Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9th Circuit says same-sex marriage is a Constitutional Right

Freepers combine their hatred of the 9th circuit with their hatred of those sodomites to yell the usual old crap about the latest pro-gay marriage decision:

VanDeKoik sees anarchy on the way!

If two guys can get married through this, then ALL “marriages” are legal!


Jeff Head is done with liberals and their Constitutional Rights!

I am sick of liberals extending natural rights, given from God and enumerated in the Constitution, to behavior and ideology to advance their own causes and inclinations...and in an effort to overthrow the constitution to which they swore an oath to faithfully uphold and defend.

Liberal Bob appeals to the angry mob:

When do the Judges receive judgement from America?

South40 knows all liberals are perverts:
Liberals are hypocrites. Perverted hypocrites.

DNA.2012 really hates the rule of law:

At what point does America stop kneeling before judges?

Bulgaricus1 wants a "no liberal judges" law, I think. The double negative is confusing me.

Nazis in black robes! Maybe we need a federal law saying that no liberals or judges that are legislating from the bench & “interpreting” the Constitution instead of simply doing as it said are banned from any part of the judicial system.

Me? I’d pull the next guy I see walking around the street in Lubbock, Texas to make judicial decisions. They would be FAR better than anything we have now!

Brown Deer:

<<<=== Constitutional Right?
<<<== ILLEGAL!!!
Well yeah, they're all standing in the middle of the street!

Ghost of Philip Marlowe is sure gay incest is legal now:

Homosexuals have the same freedoms and rights as heterosexuals. They can marry anyone of the opposite sex that is legally able to marry and consents.

But that isn’t enough for the homosexuals.

They want that AND they want the ability to marry people of the same sex.

So I suppose this now means that two brothers or two sisters can marry one another? Certainly the homosexuals won’t deny these “same-sex lovers” the right to marry, will they? And how about a mother and daughter or mother and son or father and daughter and father and son? Certainly the homosexuals won’t deny these “other-oriented romances” the same right to marry, will they?

angelcindy knows they are all going to hell:

Does not anyone fear the Lord??? God have mercy on their souls...

GraceG has some black dialect, for some reason:

I want to claim I have multiple personalities then marry all of them and since I will be the only one working claim the rest as dependents and then take the tax write off.

And if I am challenged then i can claim they are ‘criminatin’ on me.

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