Thursday, October 13, 2016

So much for the national debt

Hey, remember the national debt? That thing that the GOP has been banging on about for decades now? The looming crisis that made them almost take us over the fiscal cliff??

Well, certainly Freepers have forgotten. A post about Obama's debt would have gone on for hundreds of posts lamenting what we've put upon our kids (not how the debt works, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Now? It got only 27 posts, most of which were calculating how they might tie this to Hillary.

When a cudgel no longer proves useful, you discard it until next it's useful, I guess.


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    1. Mississippi freeper Ammo Republic 15:
      "And God help the family member that brings “diversity” into our family. They would be disowned forever!"

    2. Nothing like alienating your family and friends because of your support of a guy who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. So basically, this is the thread where Freepers rant about something their college-aged niece/grandson/whatever said on Facebook, so the blow the whole thing out of proportion and try to out-do each other with family feud tall tales where they pretend it's the other side of the family that hates them and is the problem.

  2. Of course, the NATIONAL DEBT is OUTRAGEOUS
    AND DISHONORABLE!!! The fact that not
    POST should be honored by people who pride
    themselves on STICKING TO THE TOPIC!

    IF Freepers started obsessing on every
    word out of the mouths of FREEPERMADMEN
    MADMEN; ya'll would accuse them of being



    1. I accuse STINKIE of being crazy !

    2. Twinkie, please come back after Election Day.

      I figure there's a few people I want to see eat serious crow and you're up there on the list.

  3. One of the nastiest Freeper-on-Freeper thread I've ever seen:
    Miss Marmelstein vs. RummyChick.

    1. Miss Marmelstein is fun to read.
      Being one of the smarmiest wrinklebags on that site, no one can eviscerate other freepers like her.

      She's actually one of the best anti-freepers out there, and she's on the inside !

    2. ftw!

      miss marmelstein: "I don’t give a damn that he’s a male chauvinist pig; he’s my male chauvinist big, you douche bag."

  4. In B4 John Courage!!

    Do ya'll know what ASSOFIDITTY BAGS are?
    (That is not the correct spelling; but ya'll
    need to know what they are. I think it is
    really spelled ASCEOFIDITA BAGS or something
    like that. . and no, I'm NOT calling ya'll

    On another subject - WHY is it that it is
    like this - HOOF plural is HOOVES, but ROOF
    plural is ROOFS and not ROOVES? I need an
    honest answer!

    Please do be serious about the ASCEOFIDITA
    BAGS question. My grandmother used to have
    to wear one to the one-room schoolhouse she
    attended in the winter. These bags stank to
    high heaven and so all the kids repelled
    each other & wouldn't get within ten feet of
    each other to spread their colds and flu.

    OK. There's another. IF it is COLDS when
    plural; but it is always FLU either plural
    or singular?

    There were even knotheads making grammar
    rules back then in order to keep the little
    kids mixed up enough so they would keep
    voting Communist Dhimmicrats into office.

    If TWINKIE has not tweaked ya'll's beebers
    this morning; then ya'll's beebers are NOT
    capable of being either TWEAKED or STUNED.

    I will anticipate ya'll's answers to these
    burning questions SOON! . . AND I do not want
    any SMARTALECK answers either!

    Oh, IF HITLER-Y does manage to get enough
    voter fraud going to "win" the election, I
    can assure you that I won't be the one
    hiding my face around here. - If so, ya'll
    will be the ones with egg on your faces
    after the HARRIDAN HUSSY has time (about
    6 months, if that long) to show her ample
    BUTT in all its GLORY!

    There are more puzzles ya'll need to solve;
    but start with the ASSYFIDITTY BAGS before
    moving on to more complicated subjects.

    Fondly - OR "Fondlingly" as BILL CLINKTON
    would say,

    1. It's "asafoetida" Twinkles and it is commonly used as a spice, digestion aid and antiflatulent (shutting up Freepers being a specialized case of the latter).

      "Rooves" is merely uncommon, not incorrect. It is standard in New Zealand English for example.

      Cold vs. Flu: Germanic vs. Latin/Italian grammar rules.

      Now Merkins are a much more interesting topic. Bush used the word to mean "voters" that so perhaps Trump misunderstood?! He thought that gaining votes and grabbing at Merkins was the same thing??

    2. STINKIE is so stupid she doesn't even know what "in b4" means ...
      Hint for you STINKIE, "in b4" does not mean being the last post on the thread, ha ha ha ha ha.