Tuesday, April 30, 2013

He tells the truth and everyone thinks he's joking!

"Some have suggested we put it in my birthplace, but I'd rather keep it in the United States," Obama joked.

Freepers' impotent and crazy response to Obama making a birther joke at the White House Correspondence Dinner is quite amusing:

edge919 explains why the joke wasn't funny:
Either this was the anti-Perjury punchline or his teleprompter botched the joke. It should have been, “Some people think my presidential library should be in Kenya, but I think it should be where I was born ... in Hawaii ... in the United States.” His syscophant supporters would exploded in a cacophony of mirth and adamant applause. Instead, he comes across as petty, insecure ... and factually vague.
justiceseeker93 wonders if it was a joke at all!
Not sure if that was a joke or a Freudian slip. He has made his share of gaffes in the past.

Or it could have been a direct attack on the Natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution, in effect saying that it doesn't matter where his birthplace is.
4integrity knows the truth when he hears it!
He joked about several issues and what came to my mind was....’the truth is said in jest.’
Smokeyblue also thinks the jokes are secret truths:
The only time he tells the truth is when he's trying to stick it to "the birthers."
atc23 makes a Nixon reference...for some reason.
Smug litle fart.

Richard Milhouse Obama - the original birther
atc23 thinks Obama would have been beaten up if he weren't working for the government:
Truly the protected, hands off class of government stooge - bureaucrat is the only place Mr Dunham would have safe harbor.

Had he ever been in the real world of men, he would have had his teeth handed to him Long ago.

I notice he's still never joked about his so called social security card or his inability to pass the rigorous investigation of E-Verify.

Some day Barry's chickens will come home to roost
Thanks to Glenn Beck, butterdezillion has a new conspiracy theory all set!
Wanna know what’s the sickest thing about this?

Glenn Beck sent his information (which DHS is claiming includes the reality that the Saudi “person of interest” Alhamdi - who Michelle visited in the hospital - is Osama Bin Laden’s son Hamza, who has sworn to avenge his father’s death).

At least some of these “journalists” know that Obama gave aid and comfort to Bin Laden’s son after that son killed and blew the legs off of innocent Americans in Boston - including the death of an 8-year-old boy waiting for his Dad to finish the race.

And they laughed at Obama’s “funnies” about being called a Muslim socialist.

There is no way to rehabilitate people like that. They have stared the devil in the eyeballs and bowed to him and laughed at his jokes. They are as gone as a person can get.
ClearBlueSky hates the gloating:
That is gloating. That is sharing the joke with co-conspirators. He’s ultra confident that his trail is clean and he is untouchable-legally and otherwise. And, if he can eliminate that pesky Constitution that is ‘constraining’ him, we are well and truly FUBAR.
Norm Lenhart knows the real enemy is non-crazy Freepers.
Plenty of anti birthers on FR applauded him no doubt.
rovenstinez goes in for some empty triumphalism:
He who laughs LAST gets the best laugh, and we the American People have still to have our last laugh when the truth finally gets out.
RoosterRedux takes refuge in history.
He knows it is this deceit and treason for which he will eventually be known. This is his legacy.

Strategerist vs. the conspiracies

Recently, I've been noticing Free Republic getting more conspiratorial. Where once they were all about minimizing some facts and exaggerating others, nowadays they have their own parallel world where details reveal secret Muslim conspiracies.

They're linking to World Net Daily and Glenn Beck more and more, and the threads have hundreds of replies.

I'm not sure exactly the reason. Some of it is probably the loss of hope, after getting so apocalyptic after Obama's reelection. Then gun control became an issue, and the NRA does not shy away from paranoid antics. THen there was another terrorist attack, with confused initial news reports. And, of course, there's a Freepathon on, which always involves ramping up the crazy some. All this mixed to make the always rather conspiratorial content at Free Republic explode lately. The majority of their posts are parsing Boston bombing pictures, or the latest on Benghazi, or some birther lawsuit.

I'm not sure if this is reflected elsewhere on the Right these days, but what Freepers demand, the wingnuts supply! Certainly Representatives Bachman and Goehmert have been responding. The only question is whether this will pass. I think it will; there are other sites that do the conspiracy crap. Free Republic has a niche in partisan hatred, and I figure it will return there. But I could be wrong - there's always something new for Freepers to jump on (e.g. Syria), so this may be self-perpetuating...

Anyway, what better way to look at where they are than check out Strategerist's labors these days?

DHS Ammo purchases:
DHS ammo purchases were lower in 2012 than in 2011, and lower in 2011 than in 2010.

Ammo shortages are ENTIRELY the result of post-Newtown panic buying, panic buying as a result of news of ammo shortages, panic buying because of idiotic, false articles about huge DHS ammo purchases, and then more panic buying because of news of even larger ammo shortages.
That Saudi guy cleared of the bombing:
The only reason he was peripherally associated with the marathon bombing is because a large group of morons decided he was. That's not actually being peripherally associated.
Syria is proof Bush was right about Iraq
Wasn’t there a theory that said Iraq’s chemical weapons were moved to Syria prior to US invasion? Is there any way we can find out the origin of the gas used like they can with nuclear material?

It's exceedingly unlikely one could do so, and it's overwhelmingly likely that any chemical weapons in Syria were produced in Syria in their own well-documented massive chemical weapons production facilities they've had since the 1970s.
More Boston hilarity:
It’s really fun now that you have competing fabrications from Wing Nut Daily (Iranian Agents) and DUMBKA (Saudi agents).
I love this exchange:
I believe "I don't believe in coincidences" is one of the dumbest phrases in the English language.
cuban leaf replies:
I stopped believing in coincidences when I became a Christian in 1981. Time has tested the validity of that change of perspective and rewarded me handsomely.
See, God HIMSELF is a Conspiracy, so if you aren't a paranoid lunatic, you aren't a real Christian!


Freepers kinda try to get in a huff about Jason Collins of the Wizards coming out as gay. But it's increasingly clear they rage more in despair than anger.

Then they turn on sports in general, and the novel target seems to get some of their mojo back, at least.

Sarah Barracuda has decided Collins must be bad at basketball:
Jason Collins is a nobody in the NBA..played for what, 8 teams..won nothing..I always knew something was off about him, he would run like he has a stick up his ass..now we know he did
sarge83 totally doesn't care, but also hates this guy:
AMEN! I really don’t give a hoot in hell about your sexual orientation one way or the other. All you are doing is trying to be victim and use your sexual orientation as a crutch to batter anyone or group you chose if they cross you on any issue.

