Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Pix

Yay! Crazytown! Plus someone de-aged Fred Thompson!

I have no idea. Is it cause purple is the SEIU's secret color? Is it some race thing?

Yay, pink!

Yeah, Obama's DOJ really should stop putting Freepers in jail.

Haw, Obama is a girl!

Fun in Arizona as Freepers seek to make the GOP a regional party.

John Kerry as a kamakazi? WTF? He's over!

See, Freepers never curse, and that's what makes them classy! Also, blue testicles, hehehe.

Friday, January 29, 2010


It makes sense that Freepers' definition of defeat for Obama would be as expansive as their definition of victory under Bush. Witness McChrystal's plan to try and make peace with the Taliban:

RocketMan1 keeps it all undramatic:

So, under GWB we drive back the Taliban and help a fledgling (albeit now possibly corrupt) democracy set itself up, and after just one freaking year of Zer0bummer’s dithering and incompetence, we are merely hoping to leave Afghanistan with the Taliban back in control so they can restart the beaheadings in the soccer stadium?!


TexasFreeper2009 seems to have mixed up the opium sharia-guys of the Taliban with Al Queda.

how do you negotiate peace with someone who’s only goal in life is to cut off your head?

An earthquake just needs to swallow Washington whole.

Course, to Freepers, Sadam Hussein was also in Al Queda, so this isn't too surprising.

jeltz25 knows what the general really means:

If true Obama needs to relieve the General of command tomorrow.

You can’t have your leading General saying he’s tired of fighting. Completely unacceptable. McChrystal doesn’t even do any fighting. If he was some NCO in the field I could understand, but for someone like him to say that is amazing.

If a general isnt' killin' he isn't generallin!

myknowledge has an interesting theory about the reasons for this new strategy:
Guess who's also dealing with the Afghan heroin?The CIA.

They have their own devious agenda for the heroin.
kamikaze2000 knows what it means when the killing stops:

I hope this doesn’t happen. It would be a victory for the Taliban and a defeat for the US. No other way to spin it really.

The Taliban would soon take over the country again and go back to the old, pre-2001 ways.

mkjessup has an analogy that really sums up the silliness of the Freepers:

Can anyone imagine General Omar Bradley, or General George Patton, just to name two of our greatest military geniuses, suggesting in late 1944 that it was ‘time to discuss peace with the Nazi Party leadership, and work on plans to bring them into a new German government’?

This is no way to fight a war.

I've heard about always fighting the last war, but this is ridiculous!

Trouble in Palin's America.

This. Is. Highly Amusing. Palin endorses McCain. Will Freepers' faith in Sarah withstand being tested by their hatred for McCain?

pray4liberty laughs off the people who question Our Sarah:

Heh... they wish. The people posting on Facebook are liberal trolls. This is more of the politics of personal destruction, to create a reality that doesn’t exist.

personalaccts on the other hand, has turned elsewhere:

my father in law gave me her book to read. I’m giving it back. I don’t care to read it. I hope Jim Demint doesn’t fall on the sword.

MadelineZapeezda knows who to blame!

MsStain knew what this would do to her when he asked her to campaign for him....the bastard!

Bob J starts this illuminating exchange:

If Jesus Christ endorsed Satan for Arizona Senator a few eyebrows would be raised.


Using your analogy, if Jesus endorsed Satan, wouldn’t you possibly consider that there is a reasoning for that endorsement beyond your understanding or would you just damn Jesus?

Bob J

No. I’d be wondering if whom I thought was Jesus wasn’t actually Satan in disguise.

There you have it: Sarah Palin - Jesus, or secret Satan?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freepers on the State of the Union speech

They didn't like it much:

Wild Irish Rogue has objectively found out what the speech was like:

This is the worst SOU speech in the history of the US.
It’s like a very,very bad SNL parody.
A screaming ,hyper ,over coked POTUS and a Democrat audience that frantically claps every time he begins a sentence.
His words are coming so fast that he’s almost unintelligible.
The teleprompter is rolling so fast, it’s going to start smoking.
Osama must be rolling on the floor laughing in his cave.

and again:
Yelling and hyper speech does not an orator make.
Maybe he shouldn’t have fired up the crack pipe before coming to the chamber.
CaptRon might be a bit sexist:

Geez, I hope they clean Pelosi’s seat after this.

Haw haw! Liberal ladies get all moist for Obama's centrist speechifying!

onemiddleamerican found the secret:
Purple color of the day, in solidarity with SEIU??
rodguy911 kinda manages to really show how Obama is nothing like the Joker:
Perhpas the scariest thing about the Joker is that to the uninformed he sounds believable. That's obviously what got him elected.

His speech writer knows just what buttons to push and zero knows just how to BS his way through anything. Reality never ever enters into the picture when zero is reinventing the world.

Tomorrow rush will not be able to counter this speech since its not three or four main lies but the entire thing is one huge lie.

Eric Blair 2084 has some analysis:
I have a 2nd grade education in body language from corporate seminars on public speaking taught by pros, but the first thing they teach you is if you have your hands clasped in front of you it tells your audience you are hiding something. Obama had his hands clasped together 70% of the time. It's a natural human instinct to protect vital organs when threatened. IOW, he's a liar.
michgirl is all about self-affirmation:
note to myself:You go girl!! These are a bunch of idiots I am PROUDER than ever for my knowledge and insight into this bullshit! And he is so full of empty bullshit. This gobermnet crowd goes wild over empty bullshit!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freepers will defend the ACORN Pimp to the death!

Remember that guy who had these sting videos what shed some poor light onto ACORN? He, as I'm sure you've heard by now, has gotten arrested for breaking into Louisiana Senator Mary Landru's office and somehow messing with her phone system. And then admitting it. But to Freepers he is already a hero, and thus can do no wrong. Freeper spin machines go to work, though of course they needn't work too hard at it.

wmposh thinks this is like Batman, and Watergate, somehow.

Well when your in a era of corruption people take things into their own hands. With cronies in all areas of the government, from the feds, the courts, the state governments, news media what would you expect. Remember Linda Tripp and the Nixon gang at watergate. It will be to bad but if they go to the watergate model instead of looking at government corruption another injustice will be done. Thank God they cannot blame this on Bush

Ronbo1948 is ready to riot:

if the people who arrested O’Keefe & company don’t have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed they are going to get some serious career wrecking incoming rounds from the patriot side of the street.

