Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Jim Robinson urges a Freeper on to violence:
Speak for yourself. I'm declaring personal sovereignty and going down swinging against these bastards. At least I'll die a free man.

Best go down all the way then or they’ll hang you by the gonads in a meat locker with piano wire.
The Sons of Liberty doesn't seem to much like Haiti.
New Clinton Foundation emails reveal that Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky wanted to get a plane down to Haiti

They've already got an island full of witch doctors and VooDoo priestesses down in Haiti. They don't need more.
chris37 has now become a sociopath - thanks Hillary!
I just don’t care anymore.

The Clintons can do anything they want, break any law they want, and they are just great.

But everyone else lives under a microscope.


Anything goes for everyone now.

Anyone can do anything they want.

If some woman gets groped, too damn bad.

Put some ice on it.
plushaye tells us all about Hillary's latest bender.
Jack Porosbiec (Citizens4Trump special projects director, former navy intel guy, former DC political operative) said yesterday in his Periscope (online update) that it’s been an open secret in DC that SHE has a drinking problem. He says whenever her rallies are disrupted by a Bill-is-a-rapist protestor, it sets off her drinking and meltdowns. I had heard earlier this year from somewhere else about the drinking issue and I rememeber being shocked.
Cletus.D.Yokel is so racist it's more ridiculous than awful:
Hillary had 2 person closed door meeting today with Head of Elections of Broward County [Brenda Snipes]

Response of Snipes (any relation to Wesley???):

Don’t you crackahs see that I gots me a Doctorate Degree?
Who is smarter, y’all rednecks or me?
Who is more protected by the US electorial process than me?
Y’all honkies should just go away.
crz sums it all up for us:
So to sum it up. 
IMO, OL BJ Clinton had this set up and then when Hilliary got into the state dept the pay for play started. She ran guns from Libya to Syria, and a problem happened, 4 guys got killed. That’s why she denied them any request for additional security. They had to be eliminated to keep the play for pay project gun runner going-running arms from Libya to Syria and then collecting the money and putting it into their pockets. 
Once they got the Syrian government collapsed, they then could let the Saudis go ahead with that pipeline the Saudis wanted to run up through Syria. That is why the Saudis, and other oil cartel countries, gave TONS of money to the Clinton foundation. Get it now?
Don Corleone jumps on the Obama will pardon everyone train, while trying to pivot his paranoia to Hillary:
Its not beyond belief that he would one day commute all prisoners sentences in a blanket amnesty. He hates America and “whitey” that much. And...Hillary makes him look like a choir boy by comparison.
Jack Hammer says buy gold:
If hillary is elected, it won’t be long before a pay telephone call costs a thousand bucks.

Bet the farm on it.
Viking2002 is brave enough that he's gonna build a wall hisself!
Okay, I’ll bite. Tell us some of these specific brave deeds you are willing to do.

Sure, I'll start. Help build a buffer wall around Arizona with my bare hands of necessary because the residency can't keep illegals, McCain, or Harry Reid from poisoning us from within. You?
Everything Roman_War_Criminal knows abut New York he learned from the Death Wish movies:
NYC is 3rd world in most parts
Brilliant knows every hint of disaster anywhere is from Hillary's plots:
Pence plane slides off runway at NYC's LaGuardia Airport

Attempted Arkancide.
montag813 keeps the tent small:
S.E. Cupp is the so-called “conservative” who literally weeped with joy on the air on CNN when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of “gay marriage.” She has blasted the GOP as racist. She is as “Republican” as David Brooks. No wonder she ran to the NYTimes for this tripe.
Chickensoup thinks this whole Comey reopening the Hillary e-mail investigation is a False Flag
I thought Weiner would be the fall guy for a long time, didn’t know how but the optics are compelling to leftist.

Poor Moslim woman who is right hand of the Woman of Women.

married to shlep Jew who cannot keep his schlepper in his pants who happens to be the only person looked at or brought to bear for security breaching documents.

There is something set up about this. All the other things that have happened and this guy gets it?

perfect leftist scenario.
gaijin is pretty sure Trump's not shooting his mouth off - he's Prophesying!

“Weiner is a SECURITY RISK to Huma and she’s better off WITHOUT HIM...”

Very prescient.

Same for Brussels Massacre:

“Belgium is nothing like it was and it’s sinking into a hole”

A week later..?


NEVER BEFORE has America’s choice been SO CRYSTAL CLEAR.
piytar is sure Comey is gonna get murdered by Hillary whatever he does:
Comey has two choices: Be prosecuted for malfeasance under a Trump administration or be Arkanasided.

Given that he’s probably going to be Arkanasided anyways (he knows too much), he may as well try to prevent the former.

PS If Comey “commits suicide” or is “mugged” (with nothing stolen), will any thinking person have any doubts about what happened? This of course does not include snowflakes and other demscum...

Monday Potpourri pt. III

DesertRhino is pretty sure Stronger Together, like all urges for unity, is secretly Fascist.
Oh, yeah. Stronger together. I get it. Kinda like an old Roman fascis, (meaning “bundle”) it’s a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging.

You can break one rod easily, but together, they are strong. I cant remember offhand, but it seems like there’s a political philosophy about that. I’m sure i’ll think of it.
Jim 0216 wants to reeducate America into the theocracy the Constitution truly demands:
Yup, time for Americans to start thinking for themselves once again like they used to. That means many need a re-education about what’s really true. Somehow, that needs to happen. A good starting place is

1) learning the biblical grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (Prov 1:7, 9:10)) and

2) learning about THEIR Constitution, its basis, structure, text and how it has been twisted and perverted by the Left to give the government more power, not constitutional limited power.

Americans need to wean themselves from the toxic and corrupt media and government who constantly lie and misinform.
After some small town had some voting machine problems, GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run thinks Hillary is gonna steal Texas
Clinton was claiming last week shevwould win Texas. Apparently she knew it would be stolen by George Soros voting machines flipping votes from Trump to Clinton.
supremedoctrine isn't sure how to find the SOROS inside:
ought-six———do you know in particular which voting machines might be Soros-controlled or related? And how to find out beforehand which machine you will be voting from in your own town? Who can we get this info from?
Talisker smells waffles or something:
The wafflers FINALLY smell Hillary’s Gestapo coming.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch defines patriotism as anything that hurts Hillary:
At this point, anyone who contributes to keeping the most corrupt politician to have ever sought the Presidency out of her husbands’ ORAL OFFICE is a patriot.
Alberta's Child explains why Hillary's pretend not-racism isn't fooling blacks this time!
Hillary Clinton ran against Obama on the strength of her appeal to working-class whites. That's why the Clinton campaign started the whole "birther" movement back in 2008.

Now, the political system has been turned upside down. The core of Clinton's support is now likely to vote for Donald Trump (maybe even overwhelmingly), so Hillary has to take off her KKK robe, extinguish the burning cross on Obama's front lawn, and run around pretending she actually gives a sh!t about black people.

A lot of black people aren't buying her bullsh!t. I've been saying for months that Trump is going to shock people with his support among black Americans.
StAnDeliver continues the black outreach by calling them Amish:
It's not so much how many blacks vote for Trump, it's how many don't vote for Cankles.

Obama won Amish 93-6 in 2012.

Cankles cannot afford to slip under 90.

Kerry lost despite Amish going 88-11; and Trump's win map, as I said a year ago, is going to look a LOT like 2004.

This is so much closer to happening that people realize: OH, FL, IA, NH, NV [269 - tie broken by GOP House]. Let's see Ryan kiss Trump's ring.
Yaelle is an odd Freeper; she refuses to dehumanize the opposition, yet buys into all the conspiracies that assume the left are sociopathic monsters:
I think I’ve seen everything and I still get shocked at this corruption. And how we live under rule of a greedy oligarchy that cheats to get power and sues the power to amass money for themselves only. THEY DONT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

So they took money from overseas, from a man who clearly was not an American. And they were fine with it when it came in. ONLY AFTER REALIZING THEY WERE SET UP did they return the money.

