Friday, February 10, 2012

First new nuclear reactors OK'd in over 30 years

Freepers struggle to find reason to be unhappy with Obama's latest energy-friendly move.

Crazy ole coot noticed that the project is in Georgia! And everything in Georgia now has to do with Obama's birth certificate:

Well, now we know why Malahi ruled the way he did, huh

Was there ever any doubt about there being a payoff?? Otherwise, how could he find in favor of someone that was in comtempt of court and didn’t show up or present any evidence?

I’m still happy though that we are again building reactors.

GoldenPup knows this is just so people will like Obama so it doesn't count:

Transparent political move by Bam to offset energy related re-election criticism for disapproving the pipeline. Pathetic, weakling, panty-waist slight-of-hand!!!

Obama doing popular things make AngelesCrestHighway angry!
Its just Obama throwing some bones out before the election!....Trying to say he wasn’t against nuclear plants! FUBO!
Jack Hydrazine has decided the legislature regulates nuclear power plants:

Okay, legislators. Let’s see if you can fricken do it again!

Approve a new crude oil refinery or two and then some coal-powered power plants!

bagman knows Obama has little control over the regulatory process:

Bottom Line: Obama had nothing to do with the issuance of the Combined Opedrating Licenses for Vogtle 3 and 4.

Obama was, however, in complete control of Fast and Furious, every Obamacare waiver, the CIA, every bit of stimulus funding, etc.

PapaNew hates nuclear power alluva sudden:
The Left blocks tapping oil reserves in the name of environmental whatever, but releases nuclear fission, the most dangerous form of energy to man, beast, flora, and fauna??? Savage is right - liberalism really is a mental disorder.
backwoods-engineer has seen the future!

Read my virtual lips: THEY WILL NEVER BE BUILT.

Either the eco-commies will shut it down, or Obama himself will, or the economy will crash to the point where no power plants will be built.

This country is DONE as a leading nation in the world. Our destruction is ahead, and there are no brakes left.

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