Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Pix

Tom Ridge's Stupid Idea says Revolution!

Oh that Obama, such a scamp!

If only Bush had resisted the peaceful transition of power!

I like this - the Dem Party leadership ritualistically beating themselves like the Muslims they totally are. Note Barney Frank is also there. No idea why they keep putting him as a Dem leader, but they do.

Treason: the new Disagreeing-with-me.

Yay Nazi reference!

Obama won, but he's like some kind of Devil-Child, so it's the Freepers who are the real winners.

Yay Nazi Reference again!

It's like a six-year-old got drawing skills.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Freepers want to shoot ACORN right in the head.

Should I be worried? I suspect these are angry fat men who watch Red Dawn over and over again. On the other hand, that is just the sort of person who goes out and shoots people. Here are a couple of darker, more survivalist threads.

They're so angry and scared and pathetic.

DuncanWaring has concerns. Crazy concerns.

Eventually word will get around that those who go into the ACORN buildings don’t come back out.

Then, the structural integrity of those buildings will start to decline

oldfart has a narrative that actually scares me:
Actually, the shooting has already started. It’s been going on for years now while TPTB keep calling the shooters “misfits,” “sociopaths” and now “terrorists.” The labeling has bee mostly successful in that it has kept the numbers down but as society in general gets more and more fed up with what is happening to America there will be an increase in the number of shooters.
JimRed has an innocent question:
Are Acorn offices clearly marked as such, or are they hidden away? If push come to shove, taking out the key leadership appears to be the best strategy. Cut off the head and the snake will die.

hosepipe is a poet

Whatever happened to the famed right wing.. they have disappeared.. OR gone silent majority" on us.. COuld be they are "seething" armed to the teeth.. waiting for critical mass of outrage..

The smell of maggots in Washington D.C. is getting ripe..
The democrats are seething too, as a ball of maggots..
Tipping over the apple barrel will be a big nasty job..

All will get the "stink" on them..

Wow. Love the maggot imagery!

Billthedrill doesn't want to overstate things, but we're totally like the USSR.
I prefer to avoid overheated rhetorical terms such as this, but you know what? It isn't overheated. This is what the Soviet Union looked like. The difference between CNN and MSNBC is the same difference between Izvestia and Pravda.
Yes. The constant purges, the people starving.

an amused spectator doesn't sound so amused:
How long before Rush Limbaugh is beaten up by ObamaThugs, ala Thomas Ć  Becket.
"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome radio personality?"

(By ObamaThugs I think he means blacks)

mad_as_he$$ is also a fan of tin foil:
Does you mailbox have red or a blue reflector on it? If so the Goobermint has already decided which side you are on.

Double Standard

Bush looks goofy. Obama looks less goofy. Freepers? They look goofy trying to pile on Obama after defending Bush:

bushfamfan sees what this means.

Mr. Uh-bama is [the media's] precious and they will do everything to protect him. But it is obvious what an incompetent it is.

Lancey Howard agrees:

Wow, that simple child is freaking lost.

This nation deserves exactly the scum it elects. Goodbye, America.

This fits my narrative, so I'm taking it as conclusive proof of my narrative!

I'm guessing hosepipe is not a fan of the negroes. And I'll bet he's not sure about the Irish...

Was O’bama trying to rob the White House the ghetto way?..

Uh, oh. MissDairyGoodnessVT is off her meds again.

and to think I almost believed a Chief Justice flubbing the oath of office for POTUS and his Oilyness with his hand on the Lincoln Bible and then having to re-take the oath of officein private as POTUS WITHOUT the Bible! I toldja, toldja toldja he could not swear in his heart to put his hand on a Bible because he doesn’t believe.The Bible should have caught fire.


fieldmarshaldj wants us to please think of the victim in all of this:
Oh, that photographer may end up like the “journalist” that tossed the shoe at Dubya.

So this paparazzi is a photographer, while shoe-thrower gets the "quotes."

And now this word from Outer Space

Unable to let go edition:

Here is Gregg’s opportunity to REALLY stand up and do something for our Constitution and our dying Republic.
Gregg should arrange with great fanfare, a press conference where everyone will be expecting him to smile and accept 0bama’s offer to serve as Commerce Secretary, but instead he looks into the camera and states “until Mr. Obama produces his original vault copy of his birth certificate, currently under seal by the Governor of Hawaii, to establish his eligibility to serve as President of the United States, I cannot consent, nor even consider becoming a part of what is an illegal regime without

Monomania supplied by mkjessup.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And now this word from Outer Space

Monkey dominance edition:

Obama’s favorite trick [is] touching someone on the shoulder, as he did to President Bush at the White House, and leaning on the CJ’s chair. Totally inappropriate and a power play on O’s part.

Aphephobia by ladyjane


Something called the "World Tribune" reports Obama "establish an unofficial dialogue with Al Qaeda long before his election."

Now, I'd believe he was in secret talks now, or even before inauguration. But long before the election? Crap.

