Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Excommunicate Pelosi!

Freepers pretend to be Pope re Pelosi being liberal AND Catholic:

elhombrelibre knows extreme counterfactual speculation helps focus the hate:
I can picture Pelosi working in an abortion clinic if it would keep her in power.
rarestia knows Pelosi has pooped on the Pope:

We need a Pope with the balls to start using excommunication again! VERY PUBLIC EXCOMMUNICATION!

There is absolutely ZERO excuse for Pelousy’s behavior. She’s done nothing more than stooped over the Pope’s pointy hat and took a frosty, Botox-laden deuce in it.

DarthVader likes to threaten people in God's name:
one day God’s mercy towards you is going to cease and then you will pay for your blasphemies and iniquites.
mardi59 wants a mass excommunication of liberals:

I wonder what Pelosi thinks about Excommunication? It should be done immediately, and all other Catholics that agree with her should be ousted too.

Apparently she jsut put a false god before the Lord.

RitaOK knows excommunication for liberals is automatic:

Pelosi has not been Catholic for years!

She IS excommunicated and most Catholics who are informed know it, but because the heirarchy has failed to proclaim it the Church is scandalized. This is much more than dissent.

It is they, the heirarchy, whose silence has now become the scandal!

Complaining against her that she is a “dissenter” makes it sound as if she were still Catholic, when she is not. Former Catholic, or protestant, would be far more accurate.

HiTech RedNeck says a mouthful of crazy:

She’s aimed at hijacking her church in cahoots with her fellow occasional pew warmers. The people who go there every week won’t get a voice. But she’s trying to do it in situ this time, rather than creating a new denomination of protesters. And no protest of yestercentury was ever with an agenda having this much pure hate in it.

And the cheekiest thing is that Obama and company had seriously promised to itchy-eared bishops that they would never do such a thing to the church. But here they are, and they’ve done it, and their promises are as good as yesterday’s chewing gum wad.

1. Pelosi is some kind of secret neo-Martin Luthor? That's the best conspiracy theory I've ever heard!
2. Protestants of yesteryear were all about killing Catholics, so I think their hate was pretty pure.
3. itchy-eared Bishops?

mardi59 knows what God wants better than some silly bishops.

Its past time for the church to start doing its job...THE WILL OF THE LORD. Anyone who defies God should be ex-communicated immediately. The church should wake-up. The Lord is watching and some bishops are going to pay a heavy price.

muawiyah has a list of people pretending to be God:
Joe Stalin, Hitler, Obama, Rev. Wright, Pelosi, .......... There are plenty of people around who have imagined themselves to be God and then sought to impose their own "godlike" vision on others.
kindred sounds nice:
one day she can become Speaker of Hell

Satan would probably rip her ugly face off and put a sock over her ugly face, one of the ugliest in hell and earth.

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