The country is in no mood for Leftard frame ups.

Not that the existence of a frame up matters to Ronbo1948
Even if O’Keefe is guilty as sin, I will stand beside him. He’s a patriot on my side of the line in this civil war. In fact, even if O’Keefe becomes a convicted felon, I would consider it an honor to shake his hand. His heart and loyalty are in the right place. After all, the Senator in question is corrupt and a socialist, a traitor to the U.S. Constitution and Enemy of the American People.
driftdiver agrees:

EVEN if this kid did, which I doubt. IMO he was mostly likely framed. This act PALES in comparison to the things this Senator admitted to. This act also pales in comparison to what is happening with Acorn.

We need to quit attacking people fighting the good fight and focus on the evil communists seeking to put us in the ovens.

JoeCT keeps his eyes on the prize:

Damn! Those tapes would have produced some juicy juicy audio i bet.... DAMN!!! SOOOOOO CLOSE!!!!

We were just one succesful felony away from embarrassing a Senator in Louisiana!

BP2, and many others, milks those black panthers so much most cows would have gone dry by now:

If they are guilty, I’m sure Eric Holder will ensure there’s “justice”.

But let me ask you — do you think Holder wields the hand of justice evenly? Google “black panthers voter intimidation” and tell me what you find.

Moral absolutism enables those who have no morals.

Watch “The Untouchables” to get a feel of how playing by the rules all of the time — in a corrupt system — does nothing but empower the criminals and corrupt trusted officials who feel they’re above the system.

Oh yeah, back in the day, we did things all manly-like, without the Constitution. Yep, the 1920s were awesome for everyone!

Holder even more CAPS WORTHY than Reno

Ahhh, the AG. Freepers, being both fascistic and paranoid, love when the law is under their controls and hate it when it is not. Add that Holder is *gasp* black, and you get a recipe for LOTS of random CAPS LOCK!

Candor7 is always good for some prime crazy:
We are allowed to defend ourselves against criminals like Holder and his activist running dogs.

That fact should never be lost on anyone.

The people of America are at war with the US Dept. of Justice. Few know it yet. We do.

Do not forget. The US DOJ is the enemy of every US citizen. That is a fact that no longer can be ignored.

Americans should have a strict policy of non-cooperation with the US DOJ HENCEFORTH!!!

Every American NOW has an adversarial relationship with the Fed DOJ, funded by YOUR tax dollars.Everyone of us is a victim.

But then later Candor feels the need for even MORE CAPS:

YOu EITHER GET IT, OR PRETTY SOON........YOU DIE, shortly after your rights are removed and you are dehumanized ( the two next steps)!


WORD! Indeed!

W-Girl concentrates on the whole terrorist in NY thing:

The BIG FAILURE and the BIG OUT OF TOUCH with the American people will come over the KSM crowd going on trial in NY and DC ....IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!

ERIC HOLDER is going down and he will take Obama and the Democrat Party with him !!

$200 million to NY for these trials ....NEVER !!

Ann Archy wins, I think, with more caps than anyone else:

THAT info about Neal Katyal should be sent to RUSH, HANNITY, BOORTZ, HEWITT, MEDVED, all ALL the LOCALS!!!!! INSANITY and TRAITOROUS!!

By the way, THAT info was that a deputy solicitor general once defended one of the Gitmo detainees! This of course means he's a big fat terrorist.

rrrod knows how to spot a terrorist:

All registered Democrats hate America....geeeeeeeeez


Against the wall!!!

Stand them all against the wal!!




I would really love to see them brought up on charges of treason. Would it be considered racist if we hung them in a public square?

Nay, lynching a black guy is sure to raise no protests from Real Americans.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freepers in a deamon hainted world/

Out of the many murders that take place in America, one of the more recent ones was committed by a Muslim. Freepers response is typically hilariously over the top:

Leisler totally reads things:

There are three books that I have read that basically made no sense, that were written by madmen. My Struggle by Hitler, On Capital by Marx, and the Koran.

Later, Leisler discusses how crazy people are all a hoax anyhow:

Funny how few mentally ill people step in front of buses, get in fights in serious biker/off duty LEO bars. It’s almost as if they rationally pick and choose.

Funny how those getting federal/state wacky checks are so hip to every single free cheese benefit, right, key phrase words, how to manipulate.

Of course we have a huge, tax supported mental health industry. And it grows itself, more staff, more products, more demands for state support.

Freedom'sWorthIt knows what this is all about:
He was demon possessed. Not mentally ill. Those eyes show it.
mkjessup lays it out:

Islam is a demonic death cult. Of that there can be no question. The perp joined that death cult. The perp then proceeded to go on a murderous rampage. Here is the table of events:

a.) Dumb ass becomes a Muslim.

b.) Dumb ass starts absorbing the Islamic pro-death philosophy.

c.) Demons oppress and possess said dumb ass who opened the spiritual door.

d.) Demon possessed dumb ass murders a bunch of innocent people.

e.) Demons all high-five each other “TOUCHdown!”

f.) Dumb ass is arrested, charged, convicted, executed.

g.) Dumb ass goes to Hell to meet his demonic mentors.

This means LiveFreeOrDie2001 is in danger:

I work with a lot of them and see the praying every day.

Pray for me.

Cvengr on the demon cosmology:

Becoming Muslim isn’t just another philosophical consideration or lifestyle perspective. It invites a very demonic spiritual domain into one’s life which is well documented with evil consequence.

Demon possession might very well cause someone to run amok, however the person might also still be held accountable for their criminality.

newfreep has the plan:
The Koran is truly the "Book of Satanic Verses".

Anyone remotely defending this cultish book, islam-for-mooslums or trying to give credibility to it as the moral equivalency to Christianity is pure evil and needs to be exported to their utopia of sand demons.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Lots of McCain hate this week:

on why Cindy McCain shouldn't like gay marriage:

Cindy is falling for the Alice-in-Wonderland society that the Progressives are trying to impose on our children...that evil is good and good is evil.

This behavior that she endorses goes against Natural Law, is destructive to societies, denies children their biological rights, mocks major religion and the freedom to practice that religion, and encourages mental and physical abuse of children.

