Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

GilGil seems more trying to convince himself...
Looks like Hillary's numbers are collapsing in a very, very big way.

In just a few more weeks, President-elect Trump will be the talk all over the planet.
donna knows what the Air Force diversity initiative really means!
Diversity Quotas = Muslim

Diversity Quotas = Muslim
Varda is trying to whitewash Othello!
Yep and the character Othello isn’t a sub-Sharan African. He’s a Berber and Berbers are Caucasian.
Shockingly, dr_lew gets no reply to his question of how voter fraud actually works:
I’m sure I’m naive, but I don’t understand how this fraud is supposed to work. At my polling place I show up and say I’m me, and sign my name to prove it. Then the poll worker tears my page out of the book, and that’s it for me or anybody who claims to be me. It’s a very simple but effective low-tech arrangement, so I’ve never been able to understand what all the fuss over ID’s is about. 
It seems to me that the registration roles are the key. Are there polls where you don’t have to be registered, where the votes are just by whoever shows up? I shudder to think!
MIA_eccl1212 is spinning quite a tale about the Clintons:
These people around the Clintons are not being bribed!

No one gets into a relationship of any kind with the Clintons unless they are known in advance to be black mailable chargeable convictable and guilty of serious felonies.

They are being governed by the carrot and the stick, not the carrot or the stick. This is so that with every new betrayal of the American trust they accrue more black marks in their felony column, useful for future blackmail plus they receive illegal financial rewards, which are also felonious in nature. This makes them simultaneously the recipients of rewards and more potential future black marks by which they will forever be controlled. This is a clear demonstration of the mystery of iniquity at work.

To the Clinton criminals it’s just a beautiful thing!
YogicCowboy was a kick-ass science student, but left because of all the propaganda:
I started out as a science major (and garnered two awards in the hard sciences). I left for several reasons, one of which was the overwhelming reliance on propaganda and theory (often in that order).

Real science is empirical.
Strac6 likely doesn't get why everyone thinks birthers are racist:
Remember early in the ‘08 campaign when they tried to tell us Sr. and Ann Dunham had been married.

Same deal then as now. Ugly White women chase Black men, because that’s the only action they can get.

Look at the fat White cows at the BLM riots and you will see it all over again.
Dispatching from a different reality, Daffynition thinks last week was super bad for Hillary:
Where is nurse wretched aka Shitlerey on this? Getting another influenza pick me up shot?

She’s hiding under her bed right now. After the poor Kainetoad performance and Bill’s damning comments about obammiecare, I would venture to say, she’s not having a very good week. Poor thing.

Democrat_media thinks Trump is a little bit like Jesus:
If I had 10 billion dollars I would be pharoh emperor and King on a island with all those women and more. I would be relaxing and no one would be allowed to even look upon the emperor

Why is Trump sacrificing so much, risking it all, taking all these smears and libel from the mainstream media . He is doing it for America . He is suffering for us.

Truly he is more than a hero.
ilovesarah2012 is having trouble understanding why reality doesn't hew to her beliefs:
How do the Clintons have so much power?
Meet the New Boss easily integrates Assange's nothingburger into his larger Clinton Conspiracy:
Before, Assange said new documents to be released would provide enough evidence to indict Hillary.

Now, he seems to have an entirely different tone.

I say a deal was struck between Hillary/Globalists and Assange.

I’m betting Assange named his price and got it.

There is a desperation on the part of the globalist establishment as to what a President Trump means for them.

We see it in the attacks by the MSM on Trump throwing all pretense of objectivity aside.

We see it in the in-your-face-whadda-ya-gonna-do-about-it corruption of the DOJ and the FBI when it comes to the crimes of Hillary and her aides.
I guess unsatisfied with invoking the American Revolution, Forward the Light Brigade seems to be pretty excited about another French Revolution, which as you know ended super well:
Democrats—The New Aristocracy who can not be arrested or convicted like peons. BUT beware Aristo-crats Remember the French Revolution! If things go bad—heads could roll.

the days when the Uber Media could tell people what to do are done, Trump, win or Lose, has changed things forever. Intimidation and the IRS finished off the Tea Party—now they are trying to stop Trump with the same tactics.

They may have turned Sarah Palin into a joke—but Trump is a different beast. Maybe Trump was right to use the Revolutionary song out of Les Miserabe. Maybe we need a new revolution. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t put up with half of what we must endure each day.
Da Coyote knows all about liberals:
Ah, drugs.

The food of choice for liberals - rich and poor.
slouper is pretty sure he knows what Hillary is taking:
I agree, meth will make person real perky, I’ve seen it. The come down is a real bitch though, probably why she needs so much time off after each appearance. If it is meth, it will tear up anyone really fast but a 70 year old with a myriad of other health issues is just playing Russian roulette. Hey, if that’s what she thinks she needs to do I say go for it, double the dose.
boycott probably believes every single woman who accuses Bill Clinton of anything:
I am not so sure I believe Jill Harth's story. She wasn't so much of a looker at the time. Trump could have easily had 10,000 more attractive women in Manhattan at the time. (Harth is the one on the left).
CAluvdubya explains that any discussion of actual politics is no longer approved on Free Republic:
I guess thinking about how this stuff looks is not appropriate for Free Republic anymore.

No it's not. We're sick of the "how it looks" playbook.

The Dems have used this to take out our guys election after election. They count on our wobbly kneed politicians to back down and shrivel up while they commit crime after crime.

It's time to man up and stay strong or this country is doomed to the one world crowd!
Yay! Pussygate has resurected re_nortex! Though alas now he is indistinguishable from Free Republic generally.
...bring up EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that Bill Clinton has groped, assaulted, harassed, and raped..bring up the 12 year old little girl who was raped, and how Hillary Clinton said this little girl fantasized about having sex with older men..and when she got the rapist off, said on audio that she knew he did it and laughed her ass off..yeah its ALL fair game now..and Trump better bring that all up..every single one...

Quoting from "The Godfather", he handled this beautifully. Everything is on the table now including the likely homosexuality of Hillary Clinton and her lesbian liaisons. In fact, the way the lamestream media is handling this, Chelsea is now on the chopping block as well. Attack! Attack! Attack! Relentlessly!


  1. New freeper "SpeedyInTexas" tells a
    Totally True Story
    about Hillary disparaging black people in private.

    1. "I saw a Wikileak on twitter with her calling a muslim a sand n#gg___
      Waiting to see more if true

      13 posted on 10/10/2016, 6:22:57 PM by Sybeck1:"

      It's only wrong when liberals say it!

      *sigh* Yiu know they'd defend it if Trump said it. And I'd have a problem if Clinton said it. But one candidate I'll give, given their past record. Couple that with this likely biased account and it has to go into the file of "probably not relevant later, but let's hang on to it, just in case ".

    2. Confession: I _love_ the phrase "sand n_____"

      It's so ridiculous, as it implies the world is divided into (a) whites, and (b) "n____s" of various species

      Cf. early in the run of _Preacher_, the sheriff's theories on who blew up a church and melted everything

      "N____s did this, Harry."
      "Uh, Sheriff, I don't think that n_____s could--"
      "--_Martian_ n_____s."

    3. Just by way of FYI, in parts of the North Woods, Native Americans are known as Timber N------s.

  2. Yeah. Sure. He was in "science", because as we all know any trained scientists never specify specialities. That would be elitist. Whether he's a biologist or scientician, it's all the same!