Special prosecutor NOW. Everyone must see this tape, yes, even before CNN HAS “approved it.” ;). Get it out there. This is a travesty if nothing comes of this.
Repealthe17thAmendment knows bad polls are good news for Trump:
The Clinton campaign is so arrogant, that they think the polls showing their lead is to their benefit. They think it demoralizes the Trump supporters and confirms what they believe is their right to power.

They can't even imagine how determined the Trump support is, or how flimsy their own support is.

Suppressing the vote definitely helps Trump.
Kickass Conservative knows the moral stand against Obamacare is fraud:
Screw the Penalties. Hide your money and go on Medicaid.
a fool in paradise is looking for the another version of the Whitey Tape:
Is that anything like the video of Barack Hussein Obama toasting a terrorist associate?

The LA Times admits to possessing the video but claims they won’t release it because the statement was made “off the record” at a private event.
Enchante is still into the Romney 'Fuck the poors' plan.
47% are definitely parasites. Romney did nothing wrong but tell the TRUTH.

That whole thing was such a farce, it never should have hurt Romney but the biased Mediascum turned it into a fake issue.
itsahoot clamps down on Freepers urging civility about Paul Ryan's wife:
I know you Trump guys love to rip Ryan, but attacking his wife - who has individually been out of public life for nearly 20 years - is slimy and low.

The preceding is a paid political announcement.

In further news Cruz still lost.
Exemplifying Freepers, hattend is engaged, though not informed:
Vote NO on everything. Nothing good comes out of California propositions. 

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Sci-fi fan Talisker thinks Hillary is some kinda borg or something:
Subdermal implant. Either to release chemicals or to emit some sort of radiated signal to her brain, which is why it’s in her face - ultra low power.

Any way you look at it, it’s creepy stuff.
On the other hand, pro-Borg MUDDOG has one word for NASA - Cyborgs:
Nothing on Muslim outreach, the stated mission of NASA under Obama.

As to post-Obama, I wonder if a spacecraft can even be built that protects humans from prolonged exposure to cosmic rays.

First build cyborgs. They’d be better space travelers than humans.
It's interesting how Trump's angry railing at nonwhites becomes reassurance to folks like freepertoo
Best speech I’ve ever heard, filled with hope.
flaglady47's explains 'choosing which side you are on includes which facts you believe:
that low level civilian is a Porn Star and a slut. And she as a low level civilian is attempting to inflict great harm on a Presidential candidate. You choose whose side you are on. I’m 100 percent on Trump’s side, with no equivocations for a paid off by the Dems whore.
Thanks to Freepers' conviction that Hillary's a killer, Pilgrim's Progress can call any anti-Hillary muckraking an act of heroism:
James O’Keefe is placing his life on the line to reveal the sordid side of Hillary Clinton. Rather than ‘not caring about it’ at least pray for his safety.
ConservaTeen is one of many Freepers still angry about Vietnam protesters:
Tom Hayden, famed anti-Vietnam war activist, dies aged 76

Bye you anti American jackass!!! Say hello to Satan for me...
Pope olezip lays down the one Catholic doctrine that counts:
Only a heretic would believe that indirectly supporting abortion is okay. Many, many Catholics practice heresy. They really believe that they are doing the right thing, because the Democrat (agent of Satan) brings jobs into their community.
AndyTheBear knows some news is too good to check:
On Twitter, Jill Stein has encouraged her followers to vote for Trump.

That is pretty fricken amazing news. Wonder if it will be on any "news" channel.
Pelham has gotten on board one of the more impotent Freeper memes.
‘Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.’
"See, it's like impotent rage, but it's more...potent!'

right way right's Cold Anger has truly made him an electoral force.
Cold anger makes me hang up and block pollsters numbers.
Pollsters really don't ever call my cell.
I don't believe the polls. So many are just are Shillariating. (I made a word)
Fear Luircin' incredible sulk!
If the election is stolen from us, the nightmare is only beginning.

And it’s YOUR nightmare, liberals.

When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable, as the saying goes.

And it’s not going to be burning down our own neighborhoods. It’s not going to be protests. It’s not going to be demonstrations that you can just ignore.

And I admit that I don’t want it to happen. But we are growing ever closer to the snapping point. And when it snaps, all the tension uncoils at once.
fhayek hates how he imagines Democrats never want honest debate:
I fear Democrats much more than I fear Russians. Evil people. The founders sought to foster debate. I think that any Freeper here would welcome honest debate with ANY Democrat. Democrats do not want debate. The want subservience. Their ideas do not win, anywhere. They want us neutralized.
Black Agnes urges Freepers to get more...proactive than merely poll watching.
Poll watching is very 20th century. Very anachronistic.

There’s no way to change evoting fraud by ‘watching’.

That’s what we’re up against unfortunately.
W. is still really hopeful:
Not long now, hillary disappears, President Trump takes the reigns, and we can all relax for a bit—but still remain ever vigilant...
In another example of the rise of 'Chistian' as a tribal totem over Republican, Bullish wishes Hillary's evil only on Secular America:a
I never really thought that much of Trump until all the Rs and Ds and MSMs lined up to destroy him. Now I see him as a good man up against impossible odds. Well, guess what? God makes the impossible seem like child’s play.

Secular Americans in a way kinda deserve Hillary. They’ve validated their tickets to this basket of evil so to speak.

The rest of us don’t deserve her at all.
DarthVader has his thumb on the pulse of America's military and spies:
She has lots to fear from intel/military communities. We want her hide!!
a fool in paradise has a great suggestion:
If HrottenC “wins” the “lameduck” Congress should start the impeachment process of her crook arse.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

SatinDoll has chosen to stop having sex.
I went chaste at 30 years old and will be 65 in about four months.

Isn’t is amazing how much you can get done?
Though doorgunner69 finds another Freeper doing the same thing to sound a little...feminist...
It is! I bypassed the entire dating scene during my twenties and I am SO thankful that I made that choice. It’s led to so many good ones and frankly I wonder why more young women don’t choose to just focus on building their own life. I do think our free society is often loaded with temptation, but thing is, that it does give women the ability to decide the person they want to be and express who they truly are.

Hence, women with slutty preferences end up screwing around and women who are decent end up being able to choose a quiet life of dedication and hard work without making a mess of their personal lives.

Forgive me for suggesting, but that sounds an awful lot like what the feminazis like to preach.

It sounds like you are wired a lot differently than most women. Good luck finding a guy that matches your personality. Not being offensive, just an observation.
HangUpNow quotes when Jesus said be a dick at Thanksgiving:
Matthew 10:34-36 (Berean Study Bible):

"Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 
A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household." ·
Jim Robinson zots a Freeper for not hating Mark Levin:
how do we advance Trump's chances by denigrating Levin who is doggedly, 20 hours a week, attacking Hillary?


I give Levin credit for doing the uni-party’s dirty work by backstabbing we the grassroots voters who nominated Trump and are working their tails off to get him elected. And if Hillary is elected, he’ll deserve his share of the credit for that too.

Now you can sit it out from FR for the rest of this election cycle with your foolish anti-Trumper friends. Your services here are no longer required—or welcome.
moovova is really working hard to turn Trump's compulsive bullying into an asset:
Trump’s smart.

Let it be known, right now, that he’ll be suing these women after the election. These women know Hillary’s not going to provide cover after the election. One or more, in order to sidestep a trial against a BILLIONAIRE, may just offer up information to Trump RE the false accusations...the HRC campaign instigator/contact person, etc.

This could very well be a fishing expedition. Hope he catches a big one.
DiogenesLamp explains that Obama is a 'jive talking simpleton.'
Before he became a US Senator, Obama couldn't properly operate a credit card. His finances were a mess and he was deep in debt. Had he not won that Illinois Senate seat, he would have been on the street in a few months.

Did you see that housing project this "community organizer" managed? Utterly bumbled in every conceivable way.

