Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama ate dog

 via an anon.

One of the reasons partitions on either side don't have a sense of humor is that they jokes not as fun, but as weapons.  Thus, this thread: DO STEWART & COLBERT KNOW OBAMA ATE A DOG?

Needless to say, Colbert has indeed covered it. But the Right Wing Blogosphere is running with the double-standard narrative.

reasonisfaith thinks this is serious business:
I would say it’s important that Americans know which candidates on the ballot have eaten dogs and which haven’t.
jimbo123 also thinks this is no joke:
Obama and his third-world brethren eating dog meat is not “exotic.” It’s sick.
Uncle Slayton brings it:
How do you know Obama has not eaten dog or cat as an adult and fed it to his children or guests at the White House?
muawiyah thinks dogs are born trained:
There are very few animals you can whistle to and they'll come and jump up in your arms ~ where you can slaughter them with little fuss and bother. What did you imagine that behavior was about?
[Stewart and Colbert] would let Obama eat them. They are the worst cowards America has ever known.
Romney over Obama, sold.

Monday Potpourri

altura has to state she really believes this, for some reason:
If Obama gets another term, he will find a way around the house and the senate and he will ban the supreme court.
I really believe that.
cork knows organ donation helps no one:
I am not an organ donor and never will be. I have seen what these vultures do. In the funeral business I have had to put back together a jigsaw puzzle that I got from the hospital after they “harvested” the organs.
When my father in law was about to die, the people from C.O.R.E.(Center for Organ Recovery and Education) were drooling over him. I had to almost physically throw them out of his room. They were relentless.
Big big money in organs.
laweeks lays out how Notre Dame sold its soul to the devil:
I think Notre Dame sold its soul to the devil many years ago when 1) they went co-ed, and 2) they accepted NON-Catholics on the university just to play sports. Their integrity was therefore severely damaged.
And then to remove pictures of Jesus to placate a filthy muslim abortion loving monster was the end of my having any respect for Notre Dame.
Don't know how your daughter can keep teaching there.
FunkyZero thinks Zimmerman is in on the Zimmerman trial conspiracy:
I still suspect this is a coordinated effort that even Zimmerman himself has agreed to participate in. It's a show of BS to attempt to settle the masses.
The thing that disappoints me the most is the lack of congressional outrage over the biased and rabble-rousing media coverage and interest groups. Maybe that will become a topic of conversation after the riots... who knows.
Wait, so there's a show-trial conspiracy to settle the masses, but there will still be riots?  Wow, worst conspiracy ever.

Doctor 2Brains thinks Obama wanted to have sex with Osama Bin Laden.
Of course, Nixon was probably glad we landed on the moon; the kenyan maggot probably wept bitter tears long into the night when he heard that his homoerotic fantasies involving OBL would never come to pass.

Maybe a joke? Maybe not? Venturer knows Obama is no dog lover:
The dog in the White House is merely for show. Just Theater.
A dog lover would have already had a dog to bring to the White House with them. This dog is merely something for the White House staff to have to take care of until Obama needs it again for a photo-op.
William Tell knows all about black people:
The Ten Democrat Commandments for Blacks:
1. Thou shall not go armed or support the Second Amendment.
2. Thou shall not oppose gangs or drug dealing.
3. Thou shall not support getting an education.
4. Thou shall not support the sanctity of marriage.
5. Thou shall covet all that thy neighbor has.
6. Thou shall not strive for economic independence.
7. Thou shall not own a home, but shall rent and periodically join outraged mobs in burning the rental properties.
8. Thou shall vote Democrat ( the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK )and shall vote as many times as possible.
9. Thou shall support leaders based on the color of their skin regardless of the content of their character.
10. [Fill in the blank]
Since Obama's stated goal is to "Fundamentally Transform the United States of America", why on Earth would a true patriot be disappointed if he...failed? (he hasn't failed--he's doing a pretty damn good of destroying our once great country)
Neoliberalnot thinks Justice Sotomayor is part of the Hispanic KKK.
the member of the hispanic KKK gets her/its day in court. La RAZA, La Sodamaker.
Yes, she really needs to stop lynching people - it's unbecoming a Supreme Court Justice.

Lazamataz reacts to news that there is no bombshell Obama tape:
  I didn't believe Breitbart was murdered. Yeah, the coroner dying was odd. But I really didn't believe he was murdered.
Until today. Until this report.
Andrew Breitbart was murdered.
Just remember: The second time he recited the oath....there was no bible.
UCANSEE2 sees the real reason for 'Cash for Clunkers:'
I will tell you a little secret. Remember the 'cash for clunkers' program? Do you know where all the 'scrapped' metal went? Apparently, China didn't want MONEY, they needed STEEL. So...

All is not well in Freeperville

An unprecedented 2 commenters - kidglov3s and FresnoGrifter found this one for me:.

Even with the recent Freeper funding woes, Most Freeper fundraising threads are super boring - full of false good feelings and rote triumphalism.  But under the surface, there is a lot of resentment about Free Republic's anti-Romney, and indeed anti-dissent culture.

In this thread, the feelings have boiled over, and the results are fascinating:

VeniVidiVici blames all the religious zealots:
"FR doesn't support Socialists." Hmmm, not entirely. One thing that's completely flummoxed me is how the anti-Romney jihadists get away with posting thread after thread of anti-Romney propaganda often accompanied by other anti-Romney jihadists piling on commenting how "four more years of Obama is preferable to 8 years of Romney", or other similar statements.
Most of them used to stay in their Religion forum playpen but the primaries let them bring it out in the open. So there are "pro-Obama" folks here who are evidently allowed to support the reelection of the communist.
Ace of Spades thinks head Freeper Jim Robinson is reaping what he hath sowed:
Jim was warned years ago that banning and insulting his followers was going to lead down this path. He chose arrogance, pride and misguided principles (whatever they may be at the moment) over the financial health of this site and now he’s reaping the rewards. You want our money? Change the way you do business. Simple as that.
 bigheadfred doesn't much care about the controversy, he just has cancer but also wants to beat up all the Congressmen:
I have a feeling I’m not so much different than a lot of people around. I think and feel the way they do.
The difference may lie in the fact that without treatment soon I will be dead by years end.
It changes my perspective.
I look at my beautiful two grandbabies and there is no doubt that I can pull that trigger and put a bullet in THE GOVERNMENT.
Too much talk about Obama. Too much debate about POTUS.
There are 535 MOTHER F###ERS in Congress who haven’t and will not do anything for me.
It isn’t about what THEY SAY THEY WILL DO.
It is about what I SAY THEY WILL DO.
535 is a few more than I can take. So if I could only find around 50 more people to help, I think the video of that little donnybrook may even make it onto Youtube. Hell. It may even go viral.
Now for the funny part.
If I could find 1,000 people to kick ten bucks each into the Get Well Pat Fund I wouldn’t need those other 50 people’s help.
dforest mixes metaphors brilliantly:
Well, I will choose the wolf in sheeps clothing this time and take my chances. Couldn’t get any worse, could it?
Believe me, at least I can hope that wolf will do something about the economy and observe and respect all branches of our Government.
The one we have now does not do that at all.
He just rules by fiat.
Only Wolf President is savage enough to save us all! MizSterious is so close to having an epiphany about how Freepers think about the world:
Trouble is, to you folks, a different opinion automatically makes the perp “socialist.”
Peter from Rutland also fails to generalize his insights to apply to people beyond himself:
You can accuse me of being Adolf Hitler but it doesn’t make it true.
You people have gone over the line with me a number of times and I’ve had enough. I was going to shut up but I’ve decided to make a stand because there are more out here just like me, they’re just too afraid to stand up to you people.
The rest of the sane world is working to get rid of Obama, no matter what the cost is because the country you fought for cannot stand another four years of this.
Winning the Senate and the House is not enough because Obama has proven he will simply go around them. Yet it seems a vast majority here want to plant their feet in the ground and stand on some false sense of “no more RINOs, it stops here”.
Well, this isn’t the time for it. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
 DJ MacWoW breaks out the "Bless your Heart," which is Southern for "Fuck you."
Bless your heart. It's not a simple difference of opinion.
1. A Conservative bastion cannot support a socialist.
2. Conservatives are fighting Republican liberals for control. Surrendering is just that, surrender. Why would they ever believe conservatives "line in the sand" if we cave to them again?
3. Principles matter.
SteveAustin will stick around for the awesome military discussions, but laments the recent popular clique's power trip:
I’ve been reading here since the beginning and been signed up since 2000.
This is still a great site to discuss breaking news and military issues. Many very knowledgable and good people on the site.
But since we are all speaking freely tonight, the site has become damn near unreadable the past year as it relates to politics. There are about 15 super active posters on here who camp out and ridicule everything. And usually they do it under the guise of carrying Jim Rob’s flag.
I’ve seen too many good conversations turn sour here with comments like “you know we don’t allow no RINO’s on here. I’m going to tell Jim Rob.”
Jim Rob did a great civic duty creating this site. And he can make the decision if he wants to have a larger more influential site like we had in the past or a marginalized small pond. I’d vote for the old days.
xkaydet65 also remembers the good old days:
I remember when every thread proclaimed “Rove, you magnificent bastard!!” When Ann Coulter’s essays and appearances sparked ten threads praising her thought, her wit and her looks each day.Now they are the spawn of the devil. Crypto socialists and big govt progressives. As the Joe Mantegna and Don Ameche film said, “Things change.”
altura hates people keeping lists of bad thinkers:
Oh, you betcha they keep lists.
During the height of the Cain mania, which was supported by this site, Cain hated Perry and made that known.
So a cadre of Cain supporters got together and established a ping list to disrupt all the positive Perry posts that were put up.
I have to say that those people were the ugliest, most profane, vulgar, vicious and lying people I’ve ever seen on this site. Some were people I thought I knew.
It would not have been allowed in the old days.
McLynnan gets like amillion replies agreeing with this post
A few shrieking, tattletale banshees, operating with the approval of the owner and moderators, spend their days and nights on patrol enforcing the one site/one mind rule. They have managed to run off just about anybody with a brain (or a dollar.) They are at it on this very thread. They remind me of high school mean girls and have turned internet bullying into a blood sport. New posters are welcomed with scorn and ridicule and accused of being trolls just because they haven’t been here since day one. That’s a great way to attract new people.
I left FR a while back because I got tired of the attacks against me and like minded people because we were from Texas and we supported Governor Perry. Many of the Texas contingent left FR and took their dollars with them during that time. We were honestly blind sided and shell shocked by our treatment. Governor Perry may not be the most articulate man in the world, he is not perfect, but he is conservative, a patriot, a Christian, knows how to attract business and a heck of an improvement over Mitt. You only have to look at Texas to know he can’t be the complete dunce his FR detractors claim he is. What was wrong with supporting a conservative?
That "high school mean girls" thing sure seems to be coming up again and again. mojitojoe also, too:
There is a posse on here that consists of about 20-30 that relentlessly goes after anyone that says they will vote for ABO. That group is relentless and abusive. They hate or pretend to hate mittens more than anything on earth . I wonder if they realize the harm they are doing to this great forum.
and I’m done, I swore I wouldn’t comment but couldn’t help myself.

And then it just degenerates to youtube comments level: 2ndDivisionVet will not be bullied:
I am a 6ft, 360lbs Army and security veteran. I don’t really think I need to threaten anyone. Why are you trying to bait me? Did my talk of trolling for Obama perhaps hit a little too close to home? We know that various and sundry Axelrod dupes are assigned to FR and other conservative sites to stir the excreta. You’re sounding more and more like one of them.
onyx gets involved in this catfight:
I have a lot of FB buddies...and don't have a clue who that is! Funny thing...I hadn't seen it until you posted it! That tells me you spend more time at True Blue than I do! LOL!
I'll have to go take a look! Do you disrupt there?...or just lurk?
You are a trip!
No, it was sent to me about YOU! I don’t leave Free Republic.
"True Blue Liberty" seems to be a site populated by zotted Freepers.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

One of Mitt Romney's Spokesmen is Gay

I think this is from a commenter, but I cannot be sure... The tight Freeper anti-Romney core spirals off into Obama levels of conspiratorial insanity when it comes up that Romney has hired homosexual Neocon Richard Grenell: max americana knows gay people can't use guns:
I care. Fags should not lead our foreign and national security issues. So if China hits us with a missile, the proper response is glitter?
lentulusgracchus has realized gay spies are everywhere!
When you see guys clustering like that, especially gays, you're justified in suspecting ulterior agenda and shunning the whole bunch. Which the entire GOP needs to do -- a purge of the homosexuals infesting the Party. They seem to be overrepresented ..... which means they're deliberately climbing aboard, like shiprats, and running cabals behind the scenes to expel non-gay-friendly people from the GOP. Well, guess what, girls -- turn about is fair play.
cripplecreek laments how this means Republicans can't rage against the sodomites quite as well:
The way Mittites are trying to make it all OK are a perfect demonstration of what’s wrong with electing RINOs. People who sweep dirt under their own rugs have no room to point fingers as democrat filth.
muawiyah thinks hypocritical to dislike pedophiles and not homosexuals:
MARK FOLEY did a really great job helping the Republicans lose their political hind ends in the 2006 election. Even though the public tolerates Democrat homosexuals (assuming most of them are probably homosexuals) they punish the Republicans for turning more of these people loose to run for office or make policy.
Psalm 144 makes with the funny:
Well, when you read Richard Grenell’s lips, just try not to think about where they have been.
Psalm 144 now gets serious, laying out Mitt Romney's Mormon anti-baby Agenda:
There is a pattern here. Willard promotes abortion and formal homosexual copulatory arrangements as public policy, but not within amongst his own co-religionists. He encourages fecundity and stability narrowly within his own group, and sterile, self destructive behavior amongst ALL others. Willard is not hypocritical, nor schizophrenic, nor empty. He is a malefactor, and works to as certain a purpose as did his moral and intellectual equivalent, Margaret Sanger.
huldah1776 takes Romney being a liberal to it's logical conclusion:
Anyone thinking what I am thinking? That Romney actually wants to lose so all his radical ideas (those of the current administration) can continue to become policy? Romney is the dividing point, and he doesn’t need to be president.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Marxists vs. Socialists vs. Communists edition:
A marxist is someone who studies and practices the teachings and manifesto of karl marx. To be a marxist, one must be a communist... but not all communists are marxists... although they all follow the same basic tenants.
Then you have Communists... who can be marxists, or muslims, or maoists or even a kennedy.
Then you have socialists... who are people that want a Big Central Command government and want cradle to the grave support for every facet of their lives. They too are communists... they either are too stupid to adimit it... or are afraid to admit it to themselves... or they cannot make up their mind which school of communism to follow.
So....they are all the same.  Epic definition fail brought to you by LibLieSlayer (Pray hard and often!)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Pix

 That Obama guy sure looks smug!

