Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paranoia, thy name is butterdezillion

At the suggestion of euphgeek, whose instincts for crazy are as sharp as anyone, I checked out butterdezillion. Turns out, she has a well-defined, consistent and batshit crazy conspiracy theory going on!

George Soros has engineered a Communist-Islamist transformation of the US government, which has been Nazi Germany in 2008. Who knew:


Since believing Obama is eligible is an act of blind faith against the available evidence, I’d say this is a religious litmus test...

And religious tests are unconstitutional, or something!

She's totally voting for Romney:
We will unite to vote against Hitler. We must. The alternative is beyond even considering.

As long as whoever we nominate is not a tyrannical Hitler like the usurper who stole our White House in 2008 we can restore the checks and balances and get back to saner ground. No matter how bad somebody’s politics is, if they submit to the rule of law and the Constitutional checks and balances they can never do as much damage as the Hitler of the USA.

America- Secret Nazi Germany:
The Enabling Act of 1933 was the click that unleashed Adolf Hitler’s massive agenda. The election of 2008 was the click that unleashed Soros’ communist-Islamist agenda. What we’re seeing now is the tip of the iceberg; under the radar Obama has been taking over EVERYTHING, and disabling all the legal means of holding him and his communist-Islamist allies accountable to the rule of law. Fast and Furious is one example; a bunch more are about to become public within the next month.

And we all know who owns Kagan and Sotomayor. The same person who owns Obama - the same one who said straight-out that he has bought and paid for the democratic party and it is thus his: George Soros, the man who seriously believes he is God and wants America to lose the “war on terror” so America and capitalism (the two evils in the world, according to Soros) can be defeated.

So Soros owns the United States Supreme Court. Obama owns law enforcement. Congress is irrelevant. What are the legal means at our disposal right now? Unless the voters can flush this turd down the toilet all we will have left is Valkyrie.

Operation Valkyrie So if we reelect Obama, we had better assassinate him?

Apocalypse now:

I didn’t watch the game but I think ads about the apocalypse would be a little too close to home for me to find very amusing.

Her magnum opus (excerpted):
I’ve been saying for quite a while that Soros and his communist-Islamist allies made the September 2008 run on the bank in order to get Obama into office to implement the communist-Islamist agenda of overthrowing America and capitalism. Now it appears that around the time that Obama’s passport file was being sanitized, Ahmadinejad was expecting the 12th Imam to be ushered in within the first 1-2 years of the next POTUS’ inauguration. Six months into the job, Obama felt like he needed to tell the Muslim world what was slowing him down.

People, this boa is already so tight around our necks that if we don’t rise up against it now it will be way too late. Obama has planned with Soros and all the communist-Islamist allies to take over the foundations of this country and replace it with Sharia. The two parts of the “Muslim agenda” that both shia and sunnis agree on are these: the destruction of the US and Israel, and the institution of worldwide sharia.

US tax money has already gone to Kenya to support a new Constitution there that institutes sharia

I had said a long time ago that I would flesh out why it is that I believe Soros and his communist-Islamist allies made the Sept 2008 run on the bank in order to get Obama elected to a position where he could serve both factions by destroying America. There is just SO MUCH stuff that points that direction, I don’t know if I could get it all into one document.

it really looks like Ahmadinejad in early 2008 was already planning on the next US president ushering in the return of the Mahdi.
And she teaches kids!
I work with the after-school program at our public school. The “club” that I lead is called “Think Tank”. We’re going to be doing some critical analysis including historical analysis of how the Holocaust was tolerated and a debate on a more current issue.

One of the kids was reading a newspaper article during homework time and asked about that issue. In the course of explaining it, I mentioned that if the government read my e-mails and thought I was “belligerent” they could cart me off to Gitmo for life and nobody could ever make them explain why. I didn’t tell them that I have good reasons to believe the government IS reading my e-mails and blocking me from being able to communicate, and I didn’t tell them that at the approval of Obama the government could also target a bullet to hit me from miles away.

The student seemed pretty scared as it was. Do I tell him the rest of the story? I’m not supposed to be “political” or “religious” because we get federal funding. Am I allowed to discuss what our government is up to?


  1. Oh my god, I can't believe this person, clearly mentally ill, has free reign to teach these poor kids anything he wants after school. That is a shame... Parents, meet your kid's teachers and anyone else that works with them. You never know when it could be a dangerous wing nut or a delusional schizophrenic who has their ear.

  2. Dear butterdezillion,

    I sincerely doubt that the government is reading your e-mail, but when you post messages on a public message board that endorse killing the President should he be elected again, they might have good reason.



  3. She's a hoot, isn't she? Although it really is too bad that she teaches children, even though the area she teaches in is pretty conservative already. She may be only slightly more paranoid about Obama than the rest of her community.

  4. Here's a clip featuring butterdezillion:


  5. She is a Pastor's wife from my denomination Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. She lives in a small town in Nebraska and may be allowed to do some of this stuff. I know she has testified before Legislative Committees in Lincoln. She is crazy but not unintelligent.