Friday, January 31, 2014

Spotlight Friday: LyinLibs


This guy may be too crazy for Free Republic. He joined in 2011, and posted the usual anti-Muslim stuff. His profile is just Obama=Hitler. Ho hum. Jumped on the Obama's race war bandwagon for a while. He went super internet detective on the Boston bombing, but that ended far too quickly.

Now he's posting rapidly and repetitively about how Obama's not black, but some sorta hair-plugs Indonesian spy by way of Iran. Moreover, he's sure the whole thing is about to go public. He's getting into fights with long-time birthers, and generally making an ass of himself even here.

We'll see how long he lasts.

We must try all the crazy things, just in case.
Every lead must be pursued.

Even if impeachment never happens, we can nullify every law he has signed simply by exposing him as a usurper.

If the public sees stronger evidence and becomes convinced he’s a fraud, he (and congress) can pound their fists atop the law books all they want but people WON’T OBEY THOSE LAWS.

Some folks (eg Freepers) are already convinced due to the stolen SSN and 9-layer PDF forged BC.

Now, we must expand that audience by building a pile of evidence that will convince more and more people until we reach critical mass and it becomes accepted truth that he is a fraud.

At that moment, people will stop acting like his laws are valid and will realize this government is a racketeering scheme to funnel our wealth to Soros types.

Only facing public outrage/demonstrations would the corrupt scumbags in Congress bother going thru the motions of impeachment.

We need to expose their ‘brand’ as the National Socialist parasitic disease that it’s always been.
Then, it gets more bizarre...

Just wait till they discover he's NOT BLACK, and he has STRAIGHT hair like every Indonesian.

SOEBARKAH (aka ‘Obama’) is NOT BLACK.

He’s most likely a muslim from Indonesia.

He’s a plant by IRAN or PAKISTAN or __________.

Try running an Indonesian moslem with NO I.D. for president.

Then, try running the historic ‘1ST BLACK PRESIDENT.’
CONUS is how you know he's legit.
Iran isn’t ‘building and delivering’ anything.

Obamatollah is SUPPLYING the nuke/EMP that ‘Iran’ will use to nuke CONUS.

I hope to hell US military is on top of this!
All of Congress is gonna go to jail..
Most of Congress will stand trial Nuremberg-style before this is over.

Obama is a NON-CITIZEN.


Any Congressman who sees the evidence yet DOESN’T ACT is a collaborator, and will be prosecuted.
The whole theory at last!
US military knows Soebarkah (aka ‘Obama’) is a foreign plant.

My guess is IRAN.

Could be former USSR, coopted by IRAN or CHINA.

Anyway, half of Congress is blackmailed/involved.

Otherwise, they would have moved against Soebarkah by now.

Forget ‘natural born’ citizen.

Obama’s NOT ANY kind of citizen.

He’s an illegal, with ZERO forms of ID.

No birth cert.
Stolen SSN(s).
Forged Selective Service card.

I hope the military wraps this up before he Nukes/EMP’s CONUS.

I think Soebarkah knows the jig is up.
So does Congress.

If Congress sees the Arpaio/Zullo evidence yet DOES NOTHING, then Congress is complicit and thus they are collaborators prosecuted in the upcoming Nuremberg-style trials.
Even the voice is fake:
That Harry Lennix is history’s best acting coach.

He reportedly trained Soebarkah (aka ‘Obama’) how to act like a black man from Chicago.
The Social Security Number!

The psychicatric hospital also accepted ‘hospice’ (elderly) patients who have no relatives who’ve got nowhere to go.

In order to get Medicare (Medicaid?) benefits, elderly folks (example 90yrs old) who never had SSN’s had to suddenly obtain SSN numbers (example in 1976-1977) in order to get those government benefits.

So the psychiatric hospital staff apparently filled out the paperwork for the 90-yr-olds as the elderly lay in bed.

When the elderly hospice patients died, apparently it was the PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL’s job to #1 bury them (some were buried there, on the grounds); and #2 report the dead person’s SSN to the government as ‘deceased’ so it could be deactivated.

SSN’s ‘die with the deceased owner of the SSN.’ There are NOT re-used.

I read some blog yesterday telling me all this (psychiatric hospital), and claiming that one of Obama’s aliases, HARRISON J. BOUNEL, was born in 1890 and wound up elderly in that psychiatric hospital where he followed the ‘get an SSN to obtain medicare/medicaid’ pattern.

Then BOUNEL died.

Upon his death, it’s likely a staffer (or somebody) helped Obama obtain the dead man’s SSN. That’s why the SSN never ‘died’ along with BOUNEL.

Obama is guilty of just about everything I can think of.

Murder. Identity theft. Sabotage. Aiding the enemy (al-Qaeda). Possibly being a foreign agent of IRAN.
Not a birther? Not a Freeper!
So your excuse for Obama have ZERO FORMS OF LEGIT I.D. is......

Somebody in Baltimore hit the wrong key?

Better pick up your ‘Social Media’ bonus check at Valerie Jarrett’s office before they’re all hauled off to prison and the slush funds get shut down.
Romney also reminds me of Birtherism!
The same Romney who couldn’t beat the IRANIAN AGENT preaching islam with no I.D. ?




It’s obvious now.

You’re all going to prison.
Israel, please go birther soon!
If MOSSAD is reading this, we (USA) need all the help we can get.

The first ‘loose nuke’ Soebarkah throws is headed for Tel Aviv, so please help us remove this terrorist!
He is super important, and may be assassinated by Obama:
PS if I ‘drop dead of natural causes’ this year, IT WASN’T NATURAL CAUSES.

I’m in perfect health.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Freepers hate Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis. Democratic darling; came to notability by filibustering a Texas abortion bill; an embellished life story; woman. Freepers cannot but go to town in the most vile terms.

Mamzelle knows if she doesn't like it, it can't be pretty.
What a total, ugly, wart-faced b**ch.
Kaslin also has the six-year-old understanding of aesthetics and morality.
Not only is she ugly outside, but also inside.
Mamzelle again.
Abortion Barbie is a gold-digging, lying slut.
Jim Noble knows what it's called when you get a divorce after your husband supported her in law school:
When a whore picks up the cash and walks out the door, it is not “irony”.

Jim Noble is scared, though.
The Republican War on Women™ has never failed, wherever it has been deployed in an election.

Wendy Davis is a brave pioneer, scouting out how far the Big Lie can be extended.

She may surprise you.
Cletus.D.Yokel knows that if you want a woman to have options, you'd better take that option!
Anyone in the “party” or the press have stones to ask her why the girls weren’t aborted if they were such an inconvenience to her career? I mean, at least her first duaghter shold have been aborted...Wendy being such a champion of other single moms who make that decision.

central_va senses a uterine conspiracy:
Ultimately all politics is local vaginal.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Honorable Last Wish For A Dying Marine

A marine who served in the Philippines in the early 1950s was dishonorably discharged for homosexuality. Now he is dying. "The Marines acted on his dying request in just two weeks. Last Friday in Florida, a small group presented Faulkner with his honorable discharge."

Freepers are of two minds - many just blast incredible hatred at gayness. But others try to rationalize their hatred to be something more politically palatable:

hoagy62 is horrified:
Dear God....we have sunk SO low.
2ndDivisionVet equates homosexuality to a multitude of actual wrongdoing:
What about all of those discharged for rape, adultery, theft, murder, arson, pedophilia, bigamy, robbery and etc. Where are their upgraded discharges? LOL
2ndDivisionVet hastens to follow up that he doesn't mind gays, so long as they're quiet lesbians:
I knew homosexuals in the Army. As long as they didn't bother me, what business was it of mine? I don't think I ever knew a female MP who wasn't a lesbian, now that I think of it. I once asked out a gal in my intelligence unit and she explained her situation and I dropped the matter. The sea is full of fish.
MIchaelTArchangel just wants to yell FAGGOT:
Obama is always claiming to look for compromise.