 Ohh, Freepers, so bad at photoshop.

What are Black People doing in the 1920s?
Hitler Science strikes again!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Freepers enjoy when liberals die

Warning - even my jaded soul was shocked by this, so be prepared.

Norwegian spree killer Anders Behring Breivik described gunning down 69 teenagers at a liberal summer camp.  Freepers nod approvingly:

FatherofFive suddenly decides yelling about Marxists and Islamists is something liberals do:
far-right extremist
I really don't understand this term. I define 'right' as conservative, capitalist. I define 'left' as big government socialist.
Hitler, Stalin are far left. Skinheads who support Hitler's goals are far left, but called far right.
fella is sure liberals are gonna do this any day now:
The New Black Panther’s are taking notes.
 tom h blames the victims:
Many of the victims were boys, descendants of Vikings for heaven's sake, yet they did not seize upon their chance to jump the murderer when he paused to reload.
This is the sad outcome of a gun-controlled, liberal social democracy that teaches non-violence and peace studies. The children of this culture become lambs led to slaughter.
Had this happened in the 1950s, even as late as the 1960s, in any western country, the d-ckhead would've been jumped by 5-10 youths. One or two might've been plugged but the other 8 would've beat the h-ll out of Breivik.
My son took three years of self-defense classes. HE would've launched into his martial arts training and alone would've taken Breivik down.
Yeah, fear is a liberal thing. Action movie heroism is how conservatives roll!  MeganC has children, but still thinks executing liberal children just makes sense:
I disagree. I think he was humane. When you look at what the Left has done in the past 100 years then you’ll see real barbarism.
Billions enslaved. Hundreds of millions murdered.
And Breivik was brilliant (and sane) in his strategy not to try to assassinate the current crop of leftist leaders but to assassinate the next generation of leftist elites.
It is cold, it is unthinkable to contemplate as a mother of three, but in fifteen years what Breivik did may allow Norwegians to cast off the shackles of leftism when there are not enough elite leftist youth moving into leadership.
Again, I do not approve of what Brievik did but if the tables were turned and some leftist murdered 100 kids at, say, a Tea Party summer camp I do not doubt that the left would be openly celebrating. Bill Maher would call the killer ‘brave’, Obama would call the killer the son he never had, and any number of academics would call the killer a hero.
We’re better than that, of course, but let’s not lost track of the fact that the left would do this same thing a million times over to our kids if they could. History shows that’s how they roll.
I find the liberals as approving of massacres strawman at the end more infuriating than the endorsement of the killing, somehow.

liberal children's lives don't count to Dead Corpse:
A Fascist killing Communists... I still don't care.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joe the Plumber: Obama ‘came to Christ and he is my brother’

via another anon. The devotion of Freepers is an odd thing - they may turn on you at any moment for even the smallest of slights, but you may also go directly against their strongest tenets - such as Joe the Plumber putting out a press release calling Obama a Christain - and they will twist the very fabric of reality to make you still one of them:

knows Obama's not a Christian because he's totally not a Christian! LOGIK
I’m not buying this Christianity line one bit. If he’s a Christian, he’s one of the worst ones of all time. If he’s a Muslim, he’s right on target. End of discussion...
ntnychik thinks this is some kind trick by the wily Joe the Plumber:
This could be a subtle way of Joe’s to expose 0’s commie and atheist background and baggage.
BO Stinkss agrees:
Yep. Joe is being very clever - I think the whole thing is really sarcasm.
And Freepers wonder why people say they have no sense of humor! BO Stinkss sees the silver lining is that unhinged liberals will go crazy!
This will repulse the anti-christian democrats. This is equivalent to Carter endorsing Romney.
Turbo Pig knows anything Obama says that sounds good is only pseudo-Christian, cause he's the anti-Christ.
I have never heard obama say one thing Christian; I’ve heard him say a lot of psuedo-Christian things that sound really good and really Christian to the uninformed/ill-informed...Aw screw it, I’ll just say it. obama is an anti-Christ by his words, actions and deeds. He’s not THE anti-Christ, by any stretch of the imagination. He is one, still, none the less.
iopscusa knows that when the Church doesn't preach enough hate, the answer is to leave the Church:
I’ve never thought Christianity would make people stupid but...I’m having my doubts with this pecker head as well as the Progressive Churches and their Lefty Bull! I guess that’s why I have stayed away from the mainstream church.
albie knows what it means when Freeper heroes betray them:
Joe must’ve been paid a visit by some Obama goons.
Vaduz prefers the carrot to the stick:
Bribes make people do strange things.
ElkGroveDan realizes that when you're making crap up, you can have bribes AND threats!
How many pieces of silver Joe? Or are they holding one of your kids hostage?

Everything I learned about homosexuality I learned in 1967

LifeSiteNews linked to a 1967 documentary on homosexuality. Needless to say, Freepers are sure nothing new has been learned since that time:

SatinDoll totally knew a lesbian who is now married. So lesbians are all faking:
I have a relative by marriage who was a lesbian. She had been gang raped when an adolescent and wanted nothing to do with men. Her lesbian companion had a sex-change and the two married. They had a child together by AI. At 40 years of age she met a man, a coworker, and fell in love. She walked away from her marriage, her child, and her lesbian lifestyle. I am convinced that homosexuality is a personality defect.
Rides_A_Red_Horse totally read some studies about the evil lesbians do:
Every study I’ve read revealed that many “lesbian’s” report more sexual encounters, both with men and women, then “straight” women. Lesbians are also known to have far more domestic assault incidents than hetero and man-man households.
wetgundog also read 'a study.' Also Obama's gay.
A study revealed that a surprising number of homosexual men (about half IIRC) claimed to have had over 500 sexual partners. That is why they have bathhouses, so they can hookup indisciminately. How many men have done Obama?? Ask Rahm.
Have bathouses been a thing since the 1980s? Rona_Badger knows this is all part of the population control conspiracy:
The population control agenda is behind this “alternative lifestyle acceptance” ... yet few ever seem to equate the two. It’s brilliant when you think about it... what better way to stop the masses from procreating other than spiking our water supplies? I find it so disturbing.
Some Fat Guy in L.A. laments that people don't let Freepers' continue to pretend it's 1967.
Yet another national conversation that cannot be had because one side’s viewpoint has been PC’d into oblivion.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Newt Gingrich to Drop out.

Yep, you won't have Newt to kick around anymore.