The man is a jive talking simpleton who destroys things because he lacks the intelligence to do otherwise. But for the media promoting this unaccomplished jackass we would have never heard of him.
sarge83 makes a number of social assumptions in this story...
I have a co-worker who is a commie and his wife is as well and long story short me and another co-worker take this guy out to lunch on his bday and he always invites his wife to come along.

She is against guns and firearms but the entire time asks me about them and CCW and I answer her honestly and point out misconceptions she has. Then she says well I could never own a gun because I would get mad and shoot someone over something stupid! To which I replied if you can’t control your temper, no you don’t need to own a firearm and went on to explain that with a CCW you have to control your temper, you have to deescalate situations and remain calm or risk legal repercussions, walk or drive away if you can.

After all this is said and done about how she hates guns she looks at me and says, when will you take me shooting!
Arthur McGowan is one of the Hllary=Islapocolypse guys.
Whatever the establishment tries to create, it will last a very short time, because it will be built on imported Muslim savages, sodomy, fiat money, abortion, and most of all, fetid stupidity. It will not last even as long as the Thousand-Year Reich.

It will not take much of Hillary’s absolute wickedness and incompetence to cause millions of people to freeze and starve—and that’s assuming that’s not what she wants.

If Hillary wins, we are months away from large-scale bloodshed if the military obeys Hillary, and a military coup if they keep their oath to the Constitution.
heterosupremacist is outsourcing his conspiracy theories to Europe.
In late September 2012, reports surfaced about the involvement of French secret services in the tracking and killing of Muammar Gaddafi. According to some sources, Gaddafi was in fact killed by a French spy who infiltrated the mob of rebels that captured Gaddafi, and shot him in the head after his capture. The motive was alleged to be to prevent Gaddafi from revealing links with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Former interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril, told Egyptian television that “it was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Qaddafi.”
MeganC tells us a little about herself while offended about made up crap.
Clinton Claims Trump is Autistic

I’m a functioning autistic and I resent Hillary’s remarks.
Dallas59 unleashes has canned affirmative action rant at the news that Lando is gonna be played by a black guy:
Donald Glover Cast as Young Lando Calrissian 
The thing that worries me is they cast a person not based on their abilities but based on their skin color, sexual habits, sexual preferences, gender and religious convictions....
cherry fights the power:
we're in a mail only state...Washington....we hold our ballets to the last day, and get them stamped properly or drop them in drop boxes...

that way the cheats in Seattle don't exactly know how many votes to make up...
Our school system seems to have failed cherry:
as far as I'm concerned, Julian et all are practicing nonviolent civil disobedience, like Gandhi...
Jamestown1630 no longer cares if Freepers start just making up wikileaks e-mails:
Please somebody send me a link to where this is found on wiki leaks if this is real.

Does it matter if it’s real? We know they (or rather their surrogates in the journo-world) have been doing it anyway.

All you need to do is look at the crowds that Trump brings out, and the ones Clinton doesn’t bring out.
At first I assumed this was BS. But once I realized the uniparty now contains everyone except Trump, Vision Thing is probably telling the truth.
glenn is butt hurt that wikileaks exposed him as a recipient of dnc uniparty money.
31R1O is making a list of dead cucks:
Glenn Beck is a cuck and is dead to me!


Please add to list as necessary...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Spotlight: jsanders2001

Why are the Texas Freepers so crazy? I know lots of people from Texas, and they all seem quite normal to me.

A Freeper claiming poverty and blaming it all on Obama, jsanders2001 stands out for his vivid fantasy life. It goes beyond conspiracies to a Walter Mitty level of imagination.

More than most Freepers, he's always posting about how his most fantastic conspiracy theories will be revealed to the world any day now.

But the big thing is how much he wishes he were in an action-espionage movie. Any day now Iran will attack and he'll have to spring into badass cloak-and-dagger action and bring revenge on all the evil conspiracies swirling around. Conservatives are the silent majority, natch, but they contend with a legion of sinister spies. All Non-Trumps Republicans secret Democrats and all Democrats are secret homosexual Satanist pedophiles.
Oh, and he was trained to secretly influence people. It's sad enough I don't even believe his boast that he won't pay his taxes, unless he's too poor to have them.

But the best bits are when he gets supernatural. He claims to be Christian, but I think it's only for the supernatural aspects. Satan, the Illuminati, Obama's the Antichrist, it's all there in a chaotic stew of dramatic evil set against his noble and heroic self.

The Poll Fakers just sit in a room and make stuff up.
I think they (the poll fakers) just sit in one room making this stuff all up; probably already have some pre-recorded phone calls as "proof that a poll was taken. Don't believe these idjits for one second. The MSM has been co-opted politically for mega money. I bet they make more money from their fake political BS than they do for some Super Bowl commercials. No one will ever trust the MSM again after the last 8 years. They screwed themselves.
See, Lefts propagandize with lies, but Rights propagandize with truth!
There is one major difference between what the Left and the Tight “pumps out” - the Left pumps out lies and deception. The Right just exposes the truth and let’s the facts land where they may.
'Not many know this, but I'm a secret hypno-agent.'
what most people don’t know is that I have experience and training in influencing people using non-verbal / semantic techniques to get them to do what I want them to do as part of my training as an operative in another life.
Obama obsessed with Trump's buildings, hates John Wayne
Both very masculine things. The tutu wearer can’t handle anything that even has the appearance of being masculine or straight.
Gay Obama and Gay Hillary.
The lying Leftists are already at work schilling for Hitlery. The gaystapo needs another gay president to furtherbtheor agenda...
Soon Gay Obama will be revealed!
Maybe Moochie will catch 0dumbo with a Wang in his mouth in the Oval Office and pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him. Hey it would make great TV for the MSM!
Gays always look like reptiles.
My gaydar just pegged.

Its the dead reptilian eyes and the McConnell mouth isn’t it? They have that broken in O shape that comes from years of use sort of like a used baseball glove.
Gays are all knife killers.
Homos are much more jealous and violent. You could never have a guy with 10 husbands. They would all kill each other in the most violent way possible. Knives are one of their preferred tools of death of homos because they are so much more personal. They hold the knife as they stab the victim and vent their rage that way. I know a guy who had a gay son that had a gay live-in lover. Seems his son wasn’t being “faithful”. They found him dead in his apartment with 35 stab wounds. The prosecutor got a conviction on the live-in lover when he held up a piece of cardboard in the courtroom and stabbed it with knife 35 times right in front of the jurors.
Everyone against Trump is a secret Democrat.
Who in Hell is Erick Erickson?

A leftist pretending to be a righty? Hell its getting harder to tell because so many of the leftists are brazen liars nowadays. They even set up faux Tea Party pages on Facebook to get uninformed voters to vote for their RINO candidate instead of a true conservative. I know of at least 2 sites that were put up in 2014 for that purpose. They usually put them up a few months ahead of the elections so they’re not as suspicious.
And then there's all the liberal pedos...
The pedophile officials that the Left keeps putting in office isn’t helping. Of course they seem to want it that way...
jsanders2001 versus the WalMart Muslims.
I know we have had 4 people that appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent visit our church one time each to never return again. By chance, I spotted one of them in a local Walmart and Asked her about her visit and she said something that seemed a little strange at the time but not anymore; she said I visit different churches all the time. She seemed a little suspicious atbthe time and I get the impression they are Muslims doing recon on an area before they target it for invasion.
We surround them!
The libs are learning that they are the vast minority finally. Everyone who is sane knows Trump is only saying what any normal person is thinking.
Well, we mostly surround them in the South...
Its a known fact that Southerners are a lot more laid back, trustworthy, loyal and friendly than the North Easterners. Everyone knows this. The percentage of Southerners that want to visit the Northeast quandrant of the U.S. is probably very low unless they originally came from that area. I avoid those areas unless I have no other choice. There’s more corruption in that neck of the woods than any other sector of this U.S. other than (basing this on thousands of fraud and corruption cases I’ve worked on for several decades).
Lets all go to the Southern Border to kill all the Muslims streaming across.
F#ck’em and Agenda 21. Line up a few million people on the border with weapons aimed across at them and let those Muzzie ba$tards try to walk through the line. We know what this is really about. Your strategy has been unveiled and you mission been revealed.
All evil all the time has him pretty grumpy.
You have to look over me at times. All the evil, all the time, gets me pretty grumpy dealing with the extreme evil that has been uncorked the last 8 years....
Libs been Alinskying us since 2008!
And just what the hell have the leftists liberal loonies been pumping out the past 8’years? They’ve tortured the right with constitutional law grabs, using executive orders to bypass the will of the American people, Alinkskyzing the $hit out of us with lies and deception of every magnitude, killed our police officers while being manipulated by a super wealthy white man and not even being smart enough to realize it, forcing us to pay for importing terrorists and programs that have bankrupted us, given our enemies access to weapons so that they can use to overtake us, etc... etc....the list goes on and on and on...

