Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

eyedigress eulogizes Freeper dalereed whose alchemy of pithy over-the-top and omnidirectional enthusiastic bitterness managed to garner affection from Freepers and Freepwatchers alike:
One of the funnier Mal-contents on FR. He had his way and it was good.

RIP Dale.
thingumbob knows the best thing about Freepers' obsession with symbolism is that it can be selectively applied:
Obama orders flags at half-staff to honor Peres (record 70th time of presidency)

Doing it to keep the jewish vote in line for Hillary in NY....things aren't looking so good with the black vote....

The democrats are standing on shaky ground made of sand.....those tremors throughout the country are swallowing them up slowly.
Democrat_media is gonna join the new Internet!
Great Info.

freepers can meet up on the freenet
Gay State Conservative knows the real certainty isn't about people do, it's about what you decide they are *capable* of doing:
None of us can be 1000% certain that Juanita Broderick is telling the truth because we weren’t there.However I’m strongly inclined to believe her (and some of the others) *plus* I am absolutely,1000% certain that BillyBob is *capable* of doing such a thing.
Each of MagillaX's ideas is better than the last!
Hammer her on being a Goldwater girl and going against the civil rights act.

Go after her for killing an African of color Muammar Gaddafi after he had his hands up and then laughing about it.

Go after her for stealing the Haitian’s money. Go after for defending a rapist against a 12 year old girl and then again attacking women who had been raped by her husband.

This should be in Trump Ads now until the end of the election.
Not even sure what conspiracy Yaelle is on about:
Oy. We aren’t talking about cheating. Both Hilary and Donald cheated. But Donald let his mistresses live.
cradle of freedom speculates about the Muslm-globalist conspiracy:
With all of these bold moves that the globalists have been making lately I have begun to wonder if the EU and American globalists have worked out a deal with the Saudis and other Islamic countries.

The globalists will make their business deals with the Muslim elites and the Muslims will get to have massive immigration into western countries where the western leaders will turn a blind eye to any abuses that the muslims commit on the westerners. I believe that Muslim leaders have asked to get free reign to impose Islam on the western world in exchange for joining with the European Union. The elites of course will not get roughed up and they can just pretend to go along with the muslim customs in public.
I am always amazed that Freepers are so proud of their prejudice and yet love Star Trek, a show premised on open mindedness and inclusiveness. Da Coyote wonders if the new Trek will be even more inclusive:
The new Trek sucks anyway.

Betcha they’ll have a transvestite on the bridge next time.
Having never had a day of fun in his life, PJ-Comix has decided sure jokes about Trump are actually weapons:
EVERY element in the MSM is being mobilized AGAINST Trump including comedy shows.
boycott notices and resents every time Obama elevates a woman or homosexual in the military:
obama has been replacing our best military leaders with people that shouldn’t be there.

They’re all political and PC hires. He’s put a gay guy on top of the Army. He’s hired women to head other branches of service like the University of New Hampshire / Brookings Institute woman to oversea the Pacific.

There are so many more qualified people that have given their lives to the military but that matters little to obama. They’re all political appointments. I am sure he’s looking for a tranny to appoint as head of one branch of the service.
Wildbill22 joins the 'All American women suck' crowd, but rejects even American soil:
For the “real man” there is only one answer.

Move to The orient.

Oriental women..

Don’t even import them because the American culture will corrupt them.

I know pilots who have done so, and it sounds like another world...
YogicCowboy gets no pushback for his argument that women have made America Communist:
women want a Big Daddy.

The communists (”progressives”) who promoted the 19th Amendment did not care nearly so much about real equality; they cared about perpetuating a leftist electorate.

Women far outnumber any minority voting bloc: The women’s vote, more than anything else, has guaranteed an inexorable march down the path toward totalitarianism.

I have known some brilliant conservative women - but they will always be outnumbered by leftist females.

It is males - especially white males - who predominately vote conservative. That is the reason for the intense animus toward same by the media, and why they ant them displaced by non-whites.

The income tax, the senate popular vote, and the women’s vote all were put in place to ultimately create communism in America, but the last has been the most deleterious.
ought-six shows that sexism can apply to men too:
No real man would even consider voting for Hillary Clinton.
ImJustAnotherOkie declares all Iranian hostages to be false flags:
U.S. Signed Secret Document to Lift U.N. Sanctions on Iranian Banks

The capture was a setup. It was planned as an excuse to give them the money. There never was a ransom.
TADSLOS looks forwards to Trump shooting those uppity negroes:
Dear BLM, Trump is The Law and Order Candidate. Just so you know.

Expect to be dealt with.
Via firebrand, the mainstreaming of infowars on Free Republic continues apace:
Or as Alex Jones would say, “There’s a war on for your mind.”
Pardons really excite Freepers. BigpapaBo is really excited how Trump told Obama not to pardon Hillary:
He a street-fighter, and just threw a giant alley apple upside barkys head.

By doing this, he has tied Obamoa’s filthy fingers to PIAPS and her criminal cabal. No matter what he does now, ensures that she’s cooked. Even if she -God forbid- steals the election, the optics of having the first woman to be president with a pardon can never be good. We could add a new moniker for her as well: Madam Pardon
Neoliberalnot's rant is short but dense with many layers of bigotry:
How bout the hildabitch demand the welfare parasites work for their money and benefits—say 40 hours a week cleaning the crapholes where they live. Take a close look at all the demorat run cities they have turned into 3rd world African style dumps.
A New Deal 2? I could get behind that.

Twotone does not like privacy in his politicians:
We should be requiring Secret Service & other security folks to wear body-cams. Then we’d have visual evidence of the real personalities of our politicos.

And it should all be PUBLIC record!


  1. Defeat is barreling toward Free Republic like a truck full of dynamite.

  2. "A report that Hillary Clinton wanted to drone Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could be the reason that he cancelled his live press conference scheduled for Tuesday."

    1. Because Hillary can just call in a drone strike on a foreign embassy in London?

  3. Methinks twotone wouldn't like the results of his cunning plan.