And, hilariously, Freepers don't even break stride, as they rage about Romney and Obama

RIghtwardHo sees his vote as a really big deal"
Voting for Romney would be the end of Conservatism. Santorum 2012
DoughtyOne is pissed:
At least he held out until Santorum quit running. That was the important thing... What a jackass!
cotton1706 knows what job Newt is cut out for:
Newt for press spokesman! At least for a year. That would be sweet!
Diogenesis thinks this is some kind of FOX hoax:
This is probably a rumor started by Brit Hume and Chris Wallace, both competing to be Milt’s FOX-Bain Anchor-Wives-in-Training.
CatherineofAragon is one of many to hail the new Conservative Alternative:
Check out Virgil Goode, who’s running for Prez as the Constitution Party’s candidate. He’s a good man.
I expect to see a lot more of Mr. Goode on these boards shortly. DoctorBulldog lays out the current Freeper party line, CAPS and ALL:
once Herman Cain was hooked off the stage, I turned my attention to the REAL BATTLE: The Senate and House races!!! Right now, I am actively campaigning for the conservative House and Senate candidates here in Missouri. If we can shake things up and infuse the House and Senate with a majority of conservatives, then IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS IN THE FREAKIN’ WHITEHOUSE!!! Redraw your battle lines, my friend, and focus on the House and Senate races.
Pride in the USA promotes Newt to Martyr:
Never trust anonymous sources. You know, Newt has been undermined every step of the way. It makes me sick. Our country needs Newt now more than ever.
exit82 just keeps repeating how he's voting for Romney because Obama is the super Devil:
this is not going to be like Clinton. We are talking about someone in Obama who is a front person for a very evil cabal that will take over this country, and it affect every person living here. I did not write my words lightly. We are in dangerous times. Some see the storm clouds and recognize them for what they are. Others think they will just blow by.
Ballygrl gets zotted for the following:
We're in good company at least, the ABO side includes Palin, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and Newt, who does the "I won't vote for Romney crowd" have on their side? regressive wackos and socialists. I prefer the ABO crowd.
Other people have been saying the same thing, or worse, and remain. I can't tell who gets zotted for what anymore. And I find it hilarious.

Monday, April 23, 2012

IMR 4350's wide ranging racial conspiracies

I haven't seen this guy before he claimed the FBI poops in his toilet to taunt him. An anonymous commenter suggested I look at his posts more generally. And man, the tales he tells!

Secret Clinton conspiracies to declare martial law, attempts on his life that end in Blues-Brothers-esque pileups, the WACO-Rodney Kind Riots connection!

Having very low stnadards for what a Civil War is:

CW2 started in 1991 with the R King beating, people just didn't know it.
The first real indication that the left had declared war and was waging a war was
the LA riots of 1992 when they were refereed to as “The Rebellion”, “TheRevolution”, or “The uprising”.
Everyone wrote it off as just more rhetoricfrom the left.
It wasn't, they meant it.

The only difference now, peoplearen't just writing it off as left wing rhetoric, more people every day are beginning to recognize the left means it.

How marial law is going to start with race riots:

If they do it in a step by step steady progression a majority of the people, including a lot here at FR, would cheer them on not recognizing what's happening.
If you orchestrate race riots, people will cheer as thepoliceare moved in to quell the riots.
When police can't do it alone,people willdemand the governors send in national guard troops and cheer when they are sentin.
When the national guard troops come under attack from IED’s and it's learned the IED’s are the work of foreign terrorist working with the rioters, people will demand the Federal govt. take control of the situation and use the full power of thew military to stop the violence.
People will cheer as the military comes in to stop the violence.
This way they have a cover.
They didn't WANT to declare martial law, the people DEMANDED martial law be declared.

If their scam were to go south with them, yea I can see them stepping it up to an EMP.

finding evidence that all terrorism is orchestrated by the left:

This is at least the third time we've had an orchestrated recession and each one proceeded a terrorist attack/attempted attack which were all designed as attacks against the economy.
The 1st WTC bombing in 93 was an attack against the economy and was proceeded by an orchestrated recession.
The 9-11 terrorist attack was an attack against the economy and was proceeded by an orchestrated recession.
The 2008 collapse was orchestrated and low and behold there was a terrorist attack planned for NY subway system which would have shut down NY, thus an attack against the economy.
Not only was there orchestrated recessions prior to these attacks/attempted attacks, the left also ginning up civil unrest prior to the attacks.
The exact same thing is taking place right now.
We're getting an orchestrated economic collapse and the left is ginning up civil unrest.
You can bet there is a terrorist attack coming down the pike.
Everything points to Hillary

Sharpton spearheaded Hillary's dirty tricks campaign in 2007.
What we have right now is an exact repeat of Hillary's dirty tricks campaign.
In 2007 they went after Don Imas for his “attack” against women. This go round it's Rush.
In 2007 Sharpton was stirring the racial pot with the Jenna 6 and the phony ‘noose” campaign implying the KKK was hunting down blacks.
This time it Trayvon and and “Blacks are being hunted” and the stand your ground and castle doctrine laws are a licensee to hunt blacks.
Beginning in Nov of 2006 the dems started the phony BS of Bush firing the US Attorneys and it was somehow connected to covering up police misconduct. Janet Reno fired all the US Attorney's in 1993 in part to cover up that Bill Clinton had ordered his state troopers to racial profile. He had been sued by the Reagan/Bush DoJ for ordering racial profiling and had agreed to stop as part of the settlement. He didn't.
Hillary's been on a vendetta to pin racial profiling on the repubs ever since. Notice how the DoJ has started all the probes into racial profiling, most notable is with Sheriff Joe.
Everything points to Hillary.
All of this is just priming the pump. Zippo is going to be forced out and that's when the real civil unrest starts.
BTW Fast and Furious has been arming up the drug gangs. In the 1996 election Bill Clinton's buddies the Chinese military got caught arming up the gangs in LA with full auto weapons.
My emphasis, cause he buired the lead.

The Waco was to cover up Bill Clinton's racial profiling.

May 5th 1993 I was contacted by one of the Waco investigators. He told me then the LA riots weren't spontaneous as everyone believed.
Waco was used as a diversion to the second trial of the LA police.
In 1991 when RK was beat, Bush ordered a review of all complaints filed against police with the FBI for the previous 5 years. There was apx 15,000 complaints or about 3000/year. Of those 15,000 complaints only about 42 were pursued in court.
One of the ones that was pursued was against Bill Clinton for ordering his state troopers to racial profile. With the settlement of the suite, BC agreed to stop racial
profiling. He didn't.
With Bush ordering the review of the complaints filed against police, the Clinton's went into full cover up.
The Clinton's were the ones behind the riots and creating the myth of republican racism as part of the cover up.
Following the riots the FBI claimed there was nothing in the files. Bush then ordered the US Attorneys to review the complaints. I contacted the USA’s and gave them the info I had since one of the 15,000 files was my file. That's why I was contacted by the Waco investigator.
Perot got into the 92 election to keep Bush from releasing the content's of the files. Not only would it have derailed Clinton's chance to be president, it would have wiped out the dem party. Dem controlled city and co. govts have control over police, not
When Reno was nominated as AG she said she would release the content of the files being reviewed by the USA’s. She didn't. She fired all the USA’s
instead. The news media never questioned it because of Waco being a nice
Vince Foster's job was to surround BC with people that were involved with covering up police corruption. When he started spilling his guts, he was found belly up.
Hillary has been on a vendetta ever since to lay the blame of racial profiling on republicans, and not on BC.
IMR 4350 is targeted:

I had a run in with a Corpus Christi, TX police officer. He was stoned out of his guard and went to spouting his mouth about being part of a big dope running operation involving corrupt law enforcement.
I thought the guy was nuts. He wasn't.
I filed a complaint against the cop, and the police dept went into full cover up.
I filed a complaint against him with the FBI. The FBI went into full cover up.
The first complaint filed just disappeared.
The second time I filed the complaint, the complaint was changed to some BS about the CIA killing Kennedy.
I then filed a third complaint and handed it to the agent in person.
A few weeks later was the first attempt against my life.
Idiots tried to make it look like an accident. I guess the clowns that tried it had been watching too much TV because what they tried was right off of TV. The thought never crossed their minds that if someone is trying to run you off the road and make you wreck, you don't speed up like they do on TV, you slow down. Two out three of their cars ended up wrecked. The third one backed his ass

I then had one of the Nueces Co. District Attorney's threaten my life. Let me know it was legal for police to kill people.
Sure nuf they tried.
Once again the idiots tried to make it look like an accident. They managed to total a cop car in that attempt.
There was more to the dope running operation than just running dope into Mena.
There was also a dope running operation involving corrupt cops out of Chicago taking the guns the police were confiscating, hauling the guns to Mexico and trading the guns for dope.
Iran Contra was used as a cover. You couldn't get to the bottom of any one dope
running operation without getting into the CIA’s Iran Contra, so everything was covered up.

