Sunday, February 5, 2012

Special Sunday Birther Fail

So there was a birther case in Georgia (Orly Taitz, natch) which got to the merits! Freepers were already fitting Obama for a noose, and then the judge rules Obama's a natural born citizen, cause he was born in Hawaii.

Freepers, who are now all about Natural Born meaning your parents are American Citizens (and that such definition has always been obvious to everyone), go extra deliciously crazy at their latest hope being taken away from them:

Electric Graffiti
lays out what happened:
So, The Judge subpeoned the Kenyan and his lawyer to appear at an administration hearing to provide Obama’s qualifications to be on the ballot.

The Kenyan and lawyer tell the Judge to go fark himself......They make hundreds of calls to the Governor, Attorney General and anyone else they can think of to pressure the judge holding the fact finding hearing. More than likely, physical threats were made against the judge's family

Precedent set:

Anyone can get on the Georgia ballot to run for the highest office in the Country. If ever asked for proof of eligibility tell the courts, SOS and the powers that be to STICK IT!!. I don't have to provide you with a farking thing and you will kiss my ass, go to great lengths to create excuses for me, make up 'law' for me even though I've provided you with no legal documention whatsoever. Not even a blank piece of paper. Then you'll put me on the ballot anyway like the good apparatchik POS that you are........
rxsid has an intriguing spin on things:

If simply being born in the U.S. is enough to be considered a "natural born Citizen", then the current Dauphin of France (as considered by the Legitimists) Prince Louis Duke of Burgundy would be considered POTUS eligible.

Prince Louis was born in New York City, 2010. Yet, his father is a French and Spanish citizen (but not a U.S. citizen) and his mother is Venezuelan.

If the French decided to have another restoration of the House of Burbon, the King of France would be considered POTUS eligible.
Or, if Louis Alphonse were to be elected POTUS 1st...and then the French decided to restore the!

Imagine that. The King of France and the President of the U.S. as one in the same.

The judge has just essentially rule that he consideres the current Dauphine of France to be POTUS!

Yes, this is what the judge did!

FryingPan101 also thinks fatherhood is an unbreakable bond.

Stunning tragedy for the framers....and for us. Obama aside. It leaves our country vulerable to the very kind of leadership our forefathers attempted to protect us from. Foreign interests.

Obama was relatively young when he took office. His fathers (natural and step) from foreign countries could have attempted to take over our government through their son. Their son’s allegiance would have been to them, not to America. It has nothing to do with where a person is born.

MHGinTN sees now it was all a setup:

This ruling means that the judge is corrupt.
The judge was workign for little barry bassturd all along, so the presentments didn’tmean a damned thing with a corrupt judge.

Disagreeing with MHGinTN means you are corrupt!

bergmeid is sure the judge was blackmailed:
Wonder what the judge was threatened with? The fact that he was born in Hawaii and THEREFORE a natural born citizen makes absolutely no sense.
bgill has decided his definition of Natural Born Citizen has always been obvious to everyone:
Where the heck did this guy go to school? His Civics teacher should be fired. Even Hussein knows NBC means TWO US CITIZEN PARENTS per his signature on SR511
Dane Holden is totally humble, but also trusts what he learned in third grade more than a number of Federal Judges:
im just a guy, barely getting by. I have nothing to offer, I cant initiate anything. I am just a natural born citizen old enuf that they taught nbc to me in third grade, but whose talents in this arena mean nothing.
Dane Holden was so sure, now he's in shock:
I am in some form of shock. With evidence of criminal behavior being entered into a court of LAW I mistakenly thought that THEY would not be able to sweep it away with so little effort
Fred Nerks looks to the future of questioning who Obama's real parents are:
Now we can get on with the next phase. Who is he, who were his parents, where was he born? And what was his name at birth?
Because his mother wasn’t [Stanley Anne Dunham], the place of birth wasn’t Hawaii, and his father wasn’t the son of a kenyan goat herder.
butterdezillion has a serious question:

Was Blago removed from office before being arrested?

This is a very serious question and NOT hypothetical: What if all the members of Congress were arrested at the same time?

butterdezillion knows Soros has compromised EVERYONE:

The Supreme Court is compromised. Chief Justice Roberts said he trusted the justices to know when to recuse themselves - right after Kagan and Sotomayor had been asked and expressly refused to recuse themselves from a conference to decide whether to hear a case where their very jobs were at issue.

The only greater conflict of interest I can think of is a judge deciding whether she should prosecuted on murder charges.

What does Soros hold over all these people’s heads? Until we take away the power he holds over even “conservatives” we will get nowhere. That is the real story that needs to be discovered, proven, and told. That is where this nation sinks or swims.
Quix is sure secret societies are involved somehow:

Treasonous globalist complicit idiots.

I wonder how many are . . . members of a secret society.

edge919 remains optimistic:
Maybe he knows this will be appealed and he wanted to make sure his decision was flawed so a higher court can overturn it.
MMaschin is ready:

This government has just proven that it is against the people.

I’m to the point where I’m ready to take up arms!

majormaturity also looks to a Second Amendment solution:
There is no way O qualifies as “natural born” by his own admission in his book. I think this decision points out that whoever is at work behind the scenes, pulling the strings, has sufficient power to intimidate judges.

I do truly believe that the future of this Republic will be determined at the barrel of a gun - lots of them.
I cannot think of a name thinks Hillary is behind everything:
Calm down everybody and stop worrying.

When it's time for zero to move aside and let the hildabeast take over, the irrefutable evidence that he was not born in the US.

I'm sure old serpent-head has it safely locked away, just waiting for the time to use it.
chrisnj has a plan:
There is no way out except to have the candidates exposing him. Romney, Gingrich, Santorum need to gang up on Obama and challenge him in public to prove that he was born to 2 US citizens or get out of the WH!

We need to yell out to them at their campaign stops to demand that they expose obama’s ineligibility! There is no time to waste!

Hell yes! Freepers should totally do this!

Smokeyblue knows the Founders would not have stood for this:

Can you imagine ANY of these judges standing before the Founding Fathers and pulling this crap?

I can’t.

Shame on them. Shame.

Well, yeah. But mostly cause Obama's black:

Baynative sticks with what matters - the inside of his own head:
He may be a natural born citizen in this judge's eyes but, he's still a fraud.


  1. That really was a good thread.

    The crux of the Freeper argument seems to be that The President's Dad was foreign born. Everyone knew this before the election. Mr. Obama had written a book about about it, for God's sake.

    This sort of thing is what makes Freeper Madness one of my favorite web sites and the Freepers themselves some of the funniest people writing on the net. Go Freepers go!

  2. These people just can't seem to admit that they're wrong. 100 court cases, 100 losses and they still insist that somehow they're right. It's hilarious to watch them get their hopes up for each case only to get shot down each and every time.

  3. By the way, I think you could probably do a feature post on butterdezillion like you did for savagesusie, Rome2000, FFranco and Frantzie. Check out her in-forum comments. Someone could probably do a single blog on all the crazy she spews.

  4. What does this say about Mittens, whose dad was born in Mexico?