Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hoax of black stereotypes destroying a Trump car.

It must be super frustrating for Freepers that the oppression they feel so strongly has yet to be overt.

Thus they wallowed in Drudge's daily posting of every black-on-white crime in America, until that got boring. And thus they fall for obvious hoaxes.

Such violence is a win-win for Freepers. It allows them to nod knowingly at actual evidence of their victimhood, while they get to avoid any of the actual unpleasantness involved in being actually oppressed.

WENDLE is incensed into rage by the low-hanging pants!!
Did you see those sorry ignorant thugs? That is you tax dollars with his fat dumb ass hanging out of his stolen walmart pants. We need to scorch the earth on this thuggery!! GO TRUMP!! GO TRUMP!!! Great video. MAKE AMERICA WORK AGAIN!! for their welfare!!
17th Miss Regt jokes how the bad blacks can't read:
How did the thugs know it was a Trump car? Could one of them actually read?
GrandJediMasterYoda jokes about blacks and jobs:
WELL can you blame them? Trump said *gasp* he wants to get them JOBS! Jobs! Can you imagine?
Girlene is really freaking gullible!
The narrator said he talked to some of the spectators who were yelling, “F Trump” while the crime was occurring. Some said they actually liked Trump on the “down-low”, but were afraid of the backlash from the community. Hopefully, they vote.....for Trump.
Molon Labbie sees signs of an apocalypse:
It’s going to get Mad Max before it gets Mayberry.
batterycommander is one of a number of Freepers to play coy with saying 'nigger:'
You figger Soros is niggardly in giving money for BLM purposes?
Candor7 - at last, Obama is ready to start this race war!
Well, well well.....
. Obama and his liberal fascist movement of streety kool and his gang have become the street soldiers Obama needs for his revlooshun.

Bring these thugs on. We will show you how much black lives matter while they commit felonies, rape, maiming and looting.
Not much.
Because liberals are the violent ones, Avid Coug has a sweet vandalism plan:
It would be fun to put Trump bumper stickers on the bumpers of cars parked in anti-Trump neighborhoods. Let their wonderful neighbors take it out on them.
Reminding us all he's in Hollywood, max americana is ready to shoot!
I dont put Trump stickers on my car either as I’m in Hollywood. I have the 2 gun logo at the back of my F150. It’s a hassle really. If I find someone scratching my car due to politics, I will destroy whoever it is who does it. Man, woman, fag etc


  1. max americana:
    "I will destroy whoever it is who does it. Man, woman, fag etc"

    God, I'd love max americana, and his whole posting history, to get "outted" in Hollywood.

    We'd probably all find out that he's just a script boy or something, as compared to his grandiose claims of "having personally greenlighted 'Spiderman 2'".

  2. If you wanna see a horde of gibsmedats, look no further than Free Republic...