Previous Freeper spotlights:
Uncle Slayton

Lighter posting.

Work looks to be actually work this month, so I'll be trying to limit my posts to about one a day starting tomorrow for some weeks.

Warren Buffett says he has early prostate cancer

FresnoGrifter returns!

Warren Buffet is rich, influential and liberal. Plus Obama is using his name to push some pretty successful economic populism.

Now he apparently has stage one prostate cancer. Freepers show what kind of Christians they are:

GrandJediMasterYoda takes great satisfaction:

Amazing how fast Karma works.

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper wants all people he disagrees with to die:

He is a leftwing sellout so “America would be better off without him”.
I’m getting too old to put up with fools and traitors, both of whom are destroying our country by stupidity and by design.
The result is the same for screw them.

lewislynn also won't allow that there are humans involved when politics is on the line!

This crap about wishing someone well who wants to bring you harm is pure lunacy.
We need to be rid of them by whatever means it happens...If it's cancer, so be it.
What's that German word?...Schadenfreude?
scooby321 is super pissed at how Buffett acts like a rich person:

I pray for his I think recovery from the cancer.
But I I think its a teachable moment for the country.
Warren Buffett is a hypocrite. He has named his son Howard as his replacement. ( as he pushes other people to sell their business to pay death). Warren will gave Bill Gates his stock for the Gates Foundation, cheating the tax system and being able to control Bershire from the grave and not pay a dime in death taxes.
Yeah, that donating your estate to charity loophole is awful!

Seaplaner leverages his willful blindness and projection into insufferable smugness:

Buffet is a left-wing sell-out of America and American Values, and little more than a human fungus.
That said, I wish him a full recovery.
(We conservatives are just better people than they are, eh?)

And now this word from outer space

Racist incoherence edition:
They can kill GZ cut draw and quarter him and Trayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyvooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn's FAMILY meaning momma and baby daddy would fine something else to complain about.

I will keep quoting Booker T. Washington till it get's in everyone's heads there are a certain group of "colored folks" Booker T. Washington's words not mine, who will not be satisfied ever...

I would like to see Trayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyvoooooooooooooon's momma and baby daddy in jail for life, lawyer in jail for life along with all the gutter rats for inciting the call for killing Zimmerman. If Trayvvvvvvvvvvvonnnnnnns momma ain't in jail than the Emperor with no clothes will be elected due to the stupidity of the American people. She deserves the C word yep. The baby daddy belongs in Pelican's Bay. The lawyer should be shipped to Somalia, and the rest of the gutter rats belong in a Volcano.

Oh and for the guilty white lib prosecutors. Oh I would like them sent to a cannibal tribe in Africa so they can sing kumbaya and be multi-cultural before being roasted over a fire and eaten by spear chuckers living in a jungle.

But to abide by Big Brother I will make sure to wear a hoodie tomorrow in solidarity with a black gang banger gold teeth thug from hell who is sharing time with Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Vlad the Impaler, Jeffrey Dammer, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, John Wayne Gacy and MALCOM X, Trayvon's hero! Yeah that's where "Saint" Trayvon is. Can't wait for his followers to join him.
what the hell am I reading? brought to you by Dengar01 (Go Bulls!!! Go Blackhawks!!! Go White Sox!!!)

Monday Potpouri

darth on Breitbart's "heart attack"

Maybe it was a heart attack or maybe it was one of the 2000+ plant alkaloids that cause a heart attack.
Young Freeper Warriors, when are you going to learn the second Truth?: Never trust the MSM. They may report the current temp and sports scores accurately. All else is hype and propaganda.
NEVER TRUST THE MSM..darth’s First Truth is: Friends come and go. Enemies ACCUMULATE

darth's like an old grandfather, only instead of dispensing wisdom, he dispenses paranoia.

AlexW predicts so much voter fraud, and also that America is dead:

do not underestimate the vote fraud that will beworlds above what it was in
the past.

On top of that, you now have an electorate that has beendumbed down my
Marxist education and media, far greater then anything in the past.

America is being turned upside down, and is nothing like it was, even 10 years ago.

a fool in paradise is raving over Libya for some reason:

Meanwhile President Obama’s Secretary of Hate, Hillary Clinton, giggled and cheered when the Muslim Brotherhood insurgents in Libya that we supported tortured, paraded, and then murdered a POW named Gaddaffi.

This c***sucker of a President doesn’t give a damn about prisoners. He is anti-US military. Nothing but. His double-standard proves it.

GraceG knows her race wars:

The left wanted a Black-White race war, they are gonna end up with a
Black-Brown race war.....

wastedyears doesn't date anymore because liberals.

the Duke rape case is why some men, including me are afraid of dating.

ArrogantBustard has at last found proof liberals are in cahoots with Satan.

This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.

Blashpemy and idolatry.
The democrat party is in league with The Enemy.

SatinDoll lays out Romney's Communism:

Mitt Romney, just like his father, George Romney, were friends with Saul Alinsky. Shocking.
Are they disciples of Alinsky? Mitt Romney is a self-avowed progressive, a national socialist like Hillary Clinton. You make up your own mind.

Do some research on Romney’s record as a governor. Nothing he did as governor of Massachusetts was conservative. He cannot be pushed to the ‘right’ because he doesn’t believe in it. For him, government is God.

Rush Limbaugh ceased to be a conservative quite some time ago.

That's a mighty small tent! Cozy, I guess..

eyeamok thinks of Obamacare is struck down, all laws will be:

I believe the solution is in front of the Supreme Court at this very moment.

Should the USSC follow the Constitution and declare that Government CANNOT FORCE any citizen to purchase a “product or service”, they will be in effect declaring ALL LAWS that cannot be read and Understood by the average person of average means without the assistance of a “Government approved and licensed attorney or accountant” shall be immediately NULL and VOID.

The government should not be allowed to force everyone to HIRE an ATTORNEY or an ACCOUNTANT just to understand and follow a LAW they ARE REQUIRED TO OBEY. Which is incidentally why we passed the Original 13th Amendment.

Laws are slavery!

Travis McGee is evocative in his bigotry:

Islam: an insane rape and murder cult since Mad Mo crawled out of the bat cave
and barked at the moon.

darth isn't paranoid, he's experienced.

Hits, professional hits, almost always look like illness or accidents. The hitmen study the Mark to see what vulnerabilities he might have. Heart problems? Overweight? The pros can MAKE that coronary event happen.
Such hits are carried out for organized crime, various governments, and even major
corporations. In the 1980s I saw two hits, one on a friend, made by a major corporation listed on the stock exchange. My friend was suing them for wrongful termination.

I’m not paranoid; I am experienced.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Pix

Perronist? have no idea what a bandwagon is, do you?

