Thursday, October 13, 2016

MORMONS stabbed us in the back!

Mormons seem not happy with Trump's advocacy of rich folks grabbing women they want by the pussy. They seem the only part of the GOP base that has any sort of socially conservative principles, though.

Freepers eagerly add them to the set of groups they believe are bringing down America, along with everyone who isn't a Freeper, and some that are. Something's gone wrong with the Trump campaign, blame everyone!
Though I suspect all will be forgiven come 2018.

C19fan will never vote for a Mormon:
We held out noses in 2012 to vote for the Mormon now they it is our turn and they are stabbing us in the back. If Mormons don't vote for Trump on election day I will never support a Mormon candidate for office evah.
ShivaFan knows you need to judge people individually, one at a time. After you pre-judge them, of course:
Actually, that is another thing I have come to realize during this election cycle.

That I will NEVER think of a Mormon in the same light again. I will ALWAYS distrust them now for the rest of my life. There is just something very wrong there.

From now on, I will have to judge each one, one at a time. But sorry, I will always start my “timer” with a jaundice eye. Just waiting for the knife in my back.
If MamaB doesn't like how evidently religious Mormons are, I wonder how she stands Free Republic!!
I dislike holier.than.thou people. Do they think Hillary will be better?
Bridesheadfan is pretty sure Jesus would have hated Mormons:
As Our Lord said in the Gospels, “They strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel”. The only people He ever showed true anger to were religious hypocrites. He showed mercy to sinners.
tflabo gets pretty self-righteous about how self-righteous Mormons are:
Mormons better learn not to be so smug and self-righteous holier-than-thou. Let all of us Christians endeavor to be of more grace and less judgemental, more forgiving of others sins—especially if they acknowledge them.
Mr. Douglas is so pure, he didn't even like Reagan in 1984!
The last time I voted FOR a candidate was in 1980. Yep, not even in 1984...
YES! Jan_Sobieski has the superstitious paranoia I want!
The Republican Idiots would rather have a demon-possessed necromancer (Hillary speaks to demons masquerading as Elenor Roosevelt and Ghandi at night) who hates America than a crude talking businessman who loves America. Woe to us!
ought-six has an anecdote that proves all Mormons are sluts:
When I lived in Northern California back in the mid 1970s, we sometimes went to Reno for fun and games. Lots of Mormon girls went to Reno, as well, and they were far from virtuous, as they made it clear they were after fun and games, too. Abject hypocrites.
nickedknack agrees - Mormons are sluts.
Went to HS with a Mormon girl who called herself “Swamp Woman.” Seems like she had a ladder permanently affixed to her 2nd floor bedroom window for...well, easy access & exit.
R_Kangel wishes Mormons understood that Hillary is the American Apocalypse:
.... We are not voting for a man .... we are voting against the final fall of America ..... The Death of the Constitution .... The End of Religious Freedom .... The End of Freedom of Speech and everything else that the Constitution guarantees.
LouAvul makes a helluva comparison, considering this is Free Republic:
Joseph Smith and company were truly insane. And stupid. Their followers are from the same IQ demographic as muslims.


  1. Jan is pretty awesome, but she can't even keep it straight what dark arts or practices the Hillz is into. Is she -possessed- by demons, or communing with them? Does she even know what necromancy is? Is the theory that she is actually attempting to summon the soul of Eleanor Roosevelt back to this plane of existence or something?

    1. HRC running for President in order to perform a dark ritual in the Oval Office summoning the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt would make a kick-ass short story.

    2. Huma pressed herself to the wall, the wall with no corners, built on Washington's own orders to Scottish Rite standards to eschew the geometries that allowed the Illoigor their access to Einstein-space. But somehow, she felt that the wall was not keeping them out. That it was keeping her _in_, trapped in the ring of carpet around the salt circle. "Hillary--"

      "Silence!" the President barked from her perch atop the _Resolute_ desk, her eyes almost crossed with intensity as the point of her dagger carved the symbols into the wood that had voyaged far into the South Pacific and encountered hostile forces far more eldritch than the French Navy. "_Silence_, flesh-thing!"

    3. That made my day. Just wanted you to know that.

  2. unlike global warming denial, trump's meltdown is seriously straining freepers' flood walls ...

    Donglalinger: "Women claimed he groped them, mods have pulled stories from FR for some reason"

  3. Is Hillary taking away freedom of speech a new thing? It's hilarious considering the Donald has publicly threatened to sue people who say mean things to him and wants to curtail press freedom.

    1. As I heard somewhere...these folks don't want free speech, just their speech

  4. The possibility of one of the most Republican states in the union, not voting for the republican candidate is fascinating. It's a smaller version of the south switching to the Republican ticket in the 60's almost.

    Another possibility is Clinton winning a split vote between Trump, Mcmullin and Johnson.

    I've seen some freepers saying that Utah's electoral votes are not needed. Demographics start the Democrats off nearly with the required votes to win. Trump can't loose solid Republican states.