Suck it lefties, your day of reckoning has arrived. Way overdue but better late than never.
Obama's Presidency is impossible!
No senator with only 3 short terms under his belt and a non-practicing lawyer at that becomes president especially if he’s black. This was all setup. Why would anyone to to law school then become an activist? You’ could even go on and on about how his education was paid for and his identity poblems but it does no good.
The Commies fixed the election for Obama in the 1980s.
O was reportedly spotted coming out of Tom Ayers’ (Bill’s father) house back in the late 80’s after thanking the ole man for helping put him through college (Occidental) and was asked what his future plans were going to be by a postman Alan Hulton. His reply was “I’m going to be president of the United States” as though he knew it was already a done deal. You got to remember Tom was a Communist for it to have significance; something was obviously afoot...
Obama's election was a coup, because of all the things he's sure are happening:
There is no doubt in my mind at all that that his was coup that was carefully planned and executed with depth and precision.

The destruction of everything that made America the superpower it once was via attacks on the family unit,
Obamacare with hidden motives for the purpose of setting up a data file on every citizen which includes an RFID chip medical information, financial information, and other things we're probably not even aware of,
maybe even GPS tracking capabilities (but of course they wouldn't tell us that),
individuality / property rights,
The Constitution,
installation of a new religious ideology called Islam with a completely different type of law and punishment system,
the economy,
standing in the world community,
dismantling / weakening of the military,
attempts to disarm the populace,
sovereignty with borders that have been made porous,
the installment of advanced surveillance systems to monitor the populace,
the formation of a civilian military type force that has been setup to deal with public unrest and uprising (and development of new technologies to deal with them just the same, i.e the microwave heat gun),
the setting up of educational programs to indoctrinate children into the socialist mindset,
Agenda 21 type programs (dictates how communities are to be set up) that we are now just starting to see being implemented,
takeover of the MSM and use as a major propaganda and mind control device,
patriots have been painted as being terrorists while terrorists have been turned into celebrities and non-hostile to the left...

So you tell me. If its not a coup, what does one look like?
Remember when those American sailors wandered into Iranian waters? He thought it was a hoax.
Lemme guess. The sailors all look suspiciously middle eastern and their is a reflection of a film crew in the glass in one of the shots, right?
He worked hard to prove the hoax.
Look at the photo. The person looks like they could have middle eastern to me but with what looks like blue”ish”eyes. Anyone could photoshop brown eyes and make them blue easily and we know how the Iranians as well as ISIS have show they have decent computer skills that they use to manipulate and deceive their enemies like the recent fake tank “prototype” they had as well as the fake missile launcher trucks they posted online awhile back.
Time to get ready for 2014.
It’s time to gear up. Can’t say much beyond that because of the DemonRats that spy here on this board and report back to their Satan led lieutenants...
'Soon Iran will nuke us and my revenge movie fantasies can come true!'
Just remember if Iran develops a nuke and dops it on U.S. soil because of the funding and the Iran deal we gave them it’s going to open up a major case of whoop ass. People will no longer be sitting in thir homes waiting or the next bomb to drop. They will be driving to Washington in the millions ready to storm the Halls of Congress and pull members out of their seats and start executing them. People are way more fed up with the traitors than the realize.
Vigilantes are noble souls doing what the system cannot:

Vigilante? No.

[Vigilantes] do things to right injustices when the police can’t or won’t do their job.

These guys are nothing more than thug terrorists.
Attack all Muslims like they killed your wife.
Beating them up is just recreational violence and serves no purpose.

If someone beat up and raped your wife would you it back and say, "it's okay honey, you'll recover. Now don't hold any grudges". Hell no, you want street vengeance. They deserve it and your conformist and passive style just wont cut it when dealing with animals.
Polls bedamned, everyone hates Obama.
How is Obama’s approval rating 52%?

More like .052 %
Soon a rogue Obama agent will reveal that all mass shooters are a liberal anti-gun plot.
Seemingly random shootings that are unconnected? Hmm. You have to ask yourself - why would a person do this on random targets (a trade school and several restaurants) that apparently have no connection to him? Answer - politically motivated or ordered shooting to inflict fear into people so that they don’t feel safe anywhere. Why?: to incite fear to make people demand that guns be removed from the populace. Who would profit the most from this? Leftists and the current administration.

Someone somewhere will finally come clean and admit that there are teams working for the current administrative but they’re going to have to be smart and go rogue and staight to a trusted news media source they know they can trust and honestly there aren’t many of ‘em....
Every shooting he has a variety of this comment off the break.
We’ll find out AFTER the power grab that he was a psychotic atheist.

And we’ll find out that the gunman was given a fat envelope stuffed with several thousand stuffed in it by a mysterious man wearing a suit with a pin on his lapel shortly before the shooting incident...
Soon the government plot to import illegals will be revealed!
More people are looking into this orchestrated invasion than most people think. When you orchestrate something of this magnitude there are always witnesses, many of which were involved who will come forward to tell the truth because they know it’s wrong. There are also those people who figure things out no matter how much you compartmentalize it for the sake of secrecy.

I have already been hearing rumors about a nameless federal contractor’s employees who have been talking about being involved in transporting the illegal immigrants to the border. I don’t have the name of the company yet but some people are looking into it from what I’ve been told. There’s a lot of indications that FedGov is complicit with the invasion so far. Now to confirm.
Soon Obama's embezzlement will be revealed!
No telling how much the Obamas's have really stolen from taxpayers and secreted in offshore accounts but I bet they are just narcisstic to believe they will never be caught. Can't wait until they get busted. You know it's coming...
Soon Iran will bomb us and Obama will admit he's a gay Muslim!
And when the nukes go off on our soil, Obama will be thousands of miles away smiling to himself as the Amerca we know is blasted into oblivion. After divorrcing Moochie and collecting his commission checks from Soros, he’ll finally announce he was Muslim and gay all along and acknowledge that the 47 % were suckers...
I'll bet Kaine has a huge secret to be revealed!
Wikileaks it’s getting near that time. We’d like to see the goods on Kaine soon. I suspect it’s one thing that will be pretty damning and reveal his true nature. Hope it’s good stuff.
Getting impatient, he comes up with his own Kaine secret.
From his pics, it ure looks lie Kaine knows his way around a liquor bottle. I could be wrong but he has “the look” of a well seasoned drinker to me.
McDonalds science.
Clearly its not because the black children are more prone to get in fights, not listen, or do what the teacher tell them to do.../s

Visit any McDonald’s and sit and watch the children play on the playgrounds there for an hour and the answer will become abundantly clear...
Blacks are violent because they lack fathers...Naw, it's in their blood:
they will deny to the death that there is a disproprtionate problem with violence within the black populace because of lack of good parenting and fathers that are not there to discipline their children.

And that may not even help that much if they are just more genetically inclined to commit violent acts. It seems to be in their blood.
Always generalize based on anecdotes - Satan hates that!
It stands to reason that if a few Muslims were captured on camera celebrating 9/11 that there were many more given the milliins of Muslims that already lived here. You know how the Satan folowers like to nitpick arguments to make them seem invalid when they’re not.
There is no such thing as satire.
This isn’t satire. You’ve just revealed the “real” thinking processes the half human automatons are having at the moment. They just don’t like being beat at their own game and exposed for it to show themselves to be true demons they really are.
Tattoos are ugly - on women.
Women who get tattoos abandon feminity. It’s disgusting.