Why not split the difference between an other than honorable discharge with the word HOMOSEXUAL on it and an honorable discharge by converting the discharge to a general discharge with the word FAGGOT on it?
IronJack jams as many slurs as he can into one post:
There was no "wrong." He was a homo. The Marines forbade homos from serving. When they found out he was a homo, they discharged him, and since he had lied about being a butt pirate, the discharge was dishonorable. As it should have been.

The only ones "wronged" here are the Marines, who have been portrayed as the bad guys while the rump wrecker is a poor, unfortunate "victim."
driftdiver's jokes make no sense, but they are mean!
His dignity was lost when his rectum fell out.
stinkerpot65 smugly invokes Hell:
Of course, after his millionth year in the torment of hell, that discharge status might not seem so important.
Hulka explains the real problem - lying!
Yes. . .and the fact he lied on his enlistment papers (where you deny homosexuality).

Even before he was a Marine, he lied.
AppyPappy bis sure it wasn't just homosexuality:
Most likely, the Marines found out when he was arrested for Solicitation or was caught trying to molest a lower rank.
FlingWingFlyer knows the real problem is gay reparations!
Why don’t the boa-boys at the Pentagon REALLY give him his “dying last wish”. Give him back pay back to ‘53 until now! LOL! Give it to all of the others who were thrown out for being homosexuals too! This is bull****! As for the back pay, that’s coming. The “lawyers” just haven’t gotten to it yet. “Fundamental transformation!” WAKE UP AMERICA!

2014 SOTU: And what’s with all the clapping?

Freepers didn't say this one was the worst, but they hate-watched it in a thousand-plus post thread:

Exit148 has never seen a State of the Union speech before:
He’s more hopped up than usual. He has practiced the words, and has learned the acting motions, but he is a bundle of energy. And what’s with all the clapping?
relee - Body Language!
STRONG handshakes! Such enthusiasm! He’s a real alpha male!!!!

and squinty eyed too tonight, could be interesting.
Red Steel is also infuriated by things that have been going on for the past 30 years.
Seals clapping.
Nowhere Man senses cocaine:
Wouldn’t surprise me abit if he was drugged up.

Probably doing lines. B-P
edpc's analysis ends in a different drug:
He looks high.

I thought the same thing and wondered if anyone else noticed. Looks like the Choom Gang is back together.
dennisw knows America:
Too strident for the American people. I think his scam to take dictatorial powers will get a thumbs down.

Lame and halting delivery sio far

UNCONVINCING!!! On my BS meter and the American peoples
Robwin finds the applause wanting:
I notice the applauses are fairly tepid ...

Agreed. Seems perfunctory and pressed
MinuteGal also hates State of the Union tropes alluva sudden:
Here comes another personal vignette.

He spins more fables than Aesop.

He's now in full Oscar acting mode.

Where's Price Waterhouse with the envelope?
You know who started with the anecdotes in the State of the Union? samadams2000 does!
Listened to Reagans state of the union speeches today. This is really low brow least common denominator stuff.
madison10 also misses the idealized past:
I couldn’t listen to Reagan now, I’d be bawling my eyes out. I really, really miss that U.S.A. and Reagan.

(Margaret Thatcher, too)
rodguy911 shouldn't quit his day job...
Zero is no hero
his swagger is a lagger,
He has a booming voice
but to listen is a choice.
He’s as gay as any fag and
leaves you holding the bag.
He’s as goofy as a veggie
but has huge appetite for Reggie.
As presidents go he’s not very hot
We all know the real deal he’s not.
I’m about ready for bed
gonna make sure he won’t get in my head.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RIP Pete Seeger

I grew up listening to Pete Seeger. It is a testement to the man's talent that many Freepers spend their time attempting to rationalize why they can respect his talent, and only a few dance on his Commie grave.

miss marmelstein knows Seeger secretly loved wearing tuxedos:
A fake and a phony who had a hand in killing all the industry on the Hudson River.

My husband once saw him on a tv show coming into the studio wearing a tux, changing into overalls for the interview, and walking out again in his tux and expensive coat.
ifinnegan knows true folk music is pro-market:
I never liked the man’s politics. But his songs captured the feel of a more innocent and idealistic America. He put folk music in the popular culture.

I saw it differently. I think his music was fake and imitative. It seemed stilted to me. He imitated a true art form for the communist goals. That was the interest in folk songs.

He did fake folk music.
dennisw explains that it was okay to be socialist back before Obama ruined America.
When Pete was at his peak America was much stronger and innocent. We were a producer nation with a strong middle class. No Obama, no affirmative action, minimal welfare. Everyone worked!! Whatever commie tinged songs that Seegar came out with had minimal political impact. It was simply seen as a folk music revival. A getting back to American roots./

So Pete was a preservationist of sorts and this is conservative, He knew American history unlike today’s pro-gay marraige leftist pukes
wardaddy remains a dick:
Godspeed you old commie


Mike Bloomfield shoulda killed you in 65(?) With his Telecaster

Clubbed you like a baby seal

Say hi to fellow commie woody...tell woody Arlo ain’t like him
Just to piss him off.. MadMax, the Grinning Reaper is pretty sure Pete Seeger was Stalin.
Another dead red! We’re on a roll.

Let’s put aside his music. Very talented, not bad on the environment but somewhat ignorant of the Columbia River PCB situation.

However, Seeger, even by his own admission, was a communist literally all his life. Now, suppose he had been a talented singer and Nazi all his life.

Would we be singing his praises and songs? Doubt it.

So we have a talented performer, much like covert Soviet asset Paul Robeson (CPUSA member too), whose support for the most genocidal ideology in man’s history, is given a past by the liberals and the Left.

I guess 100,000,000 and rising victims of communist torture, starvation, execution, and medical neglect isnt’ enough to prick their conscience, that very famous conscience that screamed about the horrors of Apartheid in South Africa, but remained silent while Castro and Raol and Che tortured and slaughted tens of thousands of Cuban patriots, including some of their closest friends.

Forget Tibet (at least Richard Gere cares). Forget the slaughter in both No. & S. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (where the term “killing fields” became synonmous with those of the SS’s actions during WW2.

No. Korea. The left is silent except for the Stalinist “Workers World Party” of Ramsey Clark (he’s their front man for IAC - International Action Center and ANSWER - Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).

Sendero Luminosa of Peru. Had a support group here in the US.

I guess if you are a talented leftist/communist, you get a pass on a lifetime of supporting ideological genocide. But if you a righty and supported Pinochet, the amateur strongman of Chile (who gave up power peacefully, as did Franco), then you are a Nazi incarnate.

Somewhere along the way, our history teachers, books, and newspaper writers have perverted, corrupted, and subverted the truth. Guess it is now going to be called “Common Core” knowledge.

Yes, get them while they are young, and they will be good little Obamites for the rest of their lives. I recall Hitler, Lenin and Stalin saying the same thing.

Irving Berlin, Burl Ives, Eddie Cantor, Frank Sinatra were great singers and writers, but they always remained patriots. Can’t say the same about old Pete Seeger (he only served in the Army in WW2 after the Germans attacked the Soviet Union, not before. A sunshine patriot on the Left.

Well, now he is worm-food for a while before he goes to entertain the “troops” in Hell. I can just see him singing “Kumbaya”, “Wemiway”, “Blowing in the Wind” and “If I Had a Hammer” to the Devil. That’s gonna be one helluva party (There’s that word again - Party. I guess you can take the man out of the Party but you can’t take the Party out of the man).

Like I said earlier, another dead red. I like that! Somewhere in the graveyards of the Siberian gulags, a few million tormented souls are smiling.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper - "a pedophile for communism"
Seeger’s music was real but he perverted it for the communist cause. That should have been a crime itself, a crime against culture and humanity.

Would have gotten him 10 years in a cell in Hanoi and a firing squad in the Soviet Union, Red China, and No. Korea.

Met him once when he was having a press conference about pollution on the Hudson River. His nose was redder than Rudolph’s. Not sure whether he was drunk or suffered from a skin condition.

He acted like your friendly “uncle” but in life, he was really a pedophile for communism

Steve Stockman Mystery Deepens

Via Anonymous.

