Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Pix III

The one thing bad about FOX News' implosion is I'll never see the mainstreaming of the Clinton Death List. Because it's already bubbling back up, now with bonus Benghazi (how did they oppose her?)
Of course Freepers love the second most sexist episode of TOS.
...Are Freepers now comparing Hillary to a world famous sexual temptress?
Putin lightly strangling himself to his Obama-on-Obama fantasy.
Is this a whole series of weird Hillary is supernaturally evil posters with random $-bling? Because I am in!
Hell yes, Flag Rage may become a real thing!
Obama has destroyed it many times before, but this time for real?No points for an American Flag not on fire, though.

Saturday Pix Pt. II

I think Freepers have campaign symbol envy.
I don't recall Gideon being an angelic God-Angel.
Hmmm, looks like Bernie voters are into it.
Hehe, now the political kink is on the other foot, and also less hetero!
New Jersey and Connecticut, along with Virginia. 
Overproduction has lead to a clash of tones.

In other words, 1984 did not make heavy use of cookies in service of the Ingsoc.
Giant Hillary is actually standing on the lake bottom, but having a bit of fun with us.

Saturday Pix pt. I

Trying too hard.
One could read a great deal into this.
Imagining this made with Obama and Michelle, and Freepers' reaction.
It's amusing watching Freepers' need to lump all their bad guys under the same philosophical label as they also mock how the bad guys can't agree.
Stranger together? Meh, it's all about the bling necklace.
Can we trust a party animal like Hillary with the Presidency?
"Hillary is obsessed with Trump" Freepers post, on their 100th screed against Hillary that day.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Spotlight: dp0622

A commenter called dp0622 possibly the most unpleasent Freeper. That's a high bar, but before I did this spotlight I would indeed have placed him in the top ten to contend with the likes of bert, and sport.

But when I saw all his posts together, it became clear that this man does not rise above buffoon. Not like the usual Freeper frustrated hateful idiots, but an actual goof. A super-duper proud Sicilian-American graphic designer living in Staten Island, I now cannot help but read his posts in a Vinnie Barbarino voice.

And his profile does not go far to dissuade from that idea. Owned some vending machines, twice engaged, never married; had a head injury and now stays in Staten Island.

Oh, he also loves glam rock. At least he owns it.

The minute Hillary becomes President, could someone come over and train me to shoot liberals? tia!
I fear for DEMS if they remain in power.

Either that, or it’s been all talk by a lot of people the past year.

The minute she is declared president, those with military experience should be training the rest of us.

Even a fat 48 year old #### like me!
He's sooo ready to rumble with some Trump supporter.

Next Trump rally in NYC I am going and I am ready to rock n roll if need be.


But I know that’s wrong.
Who doesn't remember when they heard their first liberal?
I can’t stand independents. How the #### do you not know what you believe in by 25, even?

I was a conservative by 11 lol. At 16 I heard my first liberal. I was working at Friendly’s restaurant and some kid started talking about how bad the welfare cuts were under Reagan.
I'm super Italian, but I guess the South has good food too...
I’ve got Italian coming out of my ears since I was 6. Love it but DYING to head south and try all new kinds of things!!!
Italians love Trump!
Trump is a modern political thinker and it works.

Many of my Italian friends are ready do Anthing for him.

And when Italians say that, it’s scary!!! :)

They LOVE HIM! I was the last to come around.

####ing cruz.
Among Democrats, 63 percent said what they saw and heard from the GOP nominee at the convention made them feel scared...

Faggots. So they’re afraid of Trump’s security but not afraid of the 150 Billion given to Iran, ISIS or abortion on a large scale.

Sounds about right.
...So I guess the ocean for them all?
Forget countries.

No muslim from ANY country should be allowed in.
Not really into Israel:
Israel can take care of itself. And you can get a ticket and go help them, if needed :)
Bro, my Sicilian temper is about to explode, bro!!
Bro, my Sicilian temper is about to explode!!!

I want action and I want it ####ing yesterday!!!

### the talking and hoping and waiting!!!

We know in our hearts this election is a mother #####ing fraud and it’s in the bag for hillary unless we do something BEFORE the election.

Congress should investigate who and how and what are counting the votes.

Trump should demand it now.

Man, I’m p#####ed!!!
His uncles used to beat up black guys in the 1960s and 1980s, but alas dp0622 is a bit out of shape these days...
BLM wants a race war? Thinks they can take over the country?!

They can’t a week without an EBT card.

In the 60’s, my uncle and hs friends were clobbering them in race riots.

In the 80s we Italians used to beat the #### out of them in school race riots.

But this generation of soft white boys, and sympathetic to the BLM cause on top of it!!!!, I hope they can fight.

i’m 48 and can do some damage but I’m not 20.

These kids need to wake the #### up!!!
Suddenly, lots of fear of an inept chance to charge Trump. Maybe he was a ninja!
No, he charged a man running for POTUS.

I’ve seen men put in intensive care from two punches.

Seen one die from one punch after hitting concrete.

He needs to do time.

There’s got to be a special law for charging a presidential candidate.

hell, there’s law for everything else.
When an asshole tow truck driver drove away from a disabled Bernie supporter, even some Freepers thought that was petty. Bot this big galoot!
I see from the thread we still have too many “proper” people who will go home election night and watch us lose but be comforted singing their hit song “alone in my principles” and by knowing they “didn’t sink to the other side’s level”.

Gimme a break.

She wants a communist, which means she wants camps and slaughter and the abolition of religion and even more abortion, and many more horrible things.

What he did was too kind. Would have been more funny if he towed her out to nowhere.
No one mocks him on Free Republic, he and his potty mouth love it here!
filthy backwoods piece of @#@#$ dyke.

I love FR. You get to ACTUALLY SAY what you’re thinking, unlike the rest of the time when you’d be thrown in jail or attacked by a mob :)
Native Americans can suck it; life is hard!
I hope you’re kidding about the Indians.

no, couldn’t give a ####. sorry. they got suckered into helping the settlers alot then massacred.

life’s a #####. Anyone told you differnt they’re lying.
I have insane taste in movies. :)

I was in psych after brain injury for a few weeks and there was one grl who was talking to her mother that wasn’t there non stop for hour and hours at a time. Severe alcoholic and I asked the nurse “when will she be better?”

she said “sometimes they dont get better and besides sedation, they are like that way until they die”
Kasich and Cruz: Put 'em up, Puuut 'em up!
If I wasn’t a peaceful man, I’d love to beat the #### out of both of them.