I agree. Mmm mmm those "tramp" stamps are going to look good in their 60's when they're stretched 3 times as wide
Gonna stop paying taxes.
I’m ready to stop paying taxes and be lawless too. It’s going to take a massive taxpayer revolt to remove the funds that they are using to opress us to get their attention. Hell I’ll just dump out what money from the bank I have left so they can’t freeze the accounts and if the want to file a lien on my house which isn’t paid for let ‘em.
The voter fraud busses!
You will see many coming up from Brownsville and Laredo in Texas loaded to the gills. They will probably be tour buses or Grehound buses (at the Greyhound facilities ) or the standard white government buses or vans. And they will probably have freshly minted bills in their possession. The Feds like to use Greyhound and other Mexican tour buses after they got busted using GS4 transports....
The horrors of a black Wonder Woman.
I’d much rather see a white, tall, slim, pretty, big breasted Wonder Woman than Queen Latifah or Kim Kardashian in the same suit. Just sayin...
Muslims protesting terrorism are only proof Muslims fear whitey!
Me thinks the Muzzies are sensing we’ve had just about enuf of their nonsense and are gearing up for a major Muzzie a$$ kicking of epic proportions. We’re talking raiding their temples, uncovering their hidden weapons caches and burning it to the ground. I think they sense this right now and it’s the only reason they’re convening; to give the impression they’re concerned. Yeah maybe 5%; the rest are cheering behind closed doors.
The only hope for whites is to start acting like ISIS.
whites are too nice and tolerant these days after years of being fed PC, fairness for all no matter who tries harder, equality / affirmative action, etc... Maybe if we ‘d start throwing homos from the roofs and stoning people we’d get some respect again.
Whites need to attack liberals.
White people have been too nice too long. The Muzzies and liberal agitators are awakening the sleeping giants.
'I heard African men are all dumb and savage.'
I heard a missionary say one time that he noticed one glaring consistency that might explain why Africa has not progressed very far. He said that when he visited any village he noticed that the men always sat around while the women did all the chores. After thinking about it, he said it made perfect sense why they still lived in huts made of cow dungwould add women walk 10 miles for water but never dug wells. They were just lazy in general.
2014 Cruz love.
Cruz would forego the PC crap and boot the Muzzies out of his administration...
Why don't we start a GoFundMe to assassinate Soros?
Surprised a gofundme account hasnt been setup to raise 5 Million for a Soros removal team. $10M for the family. Can’t let that evil or it’s spawn live on the face of the earth. He’s caused far too many problems and I’m sure his sons have already been raised to carry the torch in the event of hi death.
Any day now, SOROS!
Everybody that knows who Soros is agrees he should not be allowed to walk among the living and I have had this conversation with more than a few lately. His days are numbered.
Now I'm poor. Thanks, Obama!
Well I’m poor now primarily because of their belief in and gullibility of The One. Does that make them happy. Pobably but that’s much more telling about them than it is me.
Weird, Freeper dreams:
Obama’s economy has certainly depleted much of my savings. I had a dream about him last night for some reason and in it he was becoming richer by stealing tax dollars through some scheme. I just can’t remember how. Maybe it will come back to me later. I hate old
Eat the rich!
Rich Senators should not be able to pass legislation for peoples substantially poorer than they are.
Liberals, they gotta have porn:
Liberals HAVE to have their porn to feed their depravity. They won’t like this one bit. Between being forced to pay for Obamacare and the porn industry being impacted they will switch teams and begin to hate the man. I see a bad moon arisin’....
...Flaming arrows?
Flaming arrows is the only answer they will understand
Muslims go home!
If you want to go worship, there’s plenty more places to do it than Italy. Sorry Muzzies, your game plan has been figured out. Your “worship” includes very evil acts such as infidel killing, stoning, raping, throwing people from buildings, desecrating Christians’ places of worship, bombings, stabbings. Excuse this unChristian outburst but just GTFO. It’s necessary to repel evil with force at times and this is one of them. Go back to your own countries.
'Excuse this unChristian outburst.' LOL.

'I'd curse the Boy Scouts just like this, but that would be unChristian'
May all their support disappear, their organization close due to lack of participation, have to file bankruptcy, sued so that they lose all they were paid off by the LGBT groups, and the persons responsible be tormented by failed relationship and finances. That’s how I would curse them if it weren’t a sin. But it’s most likely what will happen given what I’ve seen happen to other scumbags in my lifetime. They will regret this but I feel they were probably cornered and pushed into a corner without too many options.
Obama is basically Satan.
Satan hates Israel. Let me re-phrase:
Obama hates Netanyahu.
It goes Holder -> Obama -> Satan.
He is a negro taking marching orders from a magic negro with connections to Satan himself.
So Obama's the Antichrist:
Staging for the ascension and revealing of the Anti-Christ in the WH
Soon God will supply my revenge!
Wormwood is coming and when it does the faggots are going to be screaming like sissies...
Vaccinations, or Operation Beast Mark?
Operation Beast Mark in progress. Get the kids used to being forced o do whatever the government tells them to and they will accept the tracking / citizen tracking vaccine or tattoo without question later as will their children...
Blackness is the Mark of Cain:
The destruction of White America is the destruction of America, period.

That’s what the elites seek.

And one Muslim descendent from the lineage of Cain who,worships Satan accelerated it tenfold
Katy Perry is Illuminati.
Katy Perry uses Illumanati symbols and Satanic items all throughout her shows. I look forward to the day here in a few years when her looks fade and she’s a has been so she’ll finally (maybe) shut that fat mouth of hers.
I'll bet the Illuminati uses abortions!
My gut tells me that many of these organs, and perhaps the babies themselves, are ultimately being used in some abominable satanic religious practice.

The Illuminati comes to mind and I’m willing to bet dear leader and his buddies are members.
Ugliness science
There isn't much you can do to fix ugly on that scale. Her eyes are so close together she looks like a human rat and she thinks everything that comes out of her mouth is great despite only being a mediocre singer who is only famous because her father set her up. She is of the megalomaniac variety having never endured any hardships excepting trying to decide what skanky out fit will match the color of her tongue best when she sits on a hint plastic wiener on stage.
Trump's latest accuser? Whore.
Looks like a hooker to me. I guess Hillary made her 11th payoff yesterday...
Putin Owns Obama.
The man is A Communist plant using Islam and socialism as tools to destroy the nation.Putin is probably laughing his butt off at the Kremlin while yrying to maintain a straight face in the public eye and put on that he hates Obama which he does. The irony is that Obama doesn’t realize that he’s Putin’s beotch and that his strings are actually being pulled by the Kremlin. I have to say, “well played” even being a victim...
Russia hacking us is God's work.
No it was more like spying which wins wars and something our government has absolutely no problem doing against its own citizens at all. ad the the truth of the matter is that your own people are doing it against you because they realize just how evil you have become. And you guys say there is no God. Be ready to learn that you've been wrong all along. Whe there is God, there is justice so either change your ways or get ready or more holy water and the burn....
Please invade us Putin!
Not all of America is godless Putin... but if you want to come over here and slay the godless there’s plenty here. Just look for the rainbow fags,,,er I meant flags, the MSM oulets that support them, and the entire WH and its occupants. If that’s not enough if a snack, there’s Congressional Hall which is just a hop, skip, and jump away. You’ll find plenty of pigs and turkeys there.

Note : You’ll have to beat ISIS thought. And don’t worry about trying to sneak your forces in. There’s about 1100 miles of wife open space south of the border that Obama has kept wide open for illegals to come and Cloward-Piven us with. So by all means the border’s open and just don’t forget to clean up when you’re through.
Writing the history of Meximerica.
Let the history books reflect that President Obama made a serioustactical error in judgment by making ‘”friends” with the illegal immigrants to get their votes and importing them en masse in 2014. It became the pivotal factor that led to the U.S. being assimilated and then taken over by Mexico after the Mexican government overthrew our government and defeated our military in 2024. One of they key factors to their success will be that the Hispanic population reached 80 % of the 1 billion living in the U.S; the majority of growth coming from the Hispanic communities.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hoax of black stereotypes destroying a Trump car.