No one knows where Congressman Steve Stockman is, though he's still sending out e-mails. In these times of peak paranoia, Freepers speculate about what awesome birther thing he's going to come out with next.

Really, though, it's all about one Freeper's total enthusiatic disconnect from reality.

LyinLibs wants Obama to know the jig is up, and no assasination will help him this time!
Stockman knows Obama is a foreign plant.

He’s not going to stroll around Capitol hill waiting for them to Breitbart/Fuddy/Hastings him.

You hear that, Jihad John Brennan at CIA?

Everybody has figured it out.

You’re all going to prison. It’s time to make a run for it, back to China or Russia or the Middle East.

Hell, even I figured it out on my own after absorbing all the materials online. And if my lazy butt can figure it out independently, then LOTS of folks with greater resources figured it out in detail LONG before i did.
LyinLibs tells all Democrats to run away to China, or blow up America.
......they’re all going to jail UNLESS they EMP conus first and make a run for it back to China or NKorea.

If this was 1960-1970 (no internet) they would have pulled off the hoax bc nobody would have seen any detail (birth cert; background; photos; Indonesian cults, etc).

Watch Iron Man 3. The villain isn’t a villain. He’s a drug addict ACTOR hired as front man by the villain, to insulate the villain.

Given plastic surgery. Given drugs. Given his own boat. And told to read lines off a screen
. NOTE: THIS IS AMAZING. LyinLibs then explains why Obama's hair proves he had plastic surgery to look black:

Maybe Stockman is getting hairplugs.

Notice anything about the (orange) line? It traces the shape of what looks like a vein. The 'vein' by coincidence just happens to EXACTLY match the edge of Obama's hair patten in front.

But let's assume that's a VEIN along his temple hairline. Then why the hell is the REAR (purple line) scar perfectly tracing the back of the same section of obama's 'hair.'

He's an ARAB/INDONESIAN with the best hair implants money can buy, to create an 'afro' hairstyle.

The hair is real (transplanted), or fake (synthetic). Doesn't matter. They healed the scars with cremes, then add MAKEUP caked on top to smooth out the edges (especially in front).

Remember, he's 'never without his makeup.' He reportedly 'cakes it on' and is always chased by a makeup artist with a makeup bag at all times.

Go ahead -- do your own search for photos online and look at the SCARS down the side, and across the back, of his head.

His whole head is divided by LONG SCARS in PERFECT SECTIONS, as if the entire surface of his head was resurfaced in pre-planned sections.

Car-accident scars are chaotic. Catastrophic injuries don't put 'perfect/sectional' scars on every side of your head that look engineered by a stylist.

Conclusion? He's NOT black.

An ARAB, or INDONESIAN/ASIAN planted in the USA by a foreign intelligence service would stick out like a sore thumb.

How many 'indonesians' have you met? I've met ZERO in my entire life. I'll probably never meet an 'indonesian' in my lifetime, b/c the USA isn't 20% indonesian.

But a 'BLACK' man blends right in.

A 'Black' man can assimilate into the community and begin COMMUNITY ORGANIZING, KGB-style, as explained in those Yuri Bezmenov (KGB defector) videos.

Stay tuned. I think this guy is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to infiltrate the USA, you don't send 'one guy who might get lucky,' you send an array of plants, then soak them in anti-USA brainwashing/propaganda as they grow up with Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, then you hope one ascends to power while the rest maybe stop at the 'Judge' or 'State Senator' level.

And you don't implant your agents thru NYC, you send them thru wide-open 'passport mill' Hawaii that's STILL handing a birth certifiate to any human being who walks in the door OR any human being who walks in the door to 'verbally report another human being (not in attendance) who needs a birth certificate.' 

iontheball senses something big, though he's unsure what:
My sense is that Steve is in to something very important. It is being reported he will be coming forward tomorrow with something. As we know, he is consumed with Obummer’s treason and multiple Constitutional violations. It could be Articles of Impeachment. It could be related to the Egyptian indictment of Obummer. It could have something to do with Joe Arpaio. Whatever it is, Steve would not have gone off the radar without a very good reason. It has to be important because he is putting his Hill responsibilities and his run for the Senate on hold while he prepares. As Drudge is famous for teasing: Developing . . . .
butterdezillion weighs in with her own particular logic about why Stockman will blow this case wide open:
Right now the Egyptians may be the people in the world who most understand what is at stake with the Obama communist-Islamist alliance taking over so much of the world. If Stockman, Bachman, etc are in dialog with the Egyptian leaders who are exposing Obama’s role in overthrowing moderate, non-Islamist Muslims all over the world and installing and arming the sharia terrorists, then I’ve got a good feeling about Stockman operating under stealth and will redouble my prayers for him and for the country, because the ride could get very, very bumpy very, very quickly.

Dinesh D'Souza indicted for violating U.S. election law

I think the right wing has been bored lately. Obama's not doing much new, and Michelle vacation/birthday rage is a bit tired the fifth year in a row.

That explains all the recent ruminating about doing something, for reals this time. It might also explain the right-wing reaction to Dinesh D'Souza's recent indictment. Where once they would say D'Souza was never actually conservative, now they are trumpeting Obama's Final Solution against patriots.

Freepers, of course, jump on the paranoia bandwagon with both feet:

CincyRichieRich knows no one she agrees with can do wrong:
This man is a patriot. He was sought after because he spoke the truth; his movie was dead on. Does he have a good legal defense? Does it matter since 0bvummer controls all three branches of gov't? Let's pray and petition God for his freedom...he is one of us.
freekitty goes straight for it:
Hitler. When is Obama going to be stopped?
happyhomemaker figures out the motive:
Interesting that he is set to debate Bill Ayers in a few day. Someone doesn’t want that to happen.
I have no idea what Covenantor has in mind:
Time to consider:
Underground Railroad II
Extremely Extreme Extremist lists the latest Republican stupidity stories, and assumes they are all Obama frame-jobs:
McDonnell, Christie, Walker, and other Republicans/conservatives are being targeted for elimination.

Maybe this is why Beck has toned it down, even apologizing on Fox News.
Starboard also loves the Hitlering:
First, they came for the TEA Party...

A wise and prescient post. There’s a very dark shadow creeping over the country.
Biggirl posts her usual:
I see more and more of the seeds of a future revolt being planted down the road.
flaglady47 knows all the judges are liberal tools of Obama:
Obama and his thugs (yes thugs) are using the Courts to go after political enemies. He knows 2 out of 3 judges will be liberals (judges have become as corrupt as the MSM), and therefore he will drag conservatives and even RINO’s into Court knowing if he can’t get them some other way, he will resort to the now corrupt legal system which will mostly do his bidding.

Obama’s regime will judge shop to get the best shot at having their way. And overzealous federal prosecutors from Eric Holder’s extra corrupt Justice Dept. will go after conservatives who have been indicted tooth and tong, exacting vengeance in Obama’s name for those that dare to cross the Diktator. We are now Amerika. The fascists rule. The situation is mighty bad, and there are 3 years to go folks. Better make sure the Pubs win the Senate in 2014 or we are all really, really screwed. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Next step could be open rebellion, Ukrainian style.
Mortrey just yells about Real Americans:
Benghazi Barry Soebarkah got the Communist Party USA’s support, as well as Al Quaeda’s support.

Yeah...he/she’s a “real” American. (cough....spit.)
INVAR laments that people who called him crazy will still call him crazy:
History teaches that under the current ideology of those now in power in this country - genocide is coming. A “political cleansing” if you will that won’t limit itself to just punishment for political beliefs. It will become a genocidal purge.

However, say this, and most Americans today think you are absurd to even warn of such a thing.

But 5 years ago - we were warning them that Conservatives would be targeted for political elimination, and they poo-poohed us then.