I always thought that McCain was mentally unstable and not very bright and having a wife like Cindy proves his incapacity to make intelligent, virtuous, moral choices.

WhistlingPastTheGraveyard just hates McCain.

McQueeg is on a mission. He’s going to co-op the resistance and dismantle it. This is the single most deranged, dangerous SOB in the Republican Party. Soros’ soldier.

NewLand knows how to win arguments:
Everytime I hear libs or those ignorant of our true history refer to our Founders strictly as 'slavemasters', I raise this point on abortion and usually the conversation goes silent.
Yeah, you never talk to real liberals or you would know what their real reaction was:

wheninthecourse has a pretty weak conspiracy theory:

Haiti has lots of Oil.

dljordan has a cooler one:
I was reading the minutes of the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the early 50’s that was describing the plan to make environmentalism into a religion. I forgot to bookmark it and have been looking for it.
Secret globalist econ-religeo protocols! Awesome!

mkjessup wants some purges in Freepland:
Amazing how you've avoided the ZOT all this time when you've been supporting a scumbag like McStain.

Just one of nature's oddities. Maybe FR will have an upcoming 'NO RINO ZONE' Bug Zapper thread to remedy that situation.

How any self-respecting conservative could bring themselves to vote for a RINO like McCain is beyond me.
LibLieSlayer knows why Obama sometimes doesn't wear ties:

muslims do not wear ties... period... not believers.

Sooo Obama isn't muslim then, I guess.

himno hero doesn't need proof of Obama cheating:

I believe [Obama] had big foreign money.... money from muslim governments that built his campaign and promoted (the hell in) the man ,,,,, making his meteoric rise to power. Whats good for the goose, (him using (undisclosed) foreign big government money, is good for the gander! Even if its used to crater him. Fair is fair!

NoRedTape doesn't believe in thinking for himself:
"If 0bama doesn’t like it, we know, it’s a very good thing!"
Exactly. It is the most obvious and the most perfect barometer to follow.

I am honestly thinking [Obama] may be insane,

I never did like that strange look he has in his eyes, but lately it is becoming more and more demented,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Pix

Oh, Cindy McCain, how far you have fallen in Freepers' eyes.

Yes, and Obama is a hillbilly.

Why dress Michelle Obama up in a civil-war era dress?

What is Obama wearing in this? Well, at least it isn't the joker makeup.

Now this is just mean.

Yes, it is racist to say every black man cries racism all the time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Citizens United

SCOTUS rules that corporation spending limits are unconstitutional. Freepers are...confused:

Sudetenland knows what the stakes were:
One more blow struck for freedom and against despotism.
Corporate dollars are like kryptonite to dictators!

MrDem Sure sounds like the former dem he claims to be:


Credo expounds on why this is awesome:
the democrats are little better than the mob. The GOP won’t be able to counter this until they figure out how the democrat party since FDR is all about raw naked power.

McCain Feingold IMHO made it possible for the Soros Lefty groups turn campaigns into cesspools through their 527’s.

527s are Dem only, you see:

SmokingJoe isn't so sanguine:
This decision couldn't have come at a worse time.
huge swaths of them trillions of tax payer dollars that 0bozo has pumped into AIG, GM, Goldman, Citibank, TARP etc, are going to come round and finance massive campaign buys for the Democrats and 0bozo in 2010 and 2012.
Cause is you have a crazy paranoid narrative, it's useless unless you stick to it no matter what!

1776 Reborn sees the horrible implication:

I would have rather seen the union spending reeled in.

patlin...oh, patlin.
Now we need to get the 233 year old one UPHELD!

Complete UNITY at birth for ALL future presidents!

birth on American soil + 2 American citizen parents = natural born citizen

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Dems fail, but all evil-like.

Health care is looking more and more like a fail for the Dems. But of course Freepers can neither give them any mercy nor dismiss the continual threats of Libs stealing their freedoms.

Logic n' Reason on how health care is all some kind of ruse:
These liberal/progressive idiots should know that the islamic muslim-in-chief has but two goals....
1. To get re-elected - hence he will do anything, say anything, and back away from anything in order to do it. This is easy for an "empty suit" and a clown with no morals to use for guidance or principles upon which to stand, and
2. To destroy least the America it was before the scum was elected president. Those are the only two aims/goals. Too bad the liberal/progressive idiots didn't see it!
Wow, Obama's failing is all part of Obama's sinister plan!

Maryhere prefers to rob everyone of agency in this whole thing:

God had another plan in mind all along. How Great Thou Art

But don't make him angry or God will pass cap and trade!

on the game plan:
This idealogical regimes’ focus has not changed. Here is the game plan:

1) Advance a campaign to take over 1/6 of the economy. Go for broke, take no prisoners. Tell the workers to step aside, get out of the way while “we mop up the mess left by the previous administration”.

2) If that doesn’t work everyone will think that all is good if only a little is implemented. Incrementalism will take hold until there is nothing left to taking over healthcare.

3) Obama, Marxism, Socialism and Progressives WIN!!! Taaa-Daaah!!!!!

America is screwed FOREVER.

These Progressives will never stop, worse than roaches.
So the plan is get health care passed, or not? GENIUS!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mromons suuuck!

Some random blogger calls Harry Reid Mormon of the year. Freepers take this as a truth for all Mormons and kinda explode:

Tennessee Nana has some nice, 150 year old info on Mormons we should know:

The Twin Pillars of Barbarism...Polygamy and Slavery...

Both were ideals of the mormons in the 1850s...and still are..

1. The mormons claim that polygamy is necessary for white and delightsome mormon males to be worthy to enter the mormon afterlife...females of all colors and religions need not apply..

2. Mormons believe that blacks are cursed and deserved to be enslaved...

Thus the 150 year hated of Republicans...

Yeah, Glenn Beck hates him some Republicans, as do 70% of the Republican Mormons in the Congress.

Noumenon thinks the church went wrongmore recently:

Well, now you know where the Mormon Elders stand. Not on principle, but upon making accommodations with evil in order to preserve their own position.

They have cheerfully sold out their own in order to maintain their power and wealth. Discgusting. As is every other church whose websites are no more than 2 or 3 clicks away from Soros-spomnsored or left-leaning organizations. For a good example, check out the UCC.

