edward's] mouthy wife been lately? Haven’t heard a word outta her yap for months now,,,,,did he shut her up or is her health failing now?

And now These Words from Outer Space

I've been bookmarking odd individual posts, but not managing to post them. So today I'm unloading some premium crazy on ya. Not a whole thread, just one craazy person:

Let's get started with We Really Need New Blood Edition:

I think Jeri [Thompson[ should run for office someday. I’d vote for her in a heart beat. She’s been very impressive in all of the interviews I’ve seen her in. Of course, she’s probably smart enough to stay out of politics altogether. LOL