Those same folks today will probably tell us that this is not what it looks like.
Tax-chick does not care about the law anymore:
Honestly, I hope he walks on the election-finance charges, even if he's guilty. A Democrat "bundler" *snicker* would.
Duke of Milan knows Freepers are next.
D’Souza, O’Keefe, Hollywood conservative group Abe, and Steyn’s circus trial in DC. Not only did harassment from the IRS not stop, it has grown. This is a purge. These fascists are embarking on destroying opponents like a third world dictatorship. First they will go for all those who have stuck their heads up, those who are ‘famous’, but they will work their way down to the tea party rank and file. Destroying a portion at a time. Lord Jesus you tarry too long.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Potpourri

bigtoona is pretty sure burning books is the key to victory:
Stand and fight, burn the textbooks, make them replace them! the founders fought with only about 30% support of the population and won.
ThunderSleeps knows Al Queda is gonna kill us all, and is just lulling us into a false sense of security:
Oh look, A-Q tosses a few boneheaded ops out there for bammy and his cohorts to “find” and thwart. bammy is enough of a babe in the woods not to see it for what it is. That’s an experienced organization showing you what you want to see and collecting intel on your response, response time, decision loop, etc. When they’re ready, they will strike, and they will bring their A game. I guarantee you bammy and Co. is not ready for that.
fatnotlazy knows how to fix health care:
I agree — repeal Obamacide, but DO NOT REPLACE IT. Otherwise, these fools will trot out an even worse scheme — such as universal health care.
IMR 4350 knows Bush only kept Osama bin Laden alive was strategery:
The reason Bush kept Osama bin Laden alive was because it kept al Qaida centralized.

Anyone above the level of idiot knew killing OBL would make it more difficult to stop terrorist attacks because every terrorist in the world would be jockeying to take his place as the big dog in the terrorist world.

Zarkawi(sp?) out of Iraq found out in 2006 what happens when you tried to go around OBL and carry out an attack without his permission.
Jim Noble still thinks Medicare is a socialist plot nearly 50 years later:
The socialists in Congress in 1965 knew, I believe, that Medicare would (somehow) smash capitalism. But, being socialists, they did not anticipate all the creations of the medical-industrial complex that would start to incur deficits as early as 1984.

Since the Great Compromise of 1986, Congress has paid for all this by borrowing or printing money. All of them, Republicans and Democrats alike, understand that they’ve created a monster and that their foundational promises of 1965 were lies, but none of them have a clue how to end it.
cunning_fish responds to someone saying 'it's not all religion' :
Freepers have a terrible time understanding the world and the way it works. The world is not hung up on religion as the be all, end all for all action.

Putin supports Iran because Iran is a very good customer. One takes care of his customers.

Business trumps religion

Not to mention that Iran is a mortal foe of Sunni terrorists and a good leverage against Saudi-backed Al-Qaeda and Muzzie bros who are worse than Iran by a large margin.
faithhopecharity knows Iran is now ready to nuke America:
remember those Iranian nuclear missiles O has been protecting for five long years?

remember what the Iranian Mullahs keep saying, that their number one target is USA (their “Great Satan”)
mrsmel hates feminism, so she joins the mens rights movement:
There’s a lot of websites in the “manosphere” where single and divorced men talk about being onstrike or opting out of dealing with women in any kind of relationship because the courts are stacked against them if they get involved, even if not in a married relationship. Hearing about women like this harpy, I really don’t blame the men. Also, things like “my body, my choice”, but the man has no choice in whether to pay for the woman’s “choice”, even if it’s not his kid. (I don’t know if or how much that has changed since DNA testing became possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if in some really leftist states, the man would still have to pay just because the woman has become accustomed to the lifestyle he provided for her and a kid not his own).
Bronco_Buster_FweetHyagh finds the lack of torture in America to be a serious problem.
Prison? For molesting young boys? We have a serious problem in this country.

Prison does not come close to justice.

This piece of trash should be tortured then murdered.
envisio is sure the big money is in Freeper movies:
I have seen it and read countless articles of how liberal movies bomb at the box office. While Christian themed or patriotic movies enjoy big numbers. When will these people learn?
Fine.... let them waste millions on these stupid productions. I hope they go bankrupt.
SoFloFreeper smugly points out Obama is only approved of by not Real Americans:
The clown has an 86% approval rating from blacks, a 53% approval from youth, and that is just about the ONLY demos where he is over the halfway mark.

He is a FAILURE.
RinaseaofDs predicts that Russia is going to invade America, and then China.
China’s done quite a bit to kill itself of late, and haven’t learned Russia’s lesson that ‘less is more’ in terms of territorial control.

It’s not clear if China’s going to make it as the country she is today or not, but what is clear is that she needs the US consumer market or the jig is up. Demand will contract so fast that there will be food riots in China inside of a week if we went away.

China has 40MM Chinese men between the age of 18 and 40 that they don’t know what to do with at the moment. If China and Russia didn’t share a border, the Russians may happily decide to waste the US and take its chances.

The Chinese wouldn’t like it, but economically, the Russians don’t need us, so if the US went away, so what?

The weaker the Chinese get financially, and the stronger the Russians get, eventually there will be a doctrine point at which the Chinese won’t be able to afford war with Russia. At that point, Russia will take us out, and may ally with China to control Europe.

Then all those troops will be headed South.

I said the Russians will take us out. I didn’t say they’d nuke us.
broken_arrow1 is just waiting for the government to target him, then it's ON!
We are all waiting for the government to start shooting Tea Party pro-life, pro 2A extremists. They are not welcome in New York. That will be the breaking point. No one has died here yet...but it is getting closer by the day.
LibLieSlayer has decided drones and Afghanistan don't count:
Congrats to the Russians... this is how one deals with terrorists... not this republic of idiots... they voted for a terrorist TWICE!
Arlis knows former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell isn't to blame - it's his grasping wife!
My wife nailed this when the matter first became public - it was Maureen doing all the requests.....and that she ruled over Bob, demanding a life beyond their means, pushing Williams......(wife is a saint, and can smell a wicked woman a mile away).

It may be that Bob gets off lightly, but she is the one who gets hard time.

I have had time with Bob twice, seems a sincere and super guy. Very stupid in his involvement here, and in letting his wife rule him. Frankly, I doubt that any of this would have happened apart from her.
Oliviaforever gives the real story on Senator Vitter and prostitutes:
You are spreading half truths about Sen. Vitter.

The whole truth is as Sen. Vitter stated, and that is that while he may have visited a prostitute, he did so only to talk and nothing else like you have implied.

Sen. Vitter is a very ethical and moral family man with a stressful job and needed someone to talk to.

Moreover, he was likely talking to these prostitutes not just about his problems, but trying to guide these women to a more moral life.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Escalation in Ukraine

As if often the case with foreign countries, Freepers are not quite sure what to make of the violence in the Ukraine. It's not clear what side Obama would take, though some have decided Soros is involved.

So you get lots of little threads that kinda chase their tails until they peter out. Here is a sample of how it's going:

Tailgunner Joe sees the Cold War reborn:
Putin is selling out his own country just as much as Lukashenko and Yanukovych. If Putin succeeds in building his “Eurasian Union” it will be the EVIL EMPIRE reborn and it will be the end of Russia as a free and independent nation. Putin is destroying the freedom his own Russian people as well as the people of Ukraine. Putin is a traitor to Russia.
SeminoleCounty goes the other way, on accounta making up a Soros connection:
Putin is not a good person...and may have ulterior motives. But siding w Soros...who will definitely bring in EU Socialism and utterly retarded
gwjack knows the US is next:
It is interesting to me that people from the Western part of the country are slowly becoming sympathizers with the Revolution. That is what it has been referred to for two months - The Revolution.

My view is that joining the EU or being bailed out by Russia were both bad choices. They are both merely delaying the pattern of Greece.

It is a sad, sad situation. I believe it could be a precursor to what may happen in the USA.
Democrat_media wishes the US had some massive casualty political unrest:
Ukranians protest, fight etc.

we conservatives and Americans sit watching TV while the socialists/democrats take away our freedom, steal our money, ruin our opportunities to make money, while they steal our country and our birthright
mac_truck is sure this is some kinda conspiracy:
I was also puzzled by the intensity of the protest against what amounted to a bad trade deal with the European Union, so I started looking into it. The so-called revolution which is being presented as 'spontaneous' and 'pro-democracy', was in fact planned well in advance as a pre-election tactic and is being carried out by militant National Socialists from western Ukraine.