Fool! Obama was never elected, it ws ACORN!

Freepers are still on this, three years later!

Freepers make sure to validate every steriotype about them they can.

A vote for Romney is a vote for Clinton! Remember, liberals love it when you vote for the electable candidate!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Orl Taitz is a Commie now

Anonymous commenter, I owe you a debt of gratitude. This thread is so pure it makes me want to cry.

Orly Taitz submitted briefs in a birther case and didn't sign any of them, or really follow any other basic procedural rules. Makes sense for a crazy person...or a commie spy who was never a real birther!!

spawn44 knows the total lack of supporting facts just makes the case stronger!
Once again the SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT FRAUDS on the left try and DISCREDIT her execution and IGNORE THE REALITY. It would be like laughing at the person cleaning up the democratic horseshit in the street for using a small shovel. They can run but they can’t hide from this issue. Come November it’s going to rear it’s ugly head and bite these IMPOSTERS right in their communist rear ends.
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs hits on the Truth:

Orly Taitz is a government ‘plant’. Her ineptitude and ongoing failures are intentional, aimed at shielding 0bama from impeachment and discrediting the birther movement. I wonder what agency she works for.. CIA maybe? Someone convince me otherwise.

FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs drops the evidence on us:

W. W. SMITH sees how it all fits his crazy, Communist-ridden world!

Along time ago planted communist agent? We know Obama is a communist, we know his czars are communists, we know he hung with communists all his life and there are rumors that he himself is a communist plant. Could Orly be a part of the overall plan? Is she the clown designated to draw laughs making the concept of eligibility ridiculous?

As a side note: Has everyone noticed how terrified the media becomes when a communist is identified as a communist.

Freeper funding woes

An anonymous commenter left a treasure trove! There's another one coming after this !

Possibly related to the current Romney brouhaha going on, Free Republic is not making it's donation goals. Plus, I guess they need new servers.

Jim Robinson, in what I consider a stroke of genius, announced his consideration of running ads or a membership model via gloating from Free Republic's much smaller and less powerful left-wing nemisis - Democratic Underground. Instant victimhood!

CatherineofAragon knows what to focus on:

Those filthy, soul-rotted, immoral, lice-infested, God-hating leftwingers must feel so threatened by FR that they have a 24 hour watch on the place.

'lice-infested' doesn't seem to be like the others...

Jim Robinson discusses the possibility that banning Romney supporters might be a problem:
Its an open question whether zotting pro-Romney threads has hurt you. I don't know.

Depends on your definition of “hurt.” Eternity in hell sounds pretty painful. The possible loss of my amassed fortune (LOL) is nothing.

Jim Robinson knows who to blame - Karl Marx!!

We can do lots of things, but I’m pretty confident that we’ll make it through this Marxist induced downturn in the economy eventually and all boats will rise with the tide including ours. We’re going to continue plunging ahead, tighten our belts, raise the funds, beg, borrow or steal (metaphorically speaking), install some new equipment, make improvements when and where we can and continue fighting the good fight, unencumbered and unbeholden to anyone but our like-minded loyal participants and supporters.

In other words, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!!

mylife thinks outside the box:

I suggested years ago, a type of FReeper Ebay forum.
A Jim’s List, if you will.

A place to post personal sales and FR could take a % like Ebay

Absolutely Nobama gets out his pom-poms:

Whatever you decide to do is cool with me. I, like you, do not like change. FR has been my homepage ever since I joined. I am NOT currently in the market for a new one.



I’m fairly sure NAMBLA sponsors DU. Can’t say for sure ‘cause there is no way I’m going to check it out.

Melinda Gates misogyny drive-by

Melinda Gates comes out for contraception, pointing out how it let her graduate from school and still have three kids.

Freepers counter that she's ugly and evil and a whore:

Mamzelle totally heard she was a gold digger:
Anecdote: I talked to a blue-blooded retiree who went to Melida's alma mater and knew her when she was a sorority girl who wouldn't even look at a date who wasn't really loaded with Daddy Money.

This person said Melinda, when she noticed Bill's success from afar, told everyone she was going to marry him and control his money. And she moved to Gates' town and did exactly that.

Opportunistic gold-digger. Gates would probably have been a conservative if it wasn't for this obsessive left-wing climber.
Mamzelle follows up with some important speculation:

She probably won’t put out—agreed to have sex with that homely dork one time only...

y6162 found a pic!
Hatchet faced witch. He could have done much better...
wardaddy analyzes the look:
there are plenty of hotter chicks out there her age and with more kids...I'm married to one...she looks like any other power mom who really wishes she had the job her husband does

hear me roar and all that dark side fembot crap I'm glad I was spared in my marriage

CdMGuy gives fashion advice:
it is obvious that she needs to select a new beauty salon. Her eyebrows are in need of tweezing. Plus, they are far darker than her hair. So, the eyebrow issue needs to be resolved. Plus, she needs a hair style that enhances her face and not detract from it. She is not a beautiful woman, but with proper hair/brow styling and makeup, she would be far more attractive.
Mamzelle is on a roll:
First thought: Jezebel and Ahab.

I keep looking for who the "mystery" woman is who will fill the role of the Whore of Babylon.

Boycot the Daily Show

Catholic League president Bill Donohue has ginned up outrage, as he is wont to do. In this case, it's John Stewart making a joke about "vagina mangers."

Even most Freepers recognize this is tilting at windmills, so it's a sparse thread. But some few worthy Freepers are all set to pile on this new liberal devil:

miss marmelstein knows humor is objective:
he’s distinctly unfunny.
Tax-chick laments Stewart's mental illness:

He is a sick, evil person ... the sort who are always drawn to Marxism. If only he’d gotten the help he needed, at some point.

Tax-chick follows up by how she learned how evil liberal commentators are:

I just read “Obama Zombies,” by Jason Mattera, and learned more about “Stewart,” Colbert, and Maher than I liked. I’d really rather not know people like this existed. Here in my little bubble of surburbia, most people are nice ;-).

Good thing Tax-chick's hatred is limited to liberals she doesn't know!

Sgt_Schultze wants to frame Stewart for mocking Islam, so he gets murdered:

If a person competent in image manipulation were to create stills of Stewart broadcasts, substituting ROP [Islam] hate for the usual Christian hate, the resulting images would propagate across the web. Once the Stewart parodies were released into the wild, who’s to say what would be the resulting response from ROP adherents worldwide?

DManA is concerned Stewart's mockery might make America hate Jews.

Serious Jewish leaders need to sit him down and explain to him that about the only place on Earth left where Jews are welcomed is North America. And that it is probably not a good idea to foul THIS nest.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama boards Rosa Parks bus at Michigan fundraiser

Obama's using Rosa Park's bus seat to do a little Civil-Rights based campaigning. Freepers are bewildered, and of course for them bewilderment leads to racism, and racism leads to incoherent rage:

TheConservativeParty knows campaigning means you're desperate:
He looks ridiculous, like President Urkel (again).
He must be getting the real poll numbers, not the skewed ones the general public sees. I bet his disapproval ratings are way lower then they will admit publicly.
Graewoulf on Obama sitting on the left side of the bus:

” - - - Doesn’t 0bama know that is not the seat where Rosa Parks was sitting and why is he staring at the blank wall?”

Obama is LEFT-Centric. He is left-handed, Left-Wing in thought, and yearns for the Marxist Utopia which has been left in the dustbin of History.

Therefore, Obama sits on the left side of the Bus, and looks out the window to his left.

