Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

MIchaelTArchangel is another satisfied customer!
I have long wondered why these professional protesters seem to have time to protest just about anything anywhere. I concluded it was because they did not have jobs. If this idiot is typical of the typical protester, he does not have a job because he lacks the mental prowess to hold a job.

VikingKitty, you can add this comment to your arrogant, snooty, know-it-all and very, very, hugely hateful blog.
GOPJ was once a Unitarian Democrat....Wow.
And I ‘get’ the Unitarian thing - I was Unitarian most of my life. And I was a Democrat most of my life. I know their ways..
kiltie65 is pretty excited to call Obama IT:
I doubt many Freepers voted for him even once. And the second time IT won, I’m pretty sure massive fraud was involved. Thank God a President can only hold office for two terms...otherwise IT would have “won” again, and again, and again.
goldstategop finds it lonely to be so noble:
We’re a dying country.

I’m the last of my generation to be brought up with respect for authority, to fear the police and to do the right thing.

The values that defined America are breaking down and we’re regressing to a feral society.

Not the kind of sight I expected to see in my lifetime.
Another one crying that it's the twilight of civilization. Perhaps forgetting most of history, DAC21 only allows True Christains, Buddhists and Sikhs to be civilized:
Civilization is crumbling
It sure is and there is a lot of blame to go around, the exception being true Christians. That pretty much eliminates Demonrats, 70% of Europe, and 95% of the middle East. Hopefully the Buddhists and Sikhs keep it together.
Don Corleone doesn't even bother to make his conspiracy theory hold together:
The Obama Administration is a vast and all encompassing Middle East conspiracy to take down the West and bring Muslim Sharia law to the world. Obama is their willing dupe and a deeply convicted Marxist to boot. JMHO! Its a terrible twofer.
Before it was Kaine, Democrats hate too much was ready to indict Hillary's veep whoever they are. Also, deeply public?
Hillary needs a VP pick that already knows about all the things the Clintons have done and will not leave if they becoming deeply public...
Sarah Barracuda just equates all things Freepers hate, and it gets pretty ridiculous:
Nation of islam, new black panthers, ISIS, muslim brotherhood, Holder, Obama, Lynch, Valjar. And the difference is?

You can add Hamas, Islamic Jihadist, Hezbollah, and the DNC to that list
angcat's mythic Reagan is a psycho:
Reagan would have nuked Mecca after 9/11 and would have been that!
b4its2late knows the important thing to focus on when there's another shooting:
Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’

Bet he loved obummer
Some Freepers like cowboyusa just drop the casual 'demonic' to just mean 'I don't like it.'
Fox News has become almost as Demonic as the alphabet networks.
Way to devalue demons, dude!

LS is fighting the good fight as an antisemitic troll on Twitter:
It’s important on Twitter not to let them go unchallenged.

Oh, yeah, John Podhoretz’s who called me a “filthy pig”.

(Well, I did refer to Bill Kristol’s scorched earth policy as Bill Kristallnacht!
Thank You Rush is pretty stoked to give Hillary false intel at her briefings:
I’m late to the party but HOW ABOUT briefing her with disinformation and see what leaks....That would be splendid because we all know she can’t keep her mouth shut and also who she has around her as her aides who would blab.
dp0622 really wants to beat up Cruz and Kasich, but he's just to nice:
If I wasn’t a peaceful man, I’d love to beat the #### out of both of them.

Thank God i’m peaceful.

They can both go straight to ####ing hell.

And I LOVED Cruz not 60 days ago or so.
Sam Gamgee is pretty sure Angela Merkel is a Commie sleeper agent:
Merkel is a sleeper cell from the remnants of the East Germany communist regime. She’s doing everything she can to destroy the country she is duty bound to protect, following Obama’s lead.

I forgot about that. She is former Stasi I think.
DouglasKC is sure Hillary's veep pick is more bad news for Hillary!
This is great news. She’s going to be beat like a dirty rug. No excitement on this ticket at all. If she had chosen Sanders or Warren she might have generated some interest....but nobody is going to make a special effort to vote for this team and Trump/Pence has broad appeal even among democrats. Game set match Trump Pence.
Impy hates Kaine, mostly because he's a Catholic Democrat and beat a Republican in an election, looks like:
Here’s a few ways I hate him

A)He’s a socialist rat
B)He stole his election for VA LT Governor in 2001, he shouldn’t be a Senator, he should be a nobody former mayor.
C)He’s a Kennedy Catholic, those PO my dear mother.
D)He’s on #TeamMadQueenHillary #TeamFuehrerin
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper, posted entirely for the...telling parenthetical.
Would someone please put a picture of a smiling Tim Kaine (Cucumber up his butt) and that of one of the smiling aliens in “Galaxy Quest”? 


  1. What's this cucumber thing? Is this Kaine's arugula? Is anything green elitist now?

    Maybe I'll find out next time on Soap...

  2. your arrogant, snooty, know-it-all and very, very, hugely hateful blog.

    Ah yes, coming from the place that gets off on killing "thugs," Muslims, immigrants, and more!

    1. ...being accused of arrogance by someone labelling themselves an "archangel" is a bit special too.

  3. Did goldstategop not have and raise any trumpster kids to have respect for author-i-tuh?

  4. Someone has an inferiority complex when it comes to Viking Kitties

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  6. LS is Larry Schweikart, if you are really curious.