Freepers, on the other hand...

It's hard to pull one over on penelopesire!
I believe the report because it fits with Obama’s MO!!

penelopesire also has another rumor to monger:
Another rumor floating around is that the missile into Pakistan that Obama sent the other day was actually aimed at a faction in ‘competition’ with AQ. One that OBL wanted to get rid of. Can you imagine?


conservativegramma is skeptical, but puts it in perspective:
If this is accurate this is akin to finding out FDR was negotiating with Hirohito and Hitler and Mussolini prior to 1941.

erm, FDR did!

Steven Tyler prepares for Sharia law:

Islam DEMANDS submission (loss of liberty and freedom) or else payment of the head tax to islam masters before death.
Barry surrendered

Thanks Barry!

Frantzie takes us further into the weeds.
His Alqeda initiative (recruitment) started when Barry Soetero took a trip to Pakistan when he was 19.

manc has seen The Manchurian Candidate one time too many.
[Obama] has been primed to destroy us from within for years.
everything is going to plan thus far for him too

Starfleet Command isn't one to jump the gun. Unless it's super-awesome news:
I believe this is clearly treason. I mean like handcuffs, trial, capital punishment *treason*. No wonder Zero is closing Club Gitmo - he doesn’t want to end up there.

maggief has the most effective plan ever!
Time to start the IMPEACH 0 NOW campaign!

Yes! I think you should. It is sure to keep you guys relevant. Be sure to mention the birth certificate as well as Obama's Al Qaeda connection!

And now this word from Outer Space

Satirical edition:

Dear Iran,
It's me, Hussein. Remember me? I'm the guy that just got elected as president of the US. I love that whole "takiyah" thing, ya know. I use it all the time. How do you think I got elected?
I just wanted to drop you great guys a line to let you know that I want a whole new thang between us, ya know? I am sick of the USA always assuming you want to kill us and all. Like most well-meaning Americans, I am sure that whole 9/11 thing was a big mistake. Besides, my Spiritual Mentor, Rev. Wright, tells me WE are the ones that did it, anyway. I'm looking into that right after I check our files to see if that whole "Holocaust" thing really happened.
Anyhoo, my Muslim background reminds me that we are all friends here. As your new president... I mean as the president of the USA, I apologize for this evil, great Satan here and will turn that around for you guys ASAP.
If I can help you out with anything give me a call. Need some nukes? We got a lot of 'em. Want us to put our generals and past leaders in jail? Will do.
Oh, and don't worry about the "country" of Israel.
I am workin' on that for ya'all.
OK? So, peace out, peace in our times, an'
all that. Cool?
Your pal,
President of
the world the USA

Wow. This "satire" seems to be pretty revealing of the next steps in Freeper madness.

Iran did 9-11 now.
Obama denies the Holocaust.

Crazy supplied by Mobile Vulgus.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama plans to fellate Iran

Ahmadinejad's is a bombastic ass, as usual. Freepers have their own views of what Obama will do:

evad knows who wears the pants in the world:
Bow Down President Obama...NOW!!
I'll guarantee you, he'll do it.

Guarantee, eh?

Obama the Muslim will give him one. Iran will then see that as a sign of weakness and assault something of ours once again while making some flimsy excuse for it that Obama will lap up like a kitten at a bowl of milk.


Vermont Lt is either immune to irony, or never heard Bush talk about how super-keep Puti-Pute is.
He’l apologize. I mean, they are just words. We need to talk to these guys. Come on, they are honest. Isnt that an honest face. They need us more than we need them. //sarcasm off

ScottinVA sees where this is going:
First, it’s “apologies,” then “reparations.”

pallis makes some odd "only Conservatives will have to fellate Iran" point:
0 will give them any kind of apology they want. Just tell him what to do. The problem is that the America Iran wants on its knees isn’t 0’s Omerica.

So homophobia, paranoia and fatalism. Trifecta!

Living in the Past

When a Freeper gets knocked down, rather than getting up and dusting themselves up, they prefer to stay down, cursing their supine state and and remembering the days they were upright.


Archived copy of the Bush White House website now online!

3catsanadog lives up to his name:

Yippee! I checked it out and we can still see all the Barney Cams!
Christian4Bush knows him some websites:
Bump for a REAL White House website.
The current one will NEVER be.
etabeta agrees with the above:
I will go there often to see pictures and hear the speeches of a real President.
Ahh yes, wallow in the majesty that is Bush's speeches!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And now this word from Outer Space


Children are a gift from God, not a financial burden. There are natural means of preventing birth. The rest is up to God.
Crazy supplied by NYer ("Run from places of sin as from a plague." - St. John Climacus).

How do you Solve a Problem like Obama?

Thread title speaks for itself. Freepers are not learning much from getting their ass handed to them this past November:

Piquaboy makes the requisite thinly-veiled assassination threat:
I know how, but it is illegal.