Thank God i’m peaceful.

They can both go straight to ####ing hell.

And I LOVED Cruz not 60 days ago or so.
Brave Twitter warrior!
We need to inflame the natural divisions in the rat coalition.

Just post things on twitter like i do.

Like “Bernie and we got screwed!!”

“DWS was in this from the beginning”

“dems refer to hispanics as taco bowls”

:) they usually get liked and forwarded a bunch of times

Imagie if thousands of us did it?
Good. People fighting back!! Not afraid of the “minorities”.

Sick of all this @#$@#$@ wimp @#$@#$!!

Time to kick some ####, geez!!

Don’t start any fights, but give them hell if they do.

Gentleman loser days are over.

Now that Trump is getting a good part of the white blue collar worker vote, he has a TOUGH group behind him.
Stupid principled conservatives might cost us the election!
Our biggest problem right now is the republicans who WONT vote for Trump because of their conservatism or some such nonsense. I know 3, like i’ve said before, but i think i’m getting through to them. I think
Never has Civil War 2 sounded so lame:
If hitlery wins and the time comes when there are SO MANY reasons to arrest us, they will not come lightly.

Perhaps they will shoot us dead like they did that patriot a few months ago.
Things go well in Iraq for once. He is sad.
just in time for the election, and that fat creature will take credit even though obama CREATED ISIS or at least let it grow.
He's part of the Obama will never leave office crowd, but without any of the pesky conspiracy theories. Or any rationale at all:
he’s a COMMUNIST!! they dont give up power peacefully ever.

he’s a danger.
I'll bet he has lots of lazy male friends:
women make up more than 50 percent of the voters now.

we have to get our lazy male friends out to vote.
He understands the black people:
i want to see a poll, consistently showing trump getting 15 or more percent of black votes.

i WANT it to be true, but you know they work one day every four years.

that’s to vote for president and freebies.

Trump needs to jar their mindset by shock reality.

“you have no jobs, no houses, no vacations, no cars, your kids grow up without a dad, thank the dems for 50 years of that.”

“meet me half way and you will achieve the American dream”

of course the young obama sons are too full of hate, and the women too.

but middle aged black women and some men, that could help
His genius idea - he goes on a boring amount about how if conservatives had a TV station, they would win America.
we lost the culture war guys because 50 years ago, conservatives forgot to buy a TV STATION!!!

This can be reversed though.

Dont say I was here, because I promised someone I would stay off until 8pm and actually get some chores done :)
I think he's unclear about which drugs are which:
i had those “non-violent” marijuana dealers in my cab.

they were mean as hell and they meant business.
Ranting about all the losers who vote for Obama, who bows too much!!!!
i’m ashamed of my country and its citizens. at least the 52 percent who voted this jerk in twice.

the FIRST time moochelle was proud to be an american was the first time I wasn’t!!

moochers, and f....ts, the real ones and the “men” in college these days, trans whatever, they come close to 50 percent and that’s scary.

We must WIN this election. Or we won’t be a republic by 2020.

not that we really are one now.

interrogated. incredible.

I @#$@#$ing HATE when he bows to everyone in person and in gestures!!!!!! stop bowing!!!! it’s the US!!! we bow to no one!!!

and stop wearing traditional garb of other countries, you fool!! you look like an idiot.

God, can this nightmare really be over in another year?
His family is cool, except he has to beat up his nephew sometimes:
My nephews and nieces are all at least moderately conservative and some are ultra except one who is afraid to come out of the closet to me as a liberal because he’s afraid it will be the second time I put him against the wall (the first time was for a good reason). He’s a good kid though.
Can't imagine how he stays single:
I was 19. Dating a gal that looked like Daryl Hannah.

She came to the door in a short skirt and hairy legs. I said go back in the house and shave.

Never happened again. yeesh.

But boy was she hot. Had a great job. Great gal. But i was 22 and wanted my freedom!! what a dope.
Don't drink and post.
another guy actually told me the following,



Sorry, forgot to shut off caps.

Very German looks. blond/blue. that was different.

lots of gay guys in graphics. maybe 20 percent of us were straight. which was cool because the gals in the office were gorgeous. INSANE but gorgeous.

the only conservative besides boss out of 50 workers, was i.

boss was a real white power kind of guy lol.

i went along with it and had it made Then a fellow paesono took over and i had it made :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Putin vs. Ryan

Anonymous has good taste. I find the Democratic attempts to imply Trump is beholden to Russia to be flimsy and useless compared to all the legit horrible stuff they can use, but this? Fireworks!

Freepers have those who don't like Putin, usually as a proxy for the old USSR. But most Freepers, true to their authoritarian roots, are fans.

And someone Freepers really hate is Paul Ryan. A loser, who is now the leader of the party Trump has taught them to hate.

And now Ryan's spokesman said: "Russia is a global menace led by a devious thug. Putin should stay out of this election."

Freep explodes with Ryan hate, and Putin love:

HarleyLady27 is as usual quick with the outlandish accusations of anyone even indirectly maligning Her Trump:
Oh really Ryan? What is in this next batch of leaks that include you? Your embezzlement...your joining of the Muslims? Come on, tell us what your hiding, it's going to come out, so you might as well tell us....

Russia knows something or Ryan wouldn't sweat the ‘small’ stuff....
Muslim Ryan :-D :-D So good.

relictele knows if only the GOP were authoritarian dictators, no one would envy Russia!
Guess what, GOP? If you had principles and backbone Putin would be a non-entity.
AllAmericanGirl44 goes straight for the traitor.
Damn it Ryan, always stating the wrong thing at the wrong time. Was this before or after he dodged the loved ones of victims of illegals?

Such a traitor and weak pos.
Pietro is having trouble figuring which e-mails we're talking about here:
I know its not funny when you have to explain things but for the dhimmis and the GOPers out there; here it is:

The State Dept and the FBI can't seem to locate 30,000 highly sensitive emails for which they are legally responsible and yet everybody knows that Guccifer, the Russians, and most likely the Saudis have all of these emails.

It's Hillaryous!
Amendment10 thinks everything is unconstitutional, so who cares about Putin?
Let me get this straight. Ryan helped to pass the unconstitutional omnibus spending bill that provides funding for Planned Parenthood and now he’s hypocritally calling Putin a thug.

