Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Mr Apple

Mr. Apple has...issues...with women.

He's a pretty impressive Freeper beyond that, managing to be both the tin foil type, the kill all the libs hateful petty type, AND the Freeper posting police when usually a Freeper only has energy for one, sometimes two.

But when you look at his posts on women, wow! it reads like some 1970s serial killer, when it doesn't read like a satirically dramatic and catty gay guy. Whores, ugly, fat.
His favorite is fat. He is obsessed with Hillary being some sort of gigantic lard-beast, often bringing up and discussing lists of an unhealthy diet he's made up. Oh, Warren is fat too, but Hillary...! You need to see this to believe it.

Suuuper salty about no one listening to his Freeper activism ideas:
And on the 23rd, 3 days ago, I came up with another fr activism idea. This one...I consider the very best by activism idea I've had for all of my 17 years here. It has to do with the democrat convention coming up in July. I have it all written up and ready to post. It's an absolutely superb idea/plan.I was all set to post it in fr activism. But it was late and I decided to wait until the early morning of the 24th, two mornings ago -so as to get a lot of exposure.

But then, in the early morning hours of the 24th, I got to thinking about it and I remembered that there was only One poster interested in that May fr activism idea. So, I've not posted this latest fr activism plan ie the democrats convention -and I'm just going to let it sit here and not sit up in this chair for hours and put forth any more effort on that. I'll just read along like everyone else does. :) Anyway.....working hard here for the next five months is the right way to go.
Is he gonna post it? NO! YOU GUYS ARE MEAN! WAAAA!
if you aren't willing to share.... Absolutely not. No one word! Not after I couldn't get but one fr poster to reply to the youtube video activism idea I put forth for two days in mid-May. Now since putting it all down on paper, I came to realize that fr posters nowadays, unlike earlier times, are just not interested in any fr activism. Did you post a reply to that fr idea in May nopardons. No, you didn't post anything. There was reply. And that youtube idea was pretty darn good. But this one - this one is the ultimate of all fr activism ideas I've ever had. There's just not any interest in fr activism nowadays. So, it's no big deal. We can all discuss it after the general.



Incorrect. I'll post about it -after the general. It was my four hours that I spent putting this particular fr activism idea down on paper and I'll release it if and when I want to. What fr activism idea have you ever taken the time to put forth nopardons? Nothing, huh. If you don't like the fact that I'll post my plan -after the general election- then you're just outa luck.
State of the Union - I muted Obama haw haw!
This filthy bastard Mullah obama needs to shut up now. I'm putting mute on - - Right Now..and enjoy watching the brilliant expressions of Paul Ryan.

Just now though, before switching to mute - obama is bragging about this chithole obama care!!
Guys, didja hear I muted Obama?
I've got this bastard mullah obama on mute..thanks for keeping up with the filthbag not mentioning our 10 sailors.
American soldier crying while in Iranian custody? NEVAR!
Iran has released new photographs in which at least one of the recently captured U.S. sailors is crying,

He wasn't crying. If nothing else, he had just thrown up and eating some of that iranian crap they had on those plates.
My cousin saw some Muslim looking guys!!!!
My first cousin lives in Dallas and he called me Monday and told me that he observed a large group of approx 90 rapefugees arriving at DFW airport this past Saturday afternoon, 1/16!

He was at the airport waiting for his two kids to arrive and told me he tried to count quickly but the group were being herded at a fairly fast walk. He said they were led straight to buses with their iPhones in hand!

No telling which city they were taken to!! I guess folks, possible assaults and rapes might follow in some city here in Texas -possibly the Dallas area though. (I'll guess it's the Garland,Tx area or in Somervell county area because there are some camps out there -but who knows and no way to find out)

All I can say is buy a gun ladies!! All of our cities throughout America could become a mini-Alamo with towel head islamic muslims at the walls!! Thank you so much scumbag Mullah Obama -one more year to go!
I wish Obama were really a Muslim...
I sure wish all the democrat white, black and mexcolon voters could see mullah obama in his muslim robe. They'd be in for a surprise.
Of course he lusts for Muslim death:
He'll probably be remembered as the first muzzie mayor of London to be assassinated by a muzzie.

Sounds good to me.
And thinks Bill Clinton did all the murders and treasons:
All the dead people!
And filthy basta*d bill clinton ---still walking around with that smirk on his face. Same with scumbag crooked wife hitlery. They both should have gone to prison 2 decades ago for their chinagate treason!
Maybe Hillary's a **SPY**!
Maybe Hillary really IS A **SPY**...??