Le Chien Rouge is so well read, he can't be wrong!
Flame away ....but I would start using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against the Democrat Party.....
I would start with #9—The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself......
Have the GOP start leaking to the media that there is a movement among the population to stop producing wealth because of the current and possible future tax structure...IE—letting the Bush tax cuts expire....
The Conservatives have become the radicals for change..

Well if Darth Alinsky said it, it must be awesomely powerful, but evil.

sport has a pessimistic view:
obama is not the problem. obama is only the symptom of the problem. The problem is the people who elected him.
So long as idiots and parasites are allowed to vote the problem will never be solved. It will only get worse.

Oh, we'll get right on disenfranchising everyone who voted for Obama, chief!

henkster has the best answer: passive-aggressive bullshit:
Oppose everything he does on principle, obstruct with filibuster selectively, and let him solve the problem himself. In other words, set him up to fail. His policies will ruin the country, yes. But he is what the electorate wanted, and he is what they get.

FreeAtlanta cannot let go of the craziness.
At the very least, the occasional “no one even proved he was eligible to be president” blurted out in various interviews when criticizing issues that Obama supports but most Americans do not.Yes, that will make the GOP seem in touch and they will sweep to office on a mandate to give America the crazy frothing they crave!

Wow. With ideas like these Obama is doomed!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's body man

How will Freepers take this completely standard procedure and turn it against their nemesis?


He needed someone he could trust to get him some blow.


At least they don’t call [bodyman Reggie Love] m.c. Love. Obama be in the hizzy. In the white hizzy y’all . Word.


That’s his hanky panky guy for late night trysts in the oval office.


Re: what they call him (Love) -
bodymen tended to be regarded as glorified butlers...”
Glorified butler my eye!
He’s more like a modern day slave to “O” - who is his master! Love comes on call!


It's weird.
Old White House: secure communications, President can't have personal e-mail.
BO: "I want my BlackBerry."

Old White House: professional kitchen staff prepares delicious meals.
BO: "I'm bringing my own personal chef."

Old White House: President settles in and works with members of Congress over legislation that will be signed into law.
BO: "I'll sign as many Executive Orders as I can as fast as I can."

Old White House: Secret Service protection for the President.
BO: "I have my own personal 'bodyman.'"

What this all tells me is that BO doesn't feel his occupation of the White House is legitimate and therefore he has to protect himself with all these other layers that bypass the regular and accountable processes.

1. There's a fight about the blackberry, and I don't think it's about private Presidential Records. Also, Cheney's emails?

2. Wrong.

3. Business as usual.

4. Been around since at least Kennedy.

What this tells me is that you are a crazy person who cannot be content to find spurious patterns in the minutia of Obama's actual actions, but you must make up your own crap.

And, in response to the above kerflople of crazy, BIGLOOK notes:
I agree. The Executive branch has been compromised. We’re in the beginning stages of a dictatorship. Problem is who runs Obama?
Obama acting like Bush and every president for 4 decades: evidence of a dictatorship.

Ya know, I'm almost tempted to hope that Freepers' craziness makes them try something, but then I remember they're just sad angry idiots, and not really harming anything but their own dignity.

And now this word from Outer Space

Making no sense edition:
Obammie the commie is in league with all those presidents who broke treaties with the Indians.

Lol wut supplied by Ghost of Philip Marlowe.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cute. The return of the Muslim meme.

As the inauguration sets in, Freepers review and consolidate their conspiracy theories.

Aaand back to the Hillary hate.

The Obama recession, eh? Yeah, that'll fly. Also, Erkle is black; Obama is black. It's like they're twins!

President Barak Hussein Obama. Get used to it!

erm, attack on American values, I guess? And that's the most useless pitchfork ever.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The surrender of America begins.

Obama closes Gitmo. In a year. But the hilarity ensues now!

Williams makes the best metaphor I've yet seen on Free Republic.
Obama is trying to bargain, he is telling the terrorists work with me we can make deals.
The people thinking Obama will continue Bush efforts are delusional. Obama will turn hard left with the cold dead eye of a shark. He doesn’t know any better and he doesn’t care.


RonboTex doesn't hope for a terrorist attack in America, he just acts like it:

When a terrorist attack kill millions, and it could have been prevented by waterboarding a prisoner in our custody (if we have any months from now), I would like to hear his smug response then.

darth knows Obama's real motivation, and it's about what you would expect he'd say:
I wonder how much of that $850M in donations actually came from the Saudis and other closet supporters of jihad? I don’t think Obama is about principles. Our enemies bought themselves a president.

null and void knows where this is going:
Yeah? Next week he declassifies the names and addresses of every intel source world wide.
DoughtyOne has the best answer to a crazy post I've seen:
There goes the neighborhood. Now is obozo gonna release the inmates into the
general population with part of the bailout money as stipends so that these terrorists can form cells throughout the US waiting for the opportunity to bomb
the sh*t out of the citizens?