BTW, always turning to the left is bad for politicians, but good for NASCAR drivers.

melancholy sees this as a sign of the coming race war:
Am I the only one who believes it is odd and somewhat chilling that Obama continues pandering to the portion of his base that will give 95% of its vote to him regardless?

He needs everyone of them for the intended violence.
jersey117 knows remembering history is for suckers!

He’s going back to Rosa Parks? He’s set race relations back about 45 years.

DesertRhino doesn't feel like Obama owes anything to the Civil Rights movement:

Obama has no slave background. His only connection to America was his white mother. He was no relance to the civil rights movement.

knarf goes a long way to call Obama a girl:

Let me get this straight ...

He sat on the seat she sat on to take a stand ... right?

Sitting is standing.

Must be how he pees
EyeGuy knows how liberals think:

Rosa Parks >>>>>> George Washington

in the pantheon of American History.

Just ask your local Commie, NEA high school revisionist history teacher.


This POS will NEVER have any quality, in any measure, sufficient for him to stand in Rosa Parks’ shadow. What a profound insult.

Buckeye McFrog just invokes the Black Panthers and calls it bad news....for Obama:
he may as well just stand with the Black Panthers and give the power salute for what it is doing to him electorally.
a fool in paradise realizes that invoking Rosa Parks is what the AntiChrist would do:
He wants the racial component of American unrest that the Communist Party loved to put in their daily newspapers.

The Communists also helped stage rock and roll riots in the 1950s in Germany.

Anything to denounce the West.

He is not here as a uniter. He is an antiChrist, a deceiver. One who does not come in peace.

Romney Polling ahead of Obama

Freepers pregame the 2012 election, based on polls today:

Ingtar believes nothing!

It will likely stay in Romney’s favor until the danger of a divided convention has passed. They manipulated some of the poll numbers during the primary so far to get their desired result, why would they stop now?

capt. norm thinks Romney is gonna pull a Reagan:
This is very much like the lead-in in the 1980 election The press was spreading it on really thick how Carter would win (and it was so depressing) ...and then the election happened ...
rogue yam is ready to fight!

The leftists will certainly throw everything they have at Mittlestiltskin.

Some of up are going to spend the next seven months punching back twice as hard.
Mostly by posting on Free Republic, I'm sure.

GonzoGOP is preparing for future purges now.
I won't defend Romney. I will however attack Obama at every possible opportunity. It may seem like a little thing, but four years from now we may want to primary the bum and assuming I haven't gotten the zot by then posters here will be digging through any old posts to show how I supported Romney last time. Thing is with me at least they won't find any.

Rush Limbaugh's Paranoid iPhone Rant

You should probably click on the link, this has to be read to be believed. Or better, heard.

Freepers are surprisingly skeptical about Rush's experience, but that doesn't mean a good amount don't strap on the tin foil:

jboot is sure Apple employees have hacked Rush out of desperation:

Rush should perhaps be less keen on Apple. They aren't exactly friendly to conservatives, and with the re-immaculation of 0bama in doubt someone within the walls of Apple may be emboldened to try something desparate. I can imagine a scenario where a lot of show prep vanishes during a critical news cycle.

Red Badger blames those well known liberal operators ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Occupy’

Somebody has targeted Rush personally for hacking. Bluetooth, or whatever, they have gotten his phone hacked, by whatever means. They were jerking his chain, just to prove they could do it. Not only is this illegal, but dangerous. That means anybody’s iPhone/Bluetooth/WiFi setup can be hacked.
I’m betting that ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Occupy’ or some other Left-wing whacko group is responsible.
Remember some teenager son of a Dem lawmaker in Tennessee hacked Sarah Palin’s e-Mails.................

McGruff urges Rush to get out of the Matrix!

Rush is losing it. He's so tied up in the high tech Matrix that he's a part of it. Go back to Kansas Rush. Go back to a real radio station. Get your head back on straight. We need you.

taildragger is going to swear off all that liberal technology!

* All these Tech types are liberals and can't stand us.* Worse they build all this crap in China.* I won't buy one period.
Now look at all the players who are Obamatons.
Google, Facebook, Apple ( Jobs in particular, nasty liberal he was) and even Gates.
Don't use their Crap Period...
Maybe it is time for us to go Ludite and stay with our PC's and go Unix or whatever...

IMR 4350 has been under illegal surveillance before!

I've been under an illegal surveillance by the fed govt before.
This sounds exactly like the kind of crap they pull trying to intimidate you while at the same time trying to make you appear to be a nut if you report it to anyone.
They don't care if you know you are being followed, your phone is being tapped, they are reading your mail, etc. because that is the point, they want you to know. You just don't know who it is.
IMR 4350 elaborates:

One of the favorite things they liked to do was come into my apartment when
I was gone, take a dump and not flush.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama as a Boy Ate Dog Meat

Freeper detectives have been reading Obama's books again! Ignoring how this contradicts Obama being a Muslim, Freepers kinda try to gin up outrage, but I think they must have used it all up on their recent spasm of racism, cause this here is weak sauce:

This is a litmus issue for KJC1:

My dogs ain’t riding on Romney’s roof, and they ain’t gonna be Obama-feed.

What the hell happened to this country?

Newt is still in the race.

21twelve is hilarious:
“He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate...”
Dog and snake. It worked.
Glad Obama didn't eat monkey!

citizencon loves the Michelle Bashing.
And he married one too!

That was so profound it was worth repeating.
MacMattico is totally angry about any dog that dies.

I feel bad for Romney’s poor dog and his stupid choice, but at least he didn’t eat it. And did Obama say in his book that it was wrong to eat dog? The book was written as an adult. He also mentioned they were going to eat endangered Tiger. Call the Enviromentalists!

spaced figures Obama is probably wanting to eat dog nowadays too:

Obama may have been a boy when he ate dog meat, but he was a man when the book was written. The wording shows no regret, no indication of childish curiosity. He is responsible for his words (or Ayers’ words published under his name.)

Fresh Wind remembers -Muslim!

I call BS on this.


Yaelle allows this, but would like to insult Obama's mother:

He was under 10 and dragged around by his slutty commie mom. Sheesh.

AmericanInTokyo saw a pic of Obama in a Presidential car, and cannot contain himself.
Three and a half years later, I STILL cannot believe he is in that car with the emblem on the side.


Women, can't live with them...they will not go out with me.

Joke stolen from The Guild.

Freepers discuss American women. They are not pleased:

cuban leaf has goven up on American women, with their independence and not dating him:

The main problem AMERICAN women have finding a man is themself. They are products of the American Feminist teaching and doomed to failure in finding a man.

Any young man that marries an “Americanized” woman is an idiot. It will cost him dearly.

SENTINEL is not a fan of feminist wives:
I have a good job, stay zipped, don't get drunk, and never hit.

Trust me when I say that many feminism polluted wives will still...
1. Spend it all
2. Say no for weeks and months on end
3. Get drunk
4. Hit thier husbands

Mamzelle hates how his friends are gettin' some.

Conservative men seem to gravitate to liberal sluts...maybe you can catch them after their first divorce, but then you’ve got HER to deal with, too.

All hooligans are black

From a commenter!

There's a minor story about some 7 and 8-year-old kids in Michigan Indiana beating up a bus driver. Freepers know the race, and have some plans for the kids.

AD from SpringBay knows the race of these kids!

I wonder if these are young and aspiring Obamasons.