Is that right or do I have the wires crossed?
ground_fog knows calling Russia out is only manipulation by the globalists!
Globalist so Paul Ryan and Hillary want war with Russia because Putin does not play the central banking game of fiat currency and wants dedollarization because the fed is destroying the world economies
pallmallman has been driven into the arms of Putin:
I trust Putin more than I trust the traitor weasel Lyin’ Ryan.
Snowybear is pretty sure Russia is awesome and can screw with our elections anytime:
Paul Ryan is obviously a dumba$$ whose brain is locked in the 1980’s.

Russia is not our enemy. It may be Hillary’s but not ours.
IN a display of twisted logic reserved for Freeper heroes, Cobra64 crows that liberals can't stop thinking about Putin:
Vlad is living rent free in the heads of the democrats and traitors like Paul Ryan.
Scott from the Left Coast loves Russia, hates America. I wonder when he'll move?
I trust the Russians far, far more than I trust the U.S. government. If there is evil present - it is right here, it is ours. Give me Putin, every time, over our government.
Vehmgericht agrees - Russia is where it's at!
I trust the Russians far, far more than I trust the U.S. government.

You are not alone. The world has gone insane. If twenty years ago I was told I would agree with this I would not have believed it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fun with flags at the DNC

No one fetishizes the flag like Freepers. They it stands for ideals, but they predictably use it as another reason to otherize people they don't like

Some Freeper claims there were no American flags at the DNC. Snopes easily debunks this.

But this thread goes beyond petty carping about nothing - we at this blog have become too jaded for that. Because flag Freepers are special folks, who also enjoy some tin foil. We shall start with bile, and end with Internet sleuthing, after taking a detour through Red Dawn Is Real!

BuffaloJack knows what not draping yourself in 100 American Flags means!
DNC=Traitor Party
workerbee is super angry at the lack of flags:
Filth. All of them. Not worth spitting on if they were on fire.
Flick Lives can't be this dumb, can he?!
Democrats waved the Palestinian flag from inside the Wells Fargo Convention Center

Could the DNC be more fully owned by corporatists?
Always about race, kearnyirish2 would like to take this time to argue that some blacks protesting against the governemnt are unamerican, disloyal, and maybe not human:
The Dems have become the party of losers; the only American Dream they envision is a government job (for the literate ones) or a government check (for the rest).

I posted on another thread a while back that I’m tired of pretending BLM types are American; there is nothing “American” about them. They don’t speak English, they have different flags, religions, ethics - in short, they may as well be from Venus. They don’t fit anywhere in this country, and they know it; that is why “America” means nothing to them...
PROCON knows how Democrats think:
Democrats don’t consider themselves Americans, they’re Citizens of the New World Order.
Honorary Serb with his signature style:
Of course they have no US flags! After all, the US flag contains the color WHITE—the “racist” color!!!!

Will the convention ever recover from tomkat's joke?
Dirt for sale wishes we would deport citizens for wrongthink, but the powers that be musta wrote the Constitution or something:
Communists ought to be expelled from our country but tptb protect their own. They are either ignorant of history or proud of the mass slaughter of the 20th century. Either way, not even fit to feed worms.

Maggots are their kin.
Ancesthntr is pretty confident all the bad guys are going to invade us super soon:
This makes me so angry. I just cannot believe the dumbbell youth we have in this country. They need a swift kick in the ass.

Worry not, the Iranians, Norks, ISIS, Russians and Chinese are preparing to kick this nation in the ass, probably before Obama (chhhhh, spit!) leaves office. The only problem is that the rest of us, and a lot of innocent people, are going to have to bear some of the cost of that kick.

I have known that the Dems are traitors since the early ‘70s. When they couldn’t oppose the evil Soviet Empire, that spoke volumes. Apologies to Harry Truman, Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn and Daniel Patrick Moynihan - your Party no longer exists.
VideoPaul is yet another Freeper already nostalgic about being able to hate Obama:
O-Vomit isn’t done yet...he will now run for grand chancellor and il presidente for life of planet earth.
rlmorel analyzes signs from 3 pics he declares 100% TYPICAL, finds liberals unfunny, unoriginal, and unamerican. He also gets persnickety about parodies based on the Flag. Conservatives rule, though!
This should come as no surprise to anyone who has had any contact with leftists at demonstrations.I have been to a fair number of demonstrations, and have noticed the stark difference in the way participants on both sides express themselves through both in-demonstration behavior, and the signs carried to express their point of view.

I took the time to document it a couple of years ago as shown below. I took two pictures, one showing a large gathering of liberals, and one showing a large gathering of conservatives.

Here is an example of what the liberal protesters carry when they want to make a point. This analysis was from the Antiwar protesters at The Gathering of Eagles on March 17, 2007. What you see in this picture is absolutely, 100% TYPICAL.

Here is an example of what the conservative protesters carry when THEY want to make a point. This analysis was from the Taxpayer March on Washington on 9/12/2009. What you see in this picture is absolutely, 100% TYPICAL.

Conservatives not only show wit and originality in the content of the materials they use to express themselves, but also spend time making them both readable and legible. They take pride in their handiwork, and they can do this because they have a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. 
Liberals often have mass printed signs that lack originality and wit in an attempt to ensure everyone has a sign (created by someone else) that says something that the "someone else" want them to express. When you see liberals carrying their own handmade signs, they often look like this, poorly lettered and shallow in content:

I have seen this contrast over and over again. What I have concluded from this is that while liberals may have some form of conviction about a subject, it is because they want to believe something they have been told without thinking it through. Most of them have an "understanding" of an issue that is a foot wide and a fraction of an inch deep. They will doggedly stay within that framework regardless of facts and logic, and their expression of that viewpoint in their signs and banners illustrates a lack of depth, understanding and originality.

Add into that a fundamental hatred of this country and what it stands for, and that completes the picture. (NOTE: It is important to remember they will deny a "hate" for this country. But it is true they hate what it stands for currently. When it resembles more closely their socialist/communist "utopia", they won't "hate" it anymore.) 

"I just really hate leftists" rlmorel explains, revising his above comments because he might have admitted he saw an American flag in there somewhere:
in looking at it again, I am not sure the leftists even had one single American flag in their gathering, it is more likely one of those flags that looks like an American flag, but has little leftist symbols where the stars should be. (Little peace signs, fists with roses, hammers and sickles, etc.)

