Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

RitaOK got this comment deleted. Can't imagine why!
I’m going to say something that’s not popular and I might get banned from FR...But somebody’s gotta have the nerve to say it.. 
Obama needs to be taken out permanently! He has created this chaos, hatred , murder , and misery in this country he needs to pay the ultimate price! And yes I pray that there will be a hero among us to do the job!
Gaffer does it right, and just calls for indiscriminate killing:
GUILLOTINES! I WANT DAMNED GUILLOTINES! Madam Defarge and all. Revelry for the masses. Heads rolling and elites blubbering on their way to them.
Grampa Dave is sure retail stores are doing badly because they don't like Trump:
I coined a new word Macycide and send that to the CEO’s and local business owners who go Never Trump! I tell them that they are committing Macycide with their Never Trump BS.

Before this happened Macy’s was my favorite online shopping place for the women in my family.

Now they get nothing.

I will send a copy of your one year Macy stock chart to future Never Trumpers.
Liz takes a break from lame conspiracies to not say nigger:
Lynch has got to the stupidest Boobambazaoid......everything out of her mouth is a paper trail of her guilt.

Hard to believe she’s an attorney.... and managing our legal system in the bargin.

Affirmative action victim.....the Boobambazoids think they never succeeded b/c racist white men kept them down.

It’s getting clearer A/A is a flop.
browniexyz is all set to transitions all the Obama conspiracies they worked so hard to build up directly to Hillary:
Huma is a Muslim Brotherhood operative,

She is their liaison handler to Hillary as well as performing other duties,

Yes. She is just like Valerie Jarrett to Obama.
Oldeconomybuyer thinks Brazil's problem is that it is socialist:
"a total collapse in public security, health, education, mobility and environmental management"...

Ain't socialism great!
SoFloFreeper doesn't mince words. Or explanations:
obama is a failure.
The thread he posts this on is about Zika in Florida, btw,

American in Israel has a great plan for how to bomb Gaza:
Down town bombing, would save a lot of trouble if they used nukes.
Always fascinated how Freepers like servantboy777 can carefully explain how this election is the most important, forgetting how often they've said that:
This whole Clinton web of scandals and if she skates will be an enormous turning point in our nation.

The election of Nov. 2016 I see is the MOST important election of my lifetime.

I am typically a vote your conscience kinda guy. Vote for the most conservative candidate, not the lesser of two evils.

Not this time around. Obozo and company has done so much damage to this nation, it is imperative we get Trump elected. If he turns out to be a turd, we work to get him out, but to have Hillary and Billy boy sitting in that white house after 8 years of disastrous muzzie lovin policies...would likely be the point of no return.

Juss my take.
drewh is all about Hillary's sex life:
I would really would not rather see the cankle queen first thing in the morning after a sloppy night with Huma in Georgetown.
Arthur McGowan spares some time to show his zealotry by spitting on Elie Wiesel's grave:
He refused to speak up against abortion, and publicly supported Bill Clinton in the midst of the Monica perjury scandal. And supported othe pro-aborts.

Arthur McGowan also rants about Satanism:
They are Satanists. As is Chelsea, often photographed wearing an inverted cross. Bill, Hillary, and possibly Chelsea, are the parents of aborted babies. Sacrifices to Satan, of course.

Satan always eventually pulls the rug out from his worshipers, even after decades of showering them with money and power.

Pray that Hillary will be double-crossed by Satan BEFORE she gets into the White House.
disndat is unashamed to be thrilled about the massacre in Turkey:
moslem on moslem violence should be encouraged. And this incident is only the one with the most dead THIS YEAR. It never has stopped in Iraq since we left.

And during Ramadan. The Ramadan bombathon. Another proud moment for moslems everywhere. They have a lot to be proud of.
KyCats also acts all Nazi, but for Islam:
Close the mosques. Ban the koran. Forbid sharia. Everywhere.
PJammers cannot hide how excited he is for America to be punished:
It will be coming here folks. It will make Orlando look like child’s play.
Rumplemeyer is really optimistic about how the election's going:
And so it begin, the total evisceration of Hillary by Trump.

She must now play defense for the next four months, good luck with that.

