Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Freeps up the second debate

I missed the debate, but caught the highlights.
There's a lot of comments about how this debate went better for Trump than the last. Maybe - I gather he was about as Trumpy in this as the last. But debates are about narratives, and Trump needed to avoid the narrative that he flies off the handle. Didn't happen. With the proviso that I'm really bad at these sorts of predictions, I don't see much upside potential for Trump after this.

But Trump was one lynched Obama away from the full Freeper, and they were thrilled. Most Freepers have convinced themselves that their beliefs are so undeniably true that repeating them is good politics as well.
But they didn't even get there; for the most part they were just basking in the validation of seeing their worldview on national TV. The few that did think about politics mostly spun legends of how the entire liberal bar they were in all became Trumpistas, hats and all.

Anti-Hillary was thrilled:
Have to say the gutter stuff at the front end was not for the faint of heart but the slew of attacks on here public life was masterful. What can she say? He had her dead to rights all night long! BEST DEBATE EVAH!!!!
jennychase was also too happy to check the efficacy of constant personal attacks:
This debate was great, punch after another. I was clapping like hell.
Never seen debate like this. I thought Brits are good at throwing stuff , but Trump just nailed it.
euram is pretty excited about people googling SOROS:
I also think that Trump linking Clinton directly with George Soros at least twice is excellent. You can bet that a lot of people are googling Soros, and finding out about him for the first time.

The day after the 1st debate, Trump raised $18 MILLION, for his performance tonight, he deserves $36 MILLION, at least.
quesney found the line of the night, and it made him super hopeful:
I like how after Trump said “because you’d go to jail,” the audience happily applauded but Trump remained dead serious.

That was no joke for applause. He is *not* kidding.
If I had to bet, I'd say threatening to jail one's opposition won't play well outside of Freep, but it's not a slam dunk - calling politicians criminals is pretty mainstream American rhetoric, especially where Hillary is concerned.

quesney also thinks Trump's halting delivery will humanize him:
she’s very prepared and polished in her words and The Donald often mispeaks, but that works against her and works *for* him because it’s like advertising - this generation automatically filters out fakery and can smell it a mile away. People aren’t going for plastic politicians any more.

It’s all about authenticity now and when you don’t have it, people and the Internet see right through it and spit it out. The Donald doesn’t know how to be anything but The Donald, and people love that, rough edges (really rough edges) and all.
Yaelle is still thrilled the next day that the Bill Clinton conspiracies got used:
I was HIGHLY nervous going in. I made dinner for the others but could not eat. Made my apolitical teen son watch some with me, the other adult son watched with his millennial friends who all thought Trump’s campaign was OVER.

Told the little kids to be quiet for a long time.

The first question Trump was so subdued I was afraid Dr Diazepam shot up the wrong candidate. I guess he was probably dreading the tape question, which came next. He was subdued, contrite, everything he should have been... but carefully did not go on the offensive... until Hillary was asked to respond to pussygate and started in with her attack on him as the most evil misogynist to walk the earth.

Once he started in on Bill having actually ABUSED many women, I started to get happy. Like a room without a roof. It kept getting better. Still happy now.
V K Lee's man got angry and loud:
Shouting at screens must be a man thing. My man was yelling and shouting as well. Geeze how much innuendo and truth was missed due to the fact at times nothing but the sounds emanating from his mouth were heard!

hole_n_one loves this line that only Freepers could care about:
Focusing on what matters like Freepers do, RushIsMyTeddyBear fantasizes about how much Trump hurt Hillary personally:
Where is her Video post debate on plane?

I can’t inagine. I’m sure there was blood and the interior demolishe.

“No more wire hangers!!!!!!!”
Terry Mross heard two journalists say Hillary could have done better, and declares victory:
Even F. Chuck Todd and Mark Shields indicated they thought she lost big time. Shields said she danced around the email question and Todd said the Lincoln excuse was nothing but an attempt at evasion. And they both looked sad when they said it.
I guess Trump's wandering will probably become a thing. TheCipher insists there was not wandering or looming, it's biased camera angles!
She said nothing of substance and walked to HIS side so he stood there. They will spin ANYTHING to make this witch look good.

Exactly. It depends on what camera angle they show. Since it was a circular stage, depending on where the camera is, it could look like he was standing behind her ( especially if using a zoom ). I watched it on CSPAN and for the most part, the camera angle was straight on. He didn't stand behind her. He stood to his side and she would walk in front of him. of course that didn't happen when he spoke, because she had to sit down and take a rest between speaking.
Fresh Wind knows this is a good time to kiss up toe JimRob:
I came here to FR almost exactly 18 years ago specifically because of my revulsion for what the Clintons were doing and what they stood for.

It’s taken a helluva long time for this day to arrive, the day when someone would publicly call them out in no uncertain terms for their sleaziness and their crimes.

The tunnel was long and very dark, but the light is there just ahead.

I don’t even really care if they live out the rest of their unnatural lives in jail, even though they both richly deserve that fate, as long as they are forever rendered powerless.