Just go away already.
edcoil does not elaborate:
Basketball is a pretty gay sport anyway no surprise here.
Iron Munro knows who else is gay!
Inspired by that other well known hoops star, Barack Obama.
Gay threads draw manc like a moth to flame:
so poking and pushing a mans feces is turning them on and then they say they’re proud and have been living in a lie by saying they were normal
Burkean remembers the coverage of Chamberlain and Bryant differently than I do!
An NBA athlete confesses to immorality? Color me not shocked. Isn’t this the same bunch that celebrated Wilt Chamberlain having sex with hundreds of women, and who can forget Kobe Bryant becoming a media darling after he raped a woman?
I’m sure all of the guys he showers with on the team will just be oh so trilled at this news.
Christie at the beach is angry at all the people having fun when it's sex time:
Still not going to have acceptance by those who believe in God's words.

God is love.

Not lust.
longtermmemmory gets a bit melodramatic:
Basketball just died.
Resolute Conservative hated Basketball even before it was gay!
I stopped watching thug ball when Dr. J and those real basketball players retired. Have not missed it a minute.
greene66 hates sports nowadays too!
Gangstas, rapists, dopers... and now the hearts of the sportsworld are all aflutter, celebrating faggotry. Like it were some kind of badge of honor.

Used to love sports. Never watch any of it anymore. The whole scummy sports media and its degenerate culture make me want to puke.
blueunicorn6 used to enjoy life, but now he sees Democrats everywhere!
Remember when sports used to be enjoyable.....before the Democrats started using it as a place to preach. Remember when music used to be enjoyable......before the Democrats used it as a place to preach. Remember when television used to be enjoyable.....before the Democrats started using it as a place to preach. Remember when movies used to be enjoyable.....before Democrats started using them as places to preach. Remember when church used to be enjoyable......until the Democrats started using them as a place to preach. Remember when school used to be enjoyable.....OK school was never enjoyable but the Democrats have made it worse with their preaching. The Democrats intentionally screwup everything they touch.

Obama's Press Conference is Gay, Awful.

Freepers liveblog Obama's press conference. With liveblogging, it's all about quick reactions. With Freepers, that means contentless yawps of hatred:

Mouton has some angry, happy thoughts:
The only time I would deign to watch that POS would be if he were either resigning or being executed for treason.

Me, too. And those are both such happy thoughts!
Jane Long speculates that Obama's going to be super petty:
Wonder if 0 will delay his rant, timed to interrupt El Rushbo’s broadcast.
LibLieSlayer knows who to thank:
Thanks to Sarah Palin, we know exactly what kind of clown obomba is.
don-o wishes for someone articulate, like Bush:
uh,uh,uh, I,I,I, uh, uh, I, I uh, will not rest, uh, uh, uh
yldstrk thinks the Conspiracy will continue!
bet it’s the cause of death of the bomber
John W has a theory re: the gaitey
He’s about due to come out himself isn’t he? That’s been my theory of why the gaiety has been shoved down everyone’s throats lately, to pave the way for him.
mardi59 knows the questions only seemed tough:
Some good questions. Is this different from previous press shows?

Not really. They let him slide on the comparison between Benghazi and Boston. It’s just another dog and pony show.
penelopesire agrees - even the Freeperish questions were staged!
Notice how media made most of presser and all ending questions about Obama’s pet policies...now Hispanic on immigration....they set this up so that few beginning hard questions are distant memory by end of presser.
gov_bean_ counter reads a lot into Obama's diction:
He’s whistling his “esses” even more than usual. One of the “tells” that he’s lying.

Could be a reaction to a new antipsychotic medication...
He’s gittin’ real touchy now...apparently semi-black skin is real thin......
kabar crows at how Obama hasn't convinced Freepers of anything!
Obama is losing the PR war on Boston, Benghazi, sequestration, Gitmo, gun control, etc. He is just giving the WH stenos some marching orders.
mardi59 also thinks Obama is on the run:
HE NEVER ANSWERED THE BENGHAZI QUESTION!! Running scared are we? I think so.
MWestMom hates how Obama ended mentioning homosexual rights:
And I thought he was going to get out of there without plauding the laudits of the gay baller. Worst President ever....one of the worst human beings ever.....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Rationalizing bigotry

Anonymous found this little gem of a thread wherein Freepers hilariously try to explain why they don't like integrating the Prom in Georgia but aren't racist.

silverleaf worries about whites exposed to dirty negro dancing:
well if it’s like our HS, now the pampered GA teens get to observe the cultural ritual of circles formed to hide chaperone eyes from kids dry humping (or worse)

aka “dancing” “Yo, you gotta problem wid my kid doin’ that?”
kearnyirish2 will be racist to protest affirmative action:
As long as the law treats them differently (in terms of affirmative action), I understand having separate parties. When I was in college big accounting firms would court the “National Association of Black Accountants” rather than the larger Accounting Society. If “whites need not apply” then I wouldn’t party with those for whom the jobs had been set aside, either.
kearnyirish2 also knows today's PC culture means whites segregate or get persecuted:
My biggest concern (as a father of boys) is that in the event of a fight my child would be tarred as a racist just for defending himself against a black child. The double standard has created an environment much worse than any lib could have imagined.
Uncle Lonny heard of some studies too awesome to cite:
I think this may be a factor in the fear of the white parents who dont want their daughter entering into a black/white relationship:

Based on several sociological studies, a white woman marrying a black man has 1300 percent the chance of being murdered by her spouse than if she married a white man. And that is just for spousal homicide. In non married relationships, the ratio of being murdered by her black partner soars to almost 3000 percent. Often, if the white woman tries to end the relationship, her black partner takes it as a racial insult and murders her. And for every homicide there are hundreds of cases of violent spouse abuse.

The black racism and hatred responsible for this domestic violence is the same racist poison responsible for the continuing epidemic of racially motivated, black on white, violent crime against whites that has resulted in thousands of brutal attacks, hate rapes, and murders every year since the Jim Crow Laws ended in 1965. In the black pimp, white sex slave, relationship so common in our cities, the white female slave endures conditions as bad or worst as endured by black slaves in the USA 175 years ago. This sexual slavery is the ultimate revenge for the racist black male.And it is happening today, not 175 years ago.
Pollster1 disagrees - the problem isn't violent blacks, it's that white girls marry blacks 'cause it's trendy, not out of love!
Correlation is not causation. The type of white woman who marries a black man because he's black, rather than marrying a man she loves who is right for her and who happens to be black, could easily be the issue here. Whether she likes the "bad boy" rap persona, or she's marrying the person she thinks will offend her parents the most as an act of rebellion, neither is much of a foundation for marriage.

