Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oh I hope we lose a war with Russia!

There's a lot of tension with Russia over Syria these days. Freepers have long ago started to root for Russia over America, as their frustration has curdled into nihilism.

So they are very enthusiastic about preemptively blaming Obama for attacking Russia, and then further preemptively blaming him for losing the war. America gets punished; it's Obama's fault, everybody wins, except for reality!

Even at this late hour, bgill is still on the martial law train:
Our Terrorist in Chief will do anything to declare martial law and start a war to stay in office if Hellary isn’t a sure win.
bray knows the only candidate that will bring piece:
Obama is trying to start WWIII. Vote Trump!

Pray America wakes
Little Pig may be confused about who is the more powerful country here...
Wonderful. Nothing like poking the Bear with a sharp stick. Let’s just hope that they don’t find any unexploded mortar rounds in the rubble that only a US-made mortar would use. 
The last thing we need with barely a month until the election is for Russia to decide they need to bitch-slap the Obama administration.
Fitzy_888 dares to reveal TOP SECRET INFO!
We cut diplomatic ties yesterday...don’t respond, pretend you didn’t even hear this.
angcat is pretty into losing a war:
Sounds like Russia is going to kick our ass soon. I hope they target the White House asap.
Eleutheria5 is already prepping:
Well, folks. Start digging if you haven’t already built a shelter. When resting, read Alas, Babylon, forget the author, book from the 1950s, and realize that the scenario he describes is extremely rose tinted.
x_plus_one knows Russia never bluffs about nukes:
I don’t think the Russians want to destroy us in order to stop us. The victor of that war would find themselves ruling in hell in short order.

The Russians do not share your viewpoint and they are the ones with the nukes. Not you.
thoughtomator explains that Russia needs to nuke us because we are evil:
The US has empowered individuals of diabolic nature to direct our foreign policy.

Russia’s reaction is rational and reasonable given who they are dealing with, and the significant possibility that they may have to deal with Clinton for another 4+ years as well.

Any rational person in their shoes would be locked and loaded as well.
SaraJohnson agrees - Russia are 'whitey Christians' and thus the good guys here.
Russians are whitey Christians. Their government is looking out for the interests of Russia and not globalism.
servantboy777 's Bible means he doesn't need to base his opinions on actual data:
Anybody who has been paying attention can see the Putinist playbook. He runs it over and over. Same games. Same results.

Unless you hold a biblical world view. Our owners manual tells us that at some point, Russia will engage the world in war.
jimjohn thinks only Trump will prevent Civil War AND the entire world invading America!
As I have stated many times in the past:

World War III began on the morning of September 11, 2001.

I predict the Second American Civil War will begin on or before January 20, 2017.

And now, my addendum: ... only if the nations of the world don't decide to rid themselves of US first.

Bottom Line: Either we correct the problem starting on November 8, 2016, or I fear they'll do it for us.
metmom literally prays for death:
The sooner the better, in my book.

I’m ready to be out of here.


  1. From another site (JoeMyGod) ...
    Top Putin Ally: Vote Trump Or Face Nuclear War
    ... freepers are going to love that.

    As an aside ...
    is reaching savagesusie levels of derangement in her Trump-delerium.

  2. But it's liberals who hate America...

  3. "we won the cold war for THIS?!? F THAT NOISE, NUKE US"

  4. I've long held the opinion that conservatives are scaredy cats. This has only confirmed my bias.

  5. Has any FReeper considered that if we start CWIII that Russia will come and clean us up and have daddy Putin dominate us after WWIII?

  6. "Germans are whitey Christians. Their government is looking out for the interests of Germany and not globalism."

    Can people remember their history?

    1. Most people? Nope. I'm surprised my face isn't flat with all the facepalming the internet gives me.

  7. As a Canadian, this is simultaneously familiar and gobsmacking. During the Bush years, some Canadian wingnuts (e.g. the inimitable Adam Yoshida) masturbated over their keyboards to fantasies of Bush conquering Canada, purging our "leftist" government (at the time the Liberal Party, whose main "sin" was keeping us out of Iraq), and setting us on the right track. It's no secret that American wingnuts are fond of Putin, but it's still remarkable to see some of them go full Vidkun Quisling.