Now rather than compete in upcoming elections against an incumbent President who has lowered gas prices, restructured the government balance sheet, and raised the country's bond rating to attract investors, the divided 'pro-democracy' crowd has decided to attempt a putsch.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Spotlight Friday: envisio

His profile is a bunch of auto repair patches and some long Al Bundy quotes. He's mostly worried about masculinity. It's apparently really easy to lose. Also he can't stop seeing gayness everywhere

Poor people deserve it:
I always believed the old saying: If you take all the money away from the rich and destribute it to the poor... in 6 months the rich will have it right back.
Complaining about your daughter-in-law means you're not a man:
I hear this utter garbage in my office weekly

“She doesn’t respect my role as father”

She disrespected me

I don’t have a clue what it even means except that he didn’t get his way

I am guessing this man you speak of has testicles? Or have they been lost to his whiney emasculation?
Watching some anti-gun movie means you're not a man:
Well, to be honest... anyone who is a member of NRA will not watch this liberal garbage. And they will not be ‘scared’ if they do.

On the other hand... the femminized fag men that are interested in this garbage scare pretty easily.
He misses the days he'd bang ugly women like Michelle Obama:
Miserable? I’d take that Saquatch to the house at 3am and be smiling like a mule eating briars.

Of course, my buddies would be telling me to stop... then giving me hell for it the next day while I scrub myself with bleach. But it was fun.

Dang that was a long time ago.......
The biggest danger to cops is bystanders:
Cops here deal with an entirely different type of people. They HAVE to be aggresive... even with bystanders. Bystanders here would cause more trouble than the perp if left uncontrolled.
Obama secretly loves Muslim killings, like all Muslims secretly do:
He is doing what every other typical “moderate muslim” does.

They will publicly denounce this behavior. This is how they make sure that no muslims are ‘profiled’ and this is how they make sure no guilty white people start offending them. They insure everyone is afraid to be politically incorrect, giving their brothers the freedom to continue to kill and mame.

Then privately they cheer them on when nobody is watching.
His garage is full of ammo and freedom:
My garage is endless amount of tools and power equipment but half is dedicated to my RELOAD BENCH. A no way hell no huhhuh no way am I moving my reload bench for nobody nohow.

But I live in rural NC farmland so no liberal idiots and their upwardly mobile ideas will ever make their way here. We are still free Americans.
The problem with Hospitals is all the nonwhites:
A hospital with no Obama voters mooching and having no intention of even looking at a bill... where the waiting room does not look like a Hernadez family reunion... sounds good to me.
more on manliness:
Its actually very simple.

XY or XX

You either have a Y chromosome or you don’t.

If you do have a Y chromosome; take off those jammies, put down the latte, stop color-coordinating your drapes to your doillies, pick up a tool and fix something like a man.
Heterosexuals normals never talk about their 'partner'
I didnt notice they were gay.

I deduced that from the very first sentence.

“ partner and I...”

Normal people don’t talk like that.
What gay people do:
Husband and Husband.

Two grown men licking each others fecal matter. (sorry for the visual) And they speak of it like its totally normal... and the media and showbusiness celebrates it like its wonderful. Two grown men... going there... oh its so heart warming... SPIT PUKE!
Obama voters:
Hussein’s voters are ones that have never voted in their life, have NO IDEA what either candidate’s polocies are, have NO IDEA what problems America is facing but slapped an Obamam sticker on their ride and showed up to support “the brother” because JayZ told them to.
San SanFagsisco:
My question is; why would anyone choose to live in this Godforsaken hellhole?

Aside from smelly “artists”, butt pirates, stoned smelly hippies, upwardly-mobile hipsters, gay transtesticle non-gender-specific psycologically screwed freaks, that is.

SanFagsisco could burn while all the ashes fall into the bay and all the infinite numbers divided by zero would be the amount of f***s I would give.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hanging Obama

A black Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives tweeted that Obama should be hung for treason. He got a visit from the Secret Service. Freepers are split on the issue. The thread is small, but just about all of it is post-worthy.

Justa explains that the politics are actually awesome:
He’s getting lots of free advertising to conservatives and race-conscious voters aka his potential constituents. That’s a win in my book. And btw, many FL blacks don’t like Obama. If you recall he was heckled by a group in a ‘08 campaign stop in central FL. They told him to get out of FL and take his bs with him and held up signs to that effect.

Yeah, he’s lost the MSNBC and CNN viewers. Boohoo, mindless idiots to begin with. No loss there.
Ghost of SVR4 also think that calling for execution will make Americans think:
I’m glad he said it and I hope this gets lots and lots of attention. Next up after this gets lots of attention is “What made this guy say these things? DID Obama commit treason? Maybe we should take a closer look. Benghazi anyone?”
lee martell realizes this is crazy, and so wonders if this is a false flag op:
Regardless of his personal opinion, this is a very stupid, self-destructive thing to do. Here is a man who knows how to attract a ton of negative attention practically for free. This action is so dumb, I wonder if he’s a plant; a democrat who wants to make the republicans look mean, ignorant and dangerous. If this is legitimate, and he really is just a candidate expressing his opinion, then he is not intelligent enough to be a Tea Party or Rep. member. We (most conservatives) don’t want him.
caddie cites history, although not specifics:
You're wrong.

This guy has guts, and is right.

He has precisely the right mindset to turn this country around.

The libs are not going to just surrender, it is going to take really strong-willed opposition, just like his.

The only way his text is self-destructive is because the country is full of wimps like you.

PS presidents and candidates for POTUS and many other offices have been using rhetoric like this for years.

Pick up a history book once in your life.

Have a nice day.
Justa explains this guy was just calling for Obama to get due process and THEN hanged!
First off he was quoting another tweet and said he agreed.

Secondly, “treason” is a US Code violation with specific criteria. So if he’s saying someone comitted treason well that implies a forthcoming trial and conviction.

Third, what is the sentence for conviction of treason?

He’s a law and order conservative.
SoFloFreeper hits the liberal media:
He should not have said it....but let me many stories did we see about the threats to Bush?
First, there were lots of stories about idiots threatening Bush. Second, this guy isn't some random yahoo, he's a candidate for public office.

pallis thinks the Secret Service is fascist:
Sounds like a case of the Secret Service going beyond the call of duty to harass Obama’s political enemies. Did they ask Black to show them his papers in typical Gestapo fashion?
maddog55 has decided the secret service hates Obama:
If a poll were conducted in the Secret Service 9 out of 10 would dodge the bullet vice stepping in front.
StonyBurk has a new litmus test for being a real Republican!
I am bone weary of people who insist they do not agree with Obama—yet they are willing to tolerate TREASON. Had the commie from Kenya not carried that D attached to his coat—the captive press would have been screaming their affirmation.I have No respect for quisling Republicrats. Call them “progressives” or moderates— or whatever.I agree with this young man who reminds me of Allen West.Agreeing with American history and our Laws is now stupid? WOW!
null and void, as a birther, would like to quibble.
Did he actually say hanged, or executed?

Hanging is appropriate for traitors, but one can only be a traitor to one's own country. In the absence of transparency there is no clear proof that the subject of his ire is a US citizen.

Non-uniformed enemy spies and saboteurs are shot on sight.

Just sayin', and only as a finer legal point...

Besides, if we start hanging traitors, I'm not sure we have enough lamp posts! (Just kidding, NSA, JUST KIDDING!!!!)
Weirdly, BuffaloJack was not arrested after posting this:
What ever happened to First Amendment protection of political opinion and speech.
Obama want to void all guaranteed rights.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'I hate compromise but I hate the left even more.'

I said earlier that Freepers are arguing about idealism versus pragmatism. Looking at this thread, I think I was wrong to generalize - a few Freepers are arguing. Lazamataz, whom I hear is usually a good, big-hearted guy with a sense of humor, seems to be having kind of a crisis of impotent paranoia, and is riling up the troops.

rodguy911 gives us our title - he even bolded it!
For me once the primaries are over and I have done all I can to get rid of the hideous rinos and others I don't want to see in power in the party as trite as it sounds it is time to come together.