God bless Jim Robinson, FR, Donald Trump, and the USA as it used to be and as it will be again, with God’s help.
Bruiser78 does not much care about winning anymore, only the fight:
Hardcore Destruction by the Big Don!

I loved that he mentioned Soros, made me so happy, shows you that this guy really is NOT an establishment candidate.. if anyone had any doubts.

Take note, Libs, RNC, MSM- If we’re going down, we’re goin down swingin, mf’ers!!!!
JudgemAll is all over this thread, possibly drunk:
She took the low way on Trump locker room talk then she says I take the higher way when Trump counter trolls her and the media trolling him, trying to blackmail him into their corruption and looking good.

BS . Trump did not
give it to them. Ef em all
JudgemAll accuses Hillary of dividing by zero, I think?
For Hillary, it is a zero sum game: if you support pro family in supreme
court, you are a homophobe and against women’s choice. Horse sht. 
This is her division making zero sum game of hatred. Her whole agenda is filth garbage
Jmouse007 found the pic of Bill giving the side-eye, and indulges in some fan fiction:
free_life tells a clearly true conversion story:
One of my daughters who doesn’t follow politics at all (hard to believe in my family) watched and said almost immediately “that woman is a liar (Hillary)” .... and then she listened to Trump and said to me,”I see why you like him, he is honest, calm and direct in what he says”. I am so happy my one uninterested family member became a Trump supporter tonight!
That's how real people talk. 'Honest, calm and direct.'

aces's Canadian motel all hated Hillary:
I am presently in lib central, Montreal, watched the debate, the folks around the motel were saying Hillary looked like a fake clown..
I guess tcrlaf wasn't wrong that Freepers could use a pick-me-up, and are super gullible:
I’m currently consulting in an environment with younger people, many recent college grads. With one or two notable exceptions, political talk is VERBOTTEN.

It was slow tonight, after several days of hurricane-induced stress. When the debate started, a couple of us had it on the computers, in the background, with no volume (1.4 MILLION watched this on YouTube!). But most were watching the football game, and had their fantasy leagues open.

About 30 minutes in, several started glancing at their phones, noticing Snapchats and other messgages about the debate. Very soon, two of the office TV’s were switched to the debate, and the volume went up.

The talk went from football, to how crooked Hillary is, and Donald Trump was “Kicking Her Ass!”.

This won’t show up in any polling tonight, but it kinda warmed my heart to see younger people are not fooled by Hillary, (even the women!), even if they are bombarded with lib propaganda daily.

These people have BIG student loans to pay back, and are realizing that the lib bs they heard in college doesn’t apply in the Real World.
And all those millennials were Albert Einstein.


  1. Romney guy computer...don't have my login here...

    I've never heard of a candidate saying that he'd jail his opponent should he win.

    That's some weird Panamanian dictator-kinda-shit.

    At this point there was no reaction to the "locker room" sexual assault conspiracy video because people have already made up their mind about Trump as noticed by these small, incremental increases to Clinton's numbers when one of these 'Donald Trump as piece of shit' items comes out. Normally this would make polls jump like crazy, but the closer it gets to Election Day, people have already decided...typically women are the last ones to decide and this doesn't fare well for Trump.

    Last night we just saw the final 20-30 undecideds who haven't made up their mind about Trump and they happened to all be on the same stage!

    If the results on Election Day don't absolutely mirror most polls showing Clinton ahead by at least 6-7 percent, you could knock me over with a feather.

    1. Go on. Live in your liberal la-la land
      of DENIAL that continues to TRY to
      re-invent the eternally re-treaded

      Ya'll are very, very . . what's the
      word . . . GULLIBLE, GULLIBLE! That's

      ya'll . . and also in a state of
      eternal DENIAL!

      TWINKIE is, God willing, walking
      barefooted, if I have to, in order to
      get to the polls and vote:

      President Donald John Trump POTUS
      Vice-President Mike Pence VPOTUS

      HISTORY where they ALL BELONG.

      If you can be knocked over with a
      FEATHER, Anonymous, you must be one of
      the CLINTON PAJAMA BOYS living in your
      long-suffering parents' basement!

      It takes 4 SS to haul Hillary's butt
      up a flight of stairs. Billious is
      also a decrepit old joke who IMAGINES
      that he has gotten by with his LOUSY
      treatment of women & the fact that
      Hitler-y can sit there and grin like a
      coon at the women Billious raped and
      abused is LUDICROUS!!!

      HITLER-Y is going DOWN!!!!!!


      P.S. Remember TWINKIE tried to tell

    2. Twinkie's getting worried. She posts constantly about how Hillary is losing when all the polls show her ahead.

      Twinkie, Trump has about as much chance of winning as a Mondale/Dukakis ticket.

    3. Twinkie, you have a tenuous grasp on both English and reality.

  2. Excellent Trump performance. I was starting to worry FR was losing steam and would meet reality with a disappointing bump rather the cataclysmic detonation we've been looking forward to. Trump fixed it. FR is back to terminal velocity and the reality distortion fields are at maximum.

    Feeding raw red meat to an electorate who mostly want falafel was exactly the right strategy. Enthuse Freepers whilst alienating everyone else. No connoisseur of Freeper pain could have judged it better.