How I detest leftists. Can I say “A pox on them”?
rlmorel's long post, done over hours as he sweats and fumes about libs. At the end he has to use larger and larger fonts to convey his rage. Lol.

Subtle, high-level signaling not understood by unsophisticated minds

Saw Bill's speech. Charming, but no 2012.

So lets check out what Freepers think about Trump denigrating NATO (not the way to renegotiate alliances) and praising up to yet another oppressive, murdering strongman - this one using an Islamic style of nationalism!

Except for a few Cold Warriors, Freepers couldn't care less about NATO. But hating Islam is second only to nativism in the Freeper hierarchy of hate. So since Trump is still into the Wall, Freepers are quite willing to rationalize away a bit of Muslim-loving.

I'm still interested if and when Trump backs away from the Wall.

Maelstorm parses as hard as he can!
He didn’t praise Erdogan. He merely acknowledged his effectiveness in stopping a coup. Its also not clear that a coup would’ve been preferable to Erdogan no matter how distasteful he is.
BlackAdderess prefers to read in between the lines:
I’m hoping this is one of those cases where Trump offers over-the-top praise with the sort of glint in his eye that sends a chill down my spine. Then very bad things happen to whoever it is.
And ya gotta love JLAGRAYFOX, who barely even read the headline:
IMHO.....I am with Mr. Trump!!! Just look at what a mess both the world and our country is in because of the policy of maintaining the faild past. We live in a new, ever fastly changing world. Many of our allies have not met their both their military or financial, obligations in pacts or business agreements and they need a comeuppance from the USA!!!!

Obama/Clinton has bankrupted our nation and just continues to throw money away...all with no positives in return. Trump is a man of action!!! Those like Obama & Clinton....that lead from behind are destroying our country.....I’ll take DJT any day of the week, over these losers and America haters!!! Go Donald J. Trump!!!
tomkat knows you need to blindly trust Trump, guys!
Lot of concern(tm) in here.

I trust the man's judgement .. the people he'll surround himself with will all be top notch within their areas of expertise .. Bolton, Newt, etc

Let's not panic quite yet, shall we ? !
AC Beach Patrol knows Trump was actually operating at too high a level for mortals to understand:
Subtle, high-level signaling not understood by unsophisticated minds. He even got in the suggestion that Erdogan staged this coup. No other world leader has come out and even hinted that this was a faux coup. Trump’s words came across as wanting to get along with Erdogan while also signaling that the game is going to change and the U.S. will not longer be a patsy. High-level gamesmanship.
VermithraxPejorative blames the media for taking the quote out of context. Doesn't bother to hunt down the context:
I’ve been a bit bothered by this, but then it is the NY Times and I think the full quotes could be edited and no full context. Wait for more, but Trump needs to record all interviews he does for backup.
grania is done with NATO because of all the Muslims, I think:
We still don't know for sure who was behind that Turkish coup attempt.

And as far as defending NATO countries is concerned? Why should we defend them if they follow policies that lead to their being attacked? Since some EU countries that are in NATO have leaders who have put into place a suicide pact with the devil which will destroy them, why would we come to their defense.....again.
welp, little jeremiah chooses hating Islam:
SOMEBODY GET REAL NEWS FROM TURKEY TO TRUMP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

little jeremiah then quickly calms down, blaming the media on general principle, also without reading the (provided!) context:
Thank you for posting the transcript. I have not seen one MSM article that did not cherry pick quotes, leave out the important parts so as to mislead, quote without context, “paraphrase” so as to mislead, or just flat out lie.
Reverend Wright has had it with our allies:
Trump knows that the carrot isn’t working and it is time for the stick.

Back in the Cold War days, these countries agreed to 3% and most of them never met that either. All these countries have been free riding on this alliance for so long that it has become an entitlement like welfare.

Time for “alliance reform”.
Yes, let us treat our allies like competing businesses. This can only end well.

rockinqsranch knows Trump is just appeasing(?) he's elected by a smarting(?) electorate. Pandering is OK if you're Trump, I guess:
Nuclear weapons, lives, nations are currently at risk in the hands of Erdogan. Seems to me Mr. Trump is appropriately appeasing a situation to play it out for at least six months when hopefully a smarting electorate places him at the helm. He knows the idiot currently in the WH isn’t going to do what’s necessary to protect the nuclear weapons, thus the lives, and nations at risk.

I think Mr. Trump is wise on this one.
Oh, dear, Fitzy_888 has gone full isolationist:
the policy of the US has been to topple Middle East strongmen leaders.

So I’ll ask, how’s that working out?

How’s that worked out in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria?

How has exporting Liberty worked out in practice?

If these countries don’t want the strongman it’s their F-ing problem!

“It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world” -George Washington’s Farewell Address.

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.” -Thomas Jefferson inaugural Pledge.

I have a novel idea, why don’t we dust off our founding principals, stop paying it lip service on this site.
His tag is about the Rosenbergs, but Mariner is for a full-on embracing of Russia:
The US should simply announce that any nation who does not achieve the NATO treaty obligation of 2% of GDP to defense will not receive Article 5 support from the United States.

And such an announcement should be made in Moscow.
Consistency is for people who aren't relentlessly tribal.

Speaking of irony, dynoman!
You are right. I don’t understand why people can’t be accurate and not employ strawman logical fallacies.

Michelle Obama To DNC

I've got a sweet Monday quote about how Michelle Obama's speech was awful and booed and now Trump will win for sure, but most Freepers didn't even get that far,'s Michelle Obama.

Freepers' their hate for Michelle may not be quite as hot as their hate for Obama, but it's a lot more...concentrated pettiness, since she's mostly apolitical.

It was no Bill Clinton in 2012, but I really liked her short, positive, passionate 14-minuter. But no Freepers appear to have bothered to listen to it.

Breitbard cherry picked a line about how men with guns took her daughters to school so that they could yell about gun control, which is all Freepers needed. I hope you like in-depth discussions of a woman's appearance!