It must be super frustrating for Freepers that the oppression they feel so strongly has yet to be overt.

Thus they wallowed in Drudge's daily posting of every black-on-white crime in America, until that got boring. And thus they fall for obvious hoaxes.

Such violence is a win-win for Freepers. It allows them to nod knowingly at actual evidence of their victimhood, while they get to avoid any of the actual unpleasantness involved in being actually oppressed.

WENDLE is incensed into rage by the low-hanging pants!!
Did you see those sorry ignorant thugs? That is you tax dollars with his fat dumb ass hanging out of his stolen walmart pants. We need to scorch the earth on this thuggery!! GO TRUMP!! GO TRUMP!!! Great video. MAKE AMERICA WORK AGAIN!! for their welfare!!
17th Miss Regt jokes how the bad blacks can't read:
How did the thugs know it was a Trump car? Could one of them actually read?
GrandJediMasterYoda jokes about blacks and jobs:
WELL can you blame them? Trump said *gasp* he wants to get them JOBS! Jobs! Can you imagine?
Girlene is really freaking gullible!
The narrator said he talked to some of the spectators who were yelling, “F Trump” while the crime was occurring. Some said they actually liked Trump on the “down-low”, but were afraid of the backlash from the community. Hopefully, they vote.....for Trump.
Molon Labbie sees signs of an apocalypse:
It’s going to get Mad Max before it gets Mayberry.
batterycommander is one of a number of Freepers to play coy with saying 'nigger:'
You figger Soros is niggardly in giving money for BLM purposes?
Candor7 - at last, Obama is ready to start this race war!
Well, well well.....
. Obama and his liberal fascist movement of streety kool and his gang have become the street soldiers Obama needs for his revlooshun.

Bring these thugs on. We will show you how much black lives matter while they commit felonies, rape, maiming and looting.
Not much.
Because liberals are the violent ones, Avid Coug has a sweet vandalism plan:
It would be fun to put Trump bumper stickers on the bumpers of cars parked in anti-Trump neighborhoods. Let their wonderful neighbors take it out on them.
Reminding us all he's in Hollywood, max americana is ready to shoot!
I dont put Trump stickers on my car either as I’m in Hollywood. I have the 2 gun logo at the back of my F150. It’s a hassle really. If I find someone scratching my car due to politics, I will destroy whoever it is who does it. Man, woman, fag etc

Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she thought about hitting Antonin Scalia with baseball bat

Freepers are ginning up some fake outrage about a minor, if perhaps ill-conceived, aside by Justice Sotomayor. This lets them attack the Justice's race and gender (I hope you like the word 'bitch!'), as well wish she'd meet a violent end as they yell that liberals are the real violent ones.

SpaceBar takes this deadly seriously:
I would hazard to guess that this is the first time in US history a sitting supreme court justice has admitted to contemplating homicide.
FreedomStar3028 hopes Scalia's racism was probably just to piss her off:
Yea, because Scalia could read her like an open book. An affirmative action appointment by an affirmative action President. No wonder Scalia said “things” about affirmative action, I’d be dropping offensive things about gay people all day too if I had to work with that dyke and watch her try to destroy my country every time she was on the bench.

Another point for Scalia.
Always able to spot the real racists, Neoliberalnot is sure Sotomayor hates everyone who isn't like her:
The La Raza Klan member demonstrates her hate for all things not Mexican. Who would think?
Pelham...I don't even know what thug means anymore.
Why is this a surprise? Sotomayor is a leftwing thug. Of course assault is on her mind.
gigster knows when they go low, you go lower:
Classy beotch, ain’t She?
Dilbert San Diego points out the hypocrisy of liberals not liking death threats and then talking about thinking about hitting a dead guy:
Aren’t liberals such peace loving people???

Remember after the Tucson shooting, liberals warned us not to use violent language or imagery or metaphors???

Anyone else remember how liberals have lectured us about inciting violence and the need to be civil in our discourse????

Now this bitch gets a pass because why?? Because if you are liberal you can say or do whatever the hell you want???

Can you imagine the reaction if Clarence Thomas indicated a desire to hit Justice Sotomayor over the head ??????.
Artisanal racist headsonpikes decides she can't have European roots:
Her roots appear to be more Aztec than Hispanic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she contemplated cutting Scalia’s heart out after braining him.

“Wise latina” indeed...
cherry uses this to lament how she's oppressed on the Internet:
If our Trump card doesn't win,get used to this...

get used to disgraceful and violent language and deeds against us and people like us....

and nothing will be done about it...

but you write one stinking thing on the internet against the bitch, the Fat,Bald,and Insignificant will be after you..
funfan wishes for her death:
Too bad she wasn’t found dead instead of Justice Scalia.
going hot's death wish is more elaborate:
Wow, I hope she doesn’t get mugged some night on her way home from the court, by a bat wielding assailant, who got the idea from listening to her descriptions of how she would have liked to use Scalia for a piñata.
Calvin Cooledge's black boss told him blacks want revenge for slavery:
Years ago I had a talk with my African American boss about the struggle for civil rights. He said that because of the history of slavery and racism in America, blacks did not want justice or equality. They wanted revenge.
tom h calls her fat.
Sotomayor could use either a stomach pump or gastric bypass surgery so she wouldn’t be so obese.

Even if thin, though, she would still be ugly.
Sirius Lee has a perfect circle of logic for all nonwhite males:
Affirmative action hires are inferior people.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hating Miley Cyrus

I don't get the impression many people actually cared that Miley Cyrus was canvasing door-to-door for Hillary in Virginia. But Breitbart did, and so did Freepers. Well played, Miley!

Let the Flukening begin!

awelliott wants some upclose action with a liberal:
It’s tempting to move to Virginia - this nasty tramp would never forget knocking on my door....
Old Grumpy is also itching to fight this girl:
Please come to Florida and knock on my door, PLEASE!! I would love to confront you at MY front door on MY property . . .
lee martell does not like kids' slang these days:
She says Trump ‘makes her ‘vom’.
So articulate! Is that who Hillary appeals to?
Thank You Rush - O tempore, O mores!
And I thought the sixties were bad. Was it possible for the country to sink any lower than it was then? We found out, didn’t we? Those same creeps went on to rule over us and now look at what we have....Are our grandkids going to have to be ruled over the likes of this tramp? What on earth is wrong with her parents or doesn’t she have any? I suppose the money she makes is more important! 
Shame on all of them and the people who support her lewdness...Hey - if Chelsea Clinton can make up words, then so can I! But I guess lewdness is really a word.
Califreak is trying to double down on 'nasty woman.'
She might be even nastier than Madonna.

Those nasty women really stick together don’t they?
Celtic Conservative has totally seen her tits! I haven't; I presume he was searching for them.
What’s she gonna do, flash her t*ts door to door? I’ve got news for ya Miley- due to your lax standards we’ve all seen them. Twice.
july4thfreedomfoundation outsources violence even in his fantasies:
I hope someone punches Miley the slut in her obnoxious creepy face.
DarthVader has the sickest of burns:
Smelly Virus!!
she and the hildabeast, the two most popular ISIS swine.
american_ranger focuses on the important thing:
She sure is flat chested.
EDINVA brings in some serious quantitative scientific analysis of her attractiveness:
Leaving aside the clown/tramp look, she’s not at all physically attractive facially. She falls just short of ugly when at her best.
Col Frank Slade...?
She will open your front door with her anus.
Was that a twerking reference?

Let's Roll sees Satan!
Even her hairdo mimics horns.
Nevadan sees sluts, sluts everywhere!
I had assumed that Hillary had the slut vote tied up, but Cyrus and Madonna confirm it.

Of course, Freepers love the Filipino strongman.