Now Lily, don’t go rational on Obozo. That’s not fair. LOL

erm, where is the logic? Cause I don't see any logic in that crazed speculation.

Obama's military.

I heard a radio show where a bunch of marines called in and said they weren't re-upping cause they hated Obama. Way to be "semper fi," ya petty, spiteful pseudo-patriots!

So I did some checking on Free Republic, and came up with "All Military Services Meet or Exceed December Recruiting Goals."

brushcop thinks this is to spite Obama:
...U.S. military services, which all met or exceeded their goals...
Take that HIPPIE SCUM!!

ExTexasRedhead thinks this is in spite of Obama:
Rumor is that re-enlistments will be dropping off as our brave patriots choose to not serve under a corrupt Socialist leader. BTW, leader is a joke; he’s no leader! He’s a national disgrace, IMO.

flyfree sees a few reasons why recruitment may be up.
Bad economy should increase recruitment rates.
Also, I would think more minorities would want to serve under Obama (just a wild guess here, but if they really are enamered with him, wouldn’t they want to serve under him?)

Only racism can save us!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Obama may be bringing science back to the White House, but Freepers are not fans of the science. And, like so many things, the only way they see to solve the problem is destruction:

does not like the idea of funding science education:

How about NO. Not as long as they work for government schools and teach things like global warming and 2+2 means whatever you feel like.

familyop can top that:
No! Cut teacher pay! Most teachers are a big part of the problem. There aren't enough technical and engineering jobs for western culture workers anyway.

ari-freedom thinks the free market solves everything, and this is no exception:

forget the teachers and parents. Go directly to the kids and pay them. Make it competitive. Do that and the kids will push themselves despite poor teachers and curriculum. If they have internet, they will find out the best way to learn on their own. Everyone else will; learning math will be part of the culture.

The Internet plus capitalism has totally made teachers obsolete!

But only metmom has the guts to get to the real problem:

The more God has been removed from the public education system, the worse it’s gotten. If you have any evidence to the contrary, by all means, feel free to post it.

See? Freepers are just yearning for the good old days! Like 1616.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bonus Pix!

I skipped posting on Saturday, so here are some bonus pix:

Bush is such a bad-ass!

Wow, someone put a lot of time into this. Hateful, hateful time.

Suicide by black man!

Check out the detail here. Also, check out ninja-Obama. Kick-ass!

Blowing up Mecca, is there any problem it can't solve?

No arrests?! Impossible!

I guess the capitol police's plan to minimize arrests went well. Freepers' reactions are hilariously predictable:

meowmeow comes from a different reality, where Obama is Hitler and everyone else has a goatee:
Goebbels propaganda machine in action. That's not what I heard listening to the police scanner...

SouthCarolinaKit agrees:
Latest number is 800,000 but elephant media continues to spout the 2 million count. Actually LBJ out drew OHB.

"elephant media?" I am also impressed with the total lack of sources.

BibChr thinks this is a sign of something more sinister:
...although there were several disappearances.

CaribouCrossing takes the statistic as true, but it still proves Dems are evil:
If this is true, perhaps it is because the majority of those who came to the ceremony are spoiled children in adult bodies (libs). And like with spoiled children, they can be very good when they are getting their way. They got their way yesterday.

CaribouCrossing again, finding the cloudy lining in the silver:
They left it to someone else to pick up the garbage they brought with them

DISGUSTING!!!!!! What the heck is the matter with some people?!

Indeed! Everything good is propaganda, and everything bad is totally true! Also, expected things like littering are now DISGUSTING!!

Freepers on Roberts and the oath:

Roberts is setting it up to totally take Obama down!!!!

BP2 (for the full effect, with colors and large size, click on the link):

Chief Justice Roberts has known he was going to administer the Oath to Obama for about 2.5 months... it wasn't dropped in his lap just yesterday!
Sorry, it doesn't pass the smell test that it was his first Oath of Office and that he
messed up, either. Come on!

I'd be concerned if Barry had flubbed it on his own — some sort of Sharia Law contractual "mistake."
But it was Chief Justice Roberts said it wrong FIRST. Despite what some may say, Roberts is a VERY intelligent person. I can't see him making such a MISTAKE. Just defies common sense if you know anything about him.
More likely, I think Justice Roberts was trying to give himself and the SCOTUS an “out” if Obama doesn't step down of his own accord later because of pending SCOTUS actions.
AND WHERE IS ALITO? ALWAYS Polite and Contrite, Justice Alito NOT showing up at both the Pre-Inauguration POTUS-SCOTUS MEETNG and for the Oast of Office is VERY unusual!


Having gone through the harsh program myself, I will tell you that US Military SERE (P.O.W.) teaches you to Survive with Honor. If under duress, and being recorded by the enemy to make false statements for propaganda purposes, to have plausible deniability later, STUTTERING is recommended technique to fool the enemy. After all, you DIDN'T say their statement if you stutter it incorrectly.

