Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Pix Pt. II

I think Freepers have campaign symbol envy.
I don't recall Gideon being an angelic God-Angel.
Hmmm, looks like Bernie voters are into it.
Hehe, now the political kink is on the other foot, and also less hetero!
New Jersey and Connecticut, along with Virginia. 
Overproduction has lead to a clash of tones.

In other words, 1984 did not make heavy use of cookies in service of the Ingsoc.
Giant Hillary is actually standing on the lake bottom, but having a bit of fun with us.


  1. Being a “gold star family” is not an entitlement to speak at an America haters convention and start trashing an American running for president. KMA Khan!

    That's rich, that really is. Now they're taking the side of a political candidate over a Gold Star family.

    Not only did Fox cut to a Benghazi commercial during Khan's speech, but the hatred on FR is pretty strong and deep for the parents of a dead American soldier whose parents are Muslim.

    1. Freepers know how powerful Khan's speech was, and how it calls out Trump as a chicken-hawk.

      It scored BIG!

    2. Why is anyone surprised? It always goes this way. Ask the Japanese Americans (well within living memory). That was a Dem administration and the Japanese had caused substantially fewer deaths on American soil than Muslims have.

      Locking up or deporting ALL Muslims (men, women, children, pets, lawn chairs) is standard operating procedure in situations like this. Freepers are just astounded that Dems have lost their FDR mojo.

    3. "Democrats did it, too" is among my favorite rationalizations.

  2. Shame on you buddy for using your dead son as a political pawn in a presidential campaign.


  3. Freepers don't have anywhere to stand on this one, so they are really flailing about. One weak attempt at argument after another.

    The Democrats' "Khizr Khan" Play: Sedition, Treason, Or Both?