For me its either that or watch the socialist dems of every ilk from homos to communists unite and kick our ass once again.For me that is the ultimate insult and I do all I can to stop it from happening. Will I hold my nose and vote for a candidate who is 50-60% of what I wanted? Probably. Knowing I didn't do all I could and there is little if any excuse for getting less than I wanted but also realizing the consequences of all my actions.I simply can't be a party to allowing the hard left even more access than they already have.I hate compromise but I hate the left even more.

This forum is blessed with the voices of brilliance from all avenues of conservatism. I rue the day when any of them are stifled for not being 100% politically conservative enough.
Mouton rails against the business lobby and it's Democratic ways...
Recall that the Chamber is 100% about also pushing for amnesty. This is a true picture of business in this country, a facist inspired bunch on the dole of the government. What these clowns fail to recognize is as soon as they allow the left to win on O care and Amnesty, they will be next on the list when “equality of income” begins to play. Stockholders now have virtually no say in what management does but then they are capitalists by and large. When those who support socialism get farther in the majority, these “leaders” will rue the day they thought they were getting a leg up on everyone else due to cheap labor and moving their health costs onto their workers. The leg up will the those on them.
LibLieSlayer has a plan for businesses to stop banding together to negotiate.
You do not change the chamber of communists... you remove them from any position of authority. Business people despise them... do not join them... ridicule them and they will shrink.
Lazamataz knows everyone who isn't a Freeper is a liberal, and this worth hating:
Who hates who more, conservatives hating the GOPe for not being conservative enough or GOPe hating conservatives for thinking they are not conservatives too. Methinks the feeling is mutual.

Yes, I admit it.

I hate liberals.

No matter WHAT label they wear.
MinuteGal has a long post,but I posted the whole thing because its engagingly passionate, and because Freepers call it liberal:
I know most freepers already are aware of the fact that FR has become the repository of anti-Mormon wolf packs ( posting here for a couple years, now )....and now we see similar anti-Republican Party wolf packs who patrol our threads pouncing on posters who dare to criticize or comment on some issue or GOP politician that doesn't conform to the positions of the packs' various members.

What anti-something will be forming next?

Reading some of the threads this past week referring to Republicans such as Huckabee, Ryan and others, I was sickened at the coarse, vulgar, profane, insulting, hateful verbiage. You are either a wolf pack-styled "pure" conservative......or you are a despicable, stupid, treasonous Republican party member or leader who "embraces evil" as stated upthread.

The wolf pack members haven't the faintest clue that those of us who are conservative Republican Party members are no longer amused at the attacks on us because we don't pass their litmus tests on every political issue and personage. We're no longer amused that we are considered garbage just because we don't agree with losing strategies, i.e. third/fourth parties, or re-registering as "independents" (therefore becoming emasculated in many states' vital primaries)....or staying home and not voting at all. We cannot voice these opinions without nasty personal comebacks from the wolf-packers.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion here...and entitled to comebacks and pithy retorts, but it's becoming blatantly obvious that one must post and duck now if one's comment is quickly picked up by one of the roving wolf-packers and immediately becomes the target of over-the-line attacks and insults.

If one should protest the name-calling and personal insults, one is a "chicken" and should not be here....or one belongs over at DU, the Democrat leftist web site.

Management apparently doesn't care what's happening here...the former caveats on personal attacks and offensive language have been forsaken for a long time now....the current attitude is if you don't like it, leave.

I personally know many freepers who HAVE left this board, who are thinking of leaving this board....or who have cut out or cut down their contribution$ because of the intolerance, the coarse, graphic language and the verbal assaults currently rolling through many of the threads like an ever-enlarging snowball.


My conservative credentials are open for all to see....but if I don't watch my step and mention on a thread the wrong type of comment on a Huckabee or a Ryan or a Rubio or an Issa or whoever the wolf packs' current "Republican Party Outcast/Traitor de Jour" happens to be...well, then.... I instantly become one of those verboten "Republican RINOS"....or one of those vile "Republican moderates", not fit to sully the pages of this forum with my evil opinions.

I've just about had enough of the small group of anti-Republican Party attempts to take over thread after thread, not to mention the garbage, coarse "new tone" to be found on more and more Free Republic pages if you aren't a conservative "purist" and still belong to...gasp....the elite-controlled Republican Party.

If there's no room for staunch GOP adherents here who believe in working for change WITHIN the party, let's get it out in the open.

The wolf packs want a "pure" conservative forum here....GOP members are immediately suspect....and can get lost, for all they care.

If FR becomes a blatant anti-Republican Party hate-site, I'm outta here. I pray this will not happen.

Norm Lenhart calls Alinsky:
“The wolf pack members haven’t the faintest clue that those of us who are conservative Republican Party members are no longer amused at the attacks on us because we don’t pass their litmus tests on every political issue and personage.”

The traditional conservative has put 80% as the threshold for support. Romney couldn’t hit double digits. Most of the GOP leadership is far below it.

Your purity BS falls apart.

Show the math on how one moves right/conservative by electing and supporting people advocating leftist positions like illegal immigration, homosexual special rights, screwing our veterans, global warming, surveillance state tactics and the rest.

No really. Show us the math.

What you have written is a woe is use Sauls’ ‘personalize it’ tactic by labeling us as a wolfpack attacking you.

Your insanity should be attacked by any person that believes in principle. Lastly, why are you so arrogant as to poo poo the words of our founders who specifically told us to keep the enemy and his ideas in their own camp and out of yours (See Alexander Hamilton for details).

Unless the enemy’s camp IS your own.
Lazamataz also knows who'se a liberal:
I can DEMONSTRATE how you are not a conservative. When we are done with this, I will do so.

But try to do the same with me.

I've noticed you have a very hard time staying focused on a topic, so perhaps I ask too much, but: Staying focused only on the issues of the day, and on who I support as a politician, comb through my posting history, and point out the places where it can be stated I am not a Conservative.

Put up or shut up, you CINO Establishment Republican harridan. :)
Lazamataz takes pride in his civil demeanor:
Yes, and none of my civil demeanor and valid points is worth a damn.

Just because of who I happened to be on the thread with.

Why, that sounds positively liberal.

Yes, you've slipped. And yes: Good day.
Norm Lenhart declares that anyone he thinks is wrong is a liberal:
As Ronaldus said, The problem with liberals is that they think they know so many things that just aren’t so.

Mirror. Look in one.
Sirius Lee explains that you gotta treat everything that isn't doctrine as literally toxic:
You sound like one of those people who will guzzle a glass of 80% 'rat poison (jeb, christie, romney) because, by golly, it's less than 100% rat poison (hitlery).

I would like 100% fresh water (Cruz) or at the very least something with no more poison in it that Rand or Walker.

The days of swallowing whatever toxic, globalist, homo-advocating, gun-grabbing, federal-government-expanding, freedom-curtailing swill of a candidate the rovetards push is over.
DoughtyOne solves everyone's problem in a giant opus, excerpted here:
Article Four Section Four of the United States Constitution included language that states the president “SHALL” (will, must, cannot decide not to) protect the states from invasion. Bush didn’t bother. Not Dole, McCain, or Romney would have. Clinton didn’t. Obama hasn’t. They were of a mind on this subject. As bad as Obama is, his views are no worse on immigration than theirs were.

These men, as much as we may want to like them, were each destroyers. On one or more topics they killed our ability to approach people saying the Republicans were worth supporting, because on very important issues they would be better.


Our nation is dying. While we remain hopeful and supportive of the only party we’ve been a part of, it’s loyalty to us, and more importantly our Founders and Founding Documents, is non-existent.


I wish to turn this nation back into Ronald Reagan’s America. I do not want to turn it into Adolph Hitler’s idea of America.

We should pull together. We should not look for false problems. We should look for people who share our views and cause. We should join them, to turn this nation around.

If we keep focusing on the wrong issues, those that separate us falsely, our nation is doomed.

Whatever route we take from here, it must be one that is not predicated on waiting and hoping.

It is time to take a stand against the status quo, that being anything other than our founding principles.