Nice bonus dig at the UCC, there.

colorcountry has an awesome point to make:

“I respect him. I think that he basically does do a good job of representing Mormons in general,” said Kelsey Jorgenson,

I thought he represented NEVADA. I didn’t even know Mormon WAS a State. Learn sumpin’ new on FreeRepublic every day!

Yeah! I never thought Freepers would be all for getting religion out of government! I

a fool in paradise would like to point out a double standard:

When Mitt Romney ran for President, we were constantly warned by the press about how wacko “those” Mormons are. But Harry Reid never faces such scrutiny.

wacko Mormon stories in the press? Maybe at like NewsMax.

alloysteel has a new word for us:

Jack-Mormons are eligible for this award?

Harry Reid is just not that much of a Mormon. Hence the term “jack-Mormon”, which is a pejorative.

Any class of hypocritical, self-righteous b*****ds that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and are prim and proper on Sunday morning and in front of other Mormons, but swear like sailors at work, secretly drink like a fish, (possibly) cruise the net for kiddie porn on their work computers and are man-wh**es all over town.

Wow, so Reid is a swearing, drunk child-molester who is also gay? Yeah, that does sound like a good argument he isn't a good Mormon!

Texan Tory would like us to take note:

Be that as it may, none of the Mormons that I know like Harry Reid at all.

Just like no one I knew voted for Nixon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In the course of this blog, Freeper have had few unadulterated victories. Thank god, cause this here is painful:

mojitojoe is so emotional, Freepers would totally call him a girl if he were liberal:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel light a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can sleep peacefully tonight. I won’t have to wake up worried every morning. I have faith in the system. I love everyone in Mass that helped stop the Marxist train wreck. I am mad with joy!!!

CriticalJ manages to keep the "Dems cheat" meme alive in the face of a strong counterexample:

The spread was probably should have been bigger when you figure in the cheat factor by the Dims.

DTogo knows who is responsible:
livius somehow inserts Civil War 2 porn into this gloating:

If Bambi tries to ram anything forward now, there will be blood in the streets. And I am a very timid, soft-spoken person so I don’t say this lightly.

We have protested against him in the Tea Parties and now we, even in the most Dem state in the nation, have voted against him.

He can’t ignore this.

azishot thinks this is a perfect time for racism:

This preidentin’ ain’t no fun no mo’.

FDNYRHEROES can go fuck himself:

In Heaven, Mary Jo Kopechne is smiling tonight...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday potpourri.

GI Joe Fan knows how the civil war will turn out cause he's watched a lot of bad 80s movies:

I just cannot see how the Conservatives in the military would open fire on the US civilian population en masse. If orders like that came down, I could see massive disobedience and desertions. There would even be Juan Martin Diez types in the ranks. Diez led the guerilla forces that eventually threw the French out of Spain.

Regarding the resilience of an angry and cornered civilian population, even Hollywood has noted that civilians turned guerilla fighters will defeat a hostile and invasive force once the shooting starts:

Some of my favorite movies regarding this topic of discussion:


The Patriot

Red Dawn
BenKenobi tells us what marriage is:

Shared aspirations? But dear sir, that is not what binds a husband and wife together. This is the problem. The problem is that marriage is not properly understood. Marriage is not the union of two individuals bonded by shared aspirations, but it is the union of a man and a woman by flesh.

And that's why gays can't marry - the whole flesh thing!

Secret Agent Man knows what gays are like:
the homosexual lifestyle. It is totally opposed to monogamy. It is all about casual sex encounters with strangers and multiple partners sometimes in the same night. Even the gays who are “committed” have “Thursday Nights Off” policies.
Aroostook25 on the greatest antisemites - Jews:

Don’t laugh- it seems like everyone who is fired up about killing jews is part jewish.

Most Jews have been suicidal as individuals, group and race for millenia -- witness their behavior in Europe prior to WWII and their anti-self-defense behavior in America.
I laugh when I watch fat pig Americans go to those crappy Chinese buffett’s run by ChiCom military served by Chinese illegal aliens. Talk about mass suicide as they gorge on crap food filled with all sorts of fillers.
Our precious bodily fluids are in danger!

FrankR turns Haiti into some kind of raging screed against Obama:
Come on obama, Where the f*** are you?

You ran your pie hole about Katrina and Bush, and what are you doing, playing video golf?

Get your bony ass down there and make and appearance to your brethren and pass out charge cards and FEMA trailers.

Here's an idea, send your goon squads of SEIU and ACORN thugs down there and maybe we'll have some honest elections here in the USA for a promoted "change", right?

Oh, but I wrote to Bush Sr. and Jr. and clinton to try and pass your responsibilities on to them regarding Haiti, didn't you? But, you gave it your best lip service...a Larry Sinclair moment to be sure.

No EEO to the rescue this time, bubba, you've made it to the top...movin' on up, to the big act like an adult and do your f****** job, for cryin' out look like a damn idiot standing around with one finger in your mouth and one in your butt...when Soros yells "change", you swap fingers.
Sinclair, Soros, ACORN. Impressive!


I’m from Florida, so I could care less what happens in NY, but I would say that Schumer has done more damage to NY than any other politician in recent memory. Wall Street is on its back because of Chucky’s support of the Barney Frank housing policies, and now the government is in the process of shutting down the capitalist system (with Chucky’s help), which isn’t going to be good for the center of capitalism. All I can say is that you get what you vote for.

Yeah, Wall Street is doing horrible!

sten on Haiti and race:

what was his response last march when white americans were hit with freezing flood conditions?

a whole lot of nothing.

i guess he will respond quickly in this case because they are not white americans.

airborne also on Haiti and race, but like on the other side:
Why is Obama going up north to help “whitey” when there are so many black Haitians dying?
Big Horn has a simile for us:
Watching Obama speak is like watching someone puke.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Pix

Soros equals martial law!

Heh. World war 2 posters are already pretty overblown, and that rat is hilariously evil.

Alas, Freepers take a lame pun too far and make Obama look badass.

OMG! Proof Bush was right!

So you give Obama a huge package and....profit?

Ohh, that Michelle Obama, so ugly when you photoshop her onto a man's body!

Even Lucifer hates Obama!

Nope, not reaching at all!