Monday Potpourri pt. 2

EBH thinks Glenn Beck is being too crazy - because that will allow Obama's martial law plan to come to pass!
I got accused yesterday of being a troll on FR, but if Glenn is screeching about impeachment...he is becoming a distraction to the reality of the battles we can win. And if that is the case, then he has fallen into the trap of becoming a useful tool/fool for the regime.

Bringing charges against the regime will bring riots to the streets of America. Which will bring a declaration of martial law (remember all those bullets?). Watertown was just a taste and they were such compliant folks.

When Glenn's usefulness is done, he will be arrested for a number of trumped up charges. You all know he talks dangerously in the eyes of the regime...you can imagine the charges against him. But when Glenn gets taken down by the 0bama regime, no one will do anything. His fans will squeak and squawk, but Glenn has trained them to be like Ghandi.

To all those who will read this and decide to bash me...remember Glenn tells us to speak truthfully. In this case, Glenn is chasing the wrong rabbit and it will be his downfall or our Nation's. 0bama is not stupid, they did not amass this much power by being stupid. Glenn has walked into the trap.
UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide has a plan t deal with the GOP:
Democrat moles. 

wita does some primo Internet sleuthing:
His facebook page looks bogus.

There’s 2-3 shots of him, then 100 photos of Six Flags... showing roller coasters and buildings.

There’s NOBODY in the photos of Six Flags... just looks like somebody took a camera and went to Six Flags and pointed the camera at every object and took photos.

There’s also closeups of ferns and lilies. I refuse to believe this Saudi spends his time before breakfast taking closeups of morning dew gathering on lilies.

Page was likely created by (i) US gov’t to enhance their cover story that “this is the guy,” or by (ii) His terror cell to make him look innocuous.

Keep in mind, his cover photo is himself leaping into the air in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland/world.

That is just not something men do unless they’re trying to establish an innocuous cover before blowing up Boston.
usconservative knows dead baby jokes become classy if they're used for partisan ends:
Judging by Joe Biden's penchant for verbal gaffe's and never having the facts firmly in command, I'd argue he was stillborn.

So great, we have a foreign born "President" and a stillborn Vice President.

Are there any other methods of birth that the Democrat Party wants to promote as President in the next election?
American Constitutionalist knwos it's all connected:
And Fast & Furious and what happened in Bengazhi is all connected to all of this.
WMarshal knows the secret Communists of Montana:
Western Montana is a cesspool of liberals. Butte (pronounced “butt” by any other Montana that does not live there) experienced communist riots in the early 20s since most of the miners were from the east coast and Europe. The rest of Montana is inhabited by rock-solid sons of liberty.
LibLieSlayer thinks Bill Maher is gay:
You voted for nazis billy boy... you promoted our destruction you liberal fag bastard.
That should be Tamerlan Tsarnaev (D) MA.
rarestia recalls how the early 1900s were so peaceful:
Prior to 1934, Americans took care of themselves and their families by being responsibly armed in public. That was a truly polite society.
I had to edit txhurl's post for clarity:
Well, their POSHITUS spiked the ball with OBL. His kid got partly even. Then zero rushed to assure Saud Royalty not one hair would be touched of the three Saudis ‘supervising’ the Marathon bomb placement.

But that won’t erode their support or awaken their bludgeoned reporting skills... even though they know most future attacks will be on their blue cities.
justa-hairyape speculates about Obama's hired assassin in some birther morass:
And to illustrate the difference between the Hildabeast and Obama, she at least tried to make it look like Foster committed suicide. My guess is this Obama assassin was Islamic ? Saudi, Muslim Brotherhood or Chechen ? So many possibilities. This grifter probably plays every tribe of Islam.
Vision - where have you gone, America?
How did we go from Bing to this filthy, repulsive, gutter rap culture being lead by Obama in 70 years??? What the hell happened? Good God.
RebelTXRose takes a lot of trouble to stick it to the AARP:
We don’t toss the aarp mailers - we open them, put all contents including the envelope it in which it arrived and mail it back to them in their postpaid envelope. THEN, we write “TRAITORS” on the outside.
cradle of freedom - WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!
Tell everyone you know who is not of a favored minority to remember in November and place the blame exactly where it belongs.....on the Democrat Party. I don’t understand how anyone who is not a favored minority could vote for a party that is throwing them to the sharks. Get the word out.
HomeAtLast analyzes the ricin guy's politics:
He ran for local office as a Republican in 2007. And then after that he ran for local office as a Democrat.

IOW he has no core. IOW a Democrat.
BigCinBigD kicks it REALLY old school:
The Romans perfected crucifiction as a punishment.

We on the other hand go out of our way to make cruel and unusual apply to the victim rather than the criminal.

Crucifixion needs a come back.

Monday Potpourri Part I

MachIV knows Boston was asking for it:
considering the politics of Boston(off the charts leftwing extremism)couldn’t one conclude they basically voted for this kind of action and have been doing so for generations?
truth_seeker knows Boston loves terrorism!
There will be joy in Bean Town, for all the overtime for 1st responders standing around.
Wurlitzer knows the only way to cure cancer is to incinerate you:
I still remember the dancing in the streets after 9/11 and the FBI agents who would not go after other rag heads.

While all may not COMMIT violent Jihad (redundant) they all support it with their silence.

When exterminating Cancer you get rid of every cell possible and don’t try to keep those cells which while not normal are doing anything YET.

The USA bar-b-qued the cult of Branch Davidians and the USA must at minimum deport every last member of the cult of Islam.
3Fingas has never met a southern black liberal, I guess:
A lot of these liberals and apolitical people could become conservatives over time, but the damage they do getting from point A to point B makes trying to convert them almost not worth the effort.

Texas has a litmus test of sorts. Unless the liberal goes to Austin, he or she will most likely develop an allergic reaction to the number of mega churches and 4 wheel drive trucks they encounter. LoL.
N-R-T envisions an alternate, more fascist America:
...hello, President Goldwater!

In an alternate world the United States decisively defeated North Vietnam, put the USSR out of it's misery before 1989, never legalized non-emergency abortions, kept its pre-1965 immigration (and teaching) standards and puts traitors on trial. That United States would also never allow a mind-controlling death cult to be protected under the guise of religion.
Vaduz just assumes everything bad when it comes to Democrats:
It’s a democrat thing the entire tribe are [Meth] users.It’s why the young and the dumb love them.
Blood of Tyrants has a favorite aircraft, but is sure the government wasn't involved:
I read that when they designed the F16, they deliberately kept the generals and politicians out of the designing in order to make a superior aircraft.
Jim Robinson has no idea what "Justice delayed is justice denied" refers to.
Justice delayed is justice denied. It’ll take decades to get this guy tried and through the endless appeals process, a delay eagerly supported by our progressively politicized justice system and sycophant press. He’ll probably die of old age before it’s all said and done. A military court would’ve made short work of him. Fair trial, quick hanging. Done.
Responsibility2nd is starting in on Chelsea Clinton:
Its a wonder Chelsea is not gay. She would have made a good lesbian. Like her mother.
the Boston bombing taught driftdiver that he lives in a fascist conspiratorial hellscape:
But we have learned a few things.

