Thursday, July 28, 2016

Putin vs. Ryan

Anonymous has good taste. I find the Democratic attempts to imply Trump is beholden to Russia to be flimsy and useless compared to all the legit horrible stuff they can use, but this? Fireworks!

Freepers have those who don't like Putin, usually as a proxy for the old USSR. But most Freepers, true to their authoritarian roots, are fans.

And someone Freepers really hate is Paul Ryan. A loser, who is now the leader of the party Trump has taught them to hate.

And now Ryan's spokesman said: "Russia is a global menace led by a devious thug. Putin should stay out of this election."

Freep explodes with Ryan hate, and Putin love:

HarleyLady27 is as usual quick with the outlandish accusations of anyone even indirectly maligning Her Trump:
Oh really Ryan? What is in this next batch of leaks that include you? Your embezzlement...your joining of the Muslims? Come on, tell us what your hiding, it's going to come out, so you might as well tell us....

Russia knows something or Ryan wouldn't sweat the ‘small’ stuff....
Muslim Ryan :-D :-D So good.

relictele knows if only the GOP were authoritarian dictators, no one would envy Russia!
Guess what, GOP? If you had principles and backbone Putin would be a non-entity.
AllAmericanGirl44 goes straight for the traitor.
Damn it Ryan, always stating the wrong thing at the wrong time. Was this before or after he dodged the loved ones of victims of illegals?

Such a traitor and weak pos.
Pietro is having trouble figuring which e-mails we're talking about here:
I know its not funny when you have to explain things but for the dhimmis and the GOPers out there; here it is:

The State Dept and the FBI can't seem to locate 30,000 highly sensitive emails for which they are legally responsible and yet everybody knows that Guccifer, the Russians, and most likely the Saudis have all of these emails.

It's Hillaryous!
Amendment10 thinks everything is unconstitutional, so who cares about Putin?
Let me get this straight. Ryan helped to pass the unconstitutional omnibus spending bill that provides funding for Planned Parenthood and now he’s hypocritally calling Putin a thug.

Is that right or do I have the wires crossed?
ground_fog knows calling Russia out is only manipulation by the globalists!
Globalist so Paul Ryan and Hillary want war with Russia because Putin does not play the central banking game of fiat currency and wants dedollarization because the fed is destroying the world economies
pallmallman has been driven into the arms of Putin:
I trust Putin more than I trust the traitor weasel Lyin’ Ryan.
Snowybear is pretty sure Russia is awesome and can screw with our elections anytime:
Paul Ryan is obviously a dumba$$ whose brain is locked in the 1980’s.

Russia is not our enemy. It may be Hillary’s but not ours.
IN a display of twisted logic reserved for Freeper heroes, Cobra64 crows that liberals can't stop thinking about Putin:
Vlad is living rent free in the heads of the democrats and traitors like Paul Ryan.
Scott from the Left Coast loves Russia, hates America. I wonder when he'll move?
I trust the Russians far, far more than I trust the U.S. government. If there is evil present - it is right here, it is ours. Give me Putin, every time, over our government.
Vehmgericht agrees - Russia is where it's at!
I trust the Russians far, far more than I trust the U.S. government.

You are not alone. The world has gone insane. If twenty years ago I was told I would agree with this I would not have believed it.


  1. The evidence is a bit more than "flimsy" for Trump's ties to Russian oligarchs, if not Putin directly, especially in that Trump can no longer get American loans due to his poor bankruptcy history.

    Alot of that info would be contained in his tax returns, that he will NEVER allow to be openly viewed.

    But I do like the intimation that Putin has America's best interests at heart, that all of a sudden Russia would love a stronger America under Trump.

    1. What Putin would be (is) all in favour of is America navel gazing at the Mexican border rather than agitating to expand NATO to Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova etc. On paper, Trump delivers.

    2. Right. Trump helps Putin a lot politically, and Putin may have helped Trump financially.

      That's not a case, that's speculation. Would not surprise me, but I don't see why the Dems are trying to play hardball when they have so many other softballs.

      Hell, the tax thing is damming by itself!

    3. Embarrassment. The Dem oligarchy know perfectly well that they presided over a corrupt process designed to ensure the coronation of a dynastic Monarch. They got caught. They don't like it.

      This isn't a rational damage limitation exercise, it is frantic deflection. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" all over again.

    4. Sure, the DNC wanted Hillary as their nominee. And yes, they discussed how to defeat Bernie. But the RNC did the same thing with Trump. The only difference is the DNC succeeded in defeating Bernie. In the end, the voters always have a say. If voters had wanted Bernie bad enough, he would be the nominee today.

    5. Yeah, the e-mails are nothing I didn't figure out as a Deaniac in 2003.

      A bit embarrassing, maybe they make the already angry super furious, but nothing politically real yet.

    6. The difference is the RNC were open and honest about wanting Trump stopped. They openly tried to (re)rig the delegate rules to that end. You can't be caught out or accused of mendacity and corruption when Mitt Romney is giving public #NeverTrump speeches.

      The Dem oligarchy are suffering because of percieved dishonesty, double dealing and unconvincing denial. They did not have electoral relations with that woman.

    7. Haha, they were open when all their behind the scenes stuff wasn't working.

      Political parties aren't democratic. They only hold votes to give themselves legitimacy in the eye of their members.

    8. I love the Hillary email situation.

      First off, it shows that Conservatives would be willing to indict someone based on 30,000 emails with no idea that they contain anything that's illegal.

      Similarly, emails are a two way street. If there was something contentious, wouldn't there be another person who received the email?

    9. ^ I had the very same thought, RomneyGuy. Wouldn't the recipient(s) blab if the intention was to torpedo Hillary Clinton's candidacy?

  2. from the freep whose tagline reads: ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell) ...

    originalbuckeye: "Why can’t Republicans be like Democrats and lie about what they will do once they are elected??? That is ALWAYS how Democrats get elected! Republican Party=Stupid Party. Period."

    "Roe v. Wade will be overturned if Trump wins, Pence says"

    yeah, there goes team red's big secret, bucky ...

    1. I liked that thread ...
      Pence won't do shit about abortion,
      Trump won't do shit about abortion,
      SCOTUS won't do shit about abortion, and
      Republicans as a whole won't do shit about abortion.

      Team Red's big secret is that they are just fine with Roe v. Wade and just keep the plank as a fake lure for the evangelical wing (who also don't really give a shit about abortion).

    2. What is perpetually hilarious about this sort of thing is it reveals total ignorance of separation of powers.

      The Presidency cannot change the law. Abortion arguments belong in Congessional elections. Should there ever be a Trump Presidency it will uphold Roe v. Wade or be impeached until Congress says otherwise.