Thursday, February 9, 2012

20% of Republicans leaning to Obama!

Perhaps Freeperland's biggest contradiction is how Freepers are convinced shadowy conspiracies are controlling America, yet the American people all agree with Freepers. Thus Romney isn't electable because he's not right-wing enough.

So when Wold Net Daily has a (dubious) poll saying 20% of Republicans say they're voting for Obama, Freepers got some 'splaining to do:

kindred just expands the conspiracy to cover a fifth of all Republicans:
These 20% are liberal democrats who have infiltrated the GOP and intend to destroy conservatism from within.
MestaMachine agrees, and traces the conspiracy back to McCain!
These are democrats who switched party affiliation to help us pick our LAST nominee. Worked pretty well for them, didn’t it?
Dan.israel.2011 knows no one votes Democrat voluntarily:
20% of registered Republicans in name only are PAID by George Soros!
Yeah, Soros bribed 11 million people!

AmericanInTokyo blames Obama's blackness, and marijuana:
White Guilt (and fear of the "race card" again) raises its ugly head again.

We won't have this if we have Herman Cain or Allen West on the ticket.

Either that, or people have not put down the bong while glued to the tube watching "Dancing with the Stars." I am sure there are some GOP voters who "toke", too. (Gary Johnson types).
xzins blames Romney

This is purely the fault, in my opinion, of Mitt Romney. No matter which of the early candidates one might have favored, these marginal republicans have watched them savaged by the Romney Slime machine and its minions.

Rather than support that, they have turned away in disgust.

The Republican Party had better wise up quickly.

Let me repeat. I will NEVER vote for Romney...not in primary and not in general. I am certain that I am not the only one who believes this.

Apollo5600 reminds us what's at stake:

If Obummer wins the nomination, it’ll basically guarantee that we’ll never have another President after him.

Not that he’ll take over everything. It’s just the country will basically collapse.

Mitt Romney represents the same death, only it’ll be more of a whimper than a bang.

ThePatriotsFlag blames not hating liberals enough. Also Charles Manson, somehow.
54% of Catholics voted for Obama, 78% of Jews, now 23% of Republicans. We either have to purge the ranks or sit back and "enjoy" watching everything we believe in destroyed by the older hippies we knew in the 60's. Peace, Love and drugs led directly to a Charles Manson conclusion. And things don't change. Libs are the enemy within, we need to treat them with as much intolerance as we do shoe bombers.
Berlin_Freeper made me lol:

If I voted for Obama, I would need to shoot myself for treason.


  1. Oh boy, now they're talking about "purges." 2012 is looking good already, and we're only a month in!

  2. What the fuck is a "Charles Manson conclusion"? Is that used in a sentence as, "I didn't like how last Thanksgiving's dinner went, it had too much of a Charles Manson conclusion."