1. The police will follow unconstitutional orders.
2. The terrorists are here and prepared.
3. Our govt knows who the terrorists are.
4. Our govt is ignoring the terrorists and allowing them to conduct their operations unimpeded.
5. Our govt is allowing more terrorists in through immigration.
6. The tactics the police will use against ‘weapons dealers’ once the ban is in place.

We already know the current govt considers people who post on websites like FR to be as or more dangerous then the two Boston bombers.
ez's timeline ties it all together:

2011 - Tamerlan Tsaraev (TT) flies to Moscow and is unaccounted for for 6 months.
Aug 23 2012- Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi AlHarbi (AAH) requests a visit with the WH
Aug 24 - AAH vists the WH
Aug 28 - AAH enters Boston on a special student visa.
Sept 11 - TT 3 friends are killed with their throats slit. There is no sign of forced entry meaning they probably knew their killer.
Sept 11 - Djokhar Tsaraev becomes a US Citizen
Sept 11 - The US CIA operation in Behghazi is attacked leading to 4 deaths. A video is blamed.
April 15 2013- TT and DT bomb the Boston Marathon. AAH is injured and tackled by alert citizens.
April 16 - AlHarbi is described as a person of interest, but that classification is later removed.
April 16 - SoS John Kerry has an unscheduled interview with a Saudi Ambassador.
GraceG thinks super long-term
The greenies are gonna cry that the sun has betrayed them in 4 billion years when the sun expands and burns this planet to a crispy cinder, hopefully the greenies will be on the earth when this happens.....
Monorprise knows the only way a parliament can avoid being tyrannical is the constant threat of secession:
But a parliamentary system like Canada or UK is not inherently tyrannical

In Canada and the U.K. they have the retained the right of secession. In this way their central Parliament are held in some level of basic check against too much oppression against a regional minority.

After all if A prime-minster like Obama tried to implement all his policy’s which oppressing political & economic interest of rural and southern States, then the same states may just withdraw their consent to be governed.(secede)

In that way politicians like Obama are forced to govern in ways more agreeable to all regions at least.
NoGrayZone is frustrated no one else turns correlation into causation:
You can thank the Saudi whom purchased a majority of Fox for that.

Then Glen was fired and Fox has turned left.

Infiltration can be seen with the naked eye!!! I just don’t get people who TURN A BLIND EYE towards it! Do they WANT to be slaves?
null and void is very afraid:
Imagine a 100,000 muslim jihadi H-1B visas working in power plants, fertilizer factories, refineries, chemical manufacturers, hospitals, utilities, dams, pharmaceutical formulators, web hub server farms, municipal water supplies, sewage treatment...
rcrngroup truly understands Obama:
For all intents & purposes, socialism, communism, fascism, nazism, are all basically the same thing, absolute tyrannical power by an elitist few with a dictator held in place by wobbly alliances with elitist factions. In any case, 0dumb0 would LOVE a militaristic uniform of his own design which would encompass both communist & nazi designs.

Just like in black Africa, where thugs like Mugabe, or Idi Amin, or Moboto, among many other black dictators, they just LOVE bright, flashy uniforms & caps, with oodles of medals & emblams for heroism or bravery, that they never did any thing to deserve in any way.

0dumb0 is a thug dictator, no matter what the commie muslim pig bastard wears!
UCANSEE2 wonders if the Kenyans were forewarned about Boston:
Glenn Beck was just talking about Al-Harabi and said he was ‘just’ there watching the ‘Kenyan runners’ in the Marathon. It was said sarcastically, but I think it important (and he missed it) that the Kenyan runners were not at the Marathon. They were officially protesting the Marathon. Probably told by the Kenyan government not to participate in the Marathon. This naturally would make one wonder ... why ?
murron would allow baby factories women to go to High School, but not College!
I agree that the chances of changing anyone’s mind on birth control in this country are non existent. But to say that women have to have babies at age 15 to get the birth rate up is not so. Women in this country are not going to go back to having 8 or 9 babies, but if they did, they could be around 20 or 19. Keeping them out of college, maybe.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Spotlight: LouAvul

His profile is blank, and I didn't turn up much about his past, but LouAvul may be the most anachronistically racist guy I've yet seen on Free Republic. Not because he cites BS statistics showing blacks are evil - they all do that these days, but because of his frequency and relish in using slurs.

It's almost like he's insecure about his conservativism and constantly needs to prove himself.

America is dead, because of freedom of Religion
Faggots are embraced as normal human beings. Unborn children are treated with less compassion than animals. Jesus Christ is treated on an equal plane with the raghead god.

If America isn't dead, she's sure on life support.
What Muslims can do:
by all means, all you slimy, filthy ragheads need to take back all your slimy, filthy relatives from America.
So conservative, he hates Bush, just like the majority of Freepers do these days:
George Bush was a lying, open borders, globalist liberal who betrayed conservatives. Condi Rice approved abortion. Dick Cheney approved fags. What wasn't to like about that administration?
San Francisco gets the no capitalization burn!
It's san francisco. Who cares how much and what kind of trash gets dumped there?

They could start dumping radioactive and toxic waste there for all I care.
Muslims will keep killing Americans at a rate of 3 every decade until they are all deported
What happened in Boston is going to be repeated until all mooseSlimes are either dead or confined to whatever hole they came from. They cannot be civilized. They cannot be tamed. The sooner the United States admits that the sooner we can set about solving the problem.
Also, deport Democrats
And lots of ‘mericans need to be deported, too. Al. Jesse. Hitlery. Check the DNC rolls.
He even writes 'mericans in dialect!

Muslim women are probably ugly.
I always figured that’s why that raghead trash wore those burkhas, viz. cause they’re too lazy to shave.
Blacks do not deserve Civil Rights:
Even though blacks only represent, what, 10% of the population, they're responsible for 61% of all homicides. They also represent roughly that same percentage of convicts.

