Friday, February 10, 2012

Marine Corps says snipers posted with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan

There was a minor news story today where some Marines were phorographed posing in front of a flag with the distinctive lighting-SS of Nazi infamy:

They were told what the flag meant, and to choose a different flag. No problem.

Freepers, hurting for ways to attack Obama for hating the military, decide to defend these Marines as though they were getting drummed out of the corps:

Old Teufel Hunden blames liberals:
Liberals, always out to ruin peoples lives. Chew them out and move on.
Robert Drobot wants civilians to stop telling the military what to do:

Human history is replete with the adaptation/adoption of cultural/military symbolism. If it pleases §niper §couts to make use of symbol akin to that used by Germany, so be it. As far as I know, Israel doesn't have an existing copyright on this §ymbol.

Leave the poor bastards alone, and let them do what they do best. KILL.
jboot has a realistic plan:
The military absolutely needs a zero-tolerance policy towards cameras, especially in forward areas, and toward social networks in all cases.
andy58-in-nh blames the media for drumming up hatred of the troops:
We know (or ought to know) what the mainstream media's interest is in this story: it is to promote a false narrative - America is racist and bigoted, and our soldiers are heartless killers who are creating terrorists rather than merely fighting against them.
USAF80 is sure this is cause of the gays, somehow:

Well with the repeal of DADT the booty bandits may be coming out of the closets in force. Peeing on the dead, the SS symbol can all be signs that the Pink Swastika is starting to take over. I hope I’m wrong.


  1. I'm surprised at how many people are defending them by saying they were probably too stupid or uneducated to know what that meant. Those guys are a pretty elite, battle hardened division and I think they are probably pretty intelligent. they know exactly what it means. Those Freepers shouldn't insult the military. But I guess it's ok, since they aren't American soldiers. Just Obama Buttsex Communist Muslim soldiers.

  2. Also, it's funny how many of them are complete uneducated dumbasses. I think I've known that symbol by sight about as well as the swastika since I was a teenager and half of them are middle aged and have no clue what it is.