Friday, January 15, 2010

We can not save them

Obama seems all on top of this Haiti thing. So Freepers try to find a way to be against helping Haitians. Come for the rage, stay for the hilarity:

thinks giving aid to disaster victims is just like so much dust in the wind:

We are fools. This is going to be a total CF. The magnitude of this mess is going to overwhelm. Fools rush in. Where is the wonderful UN? Obama has adopted a whole country for us. What a complete idiot. The “News” as usual is down there on the runway babbling about how we are going to save the whole shooting match because Obama the magnificient is in charge.

I mean, even if we save someone's life, they'll still be Haitin, amirite?

abb is looking forwards to holding Obama to unrealistic standards:
Which is my point. Obama can't save Haiti any more than Bush could have saved New Orleans after Katrina. And the media has - mistakenly in my opinion - rushed in with the TV cameras and anchors to show it all. This is going to have political blowback on Obama and the State Run Media.
flaglady47 disagrees:
Obama asked Bush 43 to partner w/Bill Clinton to head the relief efforts so that he has cover to say whatever he does is a bi-partisan effort to save Haiti. Of course Obama will make sure he gets all the credit if it goes well, and he will share the blame w/Bush/Clinton if it goes wrong. Bush is being used. The question is does he know it.
Darkwolf377 knows what this means:
Obama has his out for Afghanistan and Iraq.

He will "redeploy" our troops to Haiti, "where these brave men and women will go to war against the apathy that for so long has doomed the Haitian people to living in the rubble of the seismic disruptions brought by bankers and corporate greed."

A ten minute lecture on how this is all our fault will follow.
Yeah, this will totally happen.

RC one knows the solution:

I’d like to see him just round up and remove Haiti’s government and set up a puppet regime that isn’t absolutely rotten to the core with corruption. The toppling of Haiti’s government seems long overdue.

Sarah Palin versus Jesus

Mr. B:

Without being sacrilegious, they DO have some points in common. After all, one of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith is that Jesus was 100% human (as well as 100% God).

They both are very divisive.
They both are/were disdained by the academics of their time as being “untrained”.
He said we’d be persecuted for following Him. We’re seeing that alright.

They both are very divisive.
No, Homosexuality is the dividing force, along with all the perversion that comes with it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama to GOP: If you want to make this election about ObamaCare, let’s do it

Freepers respond to the unsourced quote from Michelle Malkin:


Hey Buckwheat, its already about Healthcare.

Yeah BO! Let's do it! The 'RATS' ass is grass when we do.

We're going to make sure the voters are reminded of your Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker sweetheart deal and your Union Payoff. Yeah BO! Let's do it! You crook!

He knows the fix is in. The SEIU and ACORN troops have been summoned from around the country to decend upon Mass.


By my calculations, Dear Leader is only one Deciple removed from Lucifer.


Obama is really starting to lose it. He has no experience and he is sees his Presidency imploding. He will continue to do nonsensical things and it will continue to expose his real character to people who have not been paying attention. This guy is toast!

Hey Obama, do you want to fight We The People with your damn communist Death Care plans?

Are you really capable of understanding the justifiable outrage you will stir?


Are ya, PUNK????

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hatian Earthquake punishes hundreds of thousands of pagans

Lots of Freepers are quite sorry about Haiti and bein' all Christian and sympathetic. But others are not...quite so Christian.

Texas Jack is skeptical:
I'm confused. Isn't Haiti one of two countries on the island of Hispaniola?

Did the quake only effect the Haitian end of the island?

Or could it be that we're seeing another media production like New Orleans and Katrina?
Yeah, no one died in New Orleans. It was all lies!

thinks the UN is like a earthquake magnet:

Obviously the quake affected Dominica but Dominica isn’t under UN control and is actually thriving. They’ll survive and rebuild, Haiti will suffer and the UN will collect money.

Except Dominica didn't actually get hit by the earthquake. But way to stick in your favored narrative anyhow!

Karliner prefers to blame Obama, somehow:

I was wondering that about the narcissist also. Maybe he was playing golf and forgot the whole earth revolves around him for a moment.

Haiti, not even a nice place to visit. Sad, there's an earthquake in a place people build homes out of dumpsters material.
halfright, without irony:

This is what happens when 40% of your country practices VOODOO. Bad Karma.....Prayers for the innocent.

Yeah, Karma, that totally Christian concept. Not that only praying for the innocent is very Christian either.

dennisw agrees with the above, only with even more crazy:

The whole island is under a whammy. Voodoo curses. Santeria curses. Bad juju there from generations of mucking about with the dark side

ichabod1 would like to bring up help by bringing up race:

Honestly, I’m having trouble ginning up the sympathy. My carer is broke. I’m sure Obama will give them more than the $50,000 he gave Italy when they had their earthquake. After all, these are blacks err... african-americans.

TheUndead disagrees with the awful racism above:

Obama is a Muzz. Haiti is not a Muzz country.

Nuff said.

Buff said indeed!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palin to FOX

I was damn sure Sarah Palin was going to run for Prez in 2012, but her most recent move seems to fit more into the "make lots of money" narrative rather than the "build a reputation" narrative. Cometary just leads to far to many quotes on tape that can be brought back up in a campaign.

Freepers, of course, think this is BRILLIANT!

668 - Neighbor of the Beast has a bit of the soft bigotry of low expectations:
You get the feeling she’s going to be extremely good at it. Has some experience and thinks real fast on her feet. Can overcome a faulty teleprompter, string a long sentence together and end it making a point. Telegenic.
She's been on TV before and can memorize a mean speech. Plus her sentences generally end with points! Plus she's purty.

euram's hope springs eternal:

That gives her 12 to 18 months of facetime on TV on a regular basis seen by millions each time, plus another bestselling book I’m sure, plus all of her speeches at various events, and campaigning in the general election. She’ll be excellently positioned to announce that she is running.

Extremely Extreme Extremist on how cunning this move is:
This has thrown her enemies off-balance - again. Now they back to worrying about whether or not she's going to run for President. Palin is keeping them guessing.
This logic also holds should she go on a shooting-spree.

Extremely Extreme Extremist again:

She already has 16 years of political experience under her belt.