Intelligent people don't make mistakes! It was some sorta secret military action by Roberts!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Innaguration live-blogging

As promised:

11:47 by Severa:
That ‘Obama’ chant sounded like it was piped in...

11:45 by toldyou

“I really hope I’m not witnessing the fall of the Republic.”

I’m crying for my country.

11:50 by roses of sharon

Ummmm, all these commies, Marxists, racists, traitors, anti-Americans, terrorists.....ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Vaporize them!

11:53 by sauropod

I was walking down the hall a little while ago. Heard [a co-worker] and another woman from Budget (who I’ve had run-ins with before) yakking it up and saying “no haters.”

As in No haters allowed.

Get used to it. You and I are now “haters.”

11:58 by LegalEagle61

The ass clown [Biden] is now sworn in...God help us, he is a dufus

12:07 by BuckeyeTexan
Chief Justice Roberts, shame on you.
12:09 by nutmeg
The smooth-talking One - Barack HUSSEIN Obama - completely flubbed up his lines! He seems very nervous... uncool for once.
And yes - he was introduced, and took the oath as: Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
12:15 by AliVeritas
I hear communism right now, what do you hear?
12:20 by Eaker

America is screwed.

The U.S.A. is going to be one big Detroit.

12:21 by Dinah Lord

“To the Muslim world we seek a new way forward...”

he just surrendered.

12:23 by freepersup
Missing a certain gravitas. In essence... blah blah blah. Someone in the background with as pair of headsets on, needs to be giving the universal wrap it up single!

Oh well... back to the kitchen for another old no. 7 sour mash innoculation.

ZZZZZZZZZ... speech now putting me to sleep.

12:28 by ichabod1
America Held Hostage, Day 1

12:30 by Deo volente

Stock market now tanking.

The market ALWAYS knows...

12:31 by GodBlessUSA
He's a disgrace.

I feel for President Bush and family to have to sit through his rhetoric.
12:33 by racing fan

so far:

screwed up oath
terrible poem

12:38 by navysealdad
crack houses will be busy tonight

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How are Freepers spending inauguration?

So I've got old friends coming in, and will therefore be taking the long weekend off.

Fear not, though! I will be posting on inauguration day. I anticipate their pain giving me great joy.

Here is an extended preview of what to expect. How are Freepers spending inauguration?

GRRRRR sounds awesome to work with:
Begin MOCKING any Oblamo supporter at work and continue until someone complains to HR.

doodad is quite pithy:
Pray for our country. And buy another gun.

VoiceOfBruck tries for some sort of metaphor I just don't get:
I'm going squirrel hunting on inauguration day. It seems like a fitting gesture.

Cause Obama's a squirrel? Or is this preparation for the coming Civil War?

ErnBatavia plans a protest:
I will be wearing black that day.
I got an email from my Georgia brother yesterday, trying to get either a black ribbon or black armband movement going.

I see big things from this gesture! Show how fair you plan to be to Obama AND what a drama queen you are by going into mourning for America!

GeorgiaDawg32 goes for the head in the sand approach.

I refuse, under any circumstances, to watch, listen to, read about or otherwise ingest any information regarding the “coronation”..I turn off the t.v. when his picture comes on, I change radio stations when I hear his voice.

HailReagan78 goes one better, in keeping with his handle:
I'll be watching Reagan's ‘80 and ‘84 Inaugural speeches on youtube, also his acceptance speeches from the conventions....Maybe throw in his debates with Carter as well, watch him smackdown olJimmah a few more times ....
Down a few cold ones, toast a REAL president, and PRAY we can have leadership like his again someday soon

Wow. Way to stick it to that Obama cult of personality!

screaminsunshine is a racist:
Have an Amos and Andy party on the 20th.

Haha! I get it! Because Obama's a nigger!

Dallas59 Is even MORE racist!
I don’t know about Amos and Andy...but I’ve got all the Tarzan movies from BB "reproduced”...

Awesome! Because Obama is like some kind of jungle-man just like Tarzan! I can't figure out why blacks don't like the GOP!

And now this word from Outer Space

Liberal men are girls and liberal girls are men edition:

Usually played the sensitive wimp when opposing Hillary, the ball-breaking b;tch... Obama is a woman, squats to pee right alongside Dukakis, Mondale, Gore, Kerry, Frank, Reid, and such.

sexism supplied by flowerplough (Liberalism undermined: Certain permanent moral and political truths are accessible to human reason.)

And now this word from Outer Space

Tennessee melodrama edition:
The Judas traitor thundered arrogantly from the podium to the Republican with the point of order, “You gotta problem with ME being Speaker ?” The Republican said, “You bet I have a problem.” I hope the Judas has bodyguards, because he’s going to need them wherever he goes. He knows what he did, and tyrants and traitors are all deserving of what comes to them.

Overreaction supplied by fieldmarshaldj.

For more info on this amusing tempest in a teapot, see

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Freepers' ability to turn inconsequential stories into especially rage-filled hatefests never ceases to amaze me. It's as if the more gossipy the story, the less Freepers are able to control their angry id.