Could very well be the case. Especially starting with Bill and Hillary's chinagate treason. ALL of our nuke secrets went to China.
Sniffing out the less than complete Trumpophiles:
I suspected...Trump was in big trouble and only mainly because the American people are very stupid.

And with you arriving here less then a year ago...I suspect you're a scheming mole.
Reasons to vote for Trump:
This is not the time for a softie GOPe candidate. Not at all!
1. North Korea, just yesterday. threating to attack us with nukes

2.The Iranian's with their newly acquired 150 billion dollars -can simply buy nukes now!

3. Mullah Obama has already begun flying in his preset goal of 170,000 Islamic Muslim rapefugees! How many of these 170,000 will eventually beat, rape and murder our fellow Americans. How many of these 170,000 will arrive here - and eventually pull out machine guns on us.

4. The illegal mexican horde currently here and the illegal mexican hordes always enroute here -taking millions upon millions of jobs from Americans (white, black and hispanic Americans), swarming our schools, bankrupting our hospitals, raping and murdering fellow Americans. [and all the very slimy democrat politicians welcoming them -as potential democrat voters]

I'm voting for Trump!
A list of people he wants harassed, some of whom I do not know:
Trump will take this public indictment and try Clinton publicly from now until November. She has seen her last peaceful day.

This group of sleaze bags should also have fewer peaceful days:

F off Barrack Obama.
F off Huma Abedin
F off Valerie Jarrett
F off Sidney Blumenthal
F off George Stephanopoulos
F off Harry Reid
F off Nancy Pelosi
F off Dianne Feinstein
F off Barbara Boxer
F off David Axelrod
F off Cheryl Mills
F off Julie Roginsky
re: Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston
lol, it's way past time for Lee to retire and go pickin watermelons.
Hillary fat:
I'm 20 lbs over weight, but not 100 as is the case with hitlery. I think all that extra weight she carries could cause her problems. In the pic at the top of this Breitbart article, hitlery has the neck of a dang walrus. Not kidding, check it. Post it for all to see. Just terrible. lol
Hillary fat!!
I'll bet Hillary wishes she didn't have these weight issues. That neck is like a blubberous walrus neck. Just looks terrible. This is what happened to piggish Hillary when she stuffs up with all the cookies, cake, and ice cream desserts -and all those cashews. Good grief. She'll be whimpering in prison when she is denied access to all the sweets.
I’ll find another unflattering hillary photo to use. I think it’s important for the reader/lurkers to see photos of horribly overweight candidates for shows that they don’t have much regard for their appearance and they are displaying poor eating habits and bad traits. Anyway, I’ll find another photo of hefty hillary. She continues to deceive everyone by hiding her backside with her pant suits but she can’t hide that triple chin.
Just disgusting she is. Especially after Hillary gorges down every bit of the following:
Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Desserts and jars & jars of Cashews!
She's coughing from all the desserts and cashews she takes in.
filthy, nasty slut whore Hilary Clinton
Pardon me, Pardon me! But doesn't this filthy, nasty slut whore Hilary Clinton understand that she Murdered four men!
So many gays! Also, Hillary fat.
Why are there so many lesbians, queers, fags and transgenders in this obama administration? One has to wonder if all these lesbians, queers and other homosexuals get along with all the islamic muslims in obama's administration. One would think that all the homosexuals, queers and faggots would worry about getting thrown off the tops of buildings by the islamics? Whatever.....

Now, as far as food goes, we all know that Hillary has no problems in stuffing her gullet with cookies, cake, pies, sweets and nuts. So, what's the fuss?
A surprising choice for what Hillary and Warren look like:
They look like two enormous Smurfs.

No. They look like enormous bulging clams.
Or maybe...
There’s probably enough yeast between those two b!tches to run a fair sized bakery.

OMG...Lol. eewwww
Elizabeth Warren & Hillary: Two nasty chewin' dogs.
More fun with Elizabeth Warren being "tapped"
tapped .......what? What! Who is God's name would ever tap this helfty warthog!! Can you imagine that!! Ewwww...nasty nasty!! Pardon me, but Warren is a flat out screaming, screeching old bitch! Just gross me out with that horrible macabre face she wears.
Megyn Kelley - also a whore:
Megan, with her line of questions to Trump right showing her whorish side.
Wen corrected that our Secretary of the Interior isn't a lesbian
She is not a lesbian, she has a husband and two children. Let us stick to the facts.