Why does she need to go to Congress and just be one of hundreds of lawmakers?
The liberals in Lancey Howard's head are not happy!
Oh man... do NOT be standing near any scumbags when they hear this! ...You'll get poop all over yourself when their heads explode!
Enchante has a great plan:

after she’s been on the air a bunch of times (so that it doesn’t just seem like a campaign stunt) she should publicly invite Obambi to a series of live TV interviews and/or debates with NO TELEPROMPTER ALLOWED....... he’d refuse of course but it could be fun to make him appear to all as the cowering weasel that he is...........

She should totally issue weekly challenges to Obama! That is sure to make her seem serious and awesome.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Racism everywhere

There is an interesting split in Freepers' camp about Reid. Some go defensive and stick to the 'nothing is racist anymore' narrative they've been pushing. Others go offensive and hit Reid with all they've got.

kinsman redeemer goes with the attack Reid and screw consistency and logic:

I can help you. Google the meaning of “high yellow.”. That’s where you’ll see the implication and meaning of Sen. Reid’s remark.

Excuse_My_Bellicosity goes full projection:

Nice going, Reid. What’s next? Remarks about chrome spinner wheels, a diamond encrusted necklace, or being able to talk without yelling, cussing, slurring, or spitting? That wouldn’t get any play from the media, either.

jennyjenny tries to split the difference:
Yes, the statements may be factually correct but
in Reid's opinion one way is preferable over the other. IOW, light skin > dark skin. No “Negro dialect” (whatever that is) > “Negro dialect”...unless of course, you can turn it on and off as needed, apparently. Maybe that actually is a plus, lol.
okie01 representing the other side of the split:

That is, of course, what this whole kabuki dance is about: political correctness.

And this is an obvious demonstration of how it can destroy relationships, honesty and -- most especially -- truth and freedom.

P.C. is an exceedingly vile formulation.
Then there are the usual Freeper mantras when racism is an issue:

manc on how Dems were racist 140 yearsa go and who doesn't anyone talk about that?

have you ever talked to many blacks?

They have no clue what so ever that the Dems did slavery , they MLK was a republican and that the Dems use them.
All one black has to do is ask themselves this”In 40 years of being with the Dems and their agenda why are we not getting far and why is our programmes like affirmative action i place?”

soycd enjoys the victimization narrative:

Being a democrat, reid will get no scrutiny from the mainstream like Lott or others get.

The media, democrats are all criminal, American hating filth.

FrankR manages to bring it back to Obama:
"Obama, in his own book, said he often talks/acts white as to not scare away white folk. "

I didn't read his pathetic book, but then, I didn't have to...he' EXUDES that attitude all over.

In other words, he's being a phoney. He's "acting" like something he isn't, just to fool a segment of society (and get votes).

Is there NOTHING genuine about this guy? Someone said in an earlier post that he is a "cardboard cutout"...well, yeah, partially...except it would be easy to trace the cardboard to see where it came from.
NoRedTape says what they are all thinking, though:
No one cares about Harry Reid or any of his silly apoligies; nothing; nada.

He is a dinasaur-sellout-weasel.

He has accomplished NOTHING but creating turmoil in "politics".


You, uh, got a bit of froth on your collar there, Freepers.

Monday potpourri.

BradyLS on what it will take to fix immigration:
until a Senator loses a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien, no real reform will take place.
Publius6961 has a plan to deal with those pesky gay activists:

This time, they should get a taste of their own medicine, with a vengeange.

"Playing nice" has not worked; it will never work.

Being left alone is clearly not their goal.

I say identify all gays who serve the public at large and if they own businesses, make sure that they are exposed and harrassed and bankrupted, if possible.

What's good for the pervert...
Ticonderoga34 is a new flavor of birther:
If I remember right, Obama's mother was in college in Seattle two weeks after Obama was born. To me, it would make sense that Obama was born in Canada and that is what he is trying to hide.

It would be nice if some one in Canada would leak Obama's Canadian BC to the public. Then again, the State-Run-Media would probably just ignore it.
Yeah, black people from Canada? Scary black otherness fail.

Huskrrrr knows Obama's Hitler, and decides to just skip World War 2 and go straight to the victory:
I'm starting to see some similarities between Obama and Hitler's last days spent in the Berlin bunker. Oblivious to the will and needs of the citizens.
twigs on how Obama gets people to agree with him through evilness:
The Obama administration is using Dems to get what they want and are lining up new politicians who will, in turn, become the new fodder. When they have done what the adm. wants them to do, also probably based on dirty research, they will be thrown over and new aspiring politicians will be brought on. And so the pattern continues. The president is evil.
Vendome doesn't think Michael Steele is a bad enough dude to fight the President:

Michael Steele is an intellectual pantywaist with absolutely no testosterone, as evidenced by his rather soft speaking tone and bald head.

Overtaxed Patriot makes a hilarious nigger joke:

I was really surprised to hear that the “N” in NBA stood for National.

This stayed up all week. I wonder why people think Conservatives are racists?

Frantzie on how the CIA is full of girly-men these days:

Blackwater WAS the real CIA. The CIA now is filled with paper pushers, Obama goons and ACORN types.

crosslink wants Blackwater to revolt against their super-generous paymasters:

I would ask all my brother contractors to boycott protecting anyone in this administration. I would institute the boycotts on a rolling basis after I had escorted them outside the wire and say KISS MY ASS, I’m afraid of being prosecuted you better find your way back.

Lurker knows how to deal with failed states:
Remind me what vital national interests we have in Nigeria again? Let 'em end their Diplomatic relationship with us.

Then we can quit this stupid Kabuki dance and level their rathole of a country.

Friday, January 8, 2010

erm your Pelosi looks like Michelle Bachman.

Wow, using Vietnam napalm pics to make fun of Helen Thomas? Tricky!


Wait, Wonka was awesome! Or is this something about non-white hues?

Comparing Palin to the crazy lady in Beyond Thunderdome doesn't seem too flattering to me...

Ears! Haw haw haw!

McLaughlin is the left now?

Eat the Whales!

First, a disclaimer. Usually Free Republic is pretty one-note, with the debate about whether Obama is inept or evil. To be sure, I cherry-pick the craziest and pithiest comments, but they are pretty indicative of the thread.

In this case, Freepers were all over the map. But where is the fun in posting about Freepers trying to save the whales?