Not getting the memo that Bush sucks now, PCPOET7 knos bush woulda derailed the short anecdote because Bush cares!
the bushes would of refered to the men that protected his daughters by name or as the security detail the way Michel did it was like theses thugs
polymuser clearly didn't hear the speech, so he makes one up to hate:
Just a pity play. She meant: “It’s so terrible living this way, with our little girls controlled like that, locked away in this big, old, lonely White House full of white man memories. How terribly sad it is for us and them. And they have to be around those terrible guns! Oh God! Sniff.”
haircutter thinks Michelle and her daughters all wear wigs:
Full of herself and her fake painted on eyebrows...

and another new wig..she even has both daughter at 15 and 18 wearing them now also...

so fake and phony...and she seemed very angry the long she talked..
I guess she thinks all blacks have curly hair?

haircutter really goes to town on Michelle Obama's makeup expenses, and then how Obama made her racist:
Often wonder how all the moocher can afford the hair pieces and fancy nail jobs...tells me what is more important to them than raising their kids and providing clean, homes and family life..

The White race will always be considered racist...who made us that way??? Race was never a factor in my life, UNTIL 2008 and the current occupant of the WH. made it his ‘talking point, daily’
Hoping it gets cleaned up with a new guy in the WH.
Georgia Girl 2 has cute nicknames for the Obama daughters:
Of course Sushi and Malaria could have been home schooled and they would not have had to ride in SUV’s with big men with guns. :-)
Tucker39 comes in with the Michelle is a dude dig:
As usual, FULL OF HERSELF and as fake as her painted-on eyebrows!

Did you mean to say “his” painted on eyebrows? This is “Michael” we’re discussing here.
Dustoff45 is another Freeper who seems to be buying the schoolyard insult:
This is “Michael” we’re discussing here.

LOL! Those words went through my mind also when I read that phrase about the painted on eye brows.

All of this is so disgusting and we wonder why our young people are confused.

Where is the journalist with the courage to document the truth about these people?
Maybe some weird tribal signaling, but Tucker39 may really believe the Obama daughters aren't really from the Obamas:
Been pondering her remark ever since I first read it this morning. I’ve decided the grifter was gloating about her(?) borrowed children going to a glitzy private school, while her(?) fellow poser makes sure all the democRAT Plantation serfs stay “in their place”.
Our buddy Twinkie remembers when Michelle did some twitter activism, and it didn't work. This is important!
Michelle’s sign did nothing to bring back the girls.
The last I heard, the girls were still missing.
RummyChick with the body shape, having I guess not seen the speech either, because I'm pretty sure she's making this up:
I was fixated by her dress that was so out of shape that she apparently was wearing body armor to her own convention. Does she normally wear it

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kaine Madness

So Hillary went with a very clear 'do no harm' veep pick with VA Sen. Tim Kaine. Probably the smart move is to play it safe, but I would have enjoyed more of a show (I was secretly pulling for Al Franken).

For a little while Freepers actually had nothing. They called him boring, they called him a Hillary supporter. It was hilariously lame. While Kaine doesn't really merit an attack, being largely a nonpresence, Freepers feel obligated.

Then he spoke Spanish. That's like the main thing I hear when people talk about this guy 'he's fluent in Spanish.' Neat trick.

As far as Freepers are concerned, they now have a line of attack. Unfortunately for them, since it has to do with Hispanics, it quickly becomes hugely paranoid, and thus useless.

If Scrambler Bob is so proud of his English skills, why did he abuse it so in his post?
Sorry, I learned Latin in HS, not Espanial(or Mexicanish).

And I got good grades in English (OH, NO, you RACIST!).

So how do I vote????

El Elephant


Donkey (PS if you google ‘Spanish donkey’, you get torture devices.
goldstategop seems to think learning other languages is some kind of zero-sum game:
Tim doesn’t speak English.

The fool doesn’t know mass amnesty is deeply unpopular with the country!

Keep digging.
apocalypto's first clause really encapsulates how Freepers see all liberals:
Kaine is wimpy and scary at the same time, and in a frenzied rush to destroy this country.
Trump Girl Kit Cat knows Hispanics will only vote for a legit token Hispanic:
Trump NEEDS to tweet this out, if HILLARY REALLY wanted to court the Hispanic vote in Spanish WHY not a Hispanic on the ticket instead a white guy who SPEAKS Spanish so much for TRULY believing in diversity!!!
sergeantdave is pretty sure Hispanics are basically at war with us, like the Nazis:
This is equivalent to Henry A. Wallace, Franklin Roosevelt’s VP, speaking German in 1941 and inviting the Nazis to immigrate and live in America.

Kaine is a traitor.
...I'm not even sure what prompted wastoute to bring this up...
Camps, for the non believers. It’s what’s next.
And, of course, CivilWarBrewing is here call him gay:
I heard this guy speaking on the radio this AM and honestly... my gaydar went off... not that I know a whole lot about that kinda stuff but just sayin’.

I thought the same thing. Kaine's a closet homosexual with a sham marriage to portray a 'normalcy' for political purposes. WHERE ELSE HAVE WE SEEN THIS BEFORE?

Could be quite possible Hillary & Kaine are BOTH LGBT, and.. Where's Hillary's girlfriend Huma lately? Bad blood from those FBI depositions?

Everybody Hates Ted Cruz

A minor cold interfered with this becoming a Sunday post, but Freepers' reaction to DNC protests have thus far been boring smugness, so I thought this worked out. Then Michelle Obama'll have to wait till tomorrow for that, I'm afraid!

On to what seems like the far past now: Ted Cruz's smirking and open refusal to endorse Trump managed to be somewhat unexpected. Cruz serves only his own ambition, and it really looks to me like Trump is a symptom of a larger, anti-policy movement in the GOP. Cruz joined with the old party leaders, I guess hoping that Trump is a passing thing. This seems silly to me.

Regardless, Freepers hate does not fade, and now their hate for him equals Obama and Hillary! The only real difference in their vitriol and bitterness is that with Cruz, they also hate his supporters. Who do not exist on Free Republic anymore, but who Freepers still yearn to purge.

WENDLE's hard-on can be seen from space:
This is WAR!!
Mamzelle totally didn't vote Cruz, guys!
Now I understand why the Palins hate him.

I almost voted for him in the primary. At the last moment, I put in for Trump. My gut called it.
Cowgirl of Justice suddenly realizes Cruz is kinda weird:
I saw him interacting with his two girls and it was the weirdest thing I have seen in a loooonnnnng time. It was like there was absolutely no bond between the father and children - almost like he was watching someone else’s kids and they had the same reaction to him.