After her landslide loss in November, she has a new set of investigations and indictment to look foreword to from the new AG.
GodAndCountryFirst knows God wants you to have F-16s.
100% of gun laws are unconstitutional. Every one. If the US government doesn’t think the people can be trusted with 50 caliber machine guns and other kinds of weapons it has banned, that is the government’s problem. The people have a God-given right to all the firepower the government has.
VOA vaguely recalls history:
Today’s “Know Nothings” are Kennedy, McCain, most of their Senate colleagues, and a fair sector of the GOP.

Because they seem to “Know Nothing” when it comes to exercising
some common sense in dealing with illegal immigrants.
"The movement arose in response to an influx of migrants and promised to "purify" American politics by limiting or ending the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants, thus reflecting nativist and anti-Catholic sentiment"

I'm beginning to have my suspicions about T-Bone Texan.....
America has turned into a dystopian, tyrannical, totalitarian nightmare, but I am prepared, for I have read all of Travis McGee’s books.
It's becoming a Freeper trope. azishot begs Putin to save us:
Release them to Trump....tomorrow. Please.
Sarah Barracuda is pretty sure racial hostility is the key to...something:
Treat BLM the same as ISIS..they are one in the same, except better dressed, heck I dont even know if they are better dressed


  1. Surely you agree with "forbid sharia"?

    1. While I find Sharia abhorrent, I do not. Beyond it being against the Free Exercise Clause in the Constitution, it's bad policy.

      If private groups of individuals want to assemble and obey a set of laws they've agreed upon - even to the point of having private courts to arbitrate those laws - it's not up to the government to police people's thoughts and associations.

      Now, if they start chopping off peoples' heads or beating women that's a separate thing that can be policed via the appropriate laws.

      It comes down to whether I trust government to only target belief systems I don't approve of, and while I trust government to do a lot more than most Freepers do, history shows that regulating beliefs and associations tends to end badly.

    2. Sort of like what sects such as the Mennonites or Amish. I have no problem with people choosing to live by their set values.

      I do and so do most other people.

      It's an interesting line though. When you reach "critical mass" you can wind up with something like Utah.

      Where it can be hard to get things done because you don't fit in with how everyone else lives. It's still a U.S. state and is supposed to function like every other secular sate though.

      It's really hard to separate people voting the conscious, which religion shapes, and creating a public space that everyone can operate in while still having the same access to thing that others do, without causing someone to feel impugned.

    3. That's an excellent counterpoint - sufficiently insular communities can be more tyrannical than our current government could dream of being!

      My only answer is that I think the cure is probably worse than the disease sue to line drawing problems of when to stop regulating. But I have no evidence to back that up, just some lame status quo bias.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That was a thoughtful response! I think it's interesting that you used "obey" where I would have used "enforce".

    1. If they are enforcing rules on other people without constitutional consent then that should and can be prevented.

      On the other hand, if they want to draw up civil contracts amongst themselves on the basis that charging interest is forbidden by God (the interpretation Christianity had of Usury for centuries before Capitalism corrupted it) then that is unobjectionable. The same goes for refusing to eat bacon sandwiches or get drunk.

    2. Contracts can specify that they are to be interpreted according to religious law. Normally, this interpretation is done before a religious arbiter, with a provision of the contract specifying that disputes regarding its interpretation are to be subject to arbitration before a rabbi (or, I guess, imam) to be selected using some mechanism. The results of the arbitration can be confirmed under the Federal Arbitration Act, with the arbitral award thereby becoming a court order. Under the Act, such arbitration agreements are "shall be valid, irrevocable, and enforceable, save upon such grounds as exist at law or in equity for the revocation of any contract," which has been interpreted to mean that while the subject matter of the contract may render it void as against public policy, a State may not have a public policy against the submitting of disputes to arbitration. 9 USC s 2.

      Commercial arbitration under rabbinical law is not unusual

    3. It is a very common occurrence. But they like Jews, as far as they need Jews and israel to fulfil their silly end times prophecy

  3. Live and let live.


  4. "Murder the President of the United States." -- RitaOK

  5. I'd just like to point out that an inverted cross is a symbol of Catholicism (St. Peter), and some Priests, Nuns, other church officials choose to wear their crosses in such a manner to show humility.

    Satanism doesn't recognize the symbol, though it does say, whatever you ID with is fine to use.

    PS. I don't belong to any faith, but I do make it a point to know a decent amount about each one as I can.