Thus, without further ado, Freepers on how we need to eat the whales in order to save them:

aMorePerfectUnion on why whaling is totally fine:

1. Whales that are not in danger of extinction can be harvested responsibly.

2. Whales are big. That doesn’t make them sacred.

3. Whales don’t sing. They make noise.

4. Anthropomorphism isn’t rationale.

5. Hunting whales is no more barbaric than hunting rabbits,
squirrels or deer. Are you also against all other forms of
hunting and fishing?

I presume he also is all for eating dogs, then.

EricT. wants evidence:

I see that there are FReepers who have bought into the whole magical mythical unicornian whale BS that GreenPeace indoctrinated America’s children on for the last 40 years.

Whales are just another mammal.

I’ve seen no evidence that baleen whales are any more intelligent than cattle. Those mystical whale songs don’t really sound much different than the noises I regularly hear from the cattle ranch down the road.

Again, I hope he eats dogs. Also, note the going against scientific consensus re: Cetacean intelligence.

elkfersupper is the thread namer:

Cows aren't endangered species because humans eat them.

If humans would eat more whales, there would be more whales.
Which is why buffalo flourish today!

teeman8r isn't sure any whales are endangered:

because man cannot possibly count all the whales, they must be endangered...

of that i am certain.


my kid loves dinosaurs, alas... he’ll never get to see one... *sniff*

The idea that all whales are the same. Also, extinctions are okay cause we don't need dinosaurs.

Then it gets ugly. Balding_Eagle lashes out at the most vociferous of the pro-whale crowd:

You know, I think we're being scammed here, Dengars story has changed. He first said he got a pet last year and that changed his mind about animals. Then he said he is a male, yet, as some have pointed out, 'he' rants and raves like a schoolgirl.

struggle wants us to think about the diversity:

Good. Japanese have eaten whale since before Christ and them being a developed country does not automatically disqualify them from continuing to consume them like other indigenous tribes.

Plus, whale is delicious.

Does this also hold for cannibals tribes?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I saw Avatar last weekend. So did Freepers. Hilarity ensued:

Williams notes that the film is liberal:
The enraging anti-American message. The evil guys decide to “fight terror with terror” and they launch a “shock and awe” campaign. I’m convinced that big tree was meant to be like the World Trade Towers, so we would feel that we are doing something to innocents as bad as what was done to us.

For the bad movie, and the bad politics, I spit on James Cameron.

So far, I agree. I cringed at Cameron's lack of subtlety, and I liked Ghost Rider.

Hayzo knows what Cameron was secretly doing, though - propaganda!

These hollywood liberal directors know their message will be rejected by most Americans unless the message is packaged with a pretty bow.

Yeah, audiences just don't buy military bad guys!

668 - Neighbor of the Beast expands the circle of evil:

My eyes would roll in a circle in a hoop that never ends, having to listen to that a few hundred times while babysitting Beloved Sibling. Who is coming up conservative, in spite of Disney.

Didn’t care for the gay undercurrents in Mulan either, but that’s another thread.

Avatar? No thanks.

Swiss takes a metaphor and makes a law of nature:

I call it the “Obama” effect. The media hypes something up “Awesome Special Effects”, “New Kind of Politician”, “A Movie like you never seen before”, “First African-American President ever”,”Touching Story”, “Hope and Change”, etc.

People wanting to get on the bandwagon buys an Avatar ticket or votes for Obama and finds the product not as good as the hype but James Cameron makes a mint to make his next liberal movie and Obama sleeps in the White House.

The key is will people keep buying the hype the media puts out?

pissant wants you all to get off his lawn:

My idea of cineam though is Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Bogart, and Audrey Hepburn. Little pricks like Tom Cruise and Decrapio don’t interest me.

Halgr gets the last laugh:

I really don’t care, I spent over $100 dollars taking several grandchildren to see it............TWICE!!!

I thought it was an excellent movie.



Unlike some here, I go to movies to be ENTERTAINED.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

et tu, Glenn?

How do Freepers reconcile their unthinking birther desire to make Obama not like them with their love of Beck's victimization populism, when Back says the birthers are 'crazy?' Glenn is tearing this family apart!

is one of the few that actually opts to choose:

Proof positive Beck is a corporate sellout for ratings.

Glenn can be replaced; a good conspiracy theory is hard to find.

Sherman Logan strikes a conciliatory note:

I believe it is commonly a liberal tactic to denounce all who disagree as traitors, or cowards, or liars, or butt-kissers.

Sometimes people sincerely disagree. I suggest they should be given the benefit of the doubt until it can be proven they arrived at their opinion via dishonorable motives.

yeah, it's totally liberals who call people traitors!

knows Beck is out of the mainstream:
Not one person in real life has ever said to me birthers were lunatics. I hear he is not a citizen. The only place I read birthers are lunatics is online anonymously.
"How could Nixon have won? No one I know voted for him!"

gunnyg hits on the answer: blame the system. The media is already known to be evil, beck is just a cog!

gb does not see, hear or speak anything that his masters @ faux do not want. Unless, of course, he is attacking these things.;They cannot even allow that others see, hear, or speak these things—opinions, that is.

Cause Fox us a bunch of commies! Also note the use of the 'faux' left wing term.


The Saudis own 40% stocks in FOX and dictates what is going to be said, and it is NOT anything about the muzzie usurper’s sealed records, very simple!!!

kiltie65 has a narrative:

The eligibility issue is most certainly real. Canada Free Press had that documentation a few months back that all the main networks told their anchors that if they mention the birth issue they are fired. (I know Lou Dobbs “resigned”, but it was just after he started talking about why doesn’t the Obummer just show the darn thing.) It’s just plain old CYA with all these media guys until someone, somewhere produces some hard facts then they’ll all jump on it like it is something new.

LOU DOBS WAS FIRED FOR HIS BIRTHIRISM! God forbid he has a heart attack soon. I always thought he looked kinda like Jesus if you squint reeeal hard.


Freepers hate RINOS who don't hew to their own extremist vision almost as much as they hate Democrats. But for Lindsey Grahm, a Republican who at times talks to Obama, they have special hate.

explains why:

Lindsey is an ass hat just like his mentor John McCain. He makes RINOs like Mitt or Rudy look respectable by comparison. They both represented very liberal constituencies. Lindsey does not.