Just a strange bird.
laconic also seems to just now discover Cruz is really unlikable:
I had read Cruz didn’t have a single friend in the Senate. I could understand not being a friend of Lindsay Graham but there are also good folks there like Jeff Sessions and Jodi Ernst. Tells you something about his character, low.
Perhaps realizing how dumb pretending to have always hated Cruz looks, Iowamerican goes with the conversion/redemption angle:
To think that I caucused for this dick. FUTC! Go Trump! MAGA!
Fungi wonders if he's Christian. Could sekret Muslim be next?
I did too. I am baffled. Thought he was a Reagan conservative, where is he now? I am doubting he is even a Christian. “You shall know them by their works.” Ted, why, why did you do this?
Ken H is sure this was another Trump masterstroke, though he doesn't specify why:
Why did Trump give him prime time?

Possibly because he knew something like this would happen.

It was a great moment!
datura wants to speak to all the Cruz supporters who have been banned, to tell them they're Democrats. Sick burn:
Note to remaining Cruzlims (you know who you are): Time to find the exit door and join Hillary.
To hell with Cruz, mkjessup has found the real villain:
“Seems determined to do a Romney” 

I keep forgetting about that schmuck. He’s a distant memory.

Oh somewhere Mitt-Witt is trying to get steamed up and failing ...

"Trump ... Trump ... Trump ...
it should been MEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

gg188 is amazed at the cultish behaviors of the Cruzlims:
It's just amazing----the Cruzlims just can't stop lying. And after humiliating themselves beyond what anyone with an ounce of dignity or self-respect would tolerate---they STILL lie! (Trump said Cruz's dad shot JFK, etc etc etc.)

The frightening part is that a pathological phoney liar like Ted Cruz is able to build a cult around him who are just like him: sociopathic, inveterate liars. Scary. This is that tiny percentage of us capable of becoming serial killers or that back-stabbing co-worker lying his way through life without conscience, oblivious to their own lies.

It's something else that confirms Trump's genius and perception: LYIN' TED. Trump saw it before most of us did. That the one distinguishing, defining and most outstanding characteristic of Ted is his LYING.
Lent is all in on the rumors of Cruz's affair:
The way Amanda Carpenter was vociferously defending her man Ted on CNN tonight and bashing Donald it’s apparent the two shared more than politics.
bushwon is fighting the good fight against Cruz voters like.....
I held some Cruzers to their word today that Cruz would endorse and nailed them for it.

Regarding my post to you, I am just hopefully optimistic that you are correct!! I know Hitlary is going to lie and cheat and Trump will need a landslide to win.
mkjessup found a Freeper who didn't like Trump letting Cruz speak...close enough to  a Cruz supporter!
This was a set-up, pure and simple. You could see it in the surprise in Cruz’ face. Trump acted in a vindictive and destructive manner. This was so important to him that he did this even though it is going to cost him votes in November. That’s not the behavior of a leader. It’s not the behavior of a decent human being either.

The time for making excuses and apologizing for that Cuban-Canadian turncoat is OVER!

It's time for you to GTFO!
bert has decided Cruz was whoring. Also totally gonna vote Hillary:
Cruz turns out to be a small, small man. He was already ruined as a result of his whoring that was exposed.

He certainly turned down a deal that would have provided a future that is now gone.

One wonders if he will now focus his anger on the party and vote with the Democrats? One onders if his life is of value any more?
Psalm 144 makes an obscure Biblical reference that even Google can't connect to the Devil. But he manages to!
You Cruzlims are the new sons of Korah. How does that feel, to have aligned with the father of lies and the author of confusion, servantboy777?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

battletank is feeling the Trump dynasty:
After “8 years of a wonderful Trump Presidency”, we will be looking at Trump Jr. being sworn in. The man looks destined to me.
faithhopecharity seems to think that a big American flag at the Democratic convention will be news somehow:
how about some good citizens (including R’s) showing up with a 52 foot American flag (not for burning like the D’s gangster street thugs and IslamoNazi rabble do at the R convention)

carry it high and proud

and let’s see if the MSM cover this event
ha ha
Not creep at all neocon1984 has a discerning eye for young flesh:
Gretchen is not much of a turn-on. She seems pretty stiff and fragile. A man with a taste for younger women and a discerning eye (such as I) would never proposition her.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free gives the Free Republic review of the new Ghostbusters:
Movie has that obnoxious POS McCarthy in it. I would rather have gay sex with a football team than watch a movie with that caustic piece of crap in it. Hater her guts.

Unfortunately, now I have seen this Leslie whoever. Is that a transgender guy? If that was born female, that is one FUGLY thing.

If IT is a comedian, I can bet her comedy is based on racism, feminism, and man-hating.
When Dan Ackroyd takes issue with torrents of bile like the above, Albion Wilde analogizes him to an out of the closet gay:
Oh, crap. I used to love Dan Ackroyd. Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Democrats are like gay people — they have to shove it in everyone’s face — “virtue signalling.”
BigSkyFreeper will only watch basketball if they have at least one white star:
I’ve been boycotting them since Bird retired.
golas1964 hopes Trump is plotting:
So, if you’re Donald Trump, how best do you upstage HRC’s ‘coronation’ next week?
Big Red Badger knows Trump is a Wizard:
Trump handed him a rope to hang himself. Trump even admitted this in a tweet. It was actually a great move. He dismantled the never trump movement in a single blow and exposed the idiocy for all to see!

My thoughts as well,
Trump is a Wizard.
Liars are going to LIE!
TheNext posits that Cruz has been working for the Democrats all along!
Cruz is not running in 2020.

Cruz is an election agitator, a pro Democrat vote splitter.

Cruz purpose in 2020 will be a vote splitter for the Establishment globalists.
Peter ODonnell's poem is pretty funny if you use the British definition of Trump as fart:
Snowflakes melted in the summer heat,
commie agitators knew defeat,
Ted Cruz knew that he was beat,
when the Trump was heard.
dfwgator on Turkey's upcoming invasion of Europe:
And when Turkey invades Europe, he’s got millions of Muslims throughout Europe who will be firmly in his corner.
spyone has a whole story figured out about Cruz obeying the mandates of Master George HW Bush:
Cruz: I think I should endorse. I did my part. I was supposed to throw my delegates over to you.
GeoHWBush: No. We aren’t finished yet.
Cruz: I will be ruined.
GeoHWBush: Your father never disobeyed orders, which is why you’re here. This is the end of the first quarter.
Cruz: I will obey. Nobody will believe it.
GeoHWBush: There is an unending supply of Cruzlims.
pabianice has an odd view of how people see terrorism:
Until the West stops viewing terrorism as entertainment, nothing will change.
Vision Thing compares Trump to the biggest two heroes Freepers have left:
Trump was very Reaganesque IMHO, but then Reagan was running during a perilous time too.

