Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

From his computer keyboard, stormhill is stopin' mad!
Willard isn’t genteel, it’s an act. He wasn’t in the race to win, he was there to stop any Conservative from being the nominee and to assure Zero won reelection. No different than the so-called “Republicans” we see today anxious for a Hillary victory.

Dude, you're raising my blood pressure.

I feel like finding a RINO and kicking in his teeth!
j_guru is reading Clinton fan-fic again, and finding it super believable. Again.
Bill Clinton tells his wife that he wants her to get plastic surgery because “dowdy and old doesn’t win the White House these days.” To which, in the author’s inimitable style, Hillary responds, “F&%$ you. Get your own face-lift.” I am sure that the Clinton camp is correct and this deplorable, trashy scene never happened.
Mollypitcher1 is all in against the GOP:
The media is trying to divide republicans and many people here are falling for it.

Ryan didn’t concede anything.

Ryan is not the enemy.

Hillary is the enemy.

Sorry, but Ryan is the enemy too!!!
klimeckg has the whole conspiracy figured out:
I am sure he and Reince have already spoken to Soros to plan for the next slavo which will backfire.
dware has a great idea for how to vote!!
I was thinking Write-ins instead of GOP candidates, I’m thinking Mickey Mouse but maybe Jane Doe.

Trump - all the way down the ticket.
Oh, dear, CrimsonTidegirl...
I have a young cousin who recently married and moved to Seattle.

Before she moved to Seattle, I never saw her post anything about politics on Facebook. Now, she’s all in for Hillary & had a small meltdown last night, along with her new leftist freak friends she met in Seattle.

She stated that if Trump wins, she’s moving to Canada. I said to myself, “I’ll help you pack.” I have had it up to here with her “Seattle values”.

I rarely post anything political on FB but, in her honor, I posted several Trump and Anti-Hitlery posts.

Luckily, she’s the only leftist in our family. I’ve always gotten along with her but she has become really annoying.

I can’t wait to see her meltdown when Trump wins.
DoughtyOne uses his imaginary version of Bill Clinton to conclude that all non-Trump voting women are perverts:
Bill Clinton represents everything women state they hate about men.

He’s a freakin rapist.
He thinks of women as pleasure bots, and nothing more.
He couldn’t be faithful if his life depended on it.
He is viscous in his obsession, being known to have beaten some of his victims.
He uses and discards them like a used condom.
He has no respect for marriage, his wife, or his daughter.

And yet, women just flock to him to have their photo taken with him.

What the sam hell are they thinking?

Are they as perverse as he is? Is that it?
Canadian Peter ODonnell  explains that the real deal is globalism, which is a massive worldwide conspiracy:
I don’t care what the polls show, this election has become a referendum on globalism.

Globalists control the news media and we can’t trust what they say. Look at all the lies and twisted logic on CNN.

Putin is of course an enemy of the globalists. He doesn’t want them telling him how to govern in Russia.

So it makes sense to the globalists to portray Putin as a meddler in this election (probably a total fabrication) and Trump as his servant (doubt that).

Anyway, Trump needs to pick up on this dynamic and run against the globalist puppet-masters behind the scenes. Hillary Clinton is their willing servant, like Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau and most of the other western leaders. These people don’t care about you and me. They care about themselves and how they can best serve their masters.

The globalists have files on all their enemies. The Trump tapes are no surprise and they have more of that ready to use. But so what? Trump is a different man today than he was in 2005. This is not a choice between Hillary Clinton and 2005 Donald Trump. But even if it were, I would prefer that guy to anyone from the globalist elites.

Take off the gloves and pound the globalists, including their hidden puppet-masters. They have usurped the democratic process and want to rule a one-party state of make-believe policies that will turn everyone into a wage slave living in a little rabbit hutch in a commune of brain-dead proletarian slaves.

I know this only too well, Vancouver B.C. is a prototype of this mentality. You’ve probably seen this brand of TV ads where instead of real people they have cartoon characters like a children’s TV show. That’s how they see us, cogs in a machine they can build, to pour tax revenues into their pockets. Cartoon figures, interchangeable. We are not compliant enough, so bring in a million Muslims, those people are already nuts and used to being brainwashed, perfect new citizens for the brave new world of Hillary Clinton.
Did you catch how Muslims are the perfect globalists? Hehe.

Enlightened1 is sure war with Russia will bring on Hillary's dictatorship:
A war with Russia would allow Hillary to arrest her enemies and put them in “fun camps” as Hillary seriously said about Trump supporters. This woman is extremely dangerous.
matt1234 prefers to go all Freudian on Hillary:
Hillary hates men, especially macho men like Putin. And, yes, she is crazy enough to start a war for no other reason than her hatred.
Mogger needs a Glenn Beck blackboard:
Possible scenario:

Obama is a Muslim.

He knows that Putin knows how to deal with Muslim "problem people", You kill them.

Obama, like most good Muslims wants to see the next Caliphate, world domination by Islam.

To do this, the USA and Russia must be destroyed.

As a Muslim, he knows homosexuals are to be killed.

By putting a large number of homosexuals in our military, it both weakens the military and puts them in a position to be killed in a war between the USA and Russia, which also weakens or destroys both countries.

He gets everything he wants.
enumerated, fantasy tells me he's hurting for actual friends:
Being called ‘deplorable’ by Hillary Clinton is the best thing that ever happened to conservatives.

It has become our secret handshake - it flushes out the snowflakes who worry more about the left calling them names than they worry about the left destroying what’ remains of Western Civilization.

In the last few weeks I have connected with so many Trump supporters in the strangest settings, thanks to the word ‘deplorable’.

You can use it in any sentence, when watching sports, driving in a car, shopping. After a fumble or incompleted pass, say “that was deplorable”, then look around to see who looks your way. They might smile and quietly say “are you a deplorable?”

It’s been happening all over the place - there are millions of us!

Go Trump!!!


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