Filipino President Duerte has been consolidating his power largely through prosecuting 'drug dealers' via vigilante witch hunts. It's ironic how witch hunts makes a people feel safer even as it kills them.

And now he's opened a big trade deal with China, for no doubt a lot of personal inducements. Not that he's closing relations with America, he's just gonna sound like it. Not super surprising for a dictator figure to sell out his country.

Discarding due process? Ranting about corrupting national values? Anti-Obama rhetoric?! Who cares about allying with Communists, Freepers are in love.

kimtom is pretty sure Obama just lost World War 2.
Another Pacific Ally .....Gone!! Thank you Obumma

So much for the blood spilt 1941-1945
VanDeKoik predicts all of Asia will fall to the Chinese because Hillary Bad.
Looks like our foreign policy is on its own Bataan Death March.

With Hillary, it is a sure thing that Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia will fall into China’s orbit because they aren’t going to align with a nation that elects a nut like that.

Thailand may become a bit shaky for us, and Vietnam isnt going to cause China any issues as well.
NonValueAdded calls on Duarte to wait, because maybe America will be Great Again?!
But Duarte, it’s a bit premature don’tcha think? Or have you determined that sHrillary is going to win and her price for protection is just too darned high?
Truth29 thinks the problem is that Hillary doesn't think America is already great.
Another accomplishment by Obama/Hillary in the diminishment of the US to be just another country among many. Nothing special about her according to the enemy Left in the US. 
If Trump does not win on November 8, the US is headed to a future of a kleptocracy with a ruling elite and and a dependent mass of permanent Rat voters. Given enough time, Hillary will finish turning the US into something like Cuba or Venezuela with a considerable dash of Islamic terrorism.
Rooting for America to fail, grumpygresh is all for America becoming weak if Hillary's President!
This does vividly demonstrate that US is losing hegemony.

But let’s honestly ask ourselves if this is a bad thing. If Trump wins, this is a problem because I believe that an American military resurgence would be a worthwhile goal.

But if hitlery wins, maybe not. Hitlery could really be the ONE to round up her enemies and put them into camps, prisons and CMUs. at that point, conservatives would need a place to escape. A multipolar world at least gives us a chance to survive.
pepsi_junkie knows only Trump with his questioning of NATO and kissing up to Russia will be the reliable ally the world craves!
Here's the problem: Obama has made the US so unreliable and unpredictable that the Phillipine government has no idea (or faith) that he will support them in anything. And there they sit with "disputes" with giant China. China will gobble them up if they want to and the USA will probably (under Obama) do nothing but give some speech about how mean they are and how a sternly written letter is on the way to the UN right now.

They decided to align with China now when they had some ability to negotiate the terms rather than wait for the inevitable.

Bottom line: Trump is right when he says nobody respects (or trusts) Obama / Clinton.
nathanbedford is sure this is Obama's plan.
This is not the product of idiocy but of ideology.

This is a result desired by Obama's ideology.
Zionist Conspirator's strawman liberals are so confused!
Well, now that he’s with the Commies, there’ll be no more liberal complaints about how he treats drug dealers.
knarf is fully on board Duerte's vigilante justice train:
And Duterte is acting as a real father ...

You come into my country and give my kids drugs, I will kill you.
knarf goes off on a Freeper who dares to disapprove of how things are going in other countries:
Duterte is a self proclaimed Leftist. Where are the Duterte fan boys now ?

As a provocateur, you're a piker.

We whom speak positively about Rodrigo Duterte are commenting on a man that is governing his own country .... NOT YOURS.

What I say about Duterte is a personal opinion of a man that is actually DOing something for his country ... and he's doing it damned quickly.

Duterte is of the opinion America can do him no good and will investigate aligning with China.

Piss you off?

Maybe you have deeper issues than what a president of a foreign country is doing FOR his country.

Duterte and Trump are cut from the same cloth ... deal with it.

Stupid Irish, Dumb Germans, Idiot Spaniards, Foolish French, chinky Chinese, damned blacks, filthy freepers ....
So I guess he doesn't think it's appropriate to comment on Freeper villain Merkel, eh?

StAnDeliver predicts a Chinese coup of the Philippines:
So how much is the Philippine's bill going to be?

That's a good question, because it won't come due until China decides a Taiwan grab...

And commensurately, unscheduled 2GO cargo airliners dislodge hundreds of fatigue-wearing PLA (*cough cough* mainland Chinese friends) who are vanned off to 2GO ports in Manila and then ferried to other ports as well.

Duterte - who may be dumb but he's not stupid - promptly sh!ts himself and calls President Trump, who says, "What is your sovereignty worth to you, meathead?"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary leaked nuclear secrets during the debate!

Though they protest mightiliy it isn't so, in the past coupld of weeks it's clear to me that the right wing media has given up and stopped worrying about the election results, and with that lack of hope comes freedom; they now just stoke their own fires, unconstrained by politics or reality.

Thus the echo chamber has returned, creating Hillary conspiracies that are only confirmed by the fact that no one else seems to think they exist. And Hillary tossed off that our first-strike response time was four minutes, Freepers provided clicks to any who would cry treason.

Stay tuned at the end for some sweet sweet Hillary FanFiction!

xzins cites authority:
Sebastian Gorka agrees.

Clinton just violated national security.

She’s treasonous
xzins moves on to discard any authority other than his own:
You’re not experienced with these things.

All capabilities are classified.

Other nations guess all they want, they analyze all they want, but capabilities are never revealed, confirmed, or denied.

So, yes. It was classified. I imagine it was classified ABOVE top secret.
xzins explains how important an expert he is:
I was in intel when enlisted.

As a commissioned officer, I worked with Spec Ops units.
xzins also speculates about Hillar's secret sinister agenda:
She seems intent on a war with Russia
I wonder if she’s connected to any of the “start the world over” groups?
Diogenesis has never met an apocalyptic fantasy he doesn't like:
Knowing that delay time allows the Enemy
to perfect 1st and 2nd strikes before the US gets one off.

Ms. Clinton will truly follow the lead of the
First Moslem that supports al Qaeda, Iran, and
the Moslem Brotherhood (Nazis).
HiTech RedNeck does his usual thing - psychoanalyzing people.
In a way — please indulge me in some thought, at least, before panning me — that might be like her envious response to Donald’s adolescent (and inappropriate for public expression) fantasy about having whatever woman he wished? Hillary can’t grab any guy she wants, she is too old. However she could now nuke Russia in 4 minutes (and she has been oddly saber rattling recently). Was Freud altogether wrong to speak of penis envy?
Hillary envies youthful Trump's 'grab them by their pussy,' so she threatens to nuke Russia. Seems legit.

eyeamok is probably serious:
I cannot believe she was Not ARRESTED right in the Middle of the Debate as a NATIONAL SECURITY BREECH was Taking Place LIVE in front of the Whole World!!!
Lazamataz really shows how much Freepers care about reality these days:
As if countries with nuclear weapons don’t have the same protocols. As if countries with nuclear weapons don’t already know our protocols. As much as I despise Hillary, there was no treason committed here.

Sorry. It’s treasonous.
The thing is, an endless drumbeat, even on as meaningless as Fiddlstix's, does seem to have some effect in the long run...
ClinToon HATES America!
mastertex weaves a fantasy that our military is patriotically hiding stuff from Democrats:
I ‘am a bit surprised that Slow Joe Biden didn’t let this slip years ago.

Reason is NO one told him....if your considered a don’t get the information...Military calls it “Need to Know”...Hillary does NOT know either ....she just made it all up....think about’d be like giving Bill Clinton the key to daughters bed room....
No one else seems to care! hirn_man has proof of the cover up!
I have checked all the articles on FR I can find about this, and checked Drudge.

I notice not 1 mainstream outlet that I can find has mentioned this.

More cover-up by the MSM for their preferred candidate I suspect.

But if Donald so much as looks at a woman it will be non stop for days.
SERKIT's fan fiction tries for satire, but gets bogged down in tin foil:
Let's see how that would work for a Hillary Presidency:

From a dead sleep, Huma tries to rouse Hillary, this will take at least 10 minutes.