Not just Reaganesque, but Churchillian, too.
Just mythoughts accepts males and their 'itches':
I am a mom of three... two sons... I accept the male for what he is... it is the winning and itching after he gets what he wants that is hard to take.... The males created this 'feminization' but they sure cannot handle the consequences... They generally can only cope with short time pleasures... and then the finger pointing begins...
Kenton seems to approve of America's old raping of Latin America:
Hey, is United Fruit Company still around? This would be a great time to offer Venezuela some of our expired MRE’s in exchange for all their agricultural and mineral rights. Time to put the banana back into “Banana Republic”.
donna thinks only homeschooling is natural:
If you think about it. grouping together by age hundreds of children and then giving them privacy to act as they please is a new development in our culture.

Perhaps all children should be home schooled with brothers and sisters of different ages. It would make all of them act in a more mature and considerate way, with close supervision and moral basics.
Pollard uses only the best White Supremacist literature by Holocaust deniers in his homeschooling:
March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race: Volume I: The Rise of Europe (Volume 1)

Available at amazon, I’ll be using it for the kid’s homeschool history this year.
Maceman's daughter may have a rude awakening when she leaves home:
I took my very conservative 17-year-old daughter to see [Denesh D'Souza's latest joint] on Friday night and she loved it. 
Gee. I wonder how she got to be so conservative at such a young age?

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Awgie must be sat the conventions ended without blood:
I made a bet with my wife. How many deaths at the RNC? I said 5, she said 10.

People attending the convention who are alive today will be dead by the end of the convention.

Now if I know that, why aren’t “public servants” taking precautions to avoid it?
Freepers like Vaquero are growing a Mormon conspiracy contingent on Freep. Will Romney be the new SOROS?
Mormon’s have changed their method. They just cheat in business and politics with lawyers.

On 9/11 1857 they performed a terrorist attack that killed 120 men women and children who were passing through Utah on their migration to California.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 seems to have been mostly lost to history. We must remember how these people deal with situations. They are ruthless. Don’t turn your back.
spokeshave's rules also apply to just about any dictator:
TrumpRule 1:...Never underestimate the Donald

TrumpRule 2:...Always expect the unexpected from the Donald

TrumpRule 3:...The Donald appreciates loyalty

TrumpRule 4:....The Donald has an excellent memory.

TrumpRule 5:...The Donald takes no prisoners.
EarlT357 gleefully drops some sick Internet burns on Michelle Obama:
Moochelle’s speech was remarkable only when you consider:

How did they train that WOOKIE to even give a speech?

Oh, and they certainly made no effort to hide Moochelle’s considerable caboose, as well!
FrankR works hard to connect Black Lives Matter to Muslims:
It doesn’t much matter about the “tone” of the convention, the BLM knows it’s against the law to plunder, loot, and kill. The tone of the convention speakers, no matter how direct, is - and will never be - justification for law-breaking.

Their Muslim-like rage and self imposed entitlement to play terrorist is demonstrating to America what they’re all about. Anarchy.

Lauer is scared of them. That’s all.

BLM = Behaving Like Muslims.
I've excerpted MadMax, the Grinning Reaper's large list of who to fire in our government for my favorites:
All the heads of the military from the AF academy to West Point, Annapolis, and Affirmative Action promoted people, mainly women.
Expose Cuban agents in the US, esp. among academia or in the government. (Long story).
Jail HILLARY on general principles before charging her with treason. The same for John Kerry. We Vietnam guys never forget or forgive.
Investigate Obama for treason over Benghazi, Iraq and Iran. They should keep many prosecutors and investigators employed for years.
INVESTIGATE AND JAIL GEORGE SOROS AS A TRAITOR. Ah hell. Jail him first and then investigate. He doesn’t deserve any Constitutional Rights for his treason.
Investigate Soros’ fronts, BlackLivesMatter, Dream Defenders, New Black Panthers, and other extremists. Create a really powerful, efficient and well funded/staffed House Internal Security Committee. I want a job with them. Let’s do it right this time.
Jail all illegal criminal immigrants we catch here. Forget about repatriating them. Treat them as national security threats, esp. the gangs/drug smugglers, and house them in GITMO, GITMO II, III and IV, in the middle of the Arizona desert (for life).
Random thread about the DNC. Doogle eagerly runs to add in a petty, off-topic insult:
...hmmmm, I wonder if Webb Hubbell’s daughter is going to speak next week?
CivilWarBrewing is pretty sure the abortive coup in Turkey was Obama's doing:
Those who do NOT think 0dunga had his hands in this purge needs to awaken.

0dunga has LOTS more undermining of our allies and semi-allies to do BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE IN SIX MONTHS, and Turkey was ONE of them. It's no mistake that he endorsed Morsi in Egypt while asking Mubarak (ally to both U.S. AND Israel) TO STEP DOWN. Fortunately a military coup in Egypt resulting in a great man taking leadership (Al-Sisi) was a shock to 0dunga and not what he wanted. But what is happening in Turkey going FULL-ISLAMIST is just one more item 0dunga can cross off his 'things to make happen before I leave office' list.
Whenifhow agrees, Obama did the Turkish coup:
....this coup is Obama’s plot with Erdogan, to get american nukes handed off to his Islamist buddies...

Suspiciously like a nuclear “fast and furious” play
showme_the_Glory's confusing post on Rachel Maddow is 10 lbs. of insults in a 5 lb. box:
Madcow and his war on women. But he hates men more.
CodeToad has been posting this all over the place, but he's no Laz.
Liberals are the most fascist, hate-filled, mean-spirited, envious, resentful, vicious, close-minded, violent, murdering, amoral, stupid, censoring, horse-punching, book-burning, ignorant, uneducated, unskilled, childish, prejudiced, racist, women-hating, man-hating, perverted, thieving, destructive, American-hating, Christian-hating, muslim-loving, communist, vulgar, dirty, smelly, regressive, restrictive, prohibitive, bed-wetting, cop-killing, and scared little lying thumb-sucking idiots God has ever created.
Billthedrill is pretty sure the Melania plagiarism flap will go away now:
Neatly handled. Now we get to mock the media for the ridiculous hysteria. The mockery is going to last a lot longer than the hysteria and be a lot more damaging.
Religion and Politics is working hard to blame the speech writer's secret agenda for the same scandal:
Looked for Meredith McIver, and she has "co-written" five or so of Trump's books. She joined the Trump organization in 9/2001, so probably during 9/11.