Yeah! That seat should have a crazy person in it!

brings up the inevitable:
Lindsey Graham: New GOP Maverick

Doesn't a "maverick" at least have to act like a man?
He doesn't agree with Freepers, so he must be a girl!

knows what is responsible for this Graham problem:

Sorry, ain't gonna happen... at least until the SC GOP pull their collective head out of their ass and CLOSE THE PRIMARIES! Open primaries are how we got stuck with the Rump Ranger again LAST year.

SC democrats LOVE Lindsey, and voted for him in greater numbers than they did for their own candidate in the general election.
Henchster knows what's going on:

I see the liberal media is trying to pick our candidate again.

This Time, it won’t work. When Sarah wins, they are going to instantly run out of their meds.

It's all secretly about Palin!

Joe Boucher knows what to do with Graham:
Graham is RINO garbage and not worth a thimble of spit.
Please hook him up to a horse and drag him for a week.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

State of the Union plans

After Dems understandably plan to keep Republicans from obstructing the conference committee on health care, Freepers plan their revenge. First target: the State of the Union Address, because puerile tantrums are what America needs:

Boucheau on the apropriate attitutde:

Until the right wakes up to realize some very, very bad people are at the helm then these communists will continue their destruction, and separating you from your property and freedom.

Americans seem to sense something is wrong, but they sure-as-hell haven’t accepted the fact that this is a dire emergency, perhaps the greatest threat the people of this country have ever faced.

OMG! How dramatic! How to counter this?

freekitty raises the stakes even higher:

John Fund says they are going to make everyone including illegals register to vote so they can steal the 2010 election and call in the UN protectors to shoot us because they will fire on us.

Guyin4Os has the dramatic counter:
By totally boycotting the SotU, the GOP would make the plain and simple statement that this administration and Congress does not consider the loyal opposition consisting of the GOP and 54% of Americans who oppose govt-controlled health-care of any value whatsoever.
And America will be saaaaved!

Carling prefers being even more petty:
Actually, the GOP should attend, and then walk out after Joe Wilson again shouts out “YOU LIE” when Obama lies in the first few minutes of the speech. The speech will be given to the press ahead of time, so researching the lie, and making it stick, would be crucial to making this lasting image stand.
giotto manages to one-up even that silliness:
The Dems would just fill their empty seats with more people to clap and cheer. What the Republicans should do is attend and boo loudly whenever the Dems are cheering, shout "You lie," and sit with thumbs down during standing ovations. Let the media try to edit that out.
carolina71 just goes with violence

The GOP should attend the State of the Union Address and so should 15 Million+++ Americans.

Shut down DC. I’m there ! Are you?

Holy crap that's 3 +'s!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Maybe it's the holidays, but there was more Christian fascism than usual this week:

muawiyah knows that all evil is the same, and what to do with it:
There's no difference ~ Leftwingtards, Moslems, pukes ~ all same thing.

We must make sure to purge all of them when the time comes.
chuck_the_tv_out prefers to make arbitrary distinctions about evil, and SUPER-evil:

there are 2 basic kinds of socialism:
pro-host socialism: such as they have in France.
anti-host socialism (ie leftism, treason): such as they have in America.

For example, the French socialist establishment will allow immigrants to be mass deported, for the good of the host, without massive demonization of the actioner.

IbJensen on someone suing to take "under God" from it's 50-year-old place in the Pledge of Allegiance:

Go to hell, atheist. When the majority begins to rule you’ll just have to keep your mouth shut!

The Comedian on Muslims' true place:

Arrogant savages.

They shouldn't even be allowed to look us in the eye, let alone set foot in our country and use our technology.

ChildOfThe60s on how the new 2010 tea-parties are gonna be different:

I’ll be in DC [again] on 4/15.

But forget this respectful crap.

Yes, we must, and we can, disrupt the city severely.


These people understand only fear, and we must make them fear us.

ohioWfan heard Bush might have a medical problem, and gets all misty-eyed romantic:
I'm glad THE President is recovering, but I fear that America might never recover from losing him....

And I'm sure that, with what we're enduring right now, I won't recover.
"I won't recover?" What is this, Free Republic or a bodice-ripper romance novel?

griswold3 tells us a totally true story:

My mother didn’t join the Nazi party during the war. She tells of how she avoided the SS because she didn’t have ‘papers’. Once she was caught and sent to a work farm where she and another girl escaped by crawling through the open fields.

Right now, she’s having flashbacks.

His mother's Nazi-dar went off in 1939, and is going off now!

Rush had a bit of a cardiac scare. reasonisfaith knows what really causes heart attacks:

Somebody needs to make a list of everyone who has had contact with Rush in the past several days.

john mirse sees parallels:
Let's see if I have the following information correct:

1. On this Dec. 30, 2009, famous radio person Limbaugh is in a Honolulu, Hawaii hospital.

2. Limbaugh does not seem concerned that the public knows that he is in the hospital. No attempt at secrecy as I see it.

3. August 4, 1961: On the other hand, we can't find out what hospital Obama’s mother was in when she supposedly gave birth to Obama way back on August 4, 1961, which happened nearly 50 years ago.

4. Why all the secrecy surrounding Obama's mother stay in a Hawaii hospital way back on August 4, 1961?

5. My point is this: Why can't we get any Hawaii hospital to tell us officially if Obama’s mother was a patient there about 50 years ago, August 4, 1961, when we have no problem finding out today that Limabaugh is in a hospital in the same state of Hawaii?
Wonder if the 5 decade difference might have anything to do with it?

AlaskaErik wants us to arrest judges, or something:
I wonder when the other two branches are going to say enough is enough and put the judiciary back in its place. It should have been done 40 years ago with busing.
cruise_missile brings us the latest in Freeper genetic theory. Also Star Trek!

it was never in Spock’s genetic oode to be Captain. He knew it and the crew knew it.

Spock sucked at being Captain. Just like the Bamster.

Small detail that the left forgets.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday Pix

The latest target of Freeper focus. What, forgot about that fisting guy?

Freepers do hate them some Ron Paul.

Looks like they have peace in the targets, though.

Photoshop qualety!

Silly Obama, liking peace!

Wow, she even looks dumb!

OMG, Michelle Obama's shoes don't look like Freepers want them to!

White Secret Service guys just GOTTA hate Obama, and the love he shows for his wife!