Yeah, making Obama's name into a racial epithet. Not racist at all!

Astronaut knows the race by the lack of evidence!

I’m sure they were Amish children.

Seriously, if they were white, it would be mentioned. If they are Negroes, the left wing media will cover it up. Negroes can only be victims like poor innocent little Trayvon Laqueesha Moesha or whatever his name was. Its always whitey’s fault.

BTW, these are minors, so none of the stories I could find specified anything about the children other than age. I understand the area of Michigan Indiana is mostly whites, though.

Pining_4_TX wants to throw these 7-year-olds into jail for life.
Notice the age of thes budding thugs. I'm sure they will only "improve" as they get older and bigger. Heaven help us.
Mouton loves him some assault with a deadly weapon.

If she were my wife, when little tyrone got off the bus the next day he be ducking a 2x4.

Hodar laments how soft society has become when you can't beat the hell out of seven-year-olds.

Back in the day, striking an adult gave them full licence to return a strike with a haymaker of their own. IMHO, it still should.

Perhaps if these punks caught an “Adult sized” blow to the body, the concept that they shouldn’t assault an adult would gradually sink in. As they picked up a handful of teeth, this would give them pause to consider the error of their ways.

But, alas, Libtards have decreed that our children may beat us at will; and we are forced to simply try to restrain these little thugs in response.

FR Exclusive: Convicted Sex Offender Headlines Obama Campaign Event

The Red Hot Chili Peppers did a concert for Obama volunteers. A Freeper found a sexual complain from the 1989. Freepers are torn between thinking women always lie and hating Obama.

Then they come to their senses and attack Obama:

freeangel blames Obama's Muslimness:

Muslims LOVE sexual perversion. Why would it be a surprise that he headlined for
his dear “leader” hussein?

Gay State Conservative seems to think Obama is the lead singer in the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Does anyone know if this Maoist piece a filth is in full compliance with all sex offender registration laws *wherever* he's required to do so. One might suspect that anyone who travels to,and works in,so may different places might have trouble doing so.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if we could get this pig another felony charge just in time for the campaign!!!

JudgemAll ...wut?

Obama lives in hell. THe worms are coming out of his nostrils and eyes and are claiming the presidency themselves, much the way he came out as a worm from the eyes of the RINOs like McCain.

BobL sticks with the American Taliban.

I’m not exactly an apologist for the Taliban, but they have a point
regarding the damage done to society by ‘liberated’ women, like Sandra

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And Now This Word from Outer Space

evocative picture edition:
How appropriate for Obamaville - the Statue of Freedom on the top of the Capitol has been locked up in a cage, as our last way into space is shut down - all under the gaze of an obelisk.

Nothing to see here people, move along.

Seeing Obama's darkness in everything provided by Talisker (He who commands, must obey.)

Graewoulf, Free Republic's poet.

need not pay attention to coherence or anything, it's art!

His signature post, which he posts dozens of times a week:

Meanwhile the drumbeat of Dictator Obama grows louder:

regulate -— control -— destroy -— Regulate -— control -— destroy -— REgulate -— control -— destroy -— REGulate -— control -— destroy -— REGU

rambling about Obama's evil:

A dictator, such as Obama, only has the power that the people give him.

Currently, at least 40 % of American voters are gladly willing to give Obama the necessary power to continue his dictatorship.

Dictator Obama has designed Obama”care” to become active only AFTER he is re-elected, thus enabling THE NINE SUPREMES to delay ruling on the Constitutionality of the dictate of the individual mandate until Obama is once again the Illegal Foreign White House Occupier, (IFWHO).

The purpose of Dictator Baby-Doc Barack is simple: 1.) Regulate; 2.) Control; and 3.) Destroy. By his own count he as achieved 60 % of his goals, according to the note he says he carries in his pocket.

Obama’s obvious deep hatred of America could have only come from his childhood.

Since there are no known networks of childhood friends from Obama’s past, Obama was probably a member of a Marxist sleeper cell funded by wealthy men with a Marxist view of the World.

The lack of credible evidence that has NOT been forged requires a long-term, highly skilled and well-funded support group.

Who the key members of Obama’s probable support group and probable sleeper cell were and are is well known to the CIA and the FBI.

Will the “Citizen Journalists” such as Breitbart Editor Joel Pollack be able to out-spy these two tax-funded spy entities?

BTW, forget about the LAM, (Liberal Agenda Media), as they are saving their notes to write their tell-all Obama books after Obama has SAFELY retired back home in Kenya.

BTW, BTW, to all the doubters of the above speculation: what does your gut tell you?

His voting plans:
I will vote, (Democrats hate it when Conservatives vote), in the National Election by turning in a ballot with BLANKS for the office slot candidates that I do not want in office.

In this small way I am casting an ABSTAIN vote, just as the US House and Senate members do, when they choose to vote: NONE OF THE ABOVE.
In Wonderland:

When will it get better?
“This election for sure!” you say!
If Obama or Obamalite,
Will not roll the Debt away,
Then we must tell the GOP-e
“You are done,
Now step away.”

In times before,
Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber,
Played the Election Charade.
Now that we again
Have splashed the Tea to Sea,
Join or step aside,
For we will not turn back.

He knows who is on Obama's enemies list:

All descendants of every American Citizen who is alive today, as these descendants will slave to pay off the 5 + Trillion dollars of National Debt and interest that Obama has given them to repay.

The Key to Stopping Obama:

The slaughter of Patriots will increase if Dictator Baby-Doc Barack wins in November.

Key to stopping Obama is to produce childhood friends, and find out through them the details of the Marxist sleeper cell that taught Obama to hate America at the level that he does. Obama Impeachment Proceedings can then begin.

Your gut tells you to laugh, mine tells me that Obama was taught to be a Marxist at a very early age.

Hence, Obama’s childhood emotion will always over rule his adult ability to reason. He cannot be reasoned with, only Impeached.

The Battle Cry against Romney:


Look us in the eye,
And never, EVER lie!
If you mean what you say,
Then say what you mean!

Stand and deliver
What you plan to do,
In case you haven’t noticed,
No one likes you.

Our line in the sand,
Puts your “Romney Road to Ruin”
Alongside “Obama’s Wrong Track.”
So stop your damned “Smiley-Face,”
And attack, Attack, ATTACK!

We will oppose you in Tampa,
For what you lack,
We want America to be back
On the Constitution Track.

Do you have it in you?
I doubt that you do,
You see a Pinko future,
And we see Red, White and Blue.

Rambling about mothers:

BTW, in the Democrats brain file room, do they have a file marked “Mother’s Day Cards?” I know that the file marked “Wild Cards” is popular with the Left comedians, lobbyists, politicians, advisers, Media, OWS, Ivy-League Professors, Consultants, strategists, pollsters, syndicated columnists, journalists, TV commentators - - - - BTW, BTW, what happened to the Left Radio Announcers? I forgot, Franken is now a US Senator. Now there is a true “Wild Card!”

HAPPY EARLY MOTHER’S DAY DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demanding answers re: secret service.

Since sexcapades by several Secret Service agents while in Columbia have been discovered due to refusal to pay a mere 47 USD, it is important for Congress to as the following question:

What have been the sexcapades by several Secret Service agents while in ALL OF THE COUNTRIES that Obama has visited in the last 3 + years?

BTW, a follow up question might be: “What % of these prostitutes were spies for foreign governments?”

Summing up the 2012 song:

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