    1. Trump has been running weak in Utah for a GOP presidential candidate ever since he started in on Muslims actually

      Mormon voters seem a bit more sensitive to persecution of a religious minority than the rest of the (former?) GOP coalition

  5. Off-topic: more than a year ago I noticed (and commented in a thread on this blog) that ideas and memes from the horrible but morbidly fascinating world of "pickup artists" were starting to cross-pollinate into mainstream conservatism, e.g. the pop-evo-psych concept of human "alpha males". Needless to say, Trump's candidacy hyper-accelerated the process (the Venn diagram of PUAdom and the Pepe-avatar crowd is practically a circle) And now, with Rush Limbaugh's claim that the concept of "consent" is just a shibboleth that leftists use to sic the "rape police" on good conservatives, the cross-pollination can be said to be complete.

    1. They certainly do seem emboldened. And it's creepy.

  6. RimJob long ago gave into the pervasive Mormon hatred among freepers and purged many good Mormon members.

    I'm glad to see the Mormons beginning to wake up to the whole evangelical hatred of Mormons, and the evangelical influence over the Republican party.

  7. Check out this brand new despairing vanity from a Freeper named Dick Bachert. He basically concedes that Trump's poll numbers will continue to sink and the election of Hillary is practically inevitable. So he asks a few tough questions, namely if they deserve the complete and abject hell that will come with a Hillary presidency if they fail to stop her and also if their children and grandchildren deserve it.

    He then suggests that the failing Freepers should cremate their earthly remains so that anyone who survives the socialist onslaught won't have the opportunity to dig them up and desecrate their corpses for being such utter failures in halting Hillary's ascent to the presidency and the socialist hell she would bring.

    It's pretty epic and there are already several responses, many of whom are either convinced their remaining years will be most difficult, or that they will "go Galt" and live off the grid and hunker down in the trenches watching and waiting for the jackboots to arrive, or are simply relieved that they are near death so that their miserable lives will finally and mercifully come to an end.

    1. I really adore the fantasy that society would crumble to the ground without the fatherly guidance of the wealthy. There are a lot of small business owners who would love the chance to win new customers from the evaporated giants.

      I think they also tend to forget that the Galts and Taggarts of today use government as a tool to undermine competition and promote their own interests. They're not nearly as adversarial as objectivists imagine.

  8. I don't hold out much hope for getting
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    Whatever is God's will in this MESS; I
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    None of us KNOW for sure on which DAY we
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    1. Igor, the body you have brought me is unacceptable! Completely unacceptable! I am creating a new Protean Adam, not some vile creature. Look at this brain! Look at it!

    2. HE FIGHTS;
      and if HITLER-Y'S fat mouth gets busted in
      the process . . good for him!

      STINKIE, the pharisee hypocrite.

      Beyond just supporting pervert Trump for barging into Miss Teen USA's changing room so he can ogle naked 15yo girls (he admits to this on the Howard Stern show),
      now she supports men getting to hit women in the mouth !

      God, STINKIE ... you are one sick wrinkle-bag !

    3. Hitler "fought" Twinkles. So did Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mullah Omar and Saddam Hussein. It isn't an admirable quality of itself, it is just a means to an end: and Trump is the meanest of ends.

  9. I can't believe this "Twinkie" person has been going at this for so long. What is the point of commenting over and over and over again on a site where no one respects or cares about what you have to say, and only pays attention to you to mock you? It's getting so annoying to have keep skipping past so much inane drivel to read the actual on-topic comments. Doesn't this person have anything better to do?

    1. STINKIE and all the other FR wrinklebags are in total melt down mode.

      STINKIE's increasingly unhinged and psychotic raving is happening all over the country with other of Trump's supporters.
      The cognitive dissonance is driving them insane !

    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN . . . .

    The only "inane drivel" I see is coming from
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    Ya'll don't stick to any TOPIC either,
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    I do plenty of other stuff AND I do not
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    I'll just wager that most of ya'll are
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    P.S. The only "cognitive dissonance" I see
    here is ya'll's LOUD denial of HITLER-Y'S
    handful of supporters who show up at her
    "big rallies", even with ALBORE as the
    hypocritical climate change speaker. Even
    TIPPER GORE got enough of that PHONY!!
    He burns enough jet fuel on just one of his
    "GLOBULL WARMING" trips to generate all the
    power the third world would need in a decade.
    Do YOU really believe all his BULL about
    cutting down on HIS bigshot energy usage in
    his huge mansion in Nashville?

    See. Don't do as THEY do; do as THEY SAY do.
    Got it?


    1. "The STINK ya'll are smelling ..."

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    2. That's your own UPPER LIP you're
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      I knew it. Ya'll need to get out and
      support YOUR collapsing candidate at
      some of her "rallies".



    3. Checking the polls, there's one collapsing candidate, and it ain't Hillary !

      Checking how many Democratic politicians are abandoning Hillary ... nope, doesn't seem she's having any problems there either !

      STINKIE is cra-cra !!

    4. This.

      When you've been abandoned by those who were elected to represent your party, the problem is you and not the party.

      Paul Ryan understands that he has a better chance of governing and doing his job with a Clinton presidency than having to both do his job and hold Trump's hand should Trump win.

      He's not stupid and it has nothing to do with him being "elite."

  11. I'm going with Twinkie being Laz.
    Isn't he unemployed? Lots of time to dribble drool on the keyboard.

    1. Laz got robbed. Boasts about being a tough guy. Fantasizes about killing an Amish, but did not have a gun. Why not? Felon can't have a gun? Does that make him a "thug"?