Huma helps Hillary out of bed. Hillary stands up, does a vertical seizure like she did on 9/11. The "Black Man in Black" gives her an injection, tossed Hillary in the undercover handicap van, and rushes Hillary to Chelsea's apartment. This takes 4 hours, Washington to New York.

While at Chelsea's apartment, Hillary is found to be dehydrated - self imposed due to the discomfort of incontinence, passed out, strikes her head, again, and needs brain surgery. This takes another 3 hours.

Hillary recovers. Her staff gives her a ceremonial football helmet with the Presidential seal on the side for the "next time there is a nuclear attack". This takes two months.

Hillary is asked for the location of the nuclear codes. She does not remember. A House Oversight meeting is held, and Hillary repeats that she cannot recall due to her head injury. The Committee goes into recess. This takes 3 months.

WikeLeaks finds the nuclear codes in the email of John Podesta, Sid Blumenthal, and Donna Brazile (and by extension in the email of a CNN reporter). This takes 30 seconds. Ultimately, the nuclear codes are found on the table of the Map Room in the White House.

The nuclear codes are found, a counter attack is launched, but alas it is too late since America is a vast nuclear wasteland from multiple missile attacks from Russia, North Korea, and our newest "partner in peace", The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bottom line: Hillary leaks the high-security 4 minute nuclear response time, which is actually closer to 4 months in the Clinton Regime, she sees the destruction, and says: "Four minutes? What difference, at this point does it make?"
Tom Clancy DCBryan1 is not...
0300 hours EST 2018: President Clinton and Huma soundly asleep in White House. Cyber attack begins from Russia. Target early warning and electric grids, and telephone/internet connecting stations.

0301 hrs EST: Russian ICBMs launch from Silos in a first strike, counterforce attack. Earlier all road and rail mobile ICBMs scattered for 2nd strike/counter value launch. SLBMs manned and ready. Hatches open.

Russia salvo fires ICBMs for simultaneous impact. Targets: LCCs in the Missile fields, Nuclear WSAs at Kirkland AFB, Kings Bay, and Bangor, along with Whiteman AFB Minot AFB, Dyess AFB, Barksdale AFB, Warren AFB, Malstrom AFB, Tinker AFB, etc. NATO WSA targets are also targeted at Aviano, Batman, Incirlik, Kleine-Brogel, Büchel, Volkel with 350kt SRBM missiles. Bear/Blackjack bombers scrambled from Engle air base with full loads. Command and control sites also targeted: White House, Pentagon, Site A,B,C,E,M,and R, Camp David, Naval Observatory, and another dozen alternate National Command Authority sites.

0302 hrs EST: only 1 of 5 early warning satellites over Russia detect thermal launch out of silos due to hacking/Anti-Satellite laser malfunctions.

0303 hrs EST: Massive cyber attack begins on Early warning radar, command and control, electrical grid.

0303 hrs EST: technicians at NORAD begin to trouble shoot why other satellites aren't seeing the thermal launch.

0304 hrs EST: National command authority receives first indication of "weird outages".

0305hrs: ICBMs lose first stage of missile. Luckily half of the satellites pick that thermal signature up on the backdrop of space.

0306hrs: First concerns at NORAD on possible missile attack. Technicians still trying to confirm launch vs. early morning sun rise in Russia.

0307hrs: Huma rolls over and removes drool covered arm from under Hillary's head. Russian 2nd stage on ICBMs nearing exo-atmospheric arc and depleting fuel. ICBMs now approaching 15,000 MPH.

0308hrs: First early warning Radar sees ICBMs rising above poles. Technicians spend 3 minutes figuring out if it is real, but first they look at the DEFCON board: 5 peacetime.

0309hrs: First phone calls being relayed to National Command Authority on possibility of launch. First General has been notified flying from Looking Glass out of Tinker AFB. It takes him 3 minutes to get "confidence unknown" call.

0310hrs: Marine One on standby alert has Auxiliary Power units pulled as it starts up and takes off towards White House lawn. VC-25 (Air Force One) is warmed up ready for take off at end of Andrews until a computer glitch restarts then deadlines engines.

0311: F22s at Langley get first alert. Only 2 Raptors ready. ETA 15 minutes.

0315: Radar+thermal launch tests have been run and the confidence is high of decapitation strike inbound.

0316: USSS bust into East Wing of White House and PULL a naked Hillary out of bed, still unconscious. Luckily, USSS have much experience carrying Hillary like this. They rush outside for awaiting Marine Corps 1 from Langley. Nuclear Breifcase is rushed out of safe and is being "warmed up".

0317hrs: As Hillary sits naked in the cold, screaming obscenities, warm clothes brought to her, not hers, blankets and black London Fog Jackets by USSS. Her tirade at USSS continues as USAF LTC tells her that this is a national emergency and ICBMs could be inbound. Hillary continues to scream incredulously with slurred speech.

0318hrs: Huma shows up with a small bag. USAF officer arrives and asks if Hillary on drugs and if she had been drinking. Huma admits that Hillary took Clonidine for high blood pressure and an ambien at 11PM. She had 2 glasses of wine with dinner. USAF nuclear officer confirms with Global Strike Command that the VP is now CINC due to medical/alcohol incapacitation by Hillary.

0320: The Vice President is awakened

0321: Various Congressmen/Congresswomen are trying to be found, esp. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Pro Temporate Harry Reid. Secretary of State John Kerry is the only official out of the CONUS in Thailand and is not answering his phone.

0322: Marine One arrives and picks up WH staff.

0323: Marine One leaves White House. Everyone but Hillary looks scared to death. Hillary is pissed because she knows this is a drill. She asks if any networks or reporters are aware of "this bullshit" and threatens heads will roll for this indignity.

0325hrs: 2nd stage on Russian ICBMs cut off and MIRV packages begin to separate. At first, Dummy warheads come out emitting signals to confuse any ABM program. The next warheads are real. The first to let go are now being released. One warhead remains to explode once the others are clear, and at high altitude for EMP effects.

0328: Hillary lands at Andrews AFB. She is notified that something is wrong with Air Force One. It is dark on the base, the lights are out. The short briefing on Marine One has sobered her up and the reality of the attack is upon her. She is decisive and opens the football and starts to enter the first phase of the Special Action Link messages to authenticate release of our nuclear weapons to the military. She fumbles through the codes and has Huma enter them for her. She knows they have FOUR minutes. Hillary remembers that she gave up that information on the last TV debate and damn near lost to that statement. Only voter fraud and never Trumpers took her over the top to win, she reminds herself.

0329: Hillary and the accompanying staff look up as the first MIRVs from the SS-29 (Topol MR) start exploding. The first explodes 50,000 feet in the air. Harmless to those on the ground, but causes and EMP pulse that fries everything non-shielded from NC to NY, west to OH. The remaining four MIRVs dive at 18,000 MPH and explode.

0330: Bright flashes can be seen from the International Space Station at what must be DC and the surrounding area. Andrews, Langley, Pentagon, White House, Site R, Camp David, etc all lie in ruins. No one knows who the President is at 0331hrs. Warheads continue to fall over America, crippling our nuclear deterrent, taking out 75% of our deployable warheads, 95% of our ALCMs, 80% of our SLBMs, and 100% of built, but not deployed nukes in storage. Of the 6 Ohio class SSBNs deployed, only 2 of them are remaining. Four don't reply. Somehow they were tracked and destroyed. America now only has ~300 warheads out of 4500 30 minutes earlier. Russia still has 2,000 warheads ready for counter value strikes.

No air raid sirens were sounded, no TV program sent an alert, no one but the very ones we voted to protect us knew what was coming. Now all are dead along with millions of others.

0600hrs EST John F'n Kerry is picking up the phone ready to surrender to the Russians from Thailand.
I find the scenery chewing of angry, drugged Hillary pretty compelling. And how is the attack on our mainland taking out our Air Launched Cruise Missiles and Subs?