Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Suing the The Anti-Christ

H/T Commenter "Doctor_Teeth"

Ahhh, religious Freepers. When they're not on their own discussing Mary's divinity, or the latest in apocalyptic prophecy, they can be counted on for being among the most conspiratorial and paranoid on the site.

Thus, a thread on how the Obama Admin, in keeping with current Constitutional law (in an opinion by uber-Catholic Scalia), is requiring any Catholics that offer a health-care plan to cover birth-control pills.

Freepers, well, do not care about no Supreme Court decision, and prefer to go all Civil War 2:

ConorMacNessa defines persecution down.
The Obama Regime is nothing short of Satanic in its pursuit of its Marxist and anti-American agenda.
They speak Newspeak, not English. They ignore the trammels of civility, of legal procedure, and of morality.
There is no limit to their iniquity. The Catholic Church, along with other traditional Christian denominations, has entered a time of persecution in our beloved American Nation. May God give us the faith, strength and grace to endure it.
Man, I gotta start working 'iniquity' into more conversations!

Gilbo_3 prefers to think that persecution is right around the corner.
Quoting Scripture will shortly be considered hate speech and fed prosecuted...

and you can guarantee the army of poofsters will be dropping in on services everywhere with AV equipment...
Pollster1 wants the Pope to start excommunicating anyone who votes Democrat:
Individual freedom has absolute priority, and the Church should use a scorched earth approach.

No Catholic institution should be permitted to comply with this law without (1) losing their tie to the Church, and (2) all Catholics affiliated with the organization being excommunicated from the Church as well.
No Catholic individual may vote for anyone who supported this law or who fails to promise to repeal it without being excommunicated.

This is a fundamental on which there can be no compromise. We are facing pure evil, and this is not the time to pretend that liberals are working in good faith, nor can we pretend that this is just one of many issues to consider when voting.
muawiyah seizes the chance to be a dick, and dredge up 70-year-old Kennedy scandals.
[Press Secretary Jay] Carney simply doesn't see the conflict.

That's because he's a typically mentally ill Leftwingtard.We'll need to get everybody together to get a mandate to provide frontal lobotomies on these people. At least they won't be figuring out how to oppress people anymore ~ as I recall it was really effective with that Kennedy woman. Couldn't even tie her shoes anymore.
Joe the Pimpernel knows it's Civil War 2 time! This time, it's a Holy War!!
The purpose of the second amendment is to rectify the situation when the purpose of the first amendment becomes unclear to politicians.
Noumenon needs to work on his slogan:
“We will NOT comply!” should become the rallying cry of the next American Revolution. Actually, it will be less of a revolution and more of a fumigation of all those “progressive” cockroaches.
OPS4 knows only the judiciary can defeat the Anti-Christ!

Time for a Law suit based on this statement by the White House.

All Christian denominations should join together in a joint action and hire Jay Sekulow and Tom Fitton and begin the Lords work of defeating these enemies, who have know shown us they are the Anti-Christ.


  1. I thought Freepers hated the judiciary branch.

  2. Sure, cause they always lose the many, many lawsuits they file!

  3. Freepers may or may not be Anti-Christs, but they sure are un-Christian.

    BTW, can anybody enlighten me on this Kennedy-woman-lobotomy thing? I have no idea what mauwiyah is talking about.