TriGirl starts us off with a kick:

NO NO NO NO.... We just got a Labradoodle. Now my husband will kick the dog every time he sees it if Obama gets the same kind!


9YearLurker is sure there will be a conspiracy, somehow:
Why do I envision some helpful ‘donor’ surrendering a purebred to some helpful shelter so Bambi can get the dog he wants?

PLD goes further, conspiracy wise:
Oh my goodness,who really gives a rats butt what kind of dog they get..That is what the Clinton's did and look what happen to poor buddy after they left office..They said he was run over by a car but I think he was taken to Ft Marcy Park and snuffed like Vince Foster was..Watch it puppy you don't want to make them mad..

DieHard the Hunter is one of many, many, many posters to say:

> The first family is inching closer to finding the first dog.

They already did. Her name is Michelle and she hasn’t been spayed.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freepers still lovin' on Palin.

How many media interviews with Sarah Palin is too much for Freepers? Trick question! There is no such thing as overexposure as far as their beloved Saracudda is concerned. Thus, when Sarah Palin yells about liberal bloggers, Freepers got pretty excited:

Case in point bicyclerepair who is not a stalker, he's a patriot!

I wish DirecTV had a Sarah Palin channel.
I CAN NOT get enough of Sarah Palin !!!!!

mick has a metaphor for you:
There was a scene in one of the Rocky movies where Rocky was getting pounded and his corner man was getting nervous..... but Pauly said don’t worry, he’s just getting mad ! And , of course, Rocky went on to win.
Something about SP and these interviews reminds me of this. She putting her chin out to test the strength of her opponents....just like Rocky....don’t worry about her....she absorbs strength from this pounding! Like RR, the more they hit her the stronger she gets.


slapshot thinks she shouldn't stop at the bloggers:
She needs to verbally eviscerate, expose and embarrass one of the media gatekeepers in a one on one interview. Like taking on Charlie Gibson and doing what Ann Coulter does to them: Making them look like whiny little b****es they are.

From boxing to evisceration!

SolidWood, whose tag line is (Sarah Palin - America the Beautiful) has solid wood:
In the time after the election she rejected Obama's bail-out pork, focuses on national security and energy, hosted dozens of diplomats from across the world and rejected a pay raise.

Wow, I wonder how much time focusing takes!

But some feel Sarah is overexposing herself. eureka! has a message for these people: you are not real Freepers:
I noticed that too. So many new signups with great advice for Sarah and the GOP. *spit*

It's not just the doctrinaire attitude, it's the spitting that makes eurika! a super-tough guy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Capitalism, Pravda-style!

So much for red-baiting, Freepers love Pravda. You'd think the fact that only Pravda agrees with them might be a clue....

Pravda (???) Says Earth Entering Ice Age

Carl from Marietta

Are you sure there aren’t good reasons for trusting this source over any MSM publication in this country?
My money’s on Pravda being closer to the truth than the N.Y. Times, anyday.

Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist (SO SAYS PRAVDA!)
Pretty sad when Pravda is publishing the truth (along with The Globe) while every news outlet in America is shilling for Obama.

The Mysterious Shadow: Code Name Obama (Pravda Again!)
Amazing. Formerly communist propaganda arm Pravda continues to do better reporting on Obama than our own supposedly free media. Click it to read and show support for continuing to report on this issue.

Barack, The Amazing Mr. Obama (PRAVDA GETS IT!)
El Cid
And the 'Soviet Union' (ok, 'Russia'), is becoming more capitalist, as we become more socialist...Their mainstream press is more objective, and apt to report facts vs pushing agenda, than our mainstream press.Seems like we are two ships passing each other going in the opposite direction.Eh, at least we don't live in a big icebox like they do...

Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue
Hahahahha. Pravda turns on one of their own.........

Keep on posting this stuff Pravda. Who needs evidence? Freepers will keep saying they're surprised how much they agree with you till the cows come home. And you get to cash the checks. It's Capitalism, Pravda-style!

And now this word from Outer Space

Marshall Law Edition:

I just wish there was some way to stop Obama before he destorys the country. Maybe George Bush will declare Marshall law sometime later this week. In fact I am sending him an email right now and recommending it.. I mean obviously if the economy is in such dire straights worser then even the Great Depression we really shouldn’t be changing Presidents at this time don’t you agree?
There must be a way to stop Obama. On NOV 4th America was on a drunken stupor fueled by the BDS liquor and the Obama messiah change drugs that the MSM and the wackoo left was feeding the electorate.
8 days before the inauguration and I am already pining for the good ol’ days under George W. Bush.

Crazy supplied by tomnbeverly ("In the hour of darkness and peril and need, the people will waken to listen and hear.....)

And now this word from Outer Space

Satan is confused edition:

Islam is Satan’s religion, liberalism his political philosophy.