I may be wrong, but I think she is African American. That is her (from as far as I can tell) on the left in this picture. But there just isn't a lot out there to source that I can find.
thoughtomator prefers to think of this as another Trump masterstroke:
23 words in exact order were stolen from that speech. THAT IS A FACT.

So many people here tried to deny it like the speechwriter magically came up with that sentence structure all on her own... but now we have confirmed proof from the speechwriter.

It is a fact, sure.

So the question is, what is the meaning of this fact?

Could it have been, in fact, a deliberate trolling of the media - something we have seen from Trump repeatedly to date?
Moonman62 - the plagiarism is a total feather in Trump's cap!
Very classy on each of their parts, Trump, and this woman.

This woman would have been fired by anyone else. Trump realized she made a mistake, and now so does she. She won’t do it again. That’s good enough for me.


Trump the Merciful!
Dick Bachert is a rather peaceful guy, but he wants to lock up and/or kill everyone who votes for Hillary:
I’m a rather peaceful guy, but I keep thinking how I could easily support the new president negotiating with the current owners of what the French owners at the time called “Devil’s Island”, buying the place then PACKING ALL CLINTON VOTERS – EVEN THE DEAD ONES FROM CHICAGO – OFF TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES GAZING AT THEIR (OR THEIR SAME SEX PARTNER’S) NAVELS AND THE SEA. We could air drop them in (parachutes optional).

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

MIchaelTArchangel is another satisfied customer!
I have long wondered why these professional protesters seem to have time to protest just about anything anywhere. I concluded it was because they did not have jobs. If this idiot is typical of the typical protester, he does not have a job because he lacks the mental prowess to hold a job.

VikingKitty, you can add this comment to your arrogant, snooty, know-it-all and very, very, hugely hateful blog.
GOPJ was once a Unitarian Democrat....Wow.
And I ‘get’ the Unitarian thing - I was Unitarian most of my life. And I was a Democrat most of my life. I know their ways..
kiltie65 is pretty excited to call Obama IT:
I doubt many Freepers voted for him even once. And the second time IT won, I’m pretty sure massive fraud was involved. Thank God a President can only hold office for two terms...otherwise IT would have “won” again, and again, and again.
goldstategop finds it lonely to be so noble:
We’re a dying country.

I’m the last of my generation to be brought up with respect for authority, to fear the police and to do the right thing.

The values that defined America are breaking down and we’re regressing to a feral society.

Not the kind of sight I expected to see in my lifetime.
Another one crying that it's the twilight of civilization. Perhaps forgetting most of history, DAC21 only allows True Christains, Buddhists and Sikhs to be civilized:
Civilization is crumbling
It sure is and there is a lot of blame to go around, the exception being true Christians. That pretty much eliminates Demonrats, 70% of Europe, and 95% of the middle East. Hopefully the Buddhists and Sikhs keep it together.
Don Corleone doesn't even bother to make his conspiracy theory hold together:
The Obama Administration is a vast and all encompassing Middle East conspiracy to take down the West and bring Muslim Sharia law to the world. Obama is their willing dupe and a deeply convicted Marxist to boot. JMHO! Its a terrible twofer.
Before it was Kaine, Democrats hate too much was ready to indict Hillary's veep whoever they are. Also, deeply public?
Hillary needs a VP pick that already knows about all the things the Clintons have done and will not leave if they becoming deeply public...
Sarah Barracuda just equates all things Freepers hate, and it gets pretty ridiculous:
Nation of islam, new black panthers, ISIS, muslim brotherhood, Holder, Obama, Lynch, Valjar. And the difference is?

You can add Hamas, Islamic Jihadist, Hezbollah, and the DNC to that list
angcat's mythic Reagan is a psycho:
Reagan would have nuked Mecca after 9/11 and would have been that!
b4its2late knows the important thing to focus on when there's another shooting:
Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’

Bet he loved obummer
Some Freepers like cowboyusa just drop the casual 'demonic' to just mean 'I don't like it.'
Fox News has become almost as Demonic as the alphabet networks.
Way to devalue demons, dude!

LS is fighting the good fight as an antisemitic troll on Twitter:
It’s important on Twitter not to let them go unchallenged.

Oh, yeah, John Podhoretz’s who called me a “filthy pig”.

(Well, I did refer to Bill Kristol’s scorched earth policy as Bill Kristallnacht!
Thank You Rush is pretty stoked to give Hillary false intel at her briefings:
I’m late to the party but HOW ABOUT briefing her with disinformation and see what leaks....That would be splendid because we all know she can’t keep her mouth shut and also who she has around her as her aides who would blab.
dp0622 really wants to beat up Cruz and Kasich, but he's just to nice:
If I wasn’t a peaceful man, I’d love to beat the #### out of both of them.

Thank God i’m peaceful.

They can both go straight to ####ing hell.

And I LOVED Cruz not 60 days ago or so.
Sam Gamgee is pretty sure Angela Merkel is a Commie sleeper agent:
Merkel is a sleeper cell from the remnants of the East Germany communist regime. She’s doing everything she can to destroy the country she is duty bound to protect, following Obama’s lead.

I forgot about that. She is former Stasi I think.
DouglasKC is sure Hillary's veep pick is more bad news for Hillary!
This is great news. She’s going to be beat like a dirty rug. No excitement on this ticket at all. If she had chosen Sanders or Warren she might have generated some interest....but nobody is going to make a special effort to vote for this team and Trump/Pence has broad appeal even among democrats. Game set match Trump Pence.
Impy hates Kaine, mostly because he's a Catholic Democrat and beat a Republican in an election, looks like:
Here’s a few ways I hate him

A)He’s a socialist rat
B)He stole his election for VA LT Governor in 2001, he shouldn’t be a Senator, he should be a nobody former mayor.
C)He’s a Kennedy Catholic, those PO my dear mother.
D)He’s on #TeamMadQueenHillary #TeamFuehrerin
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper, posted entirely for the...telling parenthetical.
Would someone please put a picture of a smiling Tim Kaine (Cucumber up his butt) and that of one of the smiling aliens in “Galaxy Quest”?