Actually, you're correct. Her husbands name is Warren. She does however- - have the lesbian look.
Rachel Maddow is gay, you guys!
Lesbian Rachel Maddow on msnbc now stating that Trump "....incites violence"

So, I emphatically state that this Rachel Maddow is a lying sleazy lesbian. Maddow needs to stfu.
Fiorina is ugly:
Now a Carly Fiorina endorsement is about as useful as used toilet paper.

I understand she got her ugly face when she was standing at a curb in the red light district and someone hit her in the face with a golf club.
Graphic zebra rape-torture fantasy:
Cut off a young girls head and walked the streets holding the head. What!! Good God!!

After reading this just now, I reflected back on the life and the heinous tortures inflicted upon people by Marquis de Sade. In this woman's trail, by her Russian judge -she should recieve the penality of immediately being flown France and taken to the Ch√Ęteau de Lacoste castle.... one of three residences of the Marquis de Sade in Vaucluse in the 1760's!

There, she should be imprisoned in the courtyard for the rest of her life - and be forced to have sex with a Zebra -day and night! Period!

(this is what was described in one of Sade's books I read years ago. It's hard to conceive this, but that would be a just punishment for a person who would cut off a childs head and walk around displaying it!)


  1. Say 'fr activism idea' one more time motherfucker!

    1. His idea is probably to shake his fist at the sky.

    2. But it took him 4 hours to write it down.

    3. the plan:

      "... All work and no play makeS Apple a dullfreep
      all work and no play makeD Appl a dull freep
      All work and no, play makes ApplE a dull FReep
      AlL worK and noplay, makes aplle a dull freep
      All work andno play make Appl3 a dull free6 ..."

    4. I was picturing John Doe's journals inveighing against the ills of society, from the movie Se7en, but Jack Torrance's manuscript will do nicely, too.

  2. "So, I emphatically state that this Rachel Maddow is a lying sleazy lesbian."

    Well, at least she's not FAT.

    1. He says he's 20lbs overweight, Hillary 100lbs. Somehow, I think he got the names reversed.

  3. Mr Apple's vulgarity is way below FR standards. I guess since he's for Trump it's OK.

    1. Swearing may be banned, but Free Republic has had a strong vein of vulgarity amongst the other posters in the decade I've been reading it.

    2. If only our self-policing was a thorough as your efforts.

      Matthew 12:36

      But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

  4. Reading the comments, I got to agree ...
    "Mr. Apple" is either a self-loathing woman who is one step from transgendering herself, or a self-loathing gay guy who tries to act straight but reveals himself as soon as he opens his mouth.

  5. Freepers are in general more unhappy than the people I have met in my life. They are just pitifully unhappy. I hope typing out this nonsense, giving light to the hate that they carry around with them day after day, decade after decade helps them somehow. They have my pity.

  6. Replies
    1. "For GOD so loved the world that He
      gave His only begotten Son, that
      whosoever believeth on Him should NOT
      perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE."
      - John 3;16 -

    2. "It would be intimidating to the average person to pass someone carrying that. I know many people here don’t want to hear that and want no limits on carry whatsoever. I disagree in certain circumstances."

      Yup. We all know what those "circumstances" are.
      Carrying while black.

    3. When rhetoric falls apart:

      This liberal jerk on my facebook and now asking me “so where are those concealed carrying folks in Texas that was suppose to shoot back and prevent the tragedy” I can’t think of a good answer. help me out.


    4. little jeremiah responds:

      How would a cc weapon holder be able to shoot a sniper? How to see him? would a hand gun be effective? etc.

      Plus, in a volatile situation like in Dallas, regularly people shooting weapons along with bad people shooting, and cops getting killed, would be stupid and utterly counter productive. How on earth would cops know a "good" shooter from a "bad" one?

      Yes, that's what we liberals have been saying all along about that utterly stupid talking point about bad guys vs. good guys with a gun. Welcome to the liberal side, lj!

  7. This guy is awesome.


  8. Yeesh. Guy sounds like a serial killer. Am I alone in this thought? Weird obsessions with women being sluts, objectifying their bodies and roles in society beyond what he gets out of it, and just that general violent anger, and an obsession with "proper" masculinity.

    I don't want to go crazy here and accuse him of anything, but wow.

    Just... WOW.

    Also much less fun than World of Warcraft.