It is up to each of us individually to reason if the Republican Party agrees to return to the Founding Principles. No matter what our belief or wishes are, the outcome of the party’s actions will be the same.

We must come to terms with what is taking place. We haven’t left our party…
See, everyone can agree on endless, repetitive complaints and railing against the status quo!

Ten Million Man March

There is an interesting undercurrent of on Free Republic these days. Whether their soul lies in idealism or pragmatism. Alas, most Freepers' souls are far to crazy to allow any debate at all. Thus, we have mutual accusations of liberalism followed by long, rambling posts that say nothing.

I find it all pretty interesting.

Here, Freepers contemplate going on a march with some other fringy group that wants to indict Congress or something. The efficacy of marches is an interesting political question - on which Freepers are wholly ill-equipped to address.

laplata is too sovereign for anything like solidarity:
I’d be happy to meet FReepers there but I don’t need permission from anyone to go.
Steve Newton, who suggested the whole thing, is properly subservient.
Yes indeed. I need Laz and Jim. Let me know guys.
RC one's paranoia runs deep:
I wonder if Obummer would drone strike such an assembly? I know he would love to. Pretty sure he would love a national emergency kind of event that could keep him in that office indefinitely too. I will be shocked if he walks away.
sauropod relives the glory days:
Great idea, but sorry to rain on your parade. We did the same thing back in 1998 as a Free Republic sponsored event and had all of maybe 4000 show up to impeach Bill Clinton. Some say we were influential for his impeachment, as the coordinator of the event, I believe not so much.

I disagree with you here ANV. While it is true that there were only 4000 that showed up, there was a follow-on event in early December which was the time of the impeachment proceedings on Capitol Hill. There were some linguine spined congresscritters that were beginning to waffle. 500 of us gathered on the Capital steps that day to do a backbone transplant.

It worked.
Thing is, it might have. From what I hear, the sudden re-emergence of the crazy right was nontrivial in the GOP's push.

A Navy Vet thinks the key is to start yelling about Communism.
With all the upmost due respect, I believe rallies/protests are no longer the way back to our Constitutional principles. They are ignored every day, unless you get something as large as the TEA Party rally that I believed changed the House. But then that was backed by a big name.

Get Glen Beck or Rush or Hannity to back a rally, then I'm on board. But Rush and Hannity refuse to get involved and only talk the talk on their shows. They're all hat and no cattle as Texans say. Stopped listening to them years ago because of lack of cajones. You and the crew in DC have more testicles in one fingernail than either Rush or Hannity has shown throughout their years in the media.

So what's the answer? For now we need money to promote our principles and message on TV, forget radio. What is our message?

To start: make the points of how USA capitalism has benefited the entire world (point by point - spell it out); we fought for our and others' freedoms (historically we're the good guys); socialism and communism has Never Ever worked and always devolved into oppression (give examples); self-responsibility is about being an honorable man or woman who accept their own future and fate for better or worse; racism is dead except for those who make money off it; Utopia is an unattainable dream since there will always be unfairness as long as bad people exist.
DeaconRed is mad as hell, but kinda lazy...
I agree we need to march, DC is not practical for anyone who lives pretty far away.

No where to stay, no reasonable place and the unreasonable places are few. I can't afford to go.

I am sure I am not alone. Sending email and snail mail is fruitless.

Hopefully the November voting will do the trick.
SeminoleCounty is focused on the GOP civil war....excellent.
The idea is good...although all energy first should be directed at the GOP-E.

We will never remove liberals and liberal policies until the GOP is cleaned out first. To think that there is any difference in the main parties is foolish

A better move would be to go after the money boys of the Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, and others who9 support ObamaCare, Illegal Alien Amnesty, Government subsidy of business, and others. Boycott businesses who are members of not vote for candidates who receive bribes from them. In short time you have a lot of folks on the run.

Doing this while doing a Ten Million Man March would be very productive.
UPDATE: Lazamataz gets on board in a much longer thread, but then Jim Robinson chooses a less expensive option:
Jim Robinson, on another thread: No date has been set. But I’m beginning to think this should not be a single event. It should be a movement. It needs to be many events in many places. We need to put the tea party on steroids. A movement of citizens throughout the USA to restore the constitutional limits on government and reclaim our God-given Liberty!!

My response:


That was brilliant. Pure brilliance. Why am I and usconservative and other organizers thinking only of DC? Why not in EVERY city???

That was a masterstroke.
Followed by:
See the message below. Anyone who says Jim isn’t freakin smart gets my contempt. He’s got a knack and feel for this sort of stuff.
Diffuse protests are always effective!

Laz enthusiastically endorses continuing to shake fists at clouds:
Absolutely agreed. Not a march — a MOVEMENT.
They're still talking about the DC thing, but now I guess it'll be he usual 12 Freepers.
Sad. I have a Palin shirt and everything.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, wife indicted

The Governor McDonnell case has been brewing for a while, and now he's been indicted. He was pretty kooky and socially conservative, but he wanted to get elected, so he didn't act like a Freeper. Thus, Freepers alternate between abandoning him and crying political prosecution:

JRandomFreeper is ready to passive-aggressively defend the Governor from any new Freepers:
His first mistake was raising taxes on some toll road deal I think. Then he was foolish enough to get in bed with a phony vitamin huckster and take a bunch of tacky gifts and shopping sprees. Bad judgement, and he and wife are looking at 20 years max. Cop a plea, Governor.

Why should he? This may well be another DeLay style prosecution.

Welcome to Free Republic.
Welcome indeed...

DannyTN is more angry at how it was reported:

  • Hate that a Republican is indicted.
  • Hate that the media reports the party only when it's a Republican who has done wrong.
  • Like that corruption is being prosecuted, because it makes both parties a little more hesitant.
ZULU edits reality to squeeze out more outrage and victimhood:
Has that black racist in the AG’s office EVER prosecuted a Democrat for ANYTHING???
Captain Jack Aubrey knows the unbiased thing to do is wait until after the election:
There is a special election today in Virginia in which control of the state senate is up for grabs. The Feds couldn’t wait one more day? Of course not. Guess who wins control of the senate.
ETL just remembers all bad things are by liberals, with this one exception:
we know that the overwhelming percentage of corruption, treason (or “treason-lite”), and infidelity, scandal cases involve democrats.
Oliviaforever know all prosecutions by Democrats are presumptively political.
We cannot ignore the fact that the governor is being persecuted by a Democratic administration. In almost all cases that fact means that is all political.
Dr.Deth needs no evidence either.
Intended strictly as a political prosecution, just like NJ and Wisconsin. Initiated straight out of the corrupted DOJ.

The only purpose of this is to drag it across the headlines for the next year in order to deliver Virginia as a newly minted blue-state in 2014 and eventually 2016.
kdot's conspiracies are slowly turning away from Obama...
Am I the only one who sees the Clintons behind this? McDonnell was a P or VP contender in 2016 (as was Christie). To me, it appears they are clearing the field. Sadly, McD gave just enough smoke to burn an overzealous fire. They installed McAuliffe as governor, then got rid of McD. It feels so familiar (Clinton politics), but it could just be me...


On most issues Freepers are monolithic, which is what makes their contradictory philosophy so hypocritical - you often see the same Freeper yelling about Obama's NSA, who previously praised Bush's steely-eyed homeland protecting. But MLK is not one of those issues.

The MLK woulda been a Republican threads generally contain different Freepers than the MLK was an inept adulterous Communist. Unlike the Civil War threads, Freepers maintain comity by ignoring each other.

From the "knock-out game" to Drudge's senseless drumbeat of race bating, 2013 was a year of racial polarization on the right. So Freepers are more on the denigrate and minimize train this year. Which I like - "Democrats are the real racists, content of character, bitches!" is a doctrine that has been refined to the point of anodyne rote bullshit, while MLK bashing is still raw, without the obviously counter-factual fringes removed:

ilovesarah2012 knows what black people are like:
Ah, he was just keepin’ it real.
twister881 went to work, bathed in spite:
Adulterer, Communist sympathizer, pliagiarist, serial liar. MLK, Jr. Day is as phony a holiday as is Kwanza. Thankful I’m working tomorrow.
The truth hurts. King was no hero. Just another pawn.
...Pawn of whom? Sauron?