Confusion supplied by NoLibZone (Islam must be completely eradicated from the face of the Earth.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Pix

Fair Presumption
Totally what liberals want.

OMG! Famous Dem fundraiser Soros seen near Obama PROOF!

I played the Race Card and I liked it.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Who to blame the economy on.

Now that Freepers have cottoned to the fact that there really is an economic crisis, the question remains how to spin blame away from the Bush administration. Witness, through the magic of spin, Freepers blaming everyone in sight except for Republicans!

Can you predict who they blame? Cause it's pretty obvious!

muawiyah - Obama:
When Obama made his little speech to his conributor/cronies in San Francisco, and vowed to bankrupt the coal industry, his message made the rounds of American business pretty darned quick.
That's why Obama gets full credit for the Obama Depression.

puppypusher - the Democrats:
The democratic clowns on the Finance committee forced all of those banks to give out mortgages to people that could Not repay them.

berdie - the Media:
The media has created a huge portion of this.
(How is their chosen “One” gonna save the world if we aren’t headed for sure disaster?)

Lilpug15 - Dems of Administrations past:
Hey, don’t forget that Carter created the Community Reinvestment Act in 1979 or was the 1977 either way...
The GSE’s like Fannie and Freddie were established under FDR and were made official by LBJ (or something like that).

T be fair, one guy blamed bush, and one guy blamed Greenspan. Other than that, though, it was revisionist history galore!

George Soros: Freeper Boogieman

Freepers love to consolidate their hate. Thus, the Muslims work with the Nazis work with the Commies. In a similar vein George Soros is responsible for everything bad in America, including Obama.

Who is George Soros? Some rich guy who contributes to Democrats. He's a currency speculator, so no he's no moral paragon. But Freepers have decided he's a Communist with Godlike control of the world economy:

mojitojoe Knows Soros intimately. I hesitate to speculate how.
Soros is far more of a danger to America than any terrorist. He doesn't hit once then run. He is slow, methodical and evil. He doesn't want to do a hit and run on NYC, he wants to bring America to her knees and change what she is. He has manipulated elections, the stock market and his agenda is the same as Barry's.

originalbuckeye may recall directly, or may be making this up:
IIRC, Soros vowed in 1998 that he would bring down the economy of the United States. I wish someone with resources would start chronicling the rise of the Socialists in this country. I would suspect that it would show a years long effort to get the 0bamunist into power so that he would take us immediately into Socialism. It will take decades to undo the destruction that this President and his minions are going to foist on the unsuspecting American people.

Coldwater Creek goes black helicopter:
Soros is the big cheese in charge of a shadow government.

But PanzerDeutscheschafferhund takes this evidence-less demonization to it's logical conclusion:
Why hasn’t SOROS been assassinated? Isn’t there some nutcase that is willing to eerminate this Machiavellian monster? I will probably have this post deleted, but am I the only one that is surprised that no one has taken this guy out? He has such powerful enemies that it just wouldn’t be shocking. POOF, Soros is killed by a ....fill in the blank.


Via Quantcast:

Traffic (monthly) 1.8 Million Unique visits.

Sex:57% Male 43% Female

5% 12-17
27% 18-34
35% 35-49
34% 50+

Education: 44% College17% Grad School

Audience Also Searches For

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Checking up on FFranco.

Just thought I'd check out in our resident Freeper on the Satire/Crazy edge, FFranco! For previous posts, check here and here.

On the History:
In my opinion, Obama and the Democrats created this economic crisis just as FDR and the Democrats created the Great Depression in the 1930s. Their reason is the same, to turn America into a Communist Socialist Republic. FDR started the process in 1933 when he created the Great Depression, now Obama will complete it in our time.

On losing elections:

We need to assume that any close election that goes to the Dims was stolen. The Republicans should have a lot more seats in Congress than they are ending up with due to Democrat FRAUD AND THEFT. The next time the Republicans get the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress, they should do everything they can to Destroy the Democrat Party

On Holiday displays:

In my opinion, municipal or government displays should be limited to Christmas and Hanukkah, those of the two mainstream American religions. All fringe religions, like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. should be excluded. Of course, on private property anyone can have any kind of religious display they want.

On Jurisprudence:
It’s still a Republican majority Supreme Court. I can see them finding for Coleman to prevent one-party Democrat rule.

On the Vice Presidency:
Biden doesn’t have the ability to serve as a co-President as Dick Cheney has.