It's that spoiled entitlement ghetto mentality. I think if Martin Luther King saw this, he would have gone fishing in the Bahamas instead of marching in Selma. Why bother?
And, of course, Obama:
Why? Cause he be a useless ghetto monkey who hit the big time solely cause he black. That’s why.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Tin foil gets deep

Oh Hell, some Freeper found the name al-Harbi on the White House visitors list. This is also the name of the completely exonerated Saude Arabian guy injured in the Boston bombing. Such a bona fide coincidence has Freepers going from zero to birther-level crazy in record time.

ClearCase_guy may be a bit racist:
Barack Obama is a house slave to the King of Saudi Arabia. Y’suh, Y’suh, I be leadin’ de country fuh you.
I wonder if he uses the same dialect talking about Bush.

laweeks is sure there was a bribe
Well, we wouldn’t think for a minute that there was a White House cash payoff to Mooch-Elle during this visit, would we?

The whole thing stinks to high heaven, but with a muslim traitor in our White House, nothing would surprise me.
ldish goes in for something rhythmic:
and mooshell visited him in the hospital...


our country with it’s Liberty and Freedom...or this SHIT!

what shall it be?????????????????????????????????????
F15Eagle thinks this was a gay thing:
He’s here because he is likely gay. He’s at the White House because.......

He looks like it. Obviously something very special between him, Bammy and Mooshelle and probably somebody very powerful in SA.
FreeAtlanta also sees all sorts of gay drama:
Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited AND STAYED OVER NIGHT at the White House Several Times Since 2009

He would’ve been 16 at the time.

The real reason Obama was out of his mind during that speech he gave about guns. It wasn’t about the gun vote. He is just a raging mad hot head that got burned by his little Saudi boy.
Buckeye McFrog declares VICTORY!
the thought of Obama being undone by SOCIAL MEDIA of all things is going to have me grinning till Memorial Day!
Jyotishi wants some discussion:
If there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind about the current White House being a Muslim terrorist cell, let’s discuss it.
Toespi may never have been in a terrorist attack:
Really, it’s time to get real. It is pretty obvious, Obama is an Islamic radical, HE IS an ongoing terrorist attack. A very well planned, orchestrated terrorist attack to take over America. The 2008 financial meltdown was created by big middle eastern power and money because the moment the Jeremiah Wright story broke Obamas polling numbers began to collapse. They stopped the bleeding on the backs of American citizens.
butterdezillion shows up to discuss how Freeper-performed facial recognition show this poor kid is secretly Osama Bin Laden's son.
Is this bin Laden’s son as some are saying?

MestaMachine is trained in facial recognition, to look at features that can’t be changed by plastic surgery (like bone structure, for instance). She compared this guy’s face to the face of Bin Laden’s son shown in a video and says it’s him. Some physical features like ear shape don’t match so he’s obviously had surgeries done to hide who he is, which would explain why he cooperated with police, etc.

My guess is that something clued in the investigators and they did a DNA test - which resulted in the supervisors signing off on the “confirmed terrorist” classification. At that point Obama and Co were probably saying, “Oh, sh!t! They figured out who he is!” and scrambling to keep the FBI from arresting him and announcing that an arrest had been made - you know, that whole runaround on Tuesday. They had to have a bomb threat at the location of the announced press conference and then Obama had to throw a temper tantrum on air so the FBI presser wouldn’t be rescheduled for later on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday they had the Kerry and Obama meetings with the Saudi leader and somebody (Beck and the Congress members know who....) changed the record.
An Anonymous commenter pointed me to a thread where The Bin Laden Connection has really taken off, BTW.

butterdezillion follows up with the Benghazi connection:
This is so huge I can’t even get my head around it, but there was a whole lotta really bad stink going on around then, and Bin Laden’s son visiting the White House and then getting a visa without any kind of security clearance but by special permission 3 days later.... just as preparations were being made in the Muslim world for the Benghazi and Cairo attacks - and preparations made in the US government to JUSTIFY those attacks.....

Drudge and Beck are both making implications about this kid too. Man, I hope life doesn't get rough for the guy.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dr. Gosnell Abortion case.

Freepers are hitting the media bias angle for why the horrid conditions and acts of Dr. Gosnell isn't being covered by the media. I've heard even conservative radio hosts say it's too gross and depressing, but Freepers have proof of how awful all non Freepers are, which is all they really want these days.

LucianOfSamasota is sure the Holocaust is next:
Culture of death.

As the secular progressives reject Judeo-Christian values, the US will drift into ever greater atrocities.

Progressives are just Nazi’s or Stalinist’s waiting for their chance.
LucianOfSamasota keeps trying to make the issue of abortion less messy by assuming grown men are next:
I think as long as you call them a ‘fetus’, its legal to do anything you want to them.

I’m waiting for Obama, et al. to decide conservatives are also ‘fetuses’.
yefragetuwrabrumuy knows how to make people Pro-Life - expose them to gross pics!
There is a minimum of 20 years of horrifying here for those opposed to abortion. They should do an extended media blitz with books, pictures, quotes, videos, all outside the MSM and broadcast it everywhere. Especially those inner city areas where PP focuses its harm.

I would especially recommend making such materials available by any means to high school aged children, many of whom are raised in intellectually and emotionally sheltered situations. They especially would have their minds blown by this, and many of them would be passionately opposed to abortion thereafter.
I want the USA back knows who the real abortion supporters are:
Ah the intimidating power of militant angry raging man-hating feminazis! Grown men cower. Presidents grovel. Mere mortals tremble in their boots. Do NOT cross the NOW gang!
Lancey Howard has decided the judge is corrupt:
Is there any background on this judge? He's a Philadelphia judge, so I have to presume he's a Democrat who does exactly what he is told to do, ie., he's corrupt to the core.
RetiredArmy explains how the trial is:
Why? Because it is abortion. The love fest of liberals for population control. Because he is black. Because black’s don’t murder. Because he is a democrat. Because he lives in a Dim state and votes dim. Because like minds are on the jury. Other than that, I don’t have a clue.
Paddyboy thinks Holder is involved, for some reason:
Holders wife is part owner of this murder pit.There was no way that this evil soulless Mengele wanna-be was ever gonna get convicted of anything

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Waterboard the elder bomber's wife!

It looks like the slain Boston bomber had a wife. A former Christain, now Muslim, who may have been physically abused. It's like a case taylor made for all sorts of various Freepers rage:

cdcdawg goes with the old "feminism makes Islam look good" canard.
Western women have been in large part warped by feminism. Some are attracted to order from the chaos, and there is Islam, just waiting to supply an answer. It’s non-Western, and not very white, so it must be good! Right?
DesertRhino thinks the problem is that this womans' father didn't murder this guy preemptively:
In an earlier America,,, with fathers, such undesireable suitors for daughters often came to unfortunate ends. Why, the daughter never even needed to know how the sausage was made. Just sayin’,,,

Dad is obviously a mangina.
Stepan12 knows the Arabic word for whore:
She is a sharmuta; however, he did beat his woman in the best Muslim tradition.
wastedyears knows all about victims of abuse:
They’ll stay faithful regardless of being beaten, no matter where their husband came from. They’re those women that take the beating and stay around, no matter how dangerous it is.
El Cid knows women are just more gullible:
Women are more susceptible to liars than men. Thus Satan targeted Eve as the victim of his deceit.