MayflowerMadam stumbles onto the wrong thread, and is mostly ignored.
And MLK was a Republican; the dems never get around to giving that bit of info. I guess they just forget. ;)
Uncle Lonny knows MLK woulde been part of the war on whitey only Freepers see:
St Martin had feet of clay. That should not be censored. But what he did to bring down the Jim Crow Laws was right. He only asked for “Equal Justice Under Law” for ALL Americans.

Whether he would have maintained that just cause if he lived longer is a good question. Probably, he would be playing the Race Card at every opportunity to further Black Race Privilege like Jackson, Sharpton, and their guilt tripping white liberal supporters do.

A Black Race Privilege that allows black thugs to violently assault thousands of white victims out of racial hatred and revenge while the Corrupt Liberal Media, our cowardly political leaders, and the PC police turn a blind eye to it.
tobyhill - if King was one thing, it was a bad speaker:
Other than giving rambling speeches, he did absolutely nothing.
2nd Amendment finds having an affair keeps you from being moral. Soo...Bristol Palin? Rudy Giuliani?
I have a relative who is totally wrapped up in the King Legacy. He claims to be a Christian and draws strength from his life. I question how a serial adulterer who cheated on his wife can be a moral role model for anyone.
He knew his life was going to end violently

He didn't know squat. And if he were alive today, he'd have his hand out with the other race hustlers. It's a stinking shame that he's a role model whereas Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice are looked at with skepicism and/or contempt.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday potpourri

Louis Foxwell thinks Free Republic is going downhill, but still awesome.
I was among the first group who started on these threads in 1997/8. It was purer then, and shallower, and less rambunctious.
There is a greater mix of ideas, slanders, and idiots today. Many of the basest commentators are ignorant. But they are here and they have the chance to learn something.
This is still the very highest form of dialogue on the web. There is profound erudition, deeply principled thought and expertise beyond any hoped for expectation on virtually every topic. There is no better plaace to be.
Perhaps that is why we have attracted intellectual bumpkins from grade school, Rush’s heads full of mush. Give them pith and they will grow in wit and wisdom.
GraceG wants to cull the drug users:
you wanna stop drug use I have an idea...

1. Quietly intercept drug shipments and poison them with a random poison.

2. Run a PSA that tells everyone drugs do indeed contain poison because the government put the poison in there.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 until the problem takes care of itself...

No shooting of dogs or no knock raids required...
CodeToad keeps his vocab pure:
“public policy.”

Liberal term there. Just what does the public have to do with a dying patient? Since when was it your business?
driftdiver is presumably only thinking of White people here:
“Define “terminally ill””

Under Obamacare its when you are no longer a contributing member of society, aka not paying taxes.
Bryanw92 thinks Hitler saved the world:
History would have certainly been different if that man had killed Hitler, but not the history that most people believe it would have been.

Without Hitler, impoverished Germans would have probably embraced Red Banner Communism. They would have joined with Stalin and the two nations would have still tried to conquer Europe and beyond, in the name of the international brotherhood of workers.

How would WW2 have gone with Germany and the USSR united against the rest of Europe. What would an America, which was run by a Progressive (communist) throughout the 1930’s have done as the red wave swept across Europe and into Africa and Asia?

Even if killing Hitler in 1917 would have saved the 6 million Jews who died in the camps, Stalin’s treatment of Jews wasn’t much better.

If you don’t think that Germany would have slipped into Communism, just look at how easily it’s happening in the USA right now and we aren’t nearly as miserable as the people of Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s.
yefragetuwrabrumuy hilariously takes the liberal argument about media consolidation and calls it 'The conservative rebuttal'
The conservative rebuttal to this goes from the opposite direction: that the MSM has effectively become an oligopoly of about a dozen corporations, who organizationally are both vertical and horizontal monopolies.

That they have tiny amounts of competition does not make them competitive. So what is needed is to “anti-trust” these media companies to force competition.

The Federal Communications Commission used to have a powerful rule in place limiting individual media market domination by one or a few companies. That is, companies were limited in how many TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc., they could own or control in a single market.

But right now these dozen companies control the whole range of entertainment.

“Globally, large media conglomerates include Viacom, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, News Corporation, Bertelsmann AG, Sony, Comcast, Vivendi, Televisa, The Walt Disney Company, Hearst Corporation, Organizações Globo and Lagardère Group.

“As of 2012, The Walt Disney Company is the largest media conglomerate in the US, with News Corporation, Time Warner and Viacom ranking second, third and fourth respectively.”

So from the conservative point of view, breaking up this oligopoly and limiting growth, either vertical or horizontal, in media companies, would promulgate vastly more free speech and points of view to be aired.

I like to compare it to the breakup of AT&T, which in retrospect was essential for technical growth in the US across a huge band of communications. AT&T was “stuck in the 1960s”, and was a log-jam to innovation.

And there are still people who bemoan the end of that monopoly. For why, I have no idea.
See, this is what happens when you never talk to a liberal - you accidentally stumble into liberalism!

Patton@Bastogne's Newt boner is visible from outer space:
I personally met Newt and Callista Gingrich at the last Florida primary campaign stop in Tampa ...

they each graciously gave me their signatures in my copy of "The Federalist Papers" ...

As I departed that extraordinary "moment in time" ...

I looked at Newt Gingrich and said, "Thank you, Mr. President"

Newt Gingrich quickly, instinctively, looked up from his written signature,

as a sniper would when suddenly recognizing his prized target.

There was a genuine "fire in his eyes" ... the same fire that General Washington had at Valley Forge and Yorktown.

I will never forget that moment.

I firmly believe (and pray) that Newt Gingrich will be the 45th U.S. President of the United States of America.

"Let it be written. Let it be done."
Obadiah thinks the GOP's lack of mouth-frothing rage equals support:
What - exactly - is the difference between a Democrat and the GOP-e? In what areas of substance does the GOP-e differ from Democrats?

Obamacare? - no
Amnesty? - no
Abortion? - no
Expanding government? - no
Hating Conservatives? no
Federal fiscal integrity? - no

Just where is there any difference?
nascarnation - the Clintons murdered too many people to show Obama was a Kenyan usurper:
I’ve been pretty much convinced on here that the Clintons were blackmailed by the Chicago Mob over Arkancides.

So while Hillary could fire an occasional pot shot, the heavy artillery was mothballed.

Otherwise, I’m sure Palladino and Sutherland would have had very good success digging up the true history of Barry Hussein Soetoro.
cherry knows how to tell who is gay:
look at his skinny little seems so obvious.....
Man, jolly old Lazamataz is really gone sad and crazy lately:
Obama Can’t Help Dems Keep Senate

Oh, but he can.

Not by showing up to campaign, but by transferring Federal Funds to Democrat election efforts.... money stolen out of the nonfunctional Obamacare website.

Not by showing up to campaign, but by ramping up voter fraud to a 15% - 20% level.

Not by showing up to campaign, but letting illegal immigrants vote, and suing to prevent voter ID checking.

Oh, he will be helping. In fact, I predict a Republican bloodbath.
Nowhere Man was taught to hate MLK from a young age:
On Pittsburgh's North Side, we have a MLKjr elementary school. I remember watching them build it when I was a little kid in the early 1970's, it opened in 1973 IIRC. I'm sure you got a lot of schools named after him around the nation. I do remember asking Grandma who was Martin Luther King when I was that age, she just called him an agitator and a communist. I'm a Glenn Beck listener but I think Beck idolizes him too much, I guess because before I would drink the Kool-Aid, I want to know more about MLKjr, you know, like the equivalent of kicking the tires, looking under the hood, the frame underneath and so on to use a car analogy. MLKjr did say a lot of right things and so on, but still there is a side of me that is skeptical on him when I've read articles where he dissed Barry Goldwater and advocated wealth redistribution.
Check out his profile. He seems to be a character: "Angry Pittsburgh area "Neo-Victorian/Edwardian,"