On Michelle Obama's secret messages:

Yes, no doubt the red and black dress in undeniable proof that Malcolm X was Obama’s father. But that doesn’t make Obama qualified to be President because Malcolm X was a Muslim, therefore his son, a Muslim by birth, can not be President.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama's "posse"

Freepers respond to above in typically hysterical fashion:
albie uses exaggeration, I think
Why all the American flags? Guess he’ll wait until Jan 21 to replace them with the BO circle of “hope” insignia. God help us!:
If it's exageration, then why the "God help us?"
Batman11 goes for some lighthearted ribbing of Michelle Obama
“That’s not true Michelle, we were not making fun of your big butt as you left the room.”
Snap! The best part is how he made fun of Michelle Obama's butt when she isn't in the picture AND doesn't have a big butt! Amazing!
knarf sees a conspiracy:
"Yes, Rahm is still alive. Now, excuse us while we inform him of his next undisclosed secret location, where he will remain until our Chicago friends take care of Fitzgerald."
Make no mistake .. Fitzgerald is part of the team.
Eva takes the above and runs with it:
It’s Soros and William Ayers. These two have been working very hard. I was posting about the economic crisis being and October surprise, directed by Soros and precipitated by Schumer that got a little out of hand. The fact that Soros and a small handful of other big Dem. donors bailed out IndyMac is a good indication that IndyMac was sacrificed to start this mess.
Someone posted to me that Soros carried out exactly the same scam in Thailand a while back. (from Thailand)
Man what?
Finaly, BARLF has a pretty romantic idea of how to tell someone's character:
Hands in the cookie jar.
The eye’s reveal,they are guilty.
This eye thing comes up a lot in pics of Dems. Freeprs love to say "the eyes of a liar" or "look at his eyes - dead inside." etc. etc.

And now this word from Outer Space

Revolutionary wankery edition:
Go ahead, outlaw guns. Outlaw breathing. I will pay as much attention to the former as I would the latter.
To add to my list of future crimes, I will be hiding Jews in my attic, and concealing income.
The honorable have no duty to facilitate the wishes of the wicked.

Patriotic tax evasion by The Bat Man.

And now this word from Outer Space

Cult of Personality Edition:
Dateline January 7, 2013 - Five failed Presidents await the arrival of President-Elect Sarah Palin, who was a bit late do to her running a marathon, putting together her plan for economic recovery from the Great Depression II, and hunting a deer -— all at the same time.

Manic hero worship supplied by Lou Budvis.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freepers play the race card - and love it!

So this Burris thing. Seems like a pissing match to me. Freepers are loving it though:

albie starts things out blatant:

Reid...”and be sure he only drinks from the ‘colored’s only’ water fountain”.
massgopguy also enjoys the overstatement:

Ku Klux Harry Reid said that they, the Senate majority, chooses who gets in. So he just disenfranchised every state in the union.

A. Patriot jumps on the bandwagon. With relish!

"Oh, we're sorry Mr. Burris, but we removed the 'Colored Section' in the Senate chamber back in the 1960's, therefore, there is not place for you to sit".

Grampa Dave was a prolific poster on this thread, but this analysis of the black community takes the cake:

These so called Black Leaders are the modern day Overseers, paid and controlled by the elite Rat racists, the Democrats. The DemocRat masters have told these overseers to stfu in this situation.

And MplsSteve takes things in a bit of a more European direction:
Harry Reid must view himself to be high nobility for the way he runs the Senate. When I watch Reid in action, I’m reminded of the Latin phrase “Sic semper tyrannis” - Thus always to tyrants.

Wow. Stumbled right into an assassination threat! Nice!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Leon Paneta is going to bring about another 9-11.

Freepers are predictably overwrought at Obama's pick of an actual progressive to head the CIA. Their pain brings me joy:

Mr. K will start us out, getting the unbelievable racism out of the way early:
Overheard in ‘da hood today: “Da-yum.. why he ain’t pick P.Diddy or somfin for no jobs yet”

Okay. On to the conspiracy theories!
Red_Devil 232 sees this as part of a pattern.
You don’t get it. This is the start of ObambiĆ¢€™s plan to disarm this Country. He has appointed people who have no experience in Homeland Security, the CIA, the State Dept. and a Union Thug Lover to Labor.

It's a subtle plan that involves no actual disarming, but it's totally there! I also hear Obama plans to appoint liberals to government in a fiendish plot to make America just like his beloved Mother Russia.

ichabod1 sees someone else's hand here:
I can’t help thinking that if somehow Bx0, Bidet, and Plugosi were out of the way, Hillary! would have her cabinet all in place already.

jersey117 is sure this means Terrorists are going to hit us. Better run!
We are going to be so vulnerable it's frightening. Having experienced 9/11 first hand I have to say, I am considering getting the hell out of here with these clowns in power. NYC is probably going to be hit again.

Fedupwithit goes one further, and all but hopes for an attack:
The terrorist cells are getting happier and happier every day hearing all this news. Unfortunately it is going to take another attack to remind people why they vote Republican...the ass clowns coming into power are going to weaken us to the point of no return..
AliVeritas takes the cake though, actually praying for Obama to die.
I don’t know... if I were doing my part to establish the ummah re: the US, I would pick the most incompetent folks available (good for blaming as well).
Please Lord, take this man from us.

Ummah is an Arabic word meaning nation. So, in this guy's defense, he is crazy. Oh, and his profile says he writes for townhall. Click the link for a bonus pic of AliVeritas! I think he eats his rage.