Women were taken in by large percentages by Bill Clinton, whereas most men recognized Mr. Bill as the lying weasel that he was/is.

Many Muslim men are raised in cultures that exults good liars. Thus, after many years of good lying practice, they find easy prey in the West...

Over generalization, obviously, but why not...
palmer knows child slavery is in play:
Had he not turned terrorist and died, the father would likely have sold the daughter, possibly here but more likely overseas.
svcw agrees with a fellow Freeper that it's waterboarding time!
She needs waterboarded. Surely she has information about her terrorist husband’s doings. She lived the good life on his money...where ever he got it from. After waterboarding, she and her spawn should be deported to Afghanistan where she can wander around in her burka.

Why hasn’t she been arrested or questioned?
And where did those terrorist get the money to be driving Mercedes and Porsche.
They didn’t have jobs, lived conspicuously, traveled, went to the best schools.......where did the money come from.
LeoWindhorse wants this woman killed unless she repents...her marriage, I guess?
The only way this broad can redeem herself is to come out and publicly repudiate and renounce Islam . To publicly state her deepest regret and profound repentance for ever hooking up with that man and allowing herself to become brainwashed into the death cult by him .

Short of that , she should be placed on a horse , connected to a rope and hanged .

Monday, April 22, 2013

Party affiliation, voting records of the Boston bombers?

Freepers, as they do, really want to get some guild by association going:

Viennacon doesn't need facts:
I bet they were Democraps. Won’t be mentioned.
Sgt_Schultze is sarcastic. Also wrong.
I don’t think they were citizens. Consequently, they could ONLY vote democrat, by law.
Kozak found the smoking tweet!
The living one sent out tweets after the election congratulating Zero.
Baynative provides the opposing point of view:
The one that was killed tweeted Obama with support on election night.
353FMG No True Scotsmans. Hard:
All the slaughters in the 20th century were perpetrated by left-wingers — Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Muslims.

Boston Weak.

OK, I have finals. After today I'll go back to 1 a day. But damn, some Freepers are being as loathsome as they've ever been since Fluke, blaming the victim for being liberal:

Uncle Chip knows real heroes gotta be like Rambo:
Boston’s hero of the hour is a boatowner who had a nicotine fit.
armed terrorists at large only make tobyhill more hardcore!
Let’s keep it real then, “Boston Scared”.
Lexington Green thinks roving armed citizens is the only brave thing:
Monty Python might say ‘’they bravely hid in their homes.’’
Third Person attacks Boston's manliness:
Boston is a weak, emasculated city, dependent on the unionized, militarized, ego inflated police.
CodeToad's Texas fantasies are awesome:
Bostonians hide in their houses. How is that ‘strong’?

If that had been Texas or some other carry State those boys would have been hunted like a 300 pound 10 point buck.
tobyhill knows liberals cannot be strong:
When the Libs leave then they maybe able to use “Boston Strong” slogan but in the meantime there’s nothing strong about Boston.
Boston. You’re Obama weak.

The "New Normal"

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: “It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately, … one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the ‘new normal,’ if you will,” he explained. “So much of society is changing so rapidly. We talk about a ‘new normal’ when it comes to climate change and adjusting to a change in the weather patterns. ‘New normal’ when it comes to public security in a post-9/11 world. Where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all-too-frequent.”

Seems like hogwash to me. But it sure has Freepers riled up. Despite how much they want America to stay afraid and angry, they don't like non-Freepers horning in on their paranoia.

jimsin is yet another Freeper tilting at the "shut down all Muslim immigration" windmill.
you mean if you invite rattlesnakes into your back yard ....people could be killed? but it wouldn’t be nice if you kept out the dangerous snakes...i dont know what the ans. could be...damn just damn!
jimsin follows up:
since when is it ‘normal’ for u.s. citizens to routinely die at the hands of jihadis....that guy’s a real leader, eh? when THOMAS JEFFERSON ...(a giant of a leader) had trouble with radical arabs he sent boatfulls of marines a few thousand miles to settle their hash...and this guy wants to settle for ‘normal’? huh?
‘normal’ for AMERICANS...is to CRUSH TYRANNY AND TYRANTS in order to make AMERICA safe....try that one on mario....
So the normal for AMERICANS is empty violent bluster? He may have a point...

skeeter blames Reagan:
The New Normal brought to you by 50 years of idiodic liberal policies.
Ann Archy: mocks liberals for suddenly craving guns:
Opinionated Blowhard seems to think Obama stopped Bush's domestic spying policy:
It was part of the New Normal for a lot of Americans after 9-11. Libs mocked that and relaxed enforcement. Now we have another strike and Libs are waking up to the fact that we need the same high level of enforcement and vigilence that we had under that evil Bush.
Biggirl mocks the imaginary liberals who thought Obama would solve all problems:
Or the libs thought that once Obama said “sorry” to the Muslims during his travels that terror attacks would stop.
randita thinks Bush solved all problems:
On GWB’s watch, this would be far from the “new normal”.

Boston Bombers’ Uncle

The hatred grows. Now they condemn Muslims who claim to love America:

Lurker is the definitive of prejudice:
He’s lying. You know how I know? He’s muslim.
frogjerk knows what's going on:
Trying to provide cover for Radical Islam.

I expect Will Smith to come out any moment with Muhammad Ali in a press conference.
Biggirl allows he may be one of the good ones, though it isn't likely:
He could A: Be Lying, B: Is One Of The FEW Muslims Who WANT NOTHING TO DO With Terrorism, C: Has Also The Feds Breathing Down ON HIS NECK, or D: None Of The Above.
VerySadAmerican's analysis is not optimistic:
I don’t buy it. He protests too much. He’s adamant that it had nothing to do with Islam. Was that neccessary? Why not simply leave it at “They’re losers.”
JimRed knows secret jihadis are everywhere:
Because of the principle of taqiyya, you cannot ever trust any Muslim, even if you've known him forever. Hopefully he's a MINO, but you can't bank on that.
Selene heard the secret message:
Did you hear how he pronounced “johar’s” name? Sounded like
johad (jihad).

Heard it twice
Christian1 seems to think Islam is genetic:
Muslims are born liars...it is in their geneticmake-up.
I watched the man...he is lying. He saw his nephews not long ago. Soon he will be a person of interest to the FBI.

I bet they all went to the same Public toilet...called in Arabic, Mosque.

The Boston Bomber's mother

When they're not blaming Obama, Freepers are in full dehumanizing hate mode against the Boston bombers, and their family, and all Muslims:

Not to worry Mom.

eric THE RED holder will decide that since your little angel was not read his Miranda rights immediately all of the evidence against him is fruit of the poisoned tree and he will be released on his own recognizance.

Then you can return to your evil gypsy ways of stealing clothes from rich American department stores.

How does it feel to be a concubine of Satan?
Sarah Barracuda
Can we just take their entire cockroach family and send them back to the shit hole where they came from(excuse my french)
News for Mom: You and your family are dirt. All of Muslims are dirt.

Now if you want to know what I really think, I would substitute the word 'dirt' with another form of the word 'excrement.'
ogen hal
She’s likely a terrorist. Stay in you own degenerate country, you slimy moozlum freak...and stay away from pressure cookers.
Hey you Islamophobe!!

It’s not `shoplifting’, it’s `collecting the jizya’ tax owed by all us “infidels” to “the best people on Earth” (in the Koran).

Real world: muzzies collecting welfare bennies are told by the imams that this is one of Allah’s ways of making “infidels” pay the just jizya to deserving muzzies.



Immigration rage roundup

Freepers ain't too happy with Marco Rubio or Rand Paul, as they try to make some little progress on immigration reform, a necessity if the GOP will every stop being perceived as the party of xenophobia.
It will not be an easy job:
RaceBannon knows what Rand stands for!
SoCalTeresa has diagnosed Rubio:
Thanks for confirming what I have come to believe, that Marco Rubio is nothing but a RINO, and likely worse, a full-blown Democrat. Hopefully, he will have a little integrity, fess up, and change from R to D in the next election.
noinfringers2 knows Rubio hates Real Americans:
Rubio is starting to come out of ‘his’ closet as to whom he believes to be USA citizens. Who he believes are not the ones that my brother died for in WWII and in which I also had overseas service.
Frankly I despise practically every effing senator up there except a handful

they are all a little club of group fellatio kneepadders

they are detestable


I look at this nation today and we are so incredibly lost and screwed up from top down

a strong minority of decent citizens being slowly drowned by stupid dependents who waddle about Walmart and vote for idiots who will say anything to get reeelcted

fat ugly women popping out fatherless kids by the bakers dozen

no leadership

no courage

pander to anything minority

it’s a neurosis as destructive as the great ergot plagues of yesteryear yet totally self inflicted

we will have to one day decide we will not be encumbered by whatever name they call us and rise up and take our land back

and it will cost ...blood

there is no other way at this point

some of ya’ll here keep on fooling yourself

it is just a matter of when

either that or we simply accept defeat

only world leader I see willing to fight for national integrity anywhere in the West....is Putin...and that shows how bad it truly is
SoConPubbie keeps the faith though:
That leaves Ted Cruz.
Yup, he the last Honest Leader left standing, with the exception of Sarah Palin.

Bostonian Monday Potpourri

Well, more like "Spectacularly wrong Boston predictions with a sprinkling of other crazy."

Thorliveshere knows life in prison is nothing but good times:
Dammit, wanted the little dope to off himself. Is it wrong for me to think that, now he’ll be pampered and treated like a little prince in prison our dime.

(Only thing now is I wish for him to be waterboarded. Is that so wrong, too?)
Sir Francis Dashwood councils you to remain terrified, nothing is over!
The Sheriffs in your counties had better start recruiting, deputizing, and arming civilians.

When these terrorists see the disarray caused by two young snot nosed kids, they will hit us again...

This was a test run.
George Varnum will blame every bad thing ever on Muslims:
Don’t forget the “Pyro Jihad” as the forests dry out.
I’m expecting a lot of wildfires to be “Acts of Allah” or “Arab lightning”. Those can do as much damage as any bomb, if not more... and they know it.
SkyDancer senses America has changed since 5 months ago:
Yes, the climate has changed. People are getting really upset over liberalism.
The libnuts are all on their knees right now praying to Satan that the image is of a white male wearing an NRA t-shirt.
Diogenesis's experience tells him the true bomber is a Muslim or fake:
Differential list (developing):

1. al Qaeda

2. Holder’s (DO”J” black flag) agent

3. Obama’s White House (black flag) agent

4. Obama’s allies (al Qaeda) plant

5. Terrorist aided by the State Dept

ansel12 knows who really needs to be worried:
Who is more in danger of being attacked, a member of the Sikh religion in America, or anyone being white and in a black neighborhood, or in any area where a lot of blacks are present?
Venturer loves how he gets to be super racist on Free Republic these days:
30 years ago when I said this, I was a racist.
10 years ago in this forum I was called a racist for thoughts very similar to these.

Today more people are waking up.

I have no desire to enslave anyone,but I also do not intend to be enslaved.

Years ago I saw affirmative action placing unqualified people in jobs they did not warrant.I saw these people get promoted over deserving white people because of their race.
Soon I saw them taking over these jobs and was actually told We is in Charge now.

Today we have a back Presdient,elected because of his race.
Now previous experience, No understanding of econimics, No understanding of how laws should be made, no idea of foreign policy.No Idea of how to pick competent people who can do the job. Just appointing his Buddies who don’t pay their taxes and share his melanin.
Spartan302 - blame Obama fail!
I bet in some form of trickle down the explosives used in Boston yesterday are from Obama aide to terrorists back east.

The scorpion and the toad.

Its their nature.
DocRock knows Persians can hold a grudge for a long time!
Has anyone asked what does the Marathon commemorate? The defeat of the Persians. I’ve not seen any references at all regarding Iranians could be upset because of the significance of this.
What about Obama's actual dsighters, Pollster1, ya cock?
If Obama had a son, I don’t know if his son would look like the Boston bomber, but I’m quite confident I know whether the son would hate America and act like the bomber.
SkyPilot's mind was seared when he went to a party and discovered that some lawyers are greedy tools:
I'll never forget being at a social gathering once, standing in a circle of people I barely knew, and listening a group of very young female lawyers.

They kept throwing out the term: "medmal."

Everything was "medmal" this and "medmal" that. I took about a minute to realize this was the legal predator pet name for Medical Malpractice.

It was how they made their ill gotten salaries - suing doctors, hospitals, whatever they could target.
What would he NOT do...?

.Uphold the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.
.Tell everyone the complete unfiltered truth about Benghasi
.Provide freely all information about Fast and Furious
.Quit blaming the GOP and conservatives for everything
.Quit campaigning on every issue he intends to shove down our throats
.Work on eliminating duplicate offices / government agencies and submitting some kind of REAL budget to Americans .Quit persecuting Christians in the USA (have a national prayer day)
.Quit causing racial divide and class warfare
.Quit taking vacations on the taxpayers dime that are exhorbitently expensive
.Get off his butt and help businesses in America create jobs for the millions of unemployed
.Quit giving away entitlements to people who are scamming, who aren't citizens, and who could be working real jobs if there were any real jobs
What I like about this is how you can see the thought process. "Conspiracies! And persecuting me! And the budget! Also, persecuting me! And the laziness! Also, fuck the poor!"

muawiyah knows why Eleanor Clift isn't discussing mental health - liberals just love to chain up crazy people!
The last thing Eleanor wants is for Congress to come to grips with the problem of mad men wandering about the countryside arm in arm with the ACLU.

She'd rather oppress all the innocent than CATCH and STOP a single schizophreniac before he kills.

I suspect Eleanor's real concern here involves her own personal life, and those of her friends. There are, after all, people who still keep crazy aunt Mary chained up at night, 'but she's at home'.
SkyPilot, on the other hand, knows Psychiatry itself is a liberal conspiracy:
It is coming. In fact, it is already here.

The first targets will be recovering addicts (including alcohol), veterans, anyone who has ever been prescribed an antidepressant or sleep aid.

I would also include any male who has ever been involved in any type of domestic dispute (even if there were no charges).

The net will then suddenly be cast far and wide. Psychiatry is a "made up" science. They have the ability to invent any "condition" or "syndrome" they wish.

The very fact that you resist is further evidence that you require "treatment."
left that other site thinks diagnosing depression is antisemitic:
I heard that one of the “Mental Disorders” is if one grieves for a deceased loved one for more than a prescribed number of days.

After the deadline, you are no longer a bereaved widow, but a nutcase.

NICE, eh?

That would probably include all the pious Jews who light a candle on the the anniversary of the loved one’s death every year, and are reminded by mail to do so.

A convenient way of justifying “rounding them up.”
old and tired makes up numbers, and then gets really indignant about it:
I skimmed through the text of 0's remarks in the WSJ. Good gravy, I detest that man. He's like a 12 year old boy making up stuff as he goes along - he said 90% of Americans favor background checks but 90% of Republicans voted against them while 90% of Democrats voted for them.

I guess to Obama, 90% of Republicans don't count as people.
MrB thinks white guilt was a part of Satan's long game to let Obama be President:
Satan/the commies

sure picked the right cipher in Obama.

They spent decades setting up white guilt to the point that any hint of an accusation of racism is enough for us to shut up and not challenge them.
Language, CodeToad!
[Gabby Giffords] Proof you can shoot a Democrat in the head and not hit a brain. I am sick of this bitch. A liberal shot her and she wants to pass on her anger to conservatives. She played the role of unarmed victim and now wants us to be unarmed against aggression.
left that other site knows the Boston bombers are never gonna be caught:
IF it was a White, Christian, Licensed Gun Owning, Republican, He would have been found, tried, convicted and executed by now.

The long delays, speculations, denials, and coverups point to the “Religion of Peace” more than anything else.

Just my opinion.
RetiredArmy has found the antichrist, and it is twitter!
I am so danged glad I am not on social media or even give a stink about social media. Social media will be the voice of the Antichrist when he speaks to his minions and demons.
Mortrey hates civilization:
I love what one smart Freeper said...

“One day closer to street justice.”
ClearCase_guy knows some people just deserve better things:
The Left likes to pretend that all people are just simply equal.

In truth, some folks are just better than the average bear. And these are the sorts of people who are being punished by the Obama regime.
liberalh8ter goes through everyone know knows all about the REAL Boston Bombing:
Someone Knows

Yup.....and I'm betting Valerie Jarrett, BO, Huma Abedin and the rest of the MB crowd are well aware of who is responsible for this.
rktman is trying to be funny, but ends up being crazy:
I heard a rumor that the libs have an auto tune device implanted in them and they automatically hear the master puppeteer speak. Kind of like those that pick up radio stations through their fillings. Very painful for the un-initiated I’m sure. “Hello Eloi. This is the master Morlock speaking to you directly from my teleprompter. Everything you say and do WILL be used against you in a court.” (Not necessarily a court of law either.)
St_Thomas_Aquinas knows Obama was up to no good during the Boston bombings:
I want to know where this jackass is RIGHT NOW.

Since Benghazi, the burden of proof is on him. He's guilty until proven innocent.
Crazy or just a bastard? muawiyah obstructs justice by urging Freepers to report someone who insulted Sarah Palin on twitter as in league with the Boston bomber.
These are probably the very same leftwingtards who tried to murder Sarah and her children at a church they used to attend.

Need to report them to ATF ~ at: 1-888-ATF-BOMB (1-888-283-2662)

Why I say that is that very frequently after an organized attack the attackers confederates elsewhere will put out spurious news stories to confuse and confound investigating authorities.

The Tweeters Above meet the standards of suspicion in cases like this.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why so not bigoted, Freepers?

In the midst of their "deport all Muslims" orgy, some Freepers suddenly discover empathy. Hetty_Fauxvert responds to another Freeper:
The lost life of this young boy from Chechnya is also a tragedy. From all accounts he did have a promising future ahead of him in high school. His older brother is a thug, criminal and wife beater sociopath whose muslim extremism is just an outlet for his antisocial behavior. The younger without a father and then without a mother left in total control of his brother and his jihadist handlers ( I have no doubt there is one if not more) never stood a chance and will pay with his life, one way or another.

* * *

Yes, that’s the sense I’ve had of this too. The older brother was the angry, unstable Islamist, and little brother just followed along behind (or was bullied, pushed and bribed into it). That said, the place he followed his brother to is a pretty evil place.
I'm not even sure if I feel so charitably towards the younger brother! I mean, they're shouted down immediately:

tomkat is my favorite:
With each coat of your 'forgiving spirit', all that underlying sanctimony oozes out, ruining the finish.

Tho that would hardly matter, given the thick cloud of presumption that wasn't masked off.

Folks like you are one of the reasons the lions had so many fans.

"Your bullcrap forgiveness is why everyone killed Christains!"

still, a pleasant surprise. That longfellowsmuse (the woman quoted in the initial comment) always seemed a bit